A Weekend in London Ch. 02

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We fell into bed exhausted, and Lynn nestled in the crook of my arm. I spent an hour just watching her, intoxicated by her smell, her skin, the swell of her breasts, her lips and her face. I reached over and caressed her cheek with the backs of my fingers and then trailed my forefinger down her neck to her shoulder. I heard Lynn purr but was not sure if she was asleep or not. Then I saw her eyes open just a little, peeking at me! She was such a little sneak! But I was thrilled because now my lips could fall on hers and our open mouthed kiss ccould stir us up! I felt flushed again as our tongues slid together.

Lynn’s hand felt my chest then slipped down my ribcage to my cock to see if I was hard, then farther down to cup my balls. We fondled each other aggressively for a few moments until the kiss broke. She sighed contentedly and I rested my forehead on hers as we fell asleep!

The next day, we awoke to the sound of Big Ben chiming 1:00 pm! We laughed when we realized the time but it was okay because it was just jet lag and we were spending the time together. I playfully pulled the sheet off and exposed her nakedness to my hungry eyes. I didn’t think she should ever get dressed again; I just wanted her to hold that body against me forever!

We kissed again for several minutes with my hands exploring her gorgeous tits and tweaking her nipples. She pinched one of mine hard and I gasped while she giggled! I guess she wanted to play a little rough, so I pulled her on top of me and gripped her ass, pulling the cheeks apart as her lips sucked on my earlobe and neck. She held my face with one hand and drove her tongue deeply into my mouth. Oh God, Lynn just forced the groans out of me!

My fingers slid between her ass cheeks to tickle her anus a little and she let out a small yelp of pleasure. One finger searched lower to separate her pussy lips and I tickled and teased her two holes simultaneously while her hips squirmed and pushed against my growing cock.

I tried to whisper in her ear how beautiful she was, but her mouth wouldn’t let go of my tongue. When she realized that my dick was hard enough, Lynn hunched herself up until she could feel my shaft pressing against her opening, then she slid down so that the head of my cock popped into her tunnel. Now it was her groaning as she felt my stiff pole slip deeper and deeper inside. We laid there like that then, joined together…holding each beşiktaş escort bayan other’s faces and kissing like mad, but content with just letting my hard cock fill her love hole. Oh God, could heaven be better than this? I doubted it!

Slowly, her hips began to ride me as she got anxious for my cock and pubic bone to stimulate her pussy and clit. At the angle she was laying on me, the top of my shaft was perfectly positioned to slide into her vagina and across her clit and the first few deliberate thrusts caused her to shudder with pleasure! I could feel her walls clenching me and the sensations forced another guttural groan out of my throat.

One of her nipples began raking one of mine. Was she doing that on purpose? Each time our nipples touched, a tremendous jolt of sexual electricity shot straight to my dick. It surged harder and harder with every movement and I was afraid it would soon short circuit my mind! And I’d never heard her this vocal before, half moaning, half shrieking into my mouth as we kissed!

“Ohhhh…fuckkk…George!…Fuck me…Ohh god! Ohhh…yesssss!”

I called out to God too because I didn’t want it to be over too quickly! Just before I lost my load, I pulled out, pushed her gently away, and rolled away from her.

We were both breathing so hard and Lynn looked at me in surprise. “ George, what are…”?

But I just smiled and said, “Wait, it’s gonna get better!”

She smiled and sat there on her heels, playing with her tits and teasing her clit. I could tell she was on fire but I had something else up my sleeve. As I got up from the bed and walked over to my suitcase, I saw her licking at her nipple, her eyes following me. God she looked so hot sitting there like that!

“What are you up to?” she said as I rummaged through my bag.

When I turned, my erect cock swung back and forth and she giggled. I knew Lynn was watching it swing, but she was watching it so closely that she really didn’t see what I had in my hands.

“Get on your hands and knees, Lynn!” My voice was full of playfulness and she immediately complied. When she was ready, she wiggled her ass at me, and I, even more playfully, gave her right cheek a couple of sharp little slaps. She gasped and giggled some more, and when I did the same thing to her left cheek her giggling was mixed with a moan.

I walked over to the right side of the bed and showed her what beşiktaş escort I had in my hands; two beautiful, chartreuse, silk scarves.

