A Tuesday Tonguing

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Now to the task at hand.

I will take it very slowly and gently with you..until you don’t want me to be gentle any more..and not only will you tell me, I will intuitively know, taking my cues from your body and your audible reactions.

I have told you that I have an oral fixation. It is very true, as you will discover. There is nothing that turns me on more than giving pleasure, and the excitement of exploring and learning your body, your desires, your favorite, forbidden spots.

I will tease you at first by slowly working my way down your body..from your neck, to your shoulders, to your beautiful breasts, tweaking your nipples taut with my knowing fingers. I’m leaking pre-cum. Then, I ease my soft lips onto your stomach, your navel, my hands gently pulling your legs apart, kissing the mound right around your pussy next, working my way teasingly onto your inner thighs, my breath warm and comforting, sending slight tremors through you simply from the anticipation, as you know how wonderfully you are about to be made love to orally, and manually, and finally, with my big cock splitting you wide open.

First, though, my fingers gently pry your lips apart, your intoxicating scent now inches in front of me, your clit visibly pulsating, your lips soaked with juices, and I liltingly insert a finger slooowly into your hot cunt. I get rock hard myself from watching you shiver, hearing you Ordu Escort moan, and my mouth lingers directly over your wonderful forbidden treasure, and I look directly into your eyes as you watch my tongue flick towards the nub of your clit, and I lick and tease around the outside of your clit, my eyes never leaving yours, watching you mesmerized, your eyes half closing in ecstasy from the mastery of my tongue on you.

My mouth wanders lower down, exploring your labia, my fingers still forming a “V” on your outside walls, spreading your lips apart wide, accessing you fully, my tongue lying flat, uncurling, and darting swiftly into your pussy, literally fucking you tenderly with my tongue, and my thumb now dances on top of your clit. I’m pre-cumming again. I pull my tongue out from between your lips, and glide it, ease it down, down, tasting and licking and slurping on your whole entire pussy now, your juices cascading onto my lips, your sweet nectar, and I take my free hand and insert into you and wipe your thighs, and then raise it to your own mouth. You suck hungrily on my finger, savoring the incredible taste that is your own. Then I lower my finger and plunge it into your walls at the same time that I accelerate the motion and hasten the cadence of the rhythm of my mouth, my lips now sucking wholly on your clit, another finger now presses into you, sliding into the tip of your g-spot, Ordu Escort Bayan and you heave and shudder with the first of countless mini-orgasms, your beautiful body completely surrendering to me, helpless and losing control, a third finger you feel now teasing and tickling your anus, circling the crack of your ass, as the two fingers inside you pound relentlessly but lovingly within you, hitting JUST the perfect spots, and then, you flash, you moan, you heave.

The ‘explosion’, ooooh Godddddd, your body on fire, stomach heaving, your mound pressing wantigly, uncontrollably onto my mouth, your legs twitching.

So many women ask to stop after their first orgasm, probably because they haven’t had a man talented enough to know how to prolong and extend their orgasms again and again, waiting just the right amount of time after your first explosion, releasing the contact with the clit directly, but keeping my tongue nuzzled and softly kissing your inner thighs, oh soooo gently flat-tonguing your lips without direct insertion into your cunt, then running my mouth down, slowly, to lick that tender and erotic spot between your pussy and your anus, and then running my lips back up again, softly, rhythmically, inserting a finger into your pussy, and then curling it upward and now teasing the on-fire nerve endings of your g-spot, and the, only then, running my mouth and lips back to Escort Ordu the hood of your clit and sucking on it gently, feeling you cunt again pulsate and tremble and your juices flow into my mouth, for minutes, hours, dozens and dozens of times, driving you crazy and blind and insatiable with lust and desire and passion, running my other hand up and tweaking your nipples one at a time while the other hand lifts your ass gently into the air and teases first and then eases into your ass.

I roll you on your side, listening to go moan excitedly now in anticipation, wondering where I will I take you now, and hoping that our plans are the same.

They are.

I enter your ass from a spooning position. Your ass having already been well lubricated from the tonguing I had provided for you, I will reach around with one hand and place two fingers deep inside of your cunt, one flickering downward and the other vibrating against your upper, inner wall, while my other hand alternates pinching and tweaking your nipples, feeling them grow taut in my hand, as I kiss your mouth and lips deeply and passionately. Every ‘touchpoint’ on your body is being stimulated and pleasured as it feels as though multiple men are taking you at once. Yet it’s all me, only me. Your mouth, your tits, your inner cunt, your clit, and your ass all being filled or rubbed or licked or fucked. All at once.

The next explosion emanates from deep with your cunt, rumbling northward from your toes, rushing through your thighs, juices now oozing out onto your legs, coating your ass and my cock, buried deep within your sphincter.

Stay tuned. Do you want to be fucked like this?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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