A Touch of Lust

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They had agreed on things before the actual planning of their meeting even started. It would be this one time only, just to get ‘things out of their systems’. “No kissing!” was the first thing she had come up with when he suggested it. Talking for weeks, months even, had helped them understand each other’s needs and desires. He wanted to touch a woman, his wife had grown cold towards him, and she needed to be touched by a man like her pleasure mattered to someone other than herself.

Her fiancé had left for a business trip, or at least that is what he called it. He was having an affair, she was convinced of it and secretly hoped it was true. To her it would be some sort of excuse for what she was doing today. Permission to have something she wanted for herself just this once. None the less she felt guilty and nervous about it all and thought about calling it off several times.

After coffee in the morning they had walked up to the hotel she was staying at. Initially she had wanted to book a room in a less fancy place. “All we need is a bed anyway,” she had joked. But he insisted on paying for a comfortable room for her, knowing she had trouble sleeping alone. The room was a small but bright room, the big window filling it with sunshine, but being on the fourth floor providing enough privacy. A king-size bed with colourful bed sheets and pillows that looked inviting formed the main feature of the room. On each side of the bed was a simple bedside table, besides those, two comfortable chairs with a low desk at the window, a side table with a small flat screen and doors to build-in wardrobes. The walls were clean white and empty apart from a big picture of a wintery frozen lake. The ensuite bathroom was in the same clean style. The White walls and dark grey tiles on the floors made it look simple but classy.

They had sat down in the big chairs and talked more, for minutes or hours perhaps. Neither of them was keeping an eye on time. He stood up and took her hand, pulling her up on her feet and guiding her to the end of the bed. He then let go of her hand, left her standing there for a moment and pulled up one of the big chairs. As he sat down facing her, the atmosphere in the room changed from nervous to tense.

“Take off your top, please,” he said. The word ‘please’ made it polite, but his voice was stern and demanding. Swallowing hard she slowly nodded her head and after a few deep breaths she complied. He kept a close eye on her as she lifted her green top, revealing her black lacy bra. Seeing the contrast between the dark fabric hugging her pale skin caused a stir in his pants.

It was like she could feel his gaze burning on her skin, making her feel even more nervous as he spoke up again, “And now those jeans”. Without a word she started unzipping her jeans. As the black lace of her underwear became visible he raised his hand, “Stop!” She gasped, biting her lip as she felt her cheeks blushing. Was this not what he wanted?!

He noticed he had startled her and chuckled, “No…No, don’t stop. Just turn around first.” Feeling a little foolish she turned around and slowly pulled her jeans down, leaning down to step out of it. She knew he was looking at her and could hear his heavy breathing, convincing her that she wasn’t the only one getting aroused.

He bit his lip, sitting back in the big chair and enjoying the way she slowly revealed her curves to him. As she turn back to face him their eyes met and two nervous smiles formed on their faces. “Your body looks amazing,” he sighed while he licked his lips casually. She blushed, standing there in nothing but her lingerie, as his eyes explored her body from head to toe.

“Lie down on the bed,” he ordered, his voice confident and relaxed. Glad that she could get off her shaky legs, she crawled on the big bed and rested her upper body against the stack of pillows. “I want you to play with yourself, like you’re the only one in the room.” he said, “Close your eyes and just enjoy.” They both realised he made it sound far easier than it would be for her to just relax and let go. “Keep your panties on. This view is already such a treat,” He smiled, hoping it would help her calm down a little and make her feel more confident.

Taking a deep breath to focus on his words, she closed her eyes and brought her right hand up to her chest. Very slowly she slid her fingertips from her shoulder down to her breast. The fabric of her bra could hardly hide the stiff nipple. Gently squeezing her breast she could feel her excitement through her entire body and his soft moans of approval only made her more aware of her own touch. Very slowly her fingertips travelled down her stomach, tickling her skin and making their way down to her panties.

He was holding his breath as he watched her play with herself. Wanting her to move faster, needing to see and hear her cum so bad, but at the same time he didn’t want to rush her. She had to enjoy it, that was his main focus. Biting his lip as Alanya Escort Bayan her fingers danced over the black fabric of her panties. Caressing her hips, she slid her fingers under the hem of the lace. He could see her hand moving up and down but her panties kept her wet folds hidden.

As she rubbed and teased her swollen clitoris her breathing changed. Biting her lip and softly moaning as her body started squirming on the bed. She could feel the build up inside her, as well as the growing wetness that made her panties cling to her skin. Focussing on her own feeling, she tried to shut out the heavy breathing from him. Even though his arousal turned her on even more. He could see she was struggling and fighting against her own pleasure, but wanted her to let go.

“That’s it, baby,” he whispered breathless, making her freeze for a moment. “Just let go, you know you want to,” he encouraged her, “You look so sexy!” His words distracted her from her own thoughts that were holding her back. Her breathing became faster, gasping and moaning louder as she rubbed her sensitive bud. Slowly grinding her wetness against her hand, feeling herself getting close. He sensed how close she was and could hardly resist the urge of getting up from his seat, “Cum for me..please, cum for me.” With that she started groaning and as her legs squeezed together a powerful orgasm ripped through her entire body.

Her heartbeat was racing like crazy and she had to take deep slow breaths to calm herself down as she stared at the ceiling. After a few quiet moment she sat up to look at him. Blushing, she bit her lip, almost too scared to look him in the eye. He had a big smile on his face and couldn’t help but to wink at her as she sat up. “That was so hot,” he sighed a satisfied sigh, “Now take off your bra and do it again.” She snickered at his words, thinking he was only joking but seeing the serious look on his face made her realise he meant it. “Please show me those beautiful breasts,” he said. His voice sounded more begging than he intended it to be.

She complied and started sliding the black straps down her shoulders, keeping his eyes locked with hers as she unhooked her bra in the back. His eyes lost contact with hers for a split second as they dropped down to her chest. Clinging the lacy fabric to her skin, she wanted to tease him. Make him wait just a little longer. “Drop it,” he chuckled, ” or I’ll do it…” His empty threat made her smile and relax enough to drop her bra. Letting out a soft moan he took in the sight of her chest. Two full, round breasts, her right slightly bigger than the left, made him lick his lip again. Her nipples pink and stiff from arousal.

She watched him as he stared at her, bringing both her hands up and cupping each breast to gently squeeze. He whispered a soft, “Fuck,” to her pleasure and nodded as she lay back against the pillows again. “Play for me…please,” he said, the words not so much a question but more a polite demand. With less mental resistance she started rubbing herself again. This time she focussed more on him, his aroused heavy breathing and soft moans as he watched her touch her sensitive clitoris.

The outline of his erection was clearly visible through the fabric of his pants. He enjoyed the sensual dance of her body on the bed, her hips moving up and down as her hand circled over her pink bud. It was clear that she was already close. The build up not as long as her first orgasm and much more carefree judging by the moans that came from her lips. One hand was hidden in her panties, the fabric soaking wet by now, while her other was squeezing her breast. Rolling her stiff nipple between her thumb and finger, making her gasp and arch her back as she send herself over the edge for the second time.

He didn’t grant her much time to recover or catch her breath. “One more,” he said as he stood up from his seat. She looked at him, and incredulous look on her face, “What? Please..I,” she panted out of breath. But he didn’t let her finish her sentence. “Don’t worry, I’ll help,” he interrupted her. A cheeky grin showing as he wrapped his arms around her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed while kneeling down in front of it.

Her legs were slightly spread and bent at the knees, resting her feet on the bed as she stared down at him. He reached out for her panties, wanting to feel the wetness that was clearly visible through the black lacy material. Placing his warm hands on her legs made her gasp softly. Leaning in further he started kissing his way up her thighs. His lips felt warm and soft, making her skin tingle as they came closer to her wet core. As he reached up to her hips, he looked her in the eye. Talking a hold of her panties, he slowly pulled them down. Watching for any reaction from her. She didn´t tell him to slow down or stop. In her mind she was screaming at him to hurry up instead. Both of them kept quiet though as he took off her last piece of clothing; revealing Alanya Escort her soaking wet folds.

