A Time To Teach

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Being a counselor at a private sex therapy clinic places me in all sorts of different circumstances. Most times, it involves group therapy. The typical kind as you would see in the movies, where several couples are gathered in a room with the counselor mediating between the couples as they each have a chance to openly discuss their problems with the other couples. Then the other couples can offer any remedies or sympathy with the couple that has the floor. In most of these scenarios, I give input to either stimulate further discussion or offer an idea that hasn’t been mentioned yet.

Most people think of the counselors as being “experts” in this field. Truth be told, Counselors hold a degree in text book psychology regarding the field of sexual tendencies. And some Counselors liken to think that they are experts, mainly because of the time and dedication that they have put forth in their schooling. But the true expert, is the one that knows that in the field of sex, with all of its dimensions and complexities, that one cannot attain “all” there is to know about sex. Its like most any other subject. You can never know all that there is, no matter how old, or long you’ve been studying and practicing. I prefer to be known as a Teacher, regarding the art of sex, IF I must have a title. Even that has a certain offensiveness about it. So, call me what you’d like.

Here is a case that really sticks out in my mind. On one occasion, there was a younger couple that signed up for therapy. I think they were in their mid to late twenties. For anonymity sake, I will refer to him as Bob, and to her as Lila.

Both Bob and Lila were professionals, both keeping a very demanding schedule. Bob was in the high tech industry, and Lila was in to real estate. The schedules often conflicted with the others, making time alone a rarity, other than weekends, for the most part. And like most, their weekends were spent getting caught up on regular chores that couldn’t be handled during the week, which meant even less time that they were able to have with each other as far as private matters went.

So, my first order of business, was to search for the actual problem that they were encountering besides the obvious of not having enough time together. That would be the easy part to fix.

Lila’s biggest complaint was that Bob wasn’t very attentive to her needs. And I must tell ya folks, for a wife to tell her husband this, not to mention in front of a total stranger, is quite a sign of desperation. She continued that when they had sex, most times it was a hurried event. She said that it seemed to her that the finished outcome was the most important thing to Bob.

I could tell that she was very much in love with him, as he was with her. It seemed as though she was apologetic as she spoke of her concerns. She didn’t want to hurt Bob’s feelings by saying what she felt. That’s where I come in to play. I assured Lila, then Bob, that this was the best way to correct their problem, by letting the other know what they felt, and to not take offense to what was said.

It was on their third visit when the unusual offer was broached to me. We had become relatively comfortable in each others presence and Bob and Lila were talking more openly with each other about their concerns. But most importantly, Bob was, by Lila’s account, making an effort to show more concern for her needs. Lila had told me that they had watched the films that I had loaned them, showing very explicit sexual acts being performed in a loving way, the main one of her concern is cunnilingus. Bob said that he tried and tried, but still can’t seem to please Lila. I consoled him by telling him that there are a lot of men that have been eating pussy for many years that are tuzla escort having the same difficulty that he is having.

Then, they asked the question that floored me. Would I teach Bob how to please Lila orally. I stuttered a couple of times, being taken aback by their request. Lila smiled and Bob even laughed at my response. I regained my composure, as I too smiled at my own reaction, then replied that I would teach him what I knew. I told them both that a request like this could have a detrimental effect on “our” relationship. Most couples are not comfortable with allowing another person into the sanctity of such a private moment between two people. They assured me that they had both discussed it in length with each other before deciding to ask, and they felt comfortable with me as an advisor. Lila had chimed in that she found it to be a little arousing, knowing that there would be another male present, in a naughty kind of way.

We made plans to have a couple of dinner dates. I insisted that we do it this way to avoid the “scheduling” of something that should be left better to happen spontaneously. They both agreed, and seemed pleased that I had removed the planned part out of the equation. Sex should be something that happens at the perfect time, rather than scheduled as a chore.

It was on the third dinner date that we , like the previous two times, went back to Bob and Lila’s apartment. By this time, we had known each other for several weeks, and had grown a nice bond of friendship and trust with each other. On this particular night, Lila looked more radiant than I had noticed her before. And Bob seemed more responsive to her enlightened aire as well. I then knew that tonight would be the best opportunity to teach this willing couple, in particular, this young man who wanted to please his partner what the teacher knew.

