A Space Story

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This story starts years ago, in the year 2082ad and the first female president had just been elected. Not even 6 months into her term and relations with North Korea plummeted. One thing led to another and the nukes were flying. Luckily the world was not plunged into nuclear winter.

The men of the world used the event to throw women’s rights back more than a century. All around the world women were removed from government, military, police, etc. In some places they were not even allowed to own or run businesses; however they fought to get that right back over the next century.

In the year 2358 there was a huge technological advancement that would change humanity forever; faster than light speed travel, or warp speed. It was not long before humanity started to explore and colonize the stars. Thousands of planets became the Tarren Confederation.

As is human nature there were disagreements, wars and alliances. Over the centuries, many of the colonized systems broke off from the confederation. These wars were normally kept between close systems; however in the year 2960 began the galactic war of the worlds. There were two main factions, the Terran Confederation, and the Alliance of Free Worlds.

Both sides built vast armadas, and conscripted all able bodied men for the war. The armies numbered in the hundreds of Billions. As the war started to pick up, there were some small battles, and a few worlds were razed, however none compared to the final battle.

This battle took place in a rich system of strategic importance. The resources of this system could easily tilt the balance for either side. This system’s government stayed neutral through the beginning fearing that what was about to take place would. The system was a binary start system, with 10 rich habitable planets, 5 gas giants, and 3 mineral rich asteroid belts.

Both sides wanting the system ignored the neutrality of the government and sent their armadas. The battle raged for days. Both sides were so equally matched that any advantage one side had the other easily countered it. In the last 6 hours of the battle the Terran Confederation dealt a lucky blow to the Alliance’s flagship, destroying it. Without the flagship the Alliance feared defeat, and as such fell back to their back up plan. They figured that if they could not have the system then no one will. A small shuttle left from one of the smaller ships, with the most powerful destructive device ever devised. The Alliance started to pull back, as fast as possible. The shuttle entered the larger of the two stars, detonating the bomb. It caused the star to go supernova, which in turn caused the second start to do the same. Despite pulling back the Alliance’s ships were not far enough away and all was destroyed. In the end there were more than 500 Billion dead.

Because only men were allowed in the military, and despite having an existing population of more than 800 Billion, Humanity was now an endangered species. There was now less than 500 thousand men left in the galaxy and most were either very young, or very old.

As in every major war in history, when the men go to war, the women take over the supporting rolls. Many women worked for the men in the governments and knew of the situation almost as it happened. And they spread the word across the galaxy. With no men to enforce the laws, and prohibitions against women, within 6 months the hierarchy of humanity was matriarchal. With Earth being the starting of everything, the women of earth sent a delegation to every populated system, inviting the governing body to join in talks about forming a galactic government. Despite the fresh hostilities between the Confederations, and the Alliance within a year a galactic government was founded.

Realizing sarıyer escort the dire situation that humanity was in the matriarchs formed a plan to save humanity from becoming extinct. The few men remaining over the age of 16 were given the status of procreators, and were now little more than sex slaves. The plan was to build 500 ships each capable of transporting 1000 men in stasis from world to world. At each world they would impregnate as many female as possible during their stay. During transit the men were milked of there seed and the sperm were left on the worlds to artificially inseminate the remaining population.

The plan was originally supposed to be temporary allowing each world to produce enough male to be able support their own population. However the male-to-female ratio was remaining unbalanced, as more girls were being born then boys. The Matriarchs then passed the law stating that all males able to reproduce would become procreators and be added to the current male circulation, and this was to continue until the ratio was able to support itself.

Thus it continued for the next 3 centuries. The ships being in constant use, and getting minimal maintenance, began to have malfunctions. Circuit boards in the stasis pods occasionally fried. When that happened the man inside would then wake up, and have to live amongst the crew, until they reached port, and maintenance could be completed.

Now you can imagine a crew of horny women, raised to believe that the procreators were there for one reason, and now there was one right there, at their disposal. Needless to say the crews were coming into port pregnant. One crew on a particularly long stretch between worlds came to port with babies on board. It was quickly determined that something had to change.

