A Walk in the Park

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While there is no mention of age in this story, all characters are 18 and older. All of the characters in this story are fictional and any similarity to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. No part of this story may be reproduced without the express written consent of the author.


I was walking along the local park’s skating path when she came skating by. She had long legs, a tight butt, thin waist and perky breast that just stood out. Her hair was shoulder length, brown and tinged with purple. She had on a tiny yellow pleated skirt, about the length of a cheerleader’s skirt. She wore a tight white cotton woven sweater top with buttons down the front that clung to her body like a second skin and no bra. Her perky breasts stood out and her nipples clearly pointed under it.

As she came toward me, she looked at me and smiled. I turned as she passed and she did a little hop on her skates that caused her skirt to momentarily flip up to expose her gorgeous and firm butt only covered by the thread of her thong panties. I watched as she skated in a weaving pattern away. I thought to myself how lucky some young man was going to be or maybe had already been.

As I continued my walk, I began to fantasize. I saw myself standing in a secluded part of the park by a large tree with her crouched down, my cock in her warm, soft mouth and her right hand stroking me. Her tiny yellow skirt pushed up, her thong panties were gone and she was running the forefinger and middle finger of her left hand up and down her slit and also using them to lightly tap and tease her clit.

She began to moan. The vibrations of her mouth added to the exquisite pleasure her tongue had been giving me as it circled the head of my cock. She removed her hand from my cock and brought it around to my butt. She began moving her head back and forth, guiding me deeper with the pressure of her hand. She stroked herself faster, inserting her two fingers into herself while rubbing her clit with her thumb.

Her moaning increased, as did the speed of her head and the depth she was taking me. Her nose was now touching my pubic hair, my cock was down her throat and her tongue was licking my balls. I felt a pleasure that I had never felt before.

The pace of her head got faster. I started pistoning my hips to match it, holding the top of her head with both of my hands. Her fingers were moving as rapidly on her pussy as her head was moving on my cock. She began to scream around my cock as her orgasm hit her. She thrust a finger of her right hand into my anus as she swallowed my cock back down her throat, pushing me all the way in and holding me there, her throat’s sucking motion intense. I roared as I exploded into her.

After what seemed like an eternity but was a few moments, she knew I was done. She took her finger from my anus and let my cock slide out of her throat, the head still in her mouth. She gave it a final suck and lick with her tongue and let it drop from her mouth.

She looked up at me with a smile, licked her lips and said, “yum.”

I put my hands on her shoulders and guided her up to standing. I put my hands on both sides of her face, looked deeply into her eyes and gave her a passionate kiss.

My fantasy now had us sitting on a blanket, me nude, her still dressed in her yellow skirt and white top. She was stroking my cock and telling me that she had never actually done that before with a man. She had read about it on line and practiced with a hot dog. She was thrilled that she could give me so much pleasure with her mouth.

I kissed her again. She wrapped her arms around me. I could feel her heat rise in her kisses. We lay down on the blanket as we kissed, the intensity and passion rising, she on her right side, me on my left, facing each other. Our bodies close. I felt the hard points of her nipples press into my chest. She threw her left leg over me, leaned back nallıhan escort and looked at me in anticipation.

I began to stroke her side, moving my hand in little circular patterns around but not onto her breasts, teasing and exciting her. I ran my forefinger lightly up the valley between her breasts, into the nook of her neck, under her chin and to her lips. She kissed my fingers and closed her eyes. I circled her lips with my fingers, running them up the side of her nose and onto her closed eyes, massaging them lightly. My fingers moved up the bridge of her nose and to her brow, with a slightly firmer pressure on her brow, and then to her temple, with a circular motion.

I moved down her jaw line, into the nape of her neck and then to the top of her breast. My fingers drew slow circles around her breast, getting smaller and smaller with each pass, until reaching the outer edge of her areola. She drew a deep breath in anticipation. My movement slowed even more, barely touching, creating a heightened sensation as I approached her nipple. As I was about to touch it, I lowered my hand so that the flat of my forefinger lightly grazed the top surface of her nipple.

She gasped…

Then, with my thumb and forefinger, I rolled her nipple between them, increasing pressure almost to a pinch. She arched her back and thrust her breast forward as she groaned in pleasure. My hand went to her whole breast, massaging and caressing it.

