A Unexpected Road Trip

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Evening had set in across the Arizona desert. Driving along a stretch of a deserted highway on a warm summers evening set the mood for a playful romp with you.

Due to the warm weather I decided to remove my top. Wearing already only a skirt without panties, it would take much to feel that warm air swirling around me as I undressed. You looked at me and smiled because you knew when I did this, that I was setting the stage for some foreplay. Something so sultry and sexy with the top down in the car and you driving, adding a warm evening, puts me in this sexy sultry mood.

I leaned over towards you, while you continued to drive and slowly unzipped and unbuttoned your pants. Laying my head down towards your cock to play with was my form of relaxation. Like a security blanket of sexual pleasure. Me giving to you with no reasoning other than satisfaction and basic primal wants and needs. I started with handling your cock with delicate little teasing touches with my fingers. Slowly blowing on it and light little licks from my tongue caressing your cock up and down. Mmmm,,, could feel it hardening and responding to my little touches of joy. I put you on my pedestal of my ethereal world of sex. It exists with only the intoxication of erotic fulfillment for you. Your magnetic and masterful charm wants me to become your sexual slave to fill you needs of lust. And so out of my own wanton needs, I do that for you.

In one instance that mood belonged to you and me. Within moments of my seducing your hardened stiff cock, silence was broken by the sounds of a siren. We could see the glare of lights approaching us quickly. “Shit!” You said. “Keep your head down, it looks like we have a highway patrol coming up on us.” You proceeded to pull over and immediately right behind us pulled up the patrol car. You were sweating it a bit because you happened to have two drinks not too long before we got on the road. Unfortunately, we were not able to get back into our appropriate attire due quick interruption of the situation. The patrol person came up to the car and to make it worse, not that it is a condemning statement, it was a woman. We all know they never give anyone slack. She eyed us both precariously and asked you to step out of the car. You had already gotten out your registration and license for her so that she could move on without a glitch and you could go back to my sucking your swollen cock. So we hoped! She looked down at your unzipped pants and with your cock still a bit out in the open, she smiled and asked if you were enjoying your evening. You said that we had a long drive back and was having a bit of fun. She then asked you if Escort Bayan you had been drinking. You said yes and mentioned you had only two. Oops, that did it.

A look from her gave us the know that this was not in our favor. So we thought. Hell, my top was still off as for I was afraid to make any movement at all to get it back on. Awkward situation, believe me! She slapped the cuffs on you and told you to sit in the back seat of the patrol car. You were sitting with your feet out of the door just waiting to find out what was going to happen next. She then asked me to step out. I did and walked towards her. She then asked me if I enjoyed giving blow jobs and being partially naked while in places outside of my own home. Well of course I do! It makes it fun. She gave me this devilish smile at that moment. You were watching and observing, still cuffed and sitting with your cock hanging out of your pants. She then told me to put my hands behind my back as she then proceeded to cuff me. Told me to bend over the back side of your car. All of this happening in clear site of you. She then removed her billy club and told me she was making sure I had nothing hidden under my skirt. Slowly lifting it up with the small club, then to my surprise started rubbing it in places that made me wonder what she was up too? She had lifted my skirt up so that you could clearly see what was going on with the club and my private parts of my body. Setting the scene of one incredible evening we both would experience and never forget.

She continued to rub the club against my ass. Then moved her hand gently to my ass and left her hand there resting on it. Then slowly moved the club down towards my clit and started rubbing it back and forth gently, then started rubbing my ass with her hand. She asked me if I liked that? “Yes!” As I let out this moan. She then spanked my ass with her hand that had been resting on it. Continuing to rub the club all in the right places over my now wet and excited pussy. Getting even more excited by knowing you were there taking it all in. She then had moved her hands up to my breasts and started rubbing my nipples as they hardened with the touch. Oh, my, what a experience of pleasure and delight and a bit ashamed for liking it, at the same time. I never had done this before let alone with another woman.

She then told me to stay put. Walked over to you and said I will remove the cuffs from you but one hand shall remained cuffed to the door. She then proceeded to let you go only to keep you still in place but with one free hand. She slowly then grabbed your cock into her hand and gave it a slight squeeze. Escort Then she came back to me and started the process of discovering whether or not I had anything hidden in sealed compartments.

