A Summer of Simmering Hate and Love

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A plethora of emotions rushed at me when I unexpectedly received our high school class’ invitation to a summer reunion. Sooner or later, I know this would happen, now that ten years have passed but I was surprised at the anger and excitement that stirred within.

In the half-light of late afternoon, I walked up to the mirror and tried to find traces of the awkward, bulky girl I once was. Instead, a tall, curvy, brunette wearing black laced lingerie with mile-long legs stood before me, staring back with half-opened lips in an expression of wonder. I caressed my face, ran my hand over my soft cleavage and turned round and round. The clumsy girl with uneven skin tone is nowhere but sheltered inside my eyes shining with warmth but also teeming with vengeance and not to mention, lethal seduction. I slipped the invitation into my brassiere, called to cancel appointments for a week and booked a flight to California, to my past.

I spotted her first, Raquel, the monster of my adolescent life. For a moment I had the impulse to hide and run like a frightened animal. But I remembered how agonized I was upon hearing that she and Josh were engaged a few months back. Josh was my ultimate childhood crush—he was handsome and smart. He was the prince. She was the witch. She should be banished. The prince should be with the maltreated princess. Me. I thought about slipping into a seat but soon found almost all the eyes staring in my direction. Awkward.

Of all the people, Monique took my hand and kissed me lightly on both cheeks. I hugged her back as friendly as I can. She was still pretty, the reason why people tolerated her back then, but she aged too much. She was not as short as I remembered but because of the fats the years had added, she almost looked chubby. She’d blush to know why I was smiling so widely.

“My! The runway girl! Cameron!”

“Oh well. It’s just still me, an average Californian dudette. So how have you been —-?”

“Raquel. Raquel Anna Smith.”

How could I ever forget you bitch.

She escorted me into the tables and introduced me to our old friends and eventually to her “dearest love, soon-to-be husband.” But both wore no ring. His beautiful brown eyes were screaming with awe and amazement. And although I dated too many men, the way Josh looked at me filled me with excitement. I longed for his tongue to be inside my mouth, his long hard fingers inside me.

Soon the girls were in their bikinis and some of the men who have been vying for my attention for the past hour darted towards them. I simply sat and sipped lemonade, vowing to stay in my maroon Bohemian skirt and white off-shouldered blouse. I glanced at my reflection against a glass wall and smiled. The shape of my bare shoulders was seductive enough and I exposed just the right amount of flesh. I gathered my locks to one side and tilted my head to reveal my long, bronze neck. Raquel donned red thongs. Her breasts were large and white and bitch that she was, she had two men apply to her back some lotion and then bury her in sand. She looked at my direction and smiled. I waved back.

By and by, two warm large hands came from behind and covered my eyes with darkness. I was annoyed so I cursed and threatened to hurt the intruder. When I was free to turn around, I saw Josh grinning at me. He was shirtless and his sandy hair was dancing in the humid breeze.

“Hey sorry.” He looked abashed. He was muscular like a Greek Olympian. He looked like a demi-god.

“You’d be sorrier if I kicked you.”

He pulled off that slow one-sided smile that used to make the girls in school swoon. “I didn’t know you have the fight in you.”

A lump formed in my throat. I swallowed it. “Nobody fought for me so I figured I had to fight for myself.”

Sympathy washed over his face. So he remembered. Perhaps there were times he could have saved me. Perhaps it was a social rule that boys shouldn’t mingle with girls’ affairs. Perhaps he just didn’t want to do anything with an ugly girl.

He sat across me and ordered a drink.

“You know what, I always knew you were going to be somebody. You were pretty and smart. But honestly though and no offense, never this way… “

Pretty? “Flatterer. Men, you are all the same.”

“No kidding!” Josh almanbahis adres was a nice guy and I desperately wanted to believe him.

“And hey, modelling is a legal and decent job!” It was myself I was trying to convince. “So… you and Raquel? How?” I tried to fake interest.

He shrugged and looked sober. “I tried to help her about two years ago recover from heroin addiction. You see I’m one of those cops who arrested her. Because I knew her, I felt responsible. It just sort of happened.”

I wanted to scream, “But she’s a witch!”

Raquel was sitting at the shore, chatting up with a blond guy, laughing in each other’s faces.

“Getting married soon?”

“I—I honestly don’t know.” His sincere affection for her cannot be ignored and so was his confusion. For a moment I rebelled against my plan.

There was not an hour that we wouldn’t exchange a word, a smile or a look. Poor Josh, he was still a boy. During the afternoon barbecue party, I had wittingly hinted I’ll be by the beach at night to watch a meteor shower. Three stars did actually fall from the sky as I waited. I wished for only one thing though: that I could get even. I thought I was waiting in vain when I finally heard his voice.

“Is that you Cameron?”

“Hey. Why are you here?” I felt his magnet. I felt my breast grow tighter.

“I thought I’d like to see some meteorites too.”