A couple of glasses of wine later, Lila excused herself into their bedroom, leaving Bob and I in the living room. Bob had asked me if I had noticed anything different about Lila. I asked what he meant. He told me that she seemed incredibly more beautiful to him that evening than usual. I just confirmed that I too, thought that she was as beautiful as he had just described. I encouraged him to go and check on her after she had been gone for about twenty minutes.

Bob disappeared into the bedroom and was gone about ten minutes, when Lila came out to the kitchen for some more wine. She was wearing a sheer blue teddy that looked as though it had been tailor made for her form. I couldn’t help but gaze at her body through the thin see through material as she sauntered into the kitchen. Bob stuck his head from around the bedroom door and tapped once on the door frame to get my attention. When I snapped my head around to look at him, he was grinning widely and motioning for me to come to the bedroom as well. He whispered to me once I was in there, that when he went to check on her, she was already in her teddy, then clasped her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear that tonight would be the night, then snaked her tongue into his attentive ear before coming out to get more wine.

Bob was in his boxer briefs and was obviously excited about what was to come next. I smiled and coached Bob to take the excitement that he felt in his depths and his crotch and concentrate that fury into his lips, mouth and tongue. He looked a bit puzzled, until he realized what I was telling him. I said to imagine that his tongue would temporarily be his cock, and that he would use his tongue to tantalize his partner to a new found height of ecstasy.

Lila sauntered back into the room as deliberately as she had exited it. I felt my own lust begin to run through my veins just watching tuzla rus escort her play. She exaggerated her every step making sure that her hips swayed rhythmically, which in turn caused her breasts to bounce lightly with each step. She had my attention and sure as hell had Bob held captive!

I stepped into the darkened corner of the room, leaving the two lovers to bask a while alone in the soft candle lit room. Lila pushed Bob onto the bed where he sat and watched eagerly as Lila began to slowly peel off the snug form fitting teddy. I could only imagine the intensity that Bob was feeling, because of my own excitement raging as I watched. Bob was very lucky to have such an open minded, willing, and adept lover.

Once totally naked, Lila laid down slowly onto the bed next to where Bob sat. She began to writhe slowly like a sexual serpent until she became comfortably sprawled on her back. I spoke in a low soft tone to Bob, climb on top of her Bob. I wanted them to become accustomed to my voice, so I talked Bob through every step, speaking softly, hoping it would make them feel as if I was just a voice in their heads rather than a voyeur in the room.

What follows is the narration of my instructions to Bob, now that I was at the edge of their bed.

“Kiss her sweet hungry mouth. Let your tongue glide sensually into her mouth, using the tip to tease hers. That’s it, coax her tongue around yours. Now slide them together. Imagine two slippery serpents in a mating dance, gliding, flicking together.”

I let this continue for several minutes before moving to the next area.

“Now kiss her softly on her neck. Press your lips against the soft flesh and hold it there. Feel her blood as it races through her thick pulsing vein. Now firmly glide your tongue over that pulse point, very slowly. Kiss her throat now, lightly as you move to the other side of her neck. Now do the same on that side as you did the other. That’s right, find the pulsing vein and suck lightly on it.”

Lila was breathing more heavily now as I continued.

“Move down from her neck to her breasts, kissing lightly as you go. Kiss around her breast, but not her nipple, not yet. Ok, suck that perfect orb of flesh, lightly but firmly. That’s right, kiss and suck completely around it. Now slowly lower your mouth onto her nipple then close your lips together. With your lips snug on her nipple, beginning to suck. Feel the puffy mound of flesh as it enters your mouth. Swab the nipple with your tongue, making circles around her areola. Now let it slowly fall from your mouth as you stop sucking. Let her breasts fall to her chest with your lips snug around her erect nipple. Now move to her other breast and admonish the same tenderness as you have on this one.”

Bob was performing well. Lila was responding ever better with her breathing becoming more shallow. Her hips were starting to grind into Bob’s as he kept filling her with an ever increasing intensity of lust and love. Again I spoke softly.

