A Swinging Affair Ch. 04

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A Swinging Affair Ch4

Len and Sue

Although this chapter can stand alone as far as the sex is concerned, to understand the why and the how it will be helpful to read Chapter One. The basic premise is that four married couples decide to swap for dirty weekends together, rotating over a period of three months.

Len and Sue made a somewhat incongruous couple as they climbed into Len’s Land Rover Discovery — or at least, Sue climbed into it while Len folded his six foot eight inches into the driver’s seat. Apart from liking the vehicle, Len found it was one of the few cars that he could drive comfortably without distorting himself, while Sue at only four feet ten and a half inches was glad to profit from the additional sidestep to help to clamber up inside.

Sue was both excited and a little nervous. She was excited at the prospect of going to bed with only the second man in her life. Sam had been the love of her life, the first and up to now, the only man to have shared her bed. Although she still loved him dearly, the prospect of intimate contact with another man, culminating in the ultimate physical connection, was wakening sexual feelings that had become rather dampened after over twenty years of marriage. She and Sam still had regular sex, but it had become a bit of a ritual rather than the thrilling awakening of two bodies that it had been earlier, and she was hoping that they would both benefit from taking different partners for a weekend and that the old flame might be rekindled.

On the other hand, she was a bit scared. Although at five feet and two inches Sam was rather vertically challenged, he was more than adequately endowed in the wedding tackle department, being on the big side of average in both length and girth, and the small woman’s vagina was well filled when they mated. Never having experience of any other penis, Sue assumed that penis size was proportional to overall body size, and as Len was much bigger than Sam she expected that he would have a monster penis and she wasn’t at all sure how she would be able to accommodate such a large chunk of flesh. Although she had given birth to two children they had both been delivered by Caesarean section, as she had had problems with the births, so her birth canal hadn’t been stretched by the passage of babies.

Len also was a little concerned about the forthcoming activities. Linda was not the only woman he had had sex with, but by and large his sexual activities had been with women who were average size or more, whereas Sue was well below average, more like a young adolescent physically. However, he knew that she was certainly adult in every other way, and as a mother of two children clearly she had had sexual experience. Nevertheless, he was a bit uneasy that he might be a bit overpowering for her, although he was certain that he could control himself well enough not to hurt her.

During the journey they had little conversation, both being preoccupied with thoughts about the evening’s events. When they arrived at the hotel they found that the restaurant was already open, and they got the impression that that it would be helpful if they ate sooner rather than later. They decided they would have a drink before the meal, so Len left Sue in the bar while he took the bags up to the room, then returned to join her. Sue thought that a little Dutch courage might be in order, so she had a gin and tonic, while Len had a whiskey. While they were drinking the waiter came to take their order for food, Len choosing a lamb chop while Sue ordered a house speciality, lambs kidneys cooked at the table and flamed with brandy — Rognons Flambé, according to the menu, which was a bit pretentious and used French names for many of the dishes. They ordered a bottle of house red wine to go with this, working on the basis that the house wine was always drinkable, and a lot cheaper than some of the fancy brands on the wine list.

When they moved into the restaurant they were led to a small table in one corner of the room, quite secluded and where they could talk without being overheard. Len had been very aware of Sue’s nervousness, and tried to put her at ease.

“Sue, I get the impression that you are a bit unhappy. You know, if you don’t want to go ahead with what’s planned for the evening, you don’t have to. We can sleep together, without actually doing anything.”

“You are a gem, Len, and I feel a bit of a fool. I voted in favour of having sex with all you three men, and, although I’m a bit nervous about it, I’m still looking forward to having new sexual adventures after all these years. The only trouble is that, as you may have noticed, I’m very small, and you are very big, and I’m nervous about… well, you can guess, can’t you.”

“Yes, I get the general idea. I can only say that, if you still want to go ahead with it, I’ll be as gentle as I can be, and for your information I’m not that big in the family jewels department, though I guess I’m a bit over average. If we take it slowly, hopefully, it Küçükköy escort bayan will be all right for you, but if not there are plenty of games we can play together that don’t involve the actual insertion of you know what into you know where.”