“What are you going to do with those, George?” she cooed, knowing full well what I was going to do with them. I tied one end of the scarf to her right wrist and pulled her arm straight so her head fell onto the bed; then I tied the other end to the bed frame. On the other side, her left wrist was secured in the same fashion. She lay there, her ass in the air, her pussy presented to me and my still hard dick. “Are you gonna fuck me like this?” she asked.

I was so turned on I could only croak out the words, “Not yet…you’ll see!”

Now it was my turn to chuckle. Lynn was so sure that I was going to ram her doggy style and now she wasn’t so sure! She really had no idea so I approached her from behind and gave her ass another stinging swat on each cheek! “Do you like that, Lynn? C’mon, tell me if you like that?” She could only whimper and nod weakly.

Then I laid down on my back and slid my head between her legs. She was watching me from the side and when she felt my hands caressing her butt, she lowered her pussy onto my mouth so I could eat her out. With my tongue flicking at her clit, a low moan fluttered up from her throat,

and when my tongue pushed deeper into her girl slit, I felt her body jerk in response. Oh, God did I ever love this, and she obviously didn’t mind it either!

I took two long, flat licks and savored her juices as my tongue slowly and deliberately traveled the length of her gash. I stabbed it deeply into her fuck hole two or three times, and then I flicked it over her clit several times more. Her whines and shrieks and groans were exquisite and I sucked a shaved pussy lip completely into my mouth, played my tongue over it, then licked up the other, sucking this one harder. I used my fingers to pull her labia apart too, and flicked and licked rapidly up and down the exposed pink of her femininity. Lynn’s sounds got more and more throaty as I worked her pussy with increasing intensity.

Finally, I concentrated on her clit, wrapping my lips around it and sucking on the engorged bud. My tongue strummed it repeatedly as I sucked, and her pussy ground down harder on my face.

I could hear Lynn crying out, “Oh my GODDDD”! and her shouts mixed erotically with several “Fuck”s, “OHhh…shits”, and “That feels good”s! Soon we were there, and she squealed my name, “Oh shit, George…I’m gonna cummm!” Her last word was no sooner spoken than my mouth was flooded with her juices as her pussy erupted with a powerful orgasm. Spasm after spasm wracked her but my tongue never quit!

“Oh, George!” She spat my name out this time as a second orgasm ripped through her! “Uhhh…uhhh…ahhhh…uhhhh,” she groaned as each contracting wave rolled through her center.

My tongue in her slit was relentless and the scarves wouldn’t let her pull or roll away. I slapped her left cheek hard to keep her on her knees and then I tongue-fucked her some more until she came again. The third orgasm was the most powerful of all and she screamed into the sheet as it rocketed through her. She fucking threw herslef to the side, trying to get my tongue off her pussy and I finally relented and stopped the assault. She lay there in a heap, tears streaming down her face. “What are you feeling, Lynn? God…how I love to pleasure you!”

I rapidly untied the scarves and covered her lips with kisses. Her arms went around me but they were limp and without strength.

“Oh, George,” she whimpered, “Oh, my God! That was…” and she was too tired to go on.

I slid myself between her legs and she spread them for me. My hard cock slipped easily into her wetness and I groaned at the feeling that her juices must still be oozing. She bit her knuckles and her throat was making little wordless sounds meant to urge me to hurry!

I didn’t need any urging and I pushed myself up to the missionary position and began the rocking motion we both have come to love. My shaft was now plunging into Lynn’s hole from the tip to the base. My eyes were still hungry and they feasted on her tits as they flow-motioned up and down her chest while we fucked.

I took her legs and draped them over my shoulders. I was so slamming her pussy now; and I let that insane feeling that I squelched before completely overtake me. Fucking her was ecstasy, and I rammed my cock into her again and again as my balls slapped erotically into the crack of her ass. I could feel my orgasm building; I could feel it in my toes and lower legs; I could feel it rushing up my legs and thighs as it channeled into my shaft and exploded deep inside her pussy.

“Oh, my God…ohhh, Fuck!” I cried, shouting my release!

I fell next to her on the bed. Wow! So intense, so much fun, so emotional, so fucking wonderful! I was feeling pretty limp now; but I took her hand and kissed it and held it close to my heart as we laid together. My mind was going a mile a minute.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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