The Matriarchs enacted the “Sisters Ordinance.” Even with the stasis pods the first and second generation males had died, over the 300 years since the procreator program was started. So the men on the ships were rearranged, only brothers were allowed on one ship, and only their sisters were allowed to crew them. The theory being that the ancient taboo that brothers and sisters should never couple would stop the crew from banging the hell out of any man that might come out of stasis early. The men were not told because they were only procreators. That seamed to work until…..

There is a faint repetitive buzzing. ‘What is that…?’ I think to myself. I realize I’m sleeping and open my eyes. All I see is a dark grey blur. Suddenly there is a bright white light waiving back and fourth across my vision. Groaning, I find that there is something in my throat. Frightened I try to sit up, but find myself completely unable to do so. Then I see a shadow in front of me. For some reason this calms me. I hear the buzzing stop, and an incomprehensible, yet soothing voice. Then there is pain, as something is pulled from my throat and nose. Coughing I try to sit up by reflex, but am still unable to do so. Finally my vision and hearing clear to the point that I can see that the shadow is a beautiful woman, and that I am coming out of stasis.

I know something is wrong because none of the other pods are opening, and I can feel that the ship is still moving. Normally the ship would have landed and then all of the pods would be opening at once. While the woman completes some tests and logs some things from the monitor on my pod, I look around. There are 2 levels of stasis pods, extending quite a ways in both directions, with cat walks connecting the upper level periodically. I cannot make out any of the other men in the pods, so I look at the only other person there.

This angel of a woman: long auburn hair, vivid green eyes, a smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose, and the most stunning smile one could imagine. esenyurt escort My body reacted with a mind of its own.

Seeing me fill out she kept glancing at me and turning a slowly darker shade of red. I had never seen a woman blush at seeing me before. Seeing a man naked was a way of life. It intrigued me.

I figured it was time for some introductions. But when I tried to speak only incoherent sounds came out. She smiled, “that should pass in a few moments. We had to take you out of stasis a little faster than normal. Your pod broke down.” She explained, “And my name is Sarah by the way, I’m the ships Doctor.”

“Obviously we are not there yet. In fact we have more than a year left to go. It is April 21, of the year 3272, and we are not supposed to get to the colony until June 1, 3273.” Sarah stated, “Can you raise your arms please.”

After a few more preliminary tests, she got me out of the pod, and handed me a hospital gown. “Before I show you around the ship I need to get you to sick bay and get a sample from you.” She explained.

As I stumbled along after Sarah, I was finally able to mumble out my name, Jon. My motor function was definitely not improving very quickly.

Once in sickbay, Sarah stated, “I need to get a semen sample from you, to ensure that you have not been sterilized by the expedient reanimation process, Jon. So… if you could just go over there behind the curtain and bring this out full.” She said as she handed me a specimen jar.

Being asked for a sample was not unusual. I normally had to every few days on a stop, however I had never been asked to go behind a curtain or other obstruction, before. Normally the women in the room helped out. Sarah was definitely someone I wanted to learn more about.

Well being raised to always do as a woman said, I stumbled to where I was told, and using Sarah as eye candy, was quickly hard again. However once I started to stroke myself, I found that I would not be able to do it. Without decent hand-eye coordination, or motor function, I would not be able to perform as needed.

“Sarah, I, Uh am having a little trouble,” I explained. “If you want the sample you are going to have to get it yourself.” Sarah blushed furiously. She looked undecided. Starting towards me then turning away. I just watched, trying to make sense of her actions.

“Hang on… I’ll be right back.” She said, as she went into her office. I shrugged, and stumbled back to the examination table


Sarah picked up the phone and dialed the bridge, “So how is he Sarah?” came across the line.

“Jessica, he came out of stasis with only one side effect thus far. His motor function is diminished, however that should wear off in a few hours. However I have a problem. It’s procedure to get a sample, to verify that he is still viable. And because of his reduced motor function he cannot get himself off. What can I do? You know we cannot have any sexual contact with our brother.” Sarah asked.