“Oh Len, that’s so sweet. I guess I’m being worried for nothing, it’s just that I’ve only ever been with Sam, and he’s not very big as you well know, though I’ve no comparison to say how big he is down there.”

“Well, if it’s any comfort I’m certainly not as big as a baby’s head, and you’ve had two of those.”

“Oh, very comforting, I’ve had two Caesareans because I’m a bit on the small side, so that doesn’t really help. Never mind, let’s go and have fun together, come what may.”

They finished the excellent meal with coffee and brandies, leaving Sue in a mildly happier state induced by Len’s comforting words and a fair amount of alcohol, and they went up to the bedroom. Sue busied herself unpacking her overnight bag, putting bits in the bathroom and so on, while Len did much the same. At last they had run out of delaying tactics and they both stopped in the middle of the room, looked at each other, and burst out laughing. Sue had a fit of the giggles, but finally managed to speak.

“Well, what next? Silly me, I know what next, what we are doing together in a hotel bedroom, but this is a first time for me and I’m not clear on the details — I mean, do you throw me on the bed and ravage me, or what?”

“What, I rather think. ravaging might be fun, but as a seduction gambit it leaves a bit to be desired.. Suppose we were to kiss each other, might that sort of … how can I say, set the scene?”

“Well, we’ve kissed before, but I sense that you are proposing something more enthusiastic than a peck on the cheek? Let’s try.”

They moved close together and Len took her into his arms, they grinned at each other, and then his lips closed on hers. It was very gentle at first, but became more intense as her lips parted and his tongue brushed them, before the tip probed inside. They parted for a moment, then recoupled, and found considerable pleasure in the crushing of lips together and tongues linking with each other. He was holding her firmly and he slid one big hand down her back and grasped her small, firm buttock. He was practically lifting her off the ground, and she finally pushed him away.

“That was a good start, but I’m getting a crick in the neck looking up at you, and you are definitely squashing me a bit. Let’s move on, shall we?”

“Yes, you are rather a long way down, but definitely worth the effort. Suppose you go in the bathroom and put your nightie on while I put my pyjamas on?”

“That seems a bit of a waste of time. I presume my nightie will come off at some stage in the ravaging, it hardly seems worth putting it on. Let’s go clean our teeth or whatever, and I need a pee, then we can do something more interesting.”

They took it in turns to use the bathroom, and when they were both done, Sue had another suggestion.

“Would you like to undress me? That would really make me feel that I’m being pampered.”

“I’d love to — it would be like unwrapping the most fabulous birthday present.”

“It’s not your birthday is it? And, if so, who’s giving me as a present?”

“Well, actually it is my birthday. And Sam and Linda have both given me permission to play with you, so I suppose you’re a joint present.”

“Oh, I’m a toy to be played with, am I? Just because I’m small doesn’t make me a doll.”

“Oh lor, I phrased that badly, didn’t I. I think you’ll be much more fun than a doll.”

“Never mind, let’s play together, only grown up games. Hang on a minute.”

She disappeared into the bathroom and soon emerged wearing the belt from the hotel bathrobe worn diagonally across her shoulders and tied with a big bow.

“Sorry, I haven’t got a red ribbon, but this will have to do. Now, unwrap your present and see if it’s a talking doll that will wish you happy birthday.”

Len stepped forward and undid the bow. Then he turned her around and unhooked the fastening of her dress at the neck before sliding the zip down, then pushing it off her shoulders, whence it slid down her torso onto the floor, allowing her to step out of it. He could see her back directly and her front reflected in the big mirror on the wall, and could admire a flesh coloured lacy bra and knickers set, setting off the light tan of her skin. He unhooked the bra, and she shrugged her shoulders allowing it to fall down, uncovering her breasts. He resisted the urge to caress the small mounds, but hooked his fingers into the waist of her knickers and pushed them slowly down her legs. She stepped out of them, then turned towards him.

“Well, that’s it, that’s all there is for you to play with — please treat it gently.”