She rolled flat onto her back. I massaged both her breasts and kissed her deeply. As I broke the kiss, I rose slightly, looked into her eyes and began unbuttoning her top. She lay there looking into my eyes, a slight smile on her face. She lightly bit her bottom lip as I undid her top and opened it up, exposing her firm, perky and pointed breasts for the first time to any man’s eyes. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

I said, “They’re beautiful.”

She wrapped her arms around me and drew me to a kiss. As we kissed, I began to caress her naked breast, her nipple grazing the palm of my hand, my fingers catching her nipple in their V and squeezing. I alternated between a full hand massaging her breast and my thumb and forefinger squeezing and lightly pinching her nipple.

Never stopping with her breasts, I kissed her brow, her eyes, the tip of her nose, her left cheek, her chin, her right cheek and then her lips. I rose slightly and began kissing down her neck. I ran my tongue up and down her neck. As I reached the valley between her breasts, I repeated with my tongue what I had done with my hand, first forming a figure eight around both breasts and then circling one ever so slowly, the circles became smaller and smaller, drawing closer to her nipple. As I reached her nipple, I drew my head back slightly so that just the tip of my tongue would feather lightly across the top of it.

She arched her back and let out a moan.

I took her nipple fully into my mouth and sucked. She put her hand on the back of my head and pressed it down firmly as I passionately sucked, licked and chewed on her nipple and breast. I lifted my head and, tailing my tongue across her chest, I went to her other breast. I licked up the side of her breast, circled the nipple twice and began to suck, lick and chew on it, all the while massaging the other breast with my hand.

Her hands were on the back of my head, pulling me tightly to her breast and signaling me that she wanted me to suck harder. I sucked deeply, her nipple and areola completely into my mouth. I bit down with my teeth, as if I was trying to devour her and swallow her breast whole. She screamed in pleasure and released the pressure on the back of my head. I eased up on her breast, releasing it from my mouth. I kissed the nipple of that breast, then the nipple of the other. I rose up and she drew me to her lips for a long and lingering kiss.

When we necatibey escort broke the kiss, I rolled back onto my side. She sat up and removed her top. She looked at her right breast and saw my teeth marks on it.

She laughed, pointed to them, called me a brat and said, “look what you did.”

I said to her, “you loved it.”

She laughed again, smiled wickedly and said, “yes I did.”

She told me that she was going to have some interesting explaining to do if anybody saw them.

She lay back down next to me, rolled onto her right side and began to caress my cock. I reached down and slid my hand up the back of her thigh, under her skirt to her butt cheeks. As she stroked my cock, I massaged her butt cheeks, running my fingers down between her checks and back to her inner thigh but never touching her anus or pussy.

I move my hand up again, this time slightly contacting her pussy lips. I felt her heat and moisture. On the way back down, I brushed her anus. She gasped and then I let my fingers slide down her slit. I ran the edge of my forefinger and hand up and down her outer lips, lightly pressing on them and letting her adjust to my touch.

Her heat was rising and she arched back to my fingers to increase their contact. I reached deeper and the tip of my finger slid into her. She began to flex her hips slightly back and forth. She was getting very wet now.

I turned my hand so that my thumb was at the opening of her pussy and my middle finger was at her anus. I slowly applied pressure to both. My fingers were wet with her juice. I rocked my hand back and forth slowly, alternating penetration until both sides relaxed and both fingers slid in easily. I brought my thumb and middle finger together and lightly squeezed the thin wall between them. I moved my hand so that both fingers slightly pulled out and then back in, rubbing the wall between them. I did not increase the pace and just slowly stroked her until she buried her head in my chest and let out a deep satisfied moan.

I kissed her, removed my hand and rolled her onto her back. She let go of my cock. I undid the button on her skirt, she lifted her hips and I slid it down her legs and put it to the side with her top. She lay there with her hair spread out framing her face, her arms at her side, her legs slightly parted, completely relaxed with an impish smile on her face. She raised her arms, reaching to hold me.

I entered her embrace and kissed her lovingly. She began to roll me onto her, my body touching her body, my chest to her chest, my sex to her sex. She spread her legs so that I was between them. I lifted up slightly so that my weight was on my knees and arms. I rubbed my chest to her breasts, my nipples to hers. She grabbed my butt, urging me to enter her.

I pulled back slightly, looked her in the eyes and said, “not yet.”

