A Wedding Gift For Darcy

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“Darcy’s getting married.”

The news shocked me so much I can’t even recall who first told me. Darcy, getting married? Darcy, the freakiest sexual animal I had ever encountered on the face of the planet, getting married? Darcy, the ‘I can never get enough’ queen set to try and get enough from just one man? Darcy, the… well, you get the point.

I thought about it for days. It nagged at me like a splinter lodged in my little finger. Everywhere I went, when I was in the car, when I was out walking, when I was sitting on the pot taking a shit – I tried to get my mind around it.

Sure it had been some years since I last saw her, even longer since I’d spoken to her, and I know people change. But Darcy being a tame housewife seemed about as likely as the theory of evolution.

Something nagged at me. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I kept thinking over and over in my mind that there was something that I should be remembering – some vital part of our history together that I should be remembering. For all I was worth, I just couldn’t.

Then one day when I was standing in line at the grocery store I looked over and saw that they were selling movie’s now, in a little stand by the check out. What an odd place to sell DVD’s, I thought to myself – and then WHAM, it hit me.

I raced home and threw only the ice cream into the freezer, everything else could wait, and tore up my stairs like a man possessed. When I reached the attic I started frantically searching through boxes, looking for one that I had long since packed away and forgotten.

When I found the box I had been searching for, I knew it immediately. I tore the packing tape off the lid, rifled through some detritus that I had used to cover the true treasure hidden within and found the three VHS tapes I had tucked away.

All three were unlabeled and the initial tape I put in the player, while containing some rather exciting footage, was not the tape I was looking for. On my second try I hit pay dirt.

The camera shook and the picture was initially fuzzy, then it steadied and the image came into focus. The view swung up from the floor onto a bed, mine from long ago, on which sat Darcy, naked except for a pair of ultra-short shorts.

Her amazing legs were splayed out in front of her and her heavy breasts lay against her chest unencumbered. The camera zoomed in on her feet, with her pretty painted toes and started its way up her legs toward her pussy. It took it’s time going, giving me a good view of the legs that I had enjoyed being between so many times.

Up over her tiny shorts it went, to her flat stomach and to her breasts. I had zoomed in on each in turn, giving me a good look at her impressive tits and dark nipples. When I reached her face she was smiling and licking her lips the way she did when she was in the mood to fuck.

“I want to fuck you,” she said appropriately enough.

From off camera came my voice. “First, let me watch you for a little bit.”

Darcy’s lips formed an ‘o’ and her eyes narrowed. “What would you like to watch me do?”

“I’d like to watch you play with your toys.”

“Which of my toys would you like to see me play with?” she said reaching out of the frame into the nightstand that housed our little play things. “How about this?” she asked holding a large dildo.


She reached into the drawer again and came out with a string of anal beads. “What about these?”

“Definitely those.”

“Anything else?”

“Mmmhmm, all the rest of them too.”

She smiled a temptress’s rokettube smile. “You bad boy,” she said as she removed the rest of the toys along with a bottle of lubricant. She spread them out on the bed before her like she was at a picnic.

“So mister director, what would you like me to do now?” she asked.

“I want to see you rub your pussy. Get yourself ready to play with your toys.”

She adjusted the pillows on my bed so she could lay back against them and still look at the camera. One hand moved to caress her breasts, the other moved down her torso toward her shorts. She slipped her hand down the front of her shorts and I could see that underneath the thin material she was rubbing her pussy. Darcy tilted her head back and moaned softly.

For a while all she did was rub and all I did was watch. “Take off your shots,” I finally said and she complied with my order. She looked at me expectantly. “Keep doing what you were doing.” Darcy resumed rubbing her pussy. I zoomed in between her legs and watched her gently rubbing her hairless pussy. Her lips were soft and puffy, a sure sign of her excitement.

After several minutes of rubbing Darcy slowly slid her middle finger into her pussy and pushed it deep inside. Another little moan escaped her. She removed her finger for a moment and I could see that it was covered with her wetness, then it disappeared inside of her once again and she began to work her finger back and forth. A few minutes later her one finger was joined by another and then another. As the camera recorded every moment she finger fucked herself faster and faster.

I let her get close to orgasm before I told her to stop. Reluctantly she obeyed and looked back at me with mock anger on her face. Then she smiled at me and asked “You want to see me stick a toy in my pussy instead?” Her directness was one of the sexiest things about this ultra-sexual woman.

“Start with the dildo. I want to see you stuff your pussy with it.”

Darcy picked up the false cock. It measured eight inches in length and was nice and thick. After coating it with lube she again laid back against the pillows and as I watched, she positioned the head at her entrance and began to work it slowly inside of her. The cock was thick, as I mentioned, but not much thicker than her three fingers were and with her wetness and the lube on the toy it slipped between her lips with very little delay.

It went easily until it was about half way buried in her. From there she had to work slowly, back it out and pushing it in, until at last all eight inches were inside of her and all that could be seen outside of her were the fake set of balls attached at the base. Once she had successfully opened herself up, Darcy began to fuck herself enthusiastically.

She started slowly, drawing the dildo out deliberately until just the head was still inside of her. Then she would reverse and push the toy back inside of her until just the very base was left sticking out. Again and again she went, slowly out, slowly back in as I sat back and watched her fuck herself.

I knew Darcy and I knew that going that slow wasn’t going to last long – she wasn’t the slow fuck type – and I was right. Her pace started picking up, her hand moving faster and faster with each push ramming the toy as deep inside of her pussy as she could get it. I knew she wanted to cum, was trying to get herself off and I knew what would help.