He said nothing, just stood and admired her. Although at only four foot ten and a half inches (don’t ever forget the half inch) she was tiny, especially compared to Len’s great height, there Escort Mecidiyeköy was no doubt that this was an adult woman, not a child. Her breasts were full and firm, two delightful small handfuls topped by pale pink nipples, standing proudly for him to admire. Her belly was slightly rounded, with a faint Caesarean scar, between flared hips giving her the classic pear shaped figure. A surprise to him was that her pubis was completely hairless, showing off her outer pussy lips, neatly concealing the delights within. All this being mounted on a pair of very shapely legs showed that Sue was, without doubt, a desirable woman, whom Len was hoping would enjoy sharing an adulterous weekend with him. She did a twirl for him, showing off a very delectable arse, and grinned at him cheekily over her shoulder.

?ell, don’t just stand there looking as though you’ve never seen a naked woman before · get your kit off!”

Len was only too pleased to oblige, and very quickly he was reduced solely to his boxers. He was going to take them off, but Sue beckoned to him to come closer. She could see the substantial bulge at his groin, and reached out one hand and felt the hidden potential, then she hooked her fingers into his waistband and slowly pulled the garment down and let it fall down his legs. As he stepped out of it she was looking at a very well-developed piece of man flesh, but to her surprise, although it was bigger than Sam’s, it wasn’t the huge weapon that she had been fearing, though she was comparing their tools in the flaccid state. She held her arms out to him to to encourage him to lay on the bed beside her, and then she timidly reached out to touch his penis. Her fingers brushed lightly over his length, and then enclosed his girth, bringing the unsurprising result that he began to grow. She leaned over his body to get a better look at what she was doing, and she stroked the soft flesh as it began to harden, then she bent down and began a row of kisses along its length, lifting it so that she could kiss underneath. Her fingers surrounded it and she gently pulled back his foreskin, exposing his glistening purple glans. When her tongue touched the tip of his urethra and lapped around the sensitive flesh the result was immediate, and she felt and saw the now fully aroused cock in all its glory.

Now there was no doubt that this was a cock that was bigger than the only one that had penetrated her body up to this moment. On the other hand, it wasn’t the outrageous weapon that her slightly fevered imagination had worried her with. While she was bent over his body Len was gently stroking her back, and allowed his hand to slide lower till he was cupping her delightful little arse cheeks. His fingers slid down the crack till he was brushing across the puckered indent of her anus, and he heard a sharp intake of her breath.

“Sorry Sue, I shouldn’t have gone there.”

“It’s okay, Len, I don’t mind you touching me there, in fact I rather like it, but please don’t think about anything serious in that area. I’ve tried it a couple of times, and it’s painful. On the other hand a bit of manual stimulation doesn’t come amiss.”

By now she had released his cock and was sitting up.

“I think it’s time you found out whether your birthday present will work for you. To be honest, until you actually try and fuck me, I’m just going to be worrying, so let’s get on with it shall we.”

“Okay Sue. I think it might be better first time if you tried being on top, then you can control how much I get inside. Just remember anyway, if you want to stop, just say so.”

“I’ve brought a tube of lube with me, hope you don’t mind.”

“No problem, give my old man a good covering, I’ll enjoy that.”

Sue had tucked the tube of lube under the pillow, now she took it out and squeezed a generous amount onto her hand, which she then applied it copiously onto Len’s cock, making sure his foreskin was pushed back and his glans was coated. After this, she also applied some to her vagina, although this was a bit of a waste of time as she was already self lubricating. Now she climbed on top of him, her legs widespread as she knelt above his torso, her vulva poised over his hard cock. She slipped her hand between her legs and grasped the firm flesh, which jerked at her touch, and manoeuvred herself so that the tip was just touching her pussy lips, and for a few moments she rubbed herself with the wet crown of his glans. At last she cautiously lowered herself a little, and they both watched as she felt her vaginal entrance spread before the intrusion. It was a familiar and delightful experience to them both, and, although she began to feel spread more than she was accustomed to, it was in no way painful, and she allowed him to enter a little further before withdrawing, then lowering herself further again.

She repeated the process over and over again, each stroke penetrating a little deeper into her passage. She was feeling totally stretched, and as he neared his full engagement she felt herself being Merter escort invaded deeper than ever before, until at last she felt his pubic hair pressed firmly against her naked mons and realised that the fear she had had of being impossibly stretched was unjustified.

“It’s all gone in, Len.”

