A Wish Come True

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It has been a day full of relaxation for me. After a three hour drive and spending the evening on the lake, I’m drained.

The night is clear, and I can see every star and every plane in the sky as I watch for shooting stars. As the planes pass I can’t help but wonder, is that one going to Catland? I smile knowing there is a good chance one of them is.

A shooting star streaks across the lake. I make a wish. A wish I know deep down could never come true.

The night is cool. I make my way into my tent and climb into my sleeping bag to keep warm. The sounds of the night – the owl hooting, the crickets chirping, and the frogs croaking – are my lullaby. In seconds I drift off to sleep and start to dream.

The dream seems so real to me. The sound of the tent unzipping. It’s as if it’s happening. I don’t move as a shadowy figure enters the tent and zips it shut again. The unknown figure nudges me over and climbs in my sleeping bag.

I smile, I know it has to be you. I put my arm around you and pull you tight.

“I’m cold,” you say. “Warm me up.”

You force yourself against me tighter, wiggling your ass against me as you do. My cock starts to grow, excited by your teasing. I can tell you have little on.

“Fuck me,” you whisper as you pull down your panties. You lean forward and I remove my boxers. I tease you for a second, sliding my cock between your pussy lips before finally entering you. You push back against me, taking me deeply.

We quickly find our rhythm, it’s kept in time by the chirping crickets. It doesn’t take long before I’m ready to cum.

“It’s ok baby, fill me. I want it!”

Those words send me over the edge. My cock pulses and twitches as I fill you. I kiss you on the neck before falling asleep in my dream, my cock still inside you.

The morning sun soon fills the tent awaking me from my slumber. I shiver. “Damn, it’s cold,” I say out loud. Something doesn’t feel right. I pull the sleeping bag back to find my boxers are pulled off. I’m puzzled. It was a dream, right? It had to be.

Dismissing it as an over active imagination I get dressed. I can smell the campfire and breakfast cooking. Again I’m puzzled. I cautiously open the tent to find you by the fire sipping your coffee as you cook.

“Good morning!” You say with excitement.

I pinch myself assuming I’m still dreaming. But I’m not. It really is you. And last night really did happen. I guess wishes can come true when you wish upon a shooting star!


I can’t stop smiling. I’m still in disbelief that this is real. Even after you explained it to me.

As we ate breakfast, I asked how you had found me. You had made plans to surprise me, but my going away for the week you had off just made it a little more difficult than just appearing at my home.

It was really rather simple. Most Manavgat Escort Bayan people know their digital photos can store the location they were taken and that info travels along with it. I had somehow neglected to turn that feature off with my new phone. You had been planning for months to surprise me. You needed to meet me, see me in the flesh and blood. So, using that information, you boarded a plane and set out to find me.

You checked your messages when you land. To your delight, I had messaged you more pictures while you were in the air. It was a good thing too, or it would have been a long week in a strange town where you knew no one. Again, you checked the photo location info. There it was – the lake, my tent, my get away spot!

You picked up your rental car and entered the location into your GPS. It was a little further than I had mentioned, about four and a half hours from the airport. For a moment, you considered just driving to my home and finding a nearby hotel. I’d be back in a few days and we would still have a day or two together before you had to leave. But you couldn’t. After all this time, all this planning, a few more hours was better than a few more days.

As you drove, your excitement grew. You wanted to get to the campground quickly, but the narrow, two lane, twisty road kept you to a much slower pace.

It was near dark when you arrived. Just enough light to see. Finding me was easy. There was only two other campsites being used. One, a much different tent from the picture I had sent, the other, a large camper.

You could see the boat on the lake on your way in, so you parked a few sites down and waited for my return. You hoped I wouldn’t be long. Unfortunately, not knowing anyone was here for me, I wasn’t in a hurry to come off the lake.

You yourself had fallen asleep waiting for me. It was a long journey for you. As much as you wanted to be here the moment I returned, you just couldn’t keep your eyes opened.

It was near midnight when you awoke. Even in the shelter of your car, the crisp night air chilled you. Through the darkness, you could see the silhouette of my truck at my campsite. As quietly as possible, you opened and closed the car door. You didn’t want to disturb me…that would ruin the surprise. You carefully unzipped the tent and climbed inside, closing it behind you. You fully expected me to awaken, but I barely moved. I was too exhausted and relaxed. You carefully nudged me over and climbed in with me. The warmth of my body warmed you quickly. Much to your disappointment, I wouldn’t wake up. You had no intention of fucking me last night, it just happened. I was apparently acting upon what I thought was a very vivid, lucid dream.


We spend the rest of the morning chatting and soon the mid-morning sun is heating things up.

“What Manavgat Escort would you like to do?” I ask. “There aren’t a lot of choices. We could stay here…or go out on the lake.”

“I’d really like to take a swim to get cooled off,” you say smiling as you look over the lake.

“How about we take the boat out then?” I suggest. “I know a perfect, out of the way swimming spot. No one will bother us, not that there is really anyone here to bother us,” I say with a laugh.

“That sounds wonderful! Let me get my things and get changed!”

I give you a moment of privacy in the tent. You emerge wearing a bikini top and a pair of cutoff shorts. I can see the thin sting of your bikini bottom sticking out from the waste of your low rise shorts. I can’t help but stare.

“I take it you approve of my boating outfit,” you say giggling.

I only blush and smile. I have no words. I’ve seen you numerous times before – pictures, video chats, but none of those compare to the beauty that is before me. I’m still in disbelief that this is happening. We pack a picnic lunch then head out.

I look over at you as we motor up the lake. Your hair is blowing in the breeze and you are smiling from ear to ear. I myself can’t help but smile seeing the pure excitement, pure happiness on your face. Your smile is contagious.

We pull in to a secluded cove. The water is deep, perfect for swimming. There is a small beach area. I pull ashore and you jump out.

“What are you waiting for?” You yell back as you shimmy out of your shorts and run into the lake.

“Good question!” I yell back as I spread a blanket on the beach. I quickly finish, remove my shirt and chase you down.

You playfully splash water at me as if that is going to keep me from you. It works momentarily, but it just makes me try that much harder to catch you. As I get close, you dive under water and swim away. This cat and mouse game continues for a moment. We are both laughing, enjoying every minute of it. Finally, out of breath, you let your guard down. I’m able to get close enough to grab you. I pull you to me and kiss you. It is our first kiss. Or at least it is the first one I remember. I don’t remember much from the night before. The passion in that one kiss is immeasurable.

Your hand falls below the water and instinctive reaches for my cock. It is already throbbing, straining to be freed from my swimming trunks.

“Oh god…please fuck me,” you whisper in my ear as I kiss you on the neck. “Please fuck me!”

I lift you and carry you out of the water to the blanket I had spread out on the beach. The cool breeze has caused goosebumps to form on your wet skin. You undo your top before laying back. I kneel in front of you and grab the thin band of your bikini bottom. You lift yourself slightly so I can pull your bottoms down, your bare Escort Manavgat pussy glistens with your excitement. I’ve been dreaming of this moment for a long time. I savory the moment and take in your beauty.

I lightly run my fingers along you inner thigh. You squirm, you need more. You lean up and pull me to you, kissing me, our tongues exploring each other’s mouth. You guide my hand to your pussy. The feