A Trip To The Cum Clinic

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“How old are you?” She asked.

“Thirty,” I said.

She stood beside me, her glazed eyes dragged over a checklist that she had put next to where I was laying on the examination table while she snapped on a pair of black latex gloves that were two sizes too small. The paper sat against the side of my bare ribcage and the gentle poke it gave me when she put it down made me even more aware of my nudity before her. I was dressed in nothing but a white towel across my waist. “Have you ever had prostate stimulation before,” she asked.

“No.” I said. A mild quaver had entered my voice.

“Are you interested in having prostate stimulation today?”

I paused and she looked past me disinterested. After a long enough gap she clarified, “With just my fingers.” She waited again, “Sir, you can say no.”

“We can try, uhh, yeah we can try it next time maybe,” I stammered.

She blinked slowly at me then looked back down at her checklist. She read by the light of a generic desk lamp, the kind a student might get before their first year of college. It sat on the examination table beside my left shoulder and it’s light moseyed around the dim room in a lazy glow. Landing softly on her pale skin. She was dressed in a black sports bra and green yoga pants. Her brown hair curled and wound its way around a tight bun on the back of her head that threatened to pull her hairline off her scalp.

“When was the last time you ejaculated?”

“About three days ago,” I said, scrunching my face canlı bahis in a poor facsimile of deep thought as if I couldn’t remember shooting a load of cum onto my stomach that very morning while fantasizing about how this conversation might go.

“Three days?” She said, unconvinced.

“Yeah, something like that, I don’t really remember it been a busy week with work and…” I trailed off. She looked at me over her glasses with big brown eyes before taking a deep sigh and almost imperceptibly shaking her head before going back to her checklist. Her gaze never approached the growing tent in the towel before her. While my decency was initially covering everything from my navel to my knees, it was now slowly being lifted and brought together as my cock caught onto what was about to happen.

“How often do you usually ejaculate?”

“Once or twice a day,” I said. She nodded in a way that said that was the answer she was expecting.

With another sigh of monotony she reached up and took her glasses from her face and placed them on a desk behind her. For about a minute she fussed with other items that I couldn’t see on that desk and then said, “Okay, let’s go ahead with the process then.” She turned around and reached for the towel. It was now comically standing off of my waist and bobbing up and down, begging for attention.

Without hesitation she took the towel and placed it on the table next to me. My erect dick bounced free in an enthusiastic hello and whipped some precum around it’s bahis siteleri bobbing shaft as she coated her gloved hands in lube from the bottle sitting in her belt. The lube smelled sharp like hand sanitizer and felt cold as she spread it across my balls. “Your balls started running away the moment I took that towel off,” she laughed. “I hope they’re just cold and not afraid of me.”

I had no response as all the working blood in my body was now rushing towards my ever-expanding penis. Her hands traveled slowly from my balls up the shaft, swirling this way and that to spread the lube into every nook and cranny of my skin. As she reached my rosy, circumcised head she paid special attention to the ridge with the fingers on both her hands. I began to moan and push my penis into her asprg, physically imploring her to stroke the whole shaft. She took no note; her eyes were gazing out the window at the parking lot bathed in late afternoon light and her hands were twisting and pumping up and down just on my sensitive and now fully erect dickhead.

After hardly thirty seconds of stimulation I began arching my back off of the exam table and silently hoping she would look me in the eyes so she could see how close I was to climax and maybe slow down to take her time. Eventually, without slowing down at all, she pulled her gaze from the window and focused her eyes right on my exposed genitals in her hands. Right as she focused on the task at hand, I felt my body shudder and my balls pulled tight against the bahis şirketleri base of my shaft. I looked down, hoping to see a valiant gush of cum spraying from my throbbing penis. Deep in my mind I hoped it might launch far enough to hit her body, or even her face if she aimed it right.

My crotch leaped off the table with the force of my orgasm. My dick vibrated in her hands and began oozing cum in a pulsing and energetic river. My breathing was shallow and quick and I watched in physical bliss and mild frustration as the semen trickled down her gloved hand that was still twisting and squeezing in a tight rhythm right at the head of my shaft.

She slowed her twisting to a crawl across my glans and eventually eased her hands to a stop like a steam engine arriving at its destination. I sucked in a deep breath of air and let it out slowly with a smile as she looked up and finally met my eyes. “Three days for that load huh?” She said with a slight smirk.

Without another word she grabbed a roll of paper towels off of the table beside her and handed it to me. She stepped over to the trashcan in the corner and pulled off her latex gloves with two sizable smacking sounds and went over to her desk to write a few more notes on her checklist. I tore off a single paper towel and picked up my shrinking dick from the small puddle of sex on my abdomen so that I could clean up the mess. As I wiped up my load she put down her pen, picked up her checklist and said, “Okay sir, thank you for your visit and be sure to check with reception if you’re interested in scheduling another appointment.”

Then, without waiting for a response from me she opened the door to the hallway all the way and walked out as it closed behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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