“It feels bloody marvellous from my end, you’re so tight on me. You’re sure it doesn’t hurt at all?”

“You’re certainly right about being tight. I feel totally stuffed, but pleasantly, not painfully, but I’d like to go steady while I get used to it.”

“You’re in charge, I’m just lying here enjoying it.”

Len wasn’t the only one enjoying it. Sue began to move slowly up-and-down, feeling her pussy being emptied and refilled by his substantial flesh, and as she became accustomed to being stretched, she began to speed up the movements. Len was playing a completely passive part in this exercise, wanting to leave her to be fully comfortable with what was happening and to be totally in control. However, her tight pussy was having the inevitable effect on him, and he found it difficult not to respond to her movements by thrusting upwards against her. Nevertheless, he lay still but felt the pressure from his balls mounting and knew he was approaching orgasm.

“Sue, love, I’m going to come any moment, just to let you know.”

“Oh good, I must be doing the right things.”

She felt his body tensing beneath her, and then felt the jerking of his cock as his fluid pumped into her waiting vagina. Again and again she felt the pulses of his shaft as his balls emptied into her. She lay forward and was still on him, feeling the hot liquid being blasted high into her, till at last it was over and she saw his face relax. They stayed still for a few moments, then she leant forward and kissed him, a long, slow kiss, their lips parted and tongues mingling. She felt his erection subsiding, and she eased herself off him, a dribble of his liquid seeping out of her closing vaginal lips, and she lay beside him, much happier now she knew that sex with him wasn’t going to be a painful experience.

“Well, that was fun wasn’t it? I must admit I was scared before we started, but you just filled me very nicely. Thank you for letting me be in control.”

“It was certainly good for me, but you didn’t come did you? I’m sorry about that.”

“That’s fine, Len. I’m happy that my fears were ungrounded, and that I made you come. We’ve got the rest of the weekend, I should be able to work in an orgasm at some stage.”

” I think now would be a good time, may I try and see what I can do for you? You’ve got a lovely body, I’d enjoy seeing if I can press any of the right buttons for you.”

“Sounds like you think I’m a bit like a keyboard. Whatever, go ahead. I wasn’t planning doing anything else in the near future.”

“Any particular dos and don’ts?”

“No BDSM, thank you, and try not to squash me.”

Len wondered what would light her fire, and decided that some slow caressing might be well received. He started by turning her over onto her front, then began a gentle massage on the back of her neck, then down onto her shoulders. Despite being a large and powerful man he could be very gentle in his movements, and his hands were only brushing her skin lightly, which, judging by the murmur of appreciation, suited her very well. He moved on down the curve of her waist, till he arrived at her buttocks. Accustomed as he was to Linda’s lush curves, feeling the firm flesh of the small globes was a very different sensation, and he could easily hold each cheek in his hand. He gently squeezed her roundness, and, as his hand stroked her he allowed his fingers to ease their way into the valley. He spread her cheeks as he probed ever deeper till he saw the darker puckered skin surrounding the entrance to her inner depth.

He remembered her saying earlier that she liked having her anus touched, but didn’t want “anything serious in that area”, So he just brushed across the entrance to see what reaction he would get. She said nothing, so he decided to progress a little and he slid his finger forward till he felt the wetness where their fluids had oozed from her vagina, and he wetted his finger before beginning to stroke it around and over the indent, then pushed very gently inwards. As he increased the pressure he felt the tip of his finger begin to slide its way into her, and the sphincter eased open to allow him to enter up to his second knuckle, earning from her a very quiet “That’s nice.”

With this encouragement, he kept his finger firmly in her while he turned her over so she was laying on his embedded hand, and he began again to stroke her body with his other hand, starting at her shoulders and slowly working his way down. Soon his fingers circled the small mound of her breast, and he circled her aureole for a while before brushing across her nipple, causing the little pink bud to stiffen. He tweaked the hardening flesh, drawing it outward till it stood delicately proud of her pale aureole, again bringing from her a sharp intake of breath, convincing him that he was doing the right thing, and he lowered his head and began kissing around the other breast, then flicking the nipple with his tongue. Again the nipple hardened, and he enclosed it with his lips before gently nibbling with his teeth, all the while working his tongue over it.

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