With your one hand free you started stroking your cock because the sight of this was turning you so much. I turned my head slightly so that I could see you to the side. This let out another moan of delight knowing both of us were not in control of our situation. And too, how much each of us were enjoying this twist of an evening. I was getting aroused by the second at this point. She then stopped and told me to turn around. I did as she said. She told me to get on my knees. As I situated myself onto my knees she herself removed her pants and unbuttoned her blouse. She had no panties on what so ever.

Her breasts being exposed to the slight light of the evening moon, showed her nipples standing erectly. She then took my face and shoved it into her pussy. With you still watching and stroking your cock, I was getting off on the euphoria of it all. I could have came at a moments notice at this point.

My first taste of pussy, was beautiful. Sucking on her clit and licking up her juices got me just as excited as when I suck your cock. That place of pleasuring is like a hunger for me. Wanting more of it to satisfy my own wants of mystical ecstasy. I continued to lick her and probe deep into her pussy with my tongue as she held my head in place. Could even feel her gasps and moans of intense pleasure as she herself was getting off on this. You by this time was ooozing out that nice tasty pre cum that is so wonderful to lick up. She then pushed my face off of her pussy and said, we are not finished here yet. He is still under the influence so we must pass some more time away. She then removed your hand cuffs and told you to come over to the car. She herself leaned against the car with me facing her and had me bend over to with my face at her pussy. You behind me so that your cock could drive in and out of me. We started this procession of intense fucking and eating pussy that had all of us filling the air with our sounds of lust as the smell of our own sexual scents excreting out into the warm summer night. My lips pressed against her pussy and again sucking on her clit and licking up her juices with your cock hard and erected going in and out of my wet pussy, I was the first to cum. I moaned loudly not having any control of touching or grabbing onto anyone as I my wet juices oozed out all over your cock and down my sides of my legs. She let out a moan just as loudly as she came into my mouth so that I could taste the Bayan Escort sweet wet pussy juice that she ejected from her deep inner self. You pulled out at that moment. Watching us both showing deep satisfaction that came from our expressions and our satisfied bodies. You knew what you wanted. And soon it would be your turn.

She then un cuffed me, after gathering up our senses. Said, I believe it is time for you and I to show this man here what he wants and so deserves. She grabbed a hold of you and lightly pushed you in a position to where you leaned up against the car. She sat her backside up against your still hard throbbing cock. Sticking her, still we pussy onto your cock and rubbing herself up against you. She proceeded to press her hard wet clit with more intense pressure against your cock. She then asked me to kneel down facing the both of you, as she continued to ride you. Her breasts slowly moving with the motion, your hands reached up to them as you rubbed her nipples. I could see by the moonlight how your cock was going in and out of her pussy that it excited me all over again. I put my face near her pussy as I could feel every so often your cock brush up against my lips. Mmmm, that being that close to it was so exciting. I could hear your own moans as my lips would touch your cock every so often. You then pulled your cock out of her pussy and thrust it into my mouth. Letting my mouth get a taste of that nice hard cock of yours that was soaked up by her wet juices and your own pre cum. Thrusting it in and out of my mouth for a moment. She then stopped you again. Stay put she said. She then kneeled down with me and we together proceeded to suck your cock. Taking turns with our mouths sucking you off and licking and stroking your cock with our tongues and mouths together in unison. This took it’s toll on you and you let out your manliness tasting cum onto our mouths. You came all over her and my lips and face and then it slowly started running down to our breasts and nipples. I slowly turned to her and let my mouth go onto her breasts as I licked up your cum off her nipples.

We all stood there for a moment enjoying the intense pleasure that we created as a threesome. Not over the sexual appetite that we all still wanted to share more of either. We have more time on our hands to venture off on some more play she said. Your still not quite ready to leave yet, she advised you.

A sexual unity of play is exciting in it’s own. I wanted to watch you on your own to fuck her. Watch you intensely as your hard cock would go in and out of her mouth and her wet pussy. Watching your expressions as I myself play with my own pussy. Rub my bodies over the two of you as you fill yourselves up. Mmmm.

When we left that evening both had our fantasy filled and our bodies and mind filled. I asked you as you drove me home, if we should ever beat that one?

Be fun to try!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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