A Sweet Desire of Mine

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“Now wait a minute!” I exclaimed, “Just because I’m married they think I’m not really serious about any of this?”

“Yes,” her friend said, “Exactly.”

“But that’s not fair to me,” she thought. “No one knows how I really feel or what I need.”

“I’m not unapproachable either,” she thought.

Thinking about it, she really didn’t know what to do anyway. She was inexperienced and didn’t have a clue on how to meet someone. Oh, she had seen lots of women, wished and knew deep down how much she could please. She knew she wanted this so much–the touch, the feel of another woman against her hands to her lips–that it was beginning to be an ache to her heart.

She had seen so many women she knew who were gay. They would look at her, and she at them, but that’s always as far as it went. She didn’t know how to take the first step. She didn’t know how to ask someone out. She didn’t want to be disappointed or make a mistake.

She decided she had to do something and thought about a bar. She wasn’t too up on the idea, but she was getting to where she had no other choice, and maybe it wasn’t so bad.

She was alone and afraid, but the desire was so strong that it drove her on. Heart pounding, she approached the bar.

Opening the door, she walked in and stopped.

She let her eyes adjust to the dimness and smiled to the women she made eye contact with. Looking toward the bar she saw an empty stool, and moved over to sit. She ordered a drink and looked around some more. It was a nice little place and as she drank she took in the atmosphere.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed someone had moved in beside her, took the stool and sat down. She turned and smiled at the woman as she ordered her drink and said, “Hi.”

They started talking.

The woman asked, “Is this your first time here?”

“Yeah and I was so scared to come, but I did. My name is Jan.”

She said, “I’m Jackie,” and smiled.

Jan turned more toward her and said, “I guess you come here a lot.”

“No, not really, just if I need to get away or for something different. Why are you here?”

“I don’t know why I’m here, but I do know also.” Jan said. “I’d like to meet someone. I’m married, but there never has been anything between us, and I’ve always been attracted towards women.”

“I understand,” Jackie said, “but you know you are dealing with other people and their feelings. Other women may look at you as not being real. Someone that wants to play games, or that may leave them and go Anadolu Yakası Escort back to being a wife.”

“Oh, I know,” Jan said, “I really do, and its sad. But, I cant give up, I just cant.”

As they continued to talk they both realized they had a lot in common, and the evening flew by.

It had gotten late and Jan said, “I need to go but I had a wonderful time with you.”

“I did too,” Jackie said, “and I hope you will come back.”

“I will,” Jan promised.

“I’ll walk out with you,” Jackie said.

Standing by the truck we talked some more. I reached out, took her hand in mine touching, caressing it. She watch me do this, then looked up and smiled.

“Can I ask you a favor?” I said.

“Sure,” Jackie said.

“I would like to kiss you.” I said.

Jackie just smiled.

I pulled her towards me, looking down at her full, moist lips as she got closer, I slowly licked my own. I kissed her lightly, feeling the full softness against mine. Backing away I looked deep in her eyes and teasingly smiled. Pulling her toward me again I kissed her hard. Our tongues met. I tasted, teased and sucked lightly on her tongue. I reached my hand into her hair, pulling her closer, drinking her in. My tongue traced the outline of her lips, sucking and nibbling on her lower lip, kissing her face, her neck and lastly her closed eyes.

“Please come back,” she whispered huskily.

Smiling and letting go of her, I got in my truck and left.

“Oh my!” I thought. “That was wonderful, she was wonderful.”

I could feel my pussy throbbing, the wetness soaking throughout my panties. The ripples of excitement running through me.

All week I thought about her. I wanted to go back the next night and the next but I didn’t. I waited and thought.

I had an idea! I was going to get a hotel room. If she didn’t show up this weekend and I had to waste the money, I didn’t care, I still was going to get the room.

Friday came, I got the room and then went to the bar. I didn’t see her when I first walked in, so I went to the bar, sat and ordered a drink. Suddenly I felt a hand touch me lightly. Turning, there she stood! My heart thumped, the excitement rose. She smiles.

“I missed and thought about you a lot this week,” she said.

Oh man, Jackie looked so good to me.

I looked right at her lips wanting to taste them again and licking mine, I looked down at her hands wanting to take them in mine again, and she knew it. Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan But, I just smiled at her, turned back to the bar and waited for her to sit.

She sat and we talked.

Finally I couldn’t stand it, “Will you go someplace with me?”

“Sure,” she says.