I kissed her and began licking and kissing and nibbling my way down her neck. I kissed and lightly nipped each nipple, then trailed my tongue in an “S” like pattern down to just above her belly button. I slowly circled her belly button, sticking my tongue in it, slightly tickling her. I worked my tongue down to just above the top of her pussy.

I was bent at the knees, my body angled down, with my face just before her. I put my arms under her legs and lifted them softly, pushing them back and presenting her sex to me. I lowered my head and lightly blew a stream of air onto her. My head got closer and I could smell her scent.

I extended my tongue and began licking at the base of her pussy, running my tongue up and down her slit. When I got close to her clit, I circled it, not yet allowing direct contact, building her anticipation, then, running my tongue back down. I licked back up, this time allowing my nose to come in contact with her clit, a slight rubbing, like an Eskimo’s kiss. After a few moments of this, ankara otele gelen escort I raised my head so that my tongue could reach her clit and darted it forward like a snake tasting air, tapping. I began licking her clit in earnest.

She groaned in pleasure and raised her hips so that she was pressed against my mouth. I took her clit into my mouth and lightly sucked on it, swirling my tongue around it.

My arms still under her legs, my hands reached up to her breasts. I fondled her breast and tweaked her nipples, all the while still licking and sucking on her clit. She pushed her hips at me crushing my face in her, my chin parting her pussy and opening her up. She writhed with passion. Tossing and bucking, my face became drenched with her juices. She screamed as her orgasm hit her. She clenched my hair and pushed my face down as she forced her hips up into it. She came again, so forcefully that her legs pushed out and my hands came away from her breasts.

My hands were now at her sides holding her hips. Her breathing was ragged.

She grabbed my hair and pulling my head up, she said, “no more, no more, oh my god, no more…”

She released her grip and I bent my head and gave her pussy one last kiss, which sent shivers through her. I removed my arms from under her legs and they stretched out, her feet flat on the ground and her legs still spread with me between them and bent at the knees. I rose up and moved forward, stretching myself out so that my weight was on my knees and hands, my face over her face, looking into her eyes. She smiled a big happy smile, wrapped her arms around me and pulled me down. We kissed passionately. She tasted herself on me and licked her juices off my face. Our tongues intertwined, doing a little dance, moving first into my mouth and then into hers.

As we kissed, her hips started slowly gyrating, rising and falling, lightly rubbing herself on me. I responded and the length of my cock began rubbing up and down her slit, gathering her moisture. I arched my back and with the next movement, the head of my cock began entering her.

She paused momentarily at this new sensation, went “mmmmmm” and pushed her hips forward, moving me further into her.

As wet as she was, she was very tight, no man having ever been where I was. We moved in tandem, slowly deepening my penetration. I began sliding in and out, her pussy slowly adjusting to me.

Suddenly, she winced. I had come in contact with her hymen.

I stopped moving, looked her in the eyes and asked her, “are you sure?”

She smiled, pulled my head down and kissed me and then said, “yes, I’m sure.”

I rose up on my arms so that she could watch me. I began to slowly move in and out of her, building up her moisture and our rhythm, wanting to be sure she was ready.

She said, “now, babe, now” and I thrust fully into her.

She gasped as her hymen broke.

I stilled my hips, staying completely inside her. I could feel her pulsing around my cock. I bent my head and kissed her. She kissed me back fervorently, wrapping her legs and arms around me.

She released the grip of her arms, placed her hands on my chest and began moving her hips. I matched her thrust for thrust, our rhythm in tandem, our speed increasing. Her head began to toss from side to side. Her hands gripped the blanket. My thrust became more intense and strong. Her pussy spasmed and clenched my cock as she was overwhelmed by her powerful orgasm. Her screams were matched by mine as I erupted into her. We were overcome by the intensity of it all and collapsed, sweating and breathing hard, into each other’s arms. We kissed sweetly, my hand stroking her face and we fell asleep holding one another.

I continued my walk along the path. As I approached a secluded part of the park, there was a large tree off the path to the right. I stopped for a moment, looked around and saw that there wasn’t anyone in sight. I walked over to the tree and with a smile, took myself out to relieve some of the pressure that had built up from my fantasies. As I began stroking myself, I heard a chuckle. There she was crouched down by the tree peeing.

She looked at me and asked, “Can I help you with that?”

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