He let out a soft groan of pleasure as he noticed the juices dripping down from her, dragging her panties down her legs and dropping the underwear on the ground. Looking back up at her face, he winked and smiled while whispering, “You look so tasty.” Watching her reactions closely he slowly moved his hands up her warm skin, making sure she was okay with what he was doing. No matter how nervous she felt, all she could think of were his hands moving and wanting to feel him all over her body. As his strong fingers made their way close to her pussy she couldn’t help but moan softly, urging him to touch her where she needed to be touched.

He licked his lips, his desire for tasting her grew stronger with every second he looked at her glistening wetness. Keeping his eyes locked with her stare he leaned forward, placing soft kisses on her skin. Moving slowly up her thigh until he almost couldn´t control himself any longer, he could smell her arousal and wanted nothing more than to taste it. Without a word he dragged his tongue over her wet folds, making her draw in a sharp breath. Placing his thumbs on her labia, softly rubbing up and down, he opened her velvet petals like a flower. Another slow licking motion made her moan in pleasure, her body responding to the touch of his warm tongue on her sensitive pussy. He licked again and again, taking in her flavour as he moaned with her. She tasted amazingly sweet and she tasted like pure sex.

His tongue found her swollen clit and started circling over the small pink bud. Stopping himself every now and then to just stare at the arousing sight of her wetness dripping down from her pussy. The room filled with soft moans and gasps as his tongue explored her wetness. Her pussy tingling in pleasure and making her squirm under his touch as he sucked and licked her lips.

He started rubbing his finger up and down her juices, coating it with her wetness before pushing it inside. Sucking and licking her clit as he added another finger, slowly moving in and out before pushing in deep and curling up inside her. A loud moan escaped her lips as he touched the perfect spot as if he had known her body for years. Like he had explored her for hours and hours on end to make sure what it was exactly that made her shudder in ecstasy.

His fingered massaged her from the inside as her clit tingled between his lips and she could feel the build up inside her. The orgasm ripping through her body unexpectedly made her scream out in both pleasure and surprise. Her climax stronger than the orgasms before. The satisfaction of knowing how much he wanted her, made it all the better.

No matter how much the orgasms had drained energy from her body, she could only think of one thing and sat up. Much to his surprise she pulled him up the bed and started undressing him roughly. “Hey..hey…easy now,” He said, laughing at her sudden gusto. “I need to wear those again later,” he added while helping her unbutton his own shirt. As soon as his shirt came off she pushed him down on the bed, licking and kissing his bare chest like an animal. She kissed down his neck, licked his collarbones and teasingly bit his nipple. He moaned, hissed and groaned as her mouth teased and tickled his skin.

As she kissed her way down his chest her hands started undoing his pants and as she undid his belt he thought he was going to lose it there and then. ‘Calm down,’ he thought to himself and as if she had read his mind she stopped teasing him. Leaning back to look up at his face she smiled. He could see the desire and lust in her eyes as she pulled down his pants. “Fuck yes,” she whispered without thinking as she saw his erection and the wet spot of precum on his grey boxers. “Can I..?” she asked nervously while taking hold of the elastic band. “Oh please do,” he replied impatiently, already lifting his hips to help her undress him.

Pulling on his boxers, she slid them down to the floor. She teased him as her hands moved over his legs up to his throbbing hardness. The feeling of his hairy warm skin made her bite her lip before leaning in and kissing his shin. Then slowly moving up over his knee his thigh and over his hip bone, moaning softly while pushing her lips on his warm body. She wanted to tease him, to make him wait for it even longer but couldn’t resist him any longer herself. Wrapping her fingers around the base of his cock. She opened her mouth and poked out her tongue. Slowly circling the tip of her tongue over the head, tasting his sticky precum.

He gasped and she moaned as her tongue ran up and down his shaft. His cock throbbing against her lips as she kissed it all over. She licked and sucked, spreading her saliva on his hardness as her fingers slowly moved up and down around the base. As she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the tip of his penis, her hand cupped his balls to gently rub Escort Alanya them. He moaned at the feeling of her touch, his eyes closed as she sucked him into her wet mouth. He wasn´t the only one moaning in pleasure as she sucked, making his member vibrate between her lips.