The universe must have been conspiring with me that night. It must have sensed that justice has to be served. Everything was perfect. A nearby bar was sounding slow, romantic music. I was wet and tensed when John Mayer’s ‘Wonderland’ was playing. The moon was coming to a full and its light was enough to illuminate our features. His cheekbones seemed more prominent and his hair was almost silver. I couldn’t say how I looked but by the way he can’t take his eyes off me, I bet I must have been one damned enchantress.

I was imagining how I’ll make him beg for more when he stirred and got up to his feet.

“I really love conversing with you but I think I must head back now.”

I was bewildered. How could he? “Oh. Can’t spare just a few more minutes?” I got up to my feet and caught his hand. Instantly, there was an invisible spark and we both knew we cannot go anywhere but into each other’s arms.

We exchanged hungry kisses for a long time and were down on the sand. Our tongues were swirling in a fiery wet dance. I had a handful of his hair in my hands and I moaned and moaned as he kissed and licked my neck.

I gently pushed him away as he kissed the top of my breasts. Breathlessly I said, “Isn’t this wrong… love?”

He clasped my face in both of his hands and stared longingly into my eyes. “I don’t know. All I know is I want… need you so.”

My hand went to his crotch and tickled the hard bulge in it while at the same time sucking his breath in a wild torrid kiss.

I do not know how we got there but we were soon in the room of one of the seaside motels. Our pretence to be casual around people made him quite sober.

“I’m not one of those jerks Cam. I know respect. We can still undo this.” He looked so troubled with his fingers running along his hair. It was the first time I ever heard such gentlemanly lines and it made me want him more.

I rushed to embrace him and shower him with little and big kisses.

“How about I show you something because you’re a great guy?”

I made him sit at the edge of the bed while I teasingly hoisted up my boho skirt. “Tada!”

His beautiful eyes went wide. “Oh. Wonderful… Wonderful bloomers.”

I laughed and winked at him. I took the thing off while keeping his gaze.

I kissed my shoulders, flicked my tongue at it and looked at him fiercely. Boy, he looked so helplessly handsome. Slowly I slid my blouse down with my skirt and I stood before him in our latest lingerie collection. It was a beautiful strapless push-up and panty set studded with ruby-like gems. We will definitely keep the lights on all night. I twirled around, laughing. I did some catwalk and poses and checked the hill between his thighs grow to a mountain. I held him up to his feet and danced around him.

“Cameron…” His voice sounded as if he were in a daze.

“Yes… Joshua almanbahis adresi Andrew McGregor Morrison?”

He looked amazed and pleased. He took a deep breath. “Cameron Connery Chase… ” I was so surprised that he knew my middle name that I stopped dancing around. His muscular hands caught and made me face him. “Baby, you’re a wonder. I don’t know what to do with you.” He pulled me and kissed me and scooped me up and lay me on the bed. He stared down at me, like a predator studying a prey it just dragged into its den. But who is who really?

I rolled to one side of the bed and headed for the nearest corner, “Catch me, cop.”

His eyes narrowed. “I will mighty punish you for this.”

I tried my best not to be caught but no sooner I was no match for his speed and hunger. Almost instantly I was locked in his muscular arms. I tried to resist but his force was overpowering and I grew weak at his strength all over me. We were both laughing and panting. With his lips on my hair and his warm breath on my nape, he said “You are under arrest.”

“For what crime?”

“Burglary. You stole a heart.” He scooped me up again, threw me over his shoulder and lay me on the bed with gentleness. He took off his gray shirt. I flung myself at him and he let himself lay under me. I rubbed my gem studded crotch against his male hardness and he moaned and moaned and wrestled me back under him.

We managed to get the expensive bra off and soon my 36B breasts were both in his rough, warm hands. He handled them with caution as if they were fragile exotic eggs of a prized animal. After all, these were breasts that showcased million-dollar lingerie and thongs. He squeezed them gently at first and eventually kneaded them like dough. I could not help moaning with pleasure. They were in his mouth soon, covered in the soft and warm and wet insides of it and I swear there is no brassiere in the world that could compare to Josh’s virile hands and mouth. He sucked at my hard nipples and played with them with his warm tongue. He was pretty much of a breast boy which made me ache to desperately keep him for myself. Thoughts of him doing similar things to Raquel infuriated me so I made my way on top of him and sat astride his thighs while he was still trying to reach for my nipples and lips.

“Josh. Tell me how many girls you’ve done this with before.”

“None baby. None as epic as this.”

“How many Josh?” There was sternness in my voice. He traced my lips with his fingers. “Not much baby. Not any more than you had.” I was stung. I slept with much. Much more than he could imagine. But Josh was my first real thing. And the best. He must have seen the pain in my face because he sat upright, reached for me and laid my head on his muscular chest adorned with ticklish golden hair which no sooner I twirled around with my fingers. “But I can’t explain tonight Cam. It’s almost as if there’s only you… Only you baby, you hear? Only you.”

