A Valentine’s Day at Home

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Jennifer got home, and parked in the driveway, and then sat there for a moment, in her car, thinking. It was Valentine’s Day, and she wanted to do something a little special, even though she knew that Rachel would probably have forgotten the day. Rachel was bad about things like that, and usually Jennifer didn’t mind. Valentine’s Day wasn’t something they made a big thing of, usually, or otherwise they would already be out at a restaurant which they’d booked months ago, celebrating. It wasn’t a big deal to them especially, but all the same, it was something. It was more than just any old everyday day, and Jennifer wanted to mark it somehow. Even if only by having sex more attentively than usual, having sex like it mattered, making time for each other, rather than just going through the same old familiar habits to make each other come.

She got out of her car, and went inside, and found Rachel in the lounge, with her work laptop and papers everywhere.

“Hey,” she said, and Rachel looked up and smiled.

“I’m going to have a shower,” Jennifer said. “Then I’m going to put on something nice, like a party dress, and heels, and do stuff to my hair. Then I’m going to wait for you in the bedroom.”

Rachel kept looking at her, seeming slightly confused. She was sometimes a bit slow about everything else when she was busy concentrating on work.

“You can put on something fancy too if you like,” Jennifer said patiently. “Or not. You can have a shower too if you want. Or not.”

Rachel still seemed confused.

“We’re having sex,” Jennifer said. “Like fancy sex. I just decided.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“Really fancy sex. Because we love each other and we don’t do that enough.”

Rachel nodded. “Of course. If you want to.”

“Because today is…” Jennifer said, giving up and hinting.

“Oh yeah,” Rachel said, finally understanding. “Yep. Right.”

“Me,” Jennifer said. “In the bedroom. In about twenty minutes. Come find me. Or come get in the shower then. Whichever you like.”

Rachel nodded. She closed her laptop lid, and started to stand up.

“Not yet,” Jennifer said. “In twenty minutes.” She appreciated that Rachel had stopped working so quickly, though.

Rachel stood up anyway.

“You don’t need to,” Jennifer said. “Finish what you’re doing.”

“I kind of do,” Rachel said. “I need twenty minutes to work out what to wear.”

Jennifer smiled, because that was probably true, even when it was just picking something to wear in their bedroom. She walked over, and kissed Rachel tenderly, and then went to get ready.

She had a quick shower, but didn’t wash her hair, to save having to dry it. She shaved her legs, though, and scrubbed off her makeup, but mostly she just showered to feel clean and sexy. When she finished, she dried off, then went into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around herself.

Then she stopped, smiling.

Apparently Rachel was having trouble deciding. She had opened the closet, and taken three party dresses out, and laid them on the bed in their hangers. They were the three newest dresses she owned, as far as Jennifer remembered, and now she was standing there trying to pick which to wear. She also had shoes out, what seemed like half the pairs of open-toed sandaly heels she owned. She had taken them all out of the back of her wardrobe, and spread them, and their boxes, out on the floor. It really was half her sandals and open-toed heels, Jennifer decided, and a few of Jennifer’s as well. There were about eight pairs of shoes on the floor, and Rachel probably hadn’t even started picking from among them yet, because she would have to choose which dress she wore first. She had probably got a bit excited because she mostly wore flatter, sensibler shoes for work, and hardly ever had the chance to wear anything fancy, and so would want to tonight, just because she could. And that probably meant the effort they were making tonight was worthwhile, Jennifer thought. Although it also meant Rachel had been right that she would need some time to get ready.

“I can’t decide,” Rachel said, looking at the dresses on the bed.

“I know,” Jennifer said, and kissed her. “You never can.”

Rachel smiled. “I love you.”

“Me too. Go shower.”

Rachel went and got in the shower, and Jennifer lit candles in the bedroom, and dimmed the lights, and then tried to tidy up her hair. She fiddled, trying to do an elaborate updo braided thing, but fairly soon gave up. She put liner on around her eyes, instead, even though the room was dim she could hardly see.

She listened, as she got ready. When she heard the water shut off in the bathroom, she quickly pulled a dress out of the wardrobe and put it on, just so she was wearing something. She didn’t bother with anything else, but she didn’t want Rachel seeing her naked just yet, not if they were making a fuss of tonight. She wanted to start in clothes, like a formal night, a date night, and then undress each other later on.

Or not, as the mood took them.

Rachel Acıbadem Escort came into the bedroom wearing a towel, and looked at the dresses on the bed. “I still don’t know which one to wear,” she said.

“The red one looks nice.”


“The red one looks nice and I know its easy to get off you again.”