Adding her other hand she sucked him deeper into her hungry mouth, massaging his testicles while stroking his cock. He grabbed a fist full of bed sheets, gasping hard, “Oh fuck!” His words only spurred her on to take him deeper and she tried to swallow against his cock as he hit the back of her throat. She gagged for a moment, pulled back to breath only to push her head down on his hardness again.

He rested his hand on the back of her head, grabbing some of her red hair to guide her head up and down. Her spit was now dripping down his balls and she kept gagging over and over again, making her eyes water. He couldn’t believe how wild she was, looking down at the amazing sight of this sexy woman giving head like her life depended on it.

As her head was bobbing up and down in a steady rhythm and her hand stroked his cock, he could feel he wouldn’t last much longer. Not wanting things to end he let go of her hair and tried to stop her. She did stop, but only for a moment to look up at him and whisper, “I want to swallow your warm cum.” The words alone were almost enough to make him shoot his load all over her sweet face, but her skilled mouth was already sucking him again.

He bit his lip, squeezing his fists trying to last a split second longer, but her mouth felt too good. Her fingers twisting up and down around his slippery shaft made it impossible to fight his cum rushing up inside him. “I’m gonna cum!” he said, as if to warn her for what was coming, but she knew already and wanted to swallow every last drop of his tasty juice. He groaned and grunted as he filled her mouth with his seed, spurt after spurt of thick creamy sperm. She swallowed and licked, moaning at the taste of his cum and the feeling of it going down her throat. As she licked him clean, sucking him dry, he looked at her with a big satisfied grin on his face, “Oh you naughty girl!”

She giggled at his comment, licking her lips to tease him “Mmm, so tasty.” He pulled her up against him and she rested her head on his chest. Sighing a happy and relaxed sigh as his fingertips lightly brushed up and down her skin. “That was amazing,” she said as she took his hand to kiss his fingertips one at a time. They cuddled and hugged for a little while before his hand slowly travelled down her chest and between her legs again. “There is more I want,” he said, his voice loaded with lust for her.

He started kissing her neck, sucking her skin and licking softly as he slowly pushed her off him and onto her back. She knew what was next and could feel her heartbeat racing. He pushed her hands above her head holding them in place, smiling as he stared at her chest. “Your tits are amazing,” he chuckled as he leaned down and sucked her stiff nipple into his mouth. Her moans sounded guttural and her body was squirming under his touch as she playfully struggled against his hold on her wrists.

He used his free hand to spread her legs wider. His slightly aggressive behaviour made her feel soaking wet again between her legs. Taking hold of his hard cock he started teasing her glistening folds, running the head up and down slowly. “Are you ready?” he asked her, his voice sounding concerned for a moment. She could tell he was just as nervous as she was. Like this was their first time ever having sex.

Taking a deep breath she tried to relax and forced a smile as she nodded at his question, “I’m ready…I need you inside me.” That was all he needed to hear and he inserted his erection into her soaking pussy. Both moaned and gasped as his shaft slowly slid inside her slit. Spreading her labia as his penis pushed in deeply. She pulled her hands from his grip and pulled him close against her body. Hugging him to her chest as he started sliding in and out of her, slowly fucking her as their eyes met.

He picked up pace and started thrusting faster, almost pulling out completely before pushing in deep. Her wetness made her slippery, but he loved the tight feeling of her pussy walls around his member. Faster and faster his hips moved, pounding her and pushing her into the mattress. She dragged her nails down his back, leaving red marks on his skin. Moans and gasped filled the room together with the smell of sex. Fucking her harder and faster he could feel he was already close to cumming. Her pussy felt too good, but he wasn´t going to finish just yet. He withdrew his dripping cock and placed her around on all fours.

He playfully smacked her butt and she gasped and giggled at his teasing spank. Resting both his big hands on her cheeks she let out a soft moan. His warm fingers spreading her for a second as he groaned, “Fuck baby…your cunt is dripping!” The remark made her blush, but she could tell it was turning him on seeing how wet she was for him, after all it was his touch that made her soaking wet. He lined up his cock again and pushed in, making her arch her back in pleasure as he started fucking her doggy style. Grabbing her hips as he started thrusting faster again.

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