“Well it all comes down to procedure. Procedure one, you need the sample. Procedure two, you cannot have sexual contact with him. You’re a doctor, do what you need to do.” Jessica responded and hung up.

Sigh. ‘I guess I have no choice.’ Sarah thought to herself, as she walked back out to the examination room.


Although I’m guessing that Sarah thought I couldn’t hear what she was saying, I heard every word she said. ‘How could she know that I’m her brother?’ I thought to myself. ‘Could that be why she is acting so strange?’

“Jon, I’d like you to lie on your back please. As the ships doctor I’m going to have to get the sample manually.” Sarah explained in the most clinical voice she could muster, however a lot of emotion came through. I nodded and did as I was told.

Sarah avrupa yakası escort put on some surgical gloves, and grabbed the bottle of lube. She put a generous amount to her hand, and then slowly started to rub my semi hard shaft. Never had I had a woman use only her hands on me and it was an unusual and very pleasurable experience.

Sarah was slowly running her hand along my shaft. As she came to the crown, she would rub her thumb around the head, sending immense amounts of pleasure coursing through my body. I closed my eyes to enjoy. Slowly she started to speed up, and I started to move my hips in time with her hand. (I may not have had motor control in my hands but my hips were working just fine.)

Despite trying to be professional about this situation, Sarah was failing miserably. Only once before had she been able to see a man’s member so close and that was only briefly while it was her turn to get pregnant (unsuccessfully) by having intercourse. Sarah was so turned on; she was amazed that her uniform was not dripping. The more that she looked on and stroked Jon’s prick the more she wanted to be able to do. She had a deep urge to taste the clear fluid oozing from him.

I had opened my eyes, to look on at Sarah. She was so entranced with my member that she did not even see me watching her. All while she was working her magic on me, her head kept inching closer and closer. Her dainty tongue wetting her beautiful lips, now only inches from me. I could only anticipate what she might do.

I could hold back no more. “I’m goin’ a blow,” I mumbled out, this time not being able to talk properly because of my impending orgasm. Sarah started with a quick intake of breath, and then blinked a few times. She looked at me with a confused expression on her face, as if not sure what I had said. But before I could say anything else I erupted, like a cannon. Semen went everywhere. Sarah not expecting it jumped back. Then with some quick thinking gabbed the specimen jar and caught the last few spurts for the sample.

Sarah with an on look on her face grabbed two towels. She handed one to me, then grabbed the sample and went through a door that I had not previously seen. I used the towel, and cleaned myself from the copious amounts of sperm.

In the other room Sarah sat down roughly in her chair in front of the microscope. She never imagined that a man could produce so much at once. She looked down at her hands. She took off the gloves and discarded them with out thought. However when she went to wipe off the semen that missed the gloves, she had a strong desire to taste it. ‘Would tasting his sperm be considered sexual contact’ Sarah thought to herself. Despite the battle in her mind, the want won out and she licked the salty sperm off of her arm. ‘Not bad. I’ll have to find a way to do this again.’

After verifying that Jon was still viable, Sarah went back into the other room. “Okay Jon, Everything looks good, but I’m going to have to take periodic samples just to make sure.” Sarah said.

“No problem, Doc.”

“Do you think you’re up for a walk?” Sarah asked. I nodded. “Well then we’ll get you some cloths, and then I’ll show you our quarters, and then the rest of the ship.” Sarah mentioned as we walked out of sickbay.

Something she said peeked my interest. “Our quarters?” I asked.

She blushed and looked away. “Um. Unfortunately this is a smaller ship and with the exception of the Captain, and the Chief Engineer, I’m the only other crewmember that is not already sharing a room, and neither, Jessica, nor Tina, is willing to bunk with you.” Sarah explained.

I didn’t think that was completely true, but who was I to question her. After a brief stop to the Quarter Master for my not-quite-fitted uniform, and a trip up two decks, I was at my new room. I thought to myself, ‘I haven’t had a room to call my own since before I because a Procreator. This is going to be interesting.’


More to come. I hope you liked this story; however it was really just to set the stage. Please feel free to post comments. And NO “I hated it.” Or anything of the like. Constructive Criticism Welcome.

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