“Kiss a trail down from her breasts to her navel. Take the tip of your tongue and lick around her belly button. Firmly slip your tongue into her navel now. Continue your trek further down, now dragging your tongue from below her navel to her pubic mound. Kiss her mound, firmly. Now slide down between her legs. Notice how her legs wantonly spread to accommodate your body. Kiss her thigh, right where it meets her crotch. Now do the other side.”

“Now you are ready. Place your face, your nose in particular just at the crease of her lips. Take in a deep breath through your nose. A long, slow, deep breath. Relish her scent. It is her erotic signature and it’s just for you. Take your hands while you breath her tuzla sarışın escort scent in, and glide your hands up her belly and over her breasts. Feel her soft silky flesh under your hands. She is a treasure. Your treasure. Grab her breasts lightly but firmly. Now bring your hands back down to her thighs. As you exhale through your nose, delve your hot tongue deep into her soft wet cleft. That is the nectar that she offers only you. It is the juice of her love, her lust, her inner fire that she shares with you. Slide your tongue back in to your mouth and relish the taste.”

Lila was moaning loudly now as Bob followed my every instruction. My own face was mere inches from Bob’s and from Lila’s weeping pussy. I too could breath her arousing scent. I noticed Bob’s mouth. His lips were wet from Lila’s sweet nectar. He actually had a small sliver of drool that dripped from his mouth. He anticipated his next move.

“Now, with a flat tongue, lick from her butt cheeks at the bottom below her pussy straight up, licking her lips. Gather the juices that coat them. That is the essence of your lover. A very special gift from her, just for you. Lick her lips again. Think of them as an ice cream cone and lick, lap at them for a moment.”

Lila’s hips rose from the bed as Bob did as I instructed. He lifted his head when she did, as if to move out of her way.

“Hold your head in place. She is kissing you back! Her body is begging for more. Now take your tongue and begin at the top of her fold and slowly, very slowly glide right down the center of her soft wet folds. Wag your tongue from side to side as you move down, slowly. Part her folds with your tongue as you slide your hot tongue down her center. Right now that is the center of her very being, right where you are. Once you’ve reached her wet opening, begin back up again.”

Bob was doing perfectly. Lila was clawing at the sheets as he slid his tongue up then down the center of her dripping snatch.

“Take your hand and slide one finger into her opening, just up to the first knuckle. Trace the opening of her pussy with a firm touch while you continue to wag your tongue back and forth then up and down. Let your other hand lay flat against her pubic mound and hold her lips apart with your thumb and forefinger. Use the tip of your tongue and make a figure eight over her hard clit now. Make several passes like that, then reverse the direction. When you reverse the direction, slide your finger all the way inside of her, then turn your hand, palm up. Now, slowly begin to move your finger in a “come here” motion. You’ll be rubbing her G spot then, while your tongue races the figure eight motion.”

I could tell that Bob was beginning to lose his focus because of all the instruction I had just given, so I slid back a few inches and sat silent. I watched as the ideas I had given Bob began to culminate in a well orchestrated fluid movement. Fluid was the key word here!

With Bob making all the right moves, Lila began her crescendo. Her hips pressed into Bob’s face, as his hot tongue wiggled and wagged over her hard love trigger. His finger was inside of her, stroking her G spot in a come hither motion. Lila began to ride Bob’s finger as her climax peaked. Her moans were loud and came from deep within her as her throbbing pussy began convulsing and grasping around Bob’s finger. Lila grabbed a thick hand full of Bob’s hair as she held his head into her as wave after wave of excitement rushed through her loins and out of her oozing pussy. Bob needed no instruction there. I watched with excitement and with a sense of pride as Bob dipped his tongue down to where the juices flowed from her depths and lapped at them. I could tell that he relished the very thought of having pleased his lover in this newly found way. While the two lovers finished their act of love and began to ebb to a more relaxed state of being, I quietly slid back into the shadows of the room and made my way out of the apartment, un-noticed.

Whew! Man, did I ever need a cigarette!

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