“Oh yeah,” Rachel said, and smiled, and picked up that dress.

Rachel started to take the towel off, but before she did, Jennifer grabbed a pair of shoes from the floor and went back into the bathroom. She didn’t want Rachel seeing her naked yet, and she didn’t want to see Rachel naked, either. Because it ought to be a surprise. For both of them it ought to be, even though they knew each other well. That just seemed right on a special night.

She waited in the bathroom, and looked at the shoes she’d picked up. They were Rachel’s, but that didn’t really matter. They were fairly simple, with a tallish heel. They were backless, though, which was the important thing, so she could step out of them easily if she needed to.

She waited, giving Rachel time to get dressed, and fiddled with her hair again while she did, smoothing it down, and wondering whether she should try putting it up after all. She almost didn’t, mostly because Rachel would probably just grab at it and pull it out almost right away, and then she changed her mind and did. Rachel taking it out would be nice. It would be sexy. She twisted her hair up into a messy bun, and fastened it with a clip.

“Are you ready?” she called, once she thought she’d given Rachel enough time.

“Yep,” Rachel called back. Then, “No wait. Not yet. I need shoes.”

Jennifer stayed where she was.

“Okay,” Rachel called.

“Nothing fiddly though?” Jennifer called. “The shoes.”

“Nope,” Rachel said. “I’m good. Get back in here.”

“Have you got heels?” Jennifer called.

“Of course.”

“Something high? Mine are high, so I’m taller than usual…”

“They’re high. Come back.”

Jennifer went back to the bedroom, and stopped in the doorway, and for a moment they just looked at each other. The candles were soft, and warmly flickering, and Rachel looked wonderful, waiting in the dim warm light. Her arms and back were bare, and her hair was up, and her dress clung to her, flattering her, wonderfully fitted in places, and floating a little in others. Her heels were tall, as high as Jennifer’s were, high enough they could kiss without either of them bending, and she must have noticed Jennifer’s liner and put some on as well, because her eyes were dark and strong and needing in the soft, gentle light.

“You look amazing,” Jennifer said.

Rachel shrugged, a little self-conscious. She wasn’t used to looking like this, dressed up and fancy, because she didn’t very often. Not for work, and not really to go out either. She was self-conscious, but she looked wonderful, and Jennifer wanted her to know that.

“You do,” Jennifer said. “You’re impossibly sexy. You’re incredible.”

Rachel nodded slowly, then said, “So are you.”

And Jennifer smiled, pleased.

They looked at each other, and Jennifer suddenly wanted to touch Rachel. To touch her, and stroke her, and feel their bodies warm against each other, and to breathe in the scent of Rachel’s skin. Jennifer took a step, and then another, until they were close enough to touch. Then she leaned forward, as if to kiss, but instead of kissing she pressed her face against the side of Rachel’s neck. She liked the scent of people, and she adored the scent of Rachel. She breathed in, and felt wanting and needing and happiness, all at the same time.

Rachel stood there for a moment, letting Jennifer breathe against her, then she reached down, and found Jennifer’s hand, and took it in her own. She pulled a little, pulled Jennifer gently until Jennifer took one last step and they were pressed together, their hips and legs touching, and then Rachel turned her head sideways, getting in Jennifer’s way on purpose until Jennifer gave up trying to inhale Rachel’s scent and just kissed Rachel’s mouth instead.

She kissed Rachel, tasting her lips, and Rachel made a happy little sigh and kissed back with her mouth open.

They kissed, and for no real reason except that they were them, Rachel kept holding onto one of Jennifer’s wrists as they did.

Jennifer felt Rachel’s hand, felt Rachel’s fingers around her wrist, and wanted more of being held. She shifted her arm a little, pulling against Rachel’s grip enough that Rachel felt her pulling and pulled back.

Rachel stopped kissing, and looked at Jennifer, smiling a little. “You want to?” Rachel said. “If we’re being fancy tonight?”

Jennifer nodded slowly, and said, “Yes.”

“You want me to be rough?”

Jennifer nodded again.

Rachel was, sometimes, when they got excited, and Jennifer liked it, without quite knowing why.

“I will,” Rachel said. “If you’re sure?”

“I am,” Jennifer Acıbadem Escort Bayan said.