“Use the bullet too,” I told her, referring to her small little vibrator that she used on her clit whenever she wanted to asyalı porno get off fast. She didn’t have to be told twice and as she continued to stuff herself with the fake cock she put the small little vibrator directly on her clit. That was all it took as moments after it first made contact Darcy arched her back, tossed her head side to side and started cumming.

She orgasmed for a long time, the dildo stuffed all the way inside of her and the vibrator buzzing away. When she had finished she turned the vibrator off and went back to slowly moving the dildo inside of her pussy. She looked down at me, at the camera, and smiled.

“I want to fuck.”

“Not yet,” I said from behind the camera. Darcy stuck her lip out and pouted, giving me her best sad puppy dog eyes. “C’mon, I can’t fuck you yet. You still haven’t used all of your toys.”

Darcy dropped the sad act and smiled. “What would you like me to use next?”

“Roll over,” I said, “and stick your ass in the air.” She obeyed and I let the camera play over the back of her thighs, her tight ass and both of her holes. “Lube up your ass.”

She looked back at me over her shoulder. “Why don’t you do it for me?”

The camera shook as I set it down on the desk and adjusted it so it wouldn’t miss a moment as I helped get her ass ready for some penetration.

I watched as I moved from behind the camera into view, took the bottle of lube and began spreading it over her small asshole. I lubed around the outside then put a large amount of fluid on my finger and worked it into her backside. I worked my finger in her slowly, removed it, got more lube, and then worked on her until I had two fingers inside. This done, I left the picture and picked the camera back up.

“Start with the beads, I want to see if you can get all of them inside.” We had a string of anal beads, there were ten in all, and the diameter of each increased from the first to the last. The smallest was the size of a pea, the largest about the size of a tennis ball. Sometimes we were able to fit all ten beads inside of her other times we weren’t.

Darcy reached behind her, toy in hand, and placed the first bead at the entrance to her ass. It slid in easily, as did the second and third bead. The next three went in with very little effort, leaving only the last four to go. She worked the next bead with her finger until it slipped from view and she waited a moment to let her ass adjust to the intrusion.

The next bead, which was about an inch in diameter, went in with some effort and again she waited for her body to relax before trying the next to last bead. She placed her hand against it, pushed it against her puckered hole and held it there. It took a while for her muscles to relax enough for it to slide in but eventually she was down to just the final bead.

She looked over her shoulder, right back at the camera. “You want to see me take them all up my tight little ass? You want me to stuff this last one in?” I mumbled something unintelligible from off camera that was an apparent affirmation for her put the last one in because she began to work on doing just that.

She tried to push it in, couldn’t, tried again and still couldn’t. She grabbed the lube and put some more on her ass as well as on the bead and tried again. This time, her ass relented and allowed the large bead entry. When it finally slipped totally inside of her, all that was left sticking out of her was the pull ring. Again she looked at me, that satisfied look on her face.

“Stand up and azeri porno come here,” I said. She stood as ordered, turned around and shook her ass at me, the pull ring waving from between her cheeks like a little tail. Then she sauntered over to me, the screen totally filled with her nude image.

She sat on the edge of the bed and lay back, giving me a close up view of her pussy and ass. Again the camera shook as I set it down, made sure it was pointed correctly, then I got on my knees before her.

Because my head was between the camera and her pussy you couldn’t see that I was eating her but that’s what I was doing because her moans of pleasure were audible on the video. When her cries died down my head moved and I picked the camera back up.

Darcy turned over onto all fours and my erect cock came into view. The camera followed it as I approached her pussy and slid easily inside her. All that was visible on the screen was her ass, the ring of the beads and my cock as it went in and out of her. As I fucked her I reached my hand down and slipped a finger inside the ring and started to pull.

Her asshole expanded as I pulled and then the first bead popped into view. I waited a minute, fucked her some more and then pulled out the next bead. This continued until the last bead fell from her ass and then I withdrew my cock.

The view returned to its previous place and Darcy scooted back up the bed with a big grin on her face. “This next?” she asked holding up the butt plug. I apparently answered in the affirmative because she began to lube the large jelly toy.

She laid on her back and spread her legs far apart, pulling them up high so that her ass was again exposed. She put the plug against her hole and it slipped easily inside. Her ass filled and her hands free, Darcy again began to finger her pussy – the fingers of one hand going to her hole and the other one rubbing her clit.

She worked on her pussy unaided for a few minutes, then she picked up the last toy in her arsenal – a double ended dildo that was a foot and a half long. Since it wasn’t as thick as the other dildo the end of it slipped easily inside her pussy. She pushed it deep inside until it came in contact with her deepest point then she began to fuck herself with it hard and fast.

With her other hand she reached down and removed the toy in her ass, set it on the bed, took the free end of the double dildo and replaced the butt plug with it. The toy, bent in the middle, now had an end in both of her holes.

Darcy rolled on her side, stretching one leg out in front of her so that I could get a good view of both of her holes at the same time. I zoomed in and watched as she fucked her ass and her pussy simultaneously.

She was alternating her efforts, switching between pushing the dildo into both holes at the same time and then working it so that one hole was being pushed deeper into while the other one was being pulled out of.

Apparently that was enough watching for me because the camera was again placed on the desk and I joined Darcy on the bed. What followed was a pretty standard fuck session for us – in other words we did every freaky thing we could think of to each other. The camera continued to roll as we satisfied each other’s sexual desires ending with me depositing a load of cum all over her ample tits.

When the session was over and the screen went black I turned off the tape and cleaned up after myself. I looked around and found a box that would fit all three of the video cassettes, packed them, covered the box in brown packaging paper. With a black Sharpie I added an address.

The next morning I took the package to the post office, paid extra for insurance and second day delivery and sent it on its way. I was about to make her fiancé’s life real fucking interesting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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