I drove to the hotel, pulled in and stopped. “Look, if you can’t or don’t want to, that’s ok, we will go back. Its up to you.”

Looking at me grinning, she said, “Who’s going to get the room?”

Smiling shyly, I said, “I got it earlier today hoping you would say yes.”

Laughing she grabbed my hand and said, “Well, lets go!”

Closing the door to the room, I pulled her to me and just stood there looking. I ran my hands through her hair. I touched her face. I pulled her shirt off and lightly touched the outside of her bra and ran my hands down to her belly. Looking back up at her, and into her lust drawn eyes, I kissed her. I kissed her hard. I grabbed her hair and our hot mouths meshed, I moaned, breathing hard, the passion built.

Laying back on the bed we took off our clothes. I move over her and look down. She is gorgeous. Her full breasts, hardened nipples. She shaves her pussy which gave me such delight. Her legs together I could see her slit, the mounds of her pussy and nothing else. So bare, so inviting.

I reach up and touch her breasts. Hands on both breasts, feeling the fullness. I begin to rub the nipples, circling with my fingers, feeling the hard nipples under them. I hear her take a breath. I cant stand it anymore and I move my mouth down on her tits, kissing the nipple. My tongue dances all around while my hands kneads the other breast with fingers squeezing and circling the nipples. With my mouth on her nipple my tongue flicks and my teeth lightly bite. I hear her moan. Her eyes closed, her head arched back.

I cannot seem to get enough of her. I am in awe of her body. My hands and eyes move down her belly. She wasn’t skinny by any means, she was soft, she was a woman and all woman. My hand touches the mounds of her pussy. She trembles. I just let my fingers trace the outside of her pussy, just feeling it, touching it. My fingers slides up and down her slit. Not opening her but feeling her juices on the edge.

I spread her legs and crawl between. Her pussy is swollen and throbbing. My fingers slide in the opening just little and is surrounded by her soft, silkiness. She gasps, she raises her head, looks at me, her eyes full of lust. Escort Anadolu Yakası Her head falls back, her hands grab the covers.

Still not opening her up, my finger brings the juices out around the outside of her pussy. I rub up and down her slit just barely inside. Soaking her pussy with her silky juices.

Spreading her legs further, she opens up for me and it is beautiful. Her engorged clit, full and swollen. Her pussy so wet and begging.

I slide my finger into her pussy, feeling her wetness as I stroke it. So soft, so warm. Slowly, I begin to fuck her with my finger. Slow movements in and out. With my other hand I move the lips away from the clit, where in all its glory is exposed to me. Open, bare, and inviting for my touch. Keeping the lips open and the clit exposed my finger moves out and up. I touch it…..just barely.

Wanting to explore. Wanting to watch her. My finger moves. Her head goes back. Her breast quiver in their fullness. I begin to touch, lightly, moving my finger to her pussy and in and back to her clit. Just watching, feeling, doing it all knowing I’m driving her crazy. My finger lingers on her clit, rubbing longer putting more pressure. My finger then slides back into her pussy, feeling the muscles clamp around it as I fuck her.

Then I go down.

The smell of her, so musky. My tongue touches. Her clit is so soft, wet, warm. I can hear her moans. Her breathing deep and fast.

I hear, “Oh, Please.”

I begin to lick her clit, slowly deliberately, longingly, tasting her, breathing in her smell.

“Wonderful,” I thought, “addictive.”

My hand reaches up and I feel her full swollen breast moving in my hand. My fingers squeeze her nipple. She moans. My tongue is drinking her in. Moving, licking faster and harder. I feel her legs quiver against me. My hand move back to her pussy lips. I open them again, exposing her clit to my mouth, all of it. It’s mine. My lips kiss, my tongue licks around, up and down and flicks. She’s riding me hard. I grab her hips, pulling her more toward me and I go down hard. She screams. Her hands in my hair. She cums. I ease up, slowly, my tongue gently licking her clit, her cum. She shivers and shivers. I move away and look down at her pussy and smile. Her pussy so wet, so ripe, so alive. Her breasts swollen, so full, her nipples so hard. Her eyes closed a smile on her face. I lean up and kiss her breasts, my tongue caresses her hard nipples tenderly.

It couldn’t get any better.


She grabs me, kisses me, licking her juices from my lips, my face. She turns me over on my back putting my arms above my head. She grabs my nipple in her mouth, sucks, nibbles with her teeth just enough to send ripples of pleasure to my pussy. She looks up at me.

“Its my turn now,” Jackie says.

And I let her go………………

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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