They kissed a little more, enough that Jennifer felt all breathless and warm and excited, and then Rachel took Jennifer’s other wrist, and, holding onto both, she turned Jennifer around, pressing her front against the dresser, so she could kiss Jennifer’s neck from behind. She twisted Jennifer’s arms a little, just enough that Jennifer knew she was being held. She twisted, and then let go of one of Jennifer’s wrists with one hand, and pushed those fingers into Jennifer’s hair. She pushed them in underneath Jennifer’s bun, holding it and holding her, tugging Jennifer’s head backwards, kissing Jennifer’s neck and ear. She kissed slowly, her breath hot on Jennifer’s neck, and Jennifer sighed, aching with wanting.

Rachel shifted her hands, letting go of Jennifer’s hair but still holding her wrist. She slid her free hand down Jennifer’s body, feeling her, almost arrogantly. It seemed arrogant, just groping like that, although Jennifer wasn’t completely sure why. Rachel did it, though. She squeezed Jennifer’s breasts though the cloth of her dress, while still kissing Jennifer’s neck. Then she pulled the dress aside, and took one breast out, and held it, pinching Jennifer’s nipple gently. She slid her hand further, down Jennifer’s front, sliding slowly past Jennifer’s hips, and began pulling up Jennifer’s dress. She pulled the hem up Jennifer’s legs all silky-slow and teasing, pulled it up to Jennifer’s waist, and then held it there by pressing her hips forward and trapping the cloth between their bodies, while she stroked the front of Jennifer’s legs.

She stroked Jennifer’s legs, and then her hip and stomach, and then, desperately teasingly slowly, she stroked the top of Jennifer’s mound.

Jennifer sighed when Rachel touched her there. She sighed, and waited for Rachel’s hand to slip lower, but it didn’t. Rachel was teasing, stroking slowly, taking her time. Quite cruelly, Jennifer thought.

“Please touch me,” Jennifer said. “Don’t tease.”

“Touch you there?


“Now?” Rachel whispered.

“Yes now. Of course now.”

“Really now?”

“Really honestly now. Please don’t be mean.”

Rachel laughed, and did. She slipped her fingertips down between Jennifer’s legs, and brushed them over Jennifer’s lips, and Jennifer was so wet that Rachel’s fingers went inside her almost as soon as they touched. Jennifer shifted her feet a little, and pushed forward against Rachel’s hand, and Rachel felt her move, and laughed softly in her ear, and then rubbed her slowly, tenderly slowly, fingering Jennifer as Jennifer stood there.

“Like that?” she whispered, but Jennifer didn’t bother answering. She stood there, feeling Rachel’s touch, and needing it desperately.

Rachel rubbed Jennifer for a moment, then pushed Jennifer forwards, against the dresser and half on top of it. She put her leg between Jennifer’s, and began to move slowly, moving against her, moving up and down, fucking Jennifer with her leg. Jennifer sighed, happily, trapped between Rachel’s hand and Rachel’s leg, feeling pleasure as Rachel moved, feeling herself hot and wet and spreading against Rachel’s fingers.

Rachel fucked Jennifer for a moment, long enough for Jennifer to want more, then she stopped, and knelt down behind Jennifer, keeping hold of Jennifer’s wrist as she did, so that Jennifer still felt pinned and trapped.

Teasing again, Jennifer thought.

As Rachel moved, she swayed backwards, so Jennifer’s dress slipped out from between them. It fell back down Jennifer’s legs, and Jennifer was excited enough that even that slight brushing touch, that slither of cloth, was enough to make her want to moan.

She sighed instead.

Rachel knelt, still holding Jennifer’s arm, and then stopped, making Jennifer wait again.

And Jennifer waited.

Rachel’s breath was hot on her back, and Rachel’s spare hand was caressing silkily beneath her dress. Rachel knelt, and stroked, and made Jennifer wait, and then slowly, teasingly slowly, she slid Jennifer’s dress back up again.

She lifted Jennifer’s dress, and held it up around Jennifer’s hips, and then she pushed Jennifer forward, onto the dresser, so that Jennifer was bent over at her waist. Then, she leaned forward, so Jennifer felt warm breath once again. Rachel leaned, and then stopped again, and waited another long moment.

Jennifer sighed impatiently, and almost begged her just to start. Almost, but not quite, although perhaps Rachel knew.

Relenting, she licked Jennifer.

She licked daintily, licked slowly, licking Jennifer from behind, and Jennifer gasped with desperate, intense pleasure as it happened, and shifted her feet a little further apart.

Rachel licked for a moment, tasting Jennifer, making Jennifer feel wonderful. She licked while Jennifer pressed back against her mouth and tried to feel everything even more.

Rachel licked, Escort Acıbadem and then she stopped, and stood up, and swapped their positions around. She turned Jennifer around to face her, and then pushed Jennifer down onto her knees on the floor.