He was such a sweet soul. It could have been easier if he weren’t. A drastic change in the plan was inevitable. We kissed again and I turned to his chest. I ran my tongue over his muscles, ribs, around his navel and then went back to kiss and lick his little pink nipples. He moaned with so much pleasure that he finally had to pin me under him, nailing both my wrists above my head and kissing me all over again from lips to everywhere. When my hands were finally free, I dug my fingers along his spine as I learned I should. Not to close deals or get favours or to advance my social status… this time to offer a man a pleasure only a woman can give. As he struggled to remove his board shorts, I slid down my ruby panties down my legs and kicked it off. Wet pussy was then “face to face” with big, hard cock. He kissed the pink between my legs and sucked my clitoris, which I was told plenty of times was quite bigger than average thanks to my interracial heritage.

“Josh! Ahhhhh… Please… Ummmm… suck me more!” I uncontrollably moaned.

Then his hard finger was inside my thighs and his soft tongue inside my mouth. ” Uuummmm—umm—uum–umm—mmmmmmmm.”

I spread my legs even wider and then I felt his rock-hard package slowly inching inside me. He was staring down at my eyes and I knew I was so stupid to ever almanbahis adres come back. We both were drowned in kisses whenever we can because at the same time he was also pumping maniacally inside me. He was big and hard and long and I could only so much as to bite my lip or kiss him to stop myself from screaming.

“It hurtssss ah! It hurts… Don’t stop… Josh, baby, honey…Love! Ohh, harder please. Ohhhh awwww!”

We were going faster and faster, catching each other’s breaths.

Little kisses. “Cameron baby… Cameron darling.” Kisses. “Oh Cameron…” More kisses.

That’s right Josh. Cameron. No one else.

It was so much pleasure and so much pain and when he had finally cum, I had to arch my back and scream. He fell top of me, his head cushioned between my breasts. He was still inside me and I went almost crazy with the sensation of my organ contracting at his. He was mine now Raquel. Josh and I were literally one.

It was the best cream pie I ever had. I gushed an ocean. When we were both rested after catching our breaths and talking or laughing, I rode on top of him and savagely bounced him deeper into me. He had a breathtaking live show of bouncing, clashing, shaking plump breasts. And sometimes I would dangle my bronze bosoms in his face, only to hold them higher or lean away when he was aiming to put one in his mouth. His big hands will squeeze my asses so hard in reprimand so that I moaned along with him. His booming voice echoed in the room, in my mind, begging. Sometimes I would go slow, or pause just to tease him, or do Kegel’s while he’s inside me. It drove him wild.

“Please… Please… Don’t stop baby… Yessssss… Baby Cameron… You’re driving me nutsss! Ohhhh! Cam baby! Sweet darling Cameron! Please mooooore… Ohhhhhhhh!”

I woke up in the late morning with him sucking at my right bosom.

I had to laugh in amusement. “Hungry?”

He kissed me slowly, gently but passionately and tucked my hair behind my ears. “You bet.” And he stuffed my whole right breast into his mouth while squeezing the other. His eyes went teary and he had to gag.

“Oops.” Then he went back to kiss and devour my breasts while his marble fingers explored the caves of my womanhood. I let him do it for a while, savouring the moment, forgetting this was supposed to be a vengeance plan. He stopped and leaned over me. There was a boyish look in his face so full of contentment. He looked so innocently handsome with his dishevelled sandy hair.

“You were pretty even back then… but now you are so beautiful Cameron. I wish there’s a word more beautiful than beautiful.”

I smiled, pleased. “How about ‘more beautiful’?”

“Oh… Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”

It turned me on. I may be a sex guru but I’m still a nerd. I kissed genius boy hungrily.

Panting, he whispered, “You are the most beautiful, amazing woman Cameron.”

I searched his eyes as he searched into mine. His was innocent and life-sustaining. I was ashamed at what he could possibly see in mine.

I went back to the resort to get my things and checked in again before sundown at the hotel where Josh and I stayed for the night. He went back no later than I did. We were immediately naked, memorizing every slope of our bodies, learning with eyes, mouth and hands.

“What did you tell her?” I felt a sincere guilt. There was not a bit of triumph. Not as I imagined. “Emergency. It sort of is.” He pulled me with hunger in his eyes and kissed me passionately but I know he was very much sad and guilty.

We spent three more consecutive nights together, never leaving the room, never away from each other for so much as a meter or two. We ate in bed and showered each other and did almost all the positions we could think of. I thought by the third night the feeling would wane but I grew fonder of him as a person, as a strong and sensitive man. I knew it was not possible to ever live again without him.

Not a month since Josh disappeared from her reach, Raquel was engaged to the blond man I last saw her with on the beach. The seething disappointment I felt with the idea that she was not really devastated or at least hurt by him leaving her was overpowered by the joy I feel whenever I’m with Josh. Besides, it unburdens as both from guilt. Sometimes when he’s asleep while wrapping me in his powerful arms after possessing every inch of my body, I realized I had saved this prince, this man from the witch… although he didn’t save me when he was a boy.

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