Jennifer liked being pushed around. She liked being controlled. She liked someone else being in charge, and making her do things, as long as they weren’t greedy about it, and Jennifer got a turn being pleasured as well. Rachel understood that, and knew how to do it well. It was one of the things that had always just worked well with them. One of the things they shared, and enjoyed together.

Rachel pushed Jennifer onto the floor, so Jennifer was kneeling awkwardly, still in her heels, with her dress half-tangled around her hips. Rachel stood over her, smiling tenderly, holding Jennifer’s face in both her hands. She bent down, and kissed Jennifer carefully, so Jennifer tasted herself on Rachel’s mouth. Then, still holding Jennifer’s face, Rachel pressed herself against it, pressed her pussy against Jennifer’s mouth. Jennifer licked as best she could, but it wasn’t licking, not really. It was more having her face rubbed on, her mouth used, rather than properly licking Rachel out.

Jennifer liked it. She liked that Rachel liked it, too. She touched herself gently, as she licked. She touched, a little surprised how aroused she was. She felt so wet she felt full, so it seemed like she was only touching wet, rather than herself. She reached up towards Rachel, wanting to compare, but Rachel felt the brushing touch on her leg, and pushed Jennifer’s hand away.

Rachel looked down, and smiled. She wanted to be in charge, and for Jennifer not to join in.

Jennifer was happy with that. She wanted it that way too.

Rachel held Jennifer’s face, and made Jennifer lick her a little more, and then she seemed to think of something else to do, and moved them again. She pulled Jennifer upwards, so she stood, and then tugged her over to the bed. Jennifer stumbled a little as she walked, awkward in heels that weren’t hers, but the stumbling was exciting, since it was part of them both being dressed up, and Rachel seemed to understand, and was a little pushier than she needed to be.

Rachel pulled, and pushed. She arranged Jennifer. She made Jennifer kneel on the floor, at the edge of the bed, with her chest on the bed and her knees on the floor. Then she knelt down behind Jennifer, and licked her again. She licked, holding both of Jennifer’s wrists now, against the bed at her sides. She licked, then slid up and fucked Jennifer for a little while, and then she knelt and licked again, and kept doing that over and over.

After a while, after Jennifer was lost in pleasure, Rachel pulled Jennifer down, onto her back on the floor, and knelt over her, half leaning on the bed, and made Jennifer lick her too.

It was good. It was what Jennifer wanted. Rachel was good at this, when she bothered. She was wonderfully good at being bossy and demanding and teasingly slow, all in the right kind of exactly perfect way.

Rachel was in charge. She stayed in charge. She shifted them both around. She licked, and made Jennifer lick, and fucked Jennifer sometimes too. She held Jennifer’s wrists quite often, and bent Jennifer’s arms up behind her back, and pulled Jennifer’s hair as well, as they continued having sex. She pulled Jennifer’s hair so often that eventually Jennifer’s bun came out, but Rachel just twisted Jennifer’s hair around her hand and held Jennifer’s head down against the bed that way, instead.

Rachel fucked Jennifer, gently and roughly, and licked her fast and slow. She stroked Jennifer’s back through her dress, and stroked her legs beneath it, too. Then, after a while, she turned Jennifer over, and held her down on her back as they fucked, pinning her to the bed with her hands on Jennifer’s wrists, while kissing her mouth gently and whispering that she loved her.

“I love you too,” Jennifer whispered back.

And then Rachel pulled her hair some more.

It was good. It was wonderful, doing this, exactly like this, having the perfect sex they could have when they tried. And it was wonderful having sex all dressed up like they were, too. Rachel understood Jennifer, and knew exactly how far to go, and Jennifer was glad they’d found each other, and was glad they were in love.

Rachel licked and fucked, and fairly soon, Rachel came, fucking Jennifer, holding her tightly as she did. Rachel came, and then they both got up onto the bed properly, so they could lie down rather than kneel. They both stepped out of their shoes then too, which they could because they didn’t have fiddly little fastenings. They lay on the bed, kissing and caressing, and soon Jennifer came too, lying on her front, fucking the bed, fucking Rachel’s fingers inside her, with Rachel on her back, holding her down, holding her hair, pulling her hair, kissing her shoulder, and whispering how much she loved her.

Jennifer groaned, and fucked the bed and Rachel’s hand and Rachel, and whispered, “I love you too,” as she came.

And only then realized it had happened quite suddenly.

“Sorry,” Rachel said, when she was done. “That was sooner than I meant you to.”

“It was fine. It was good.”

“I meant to go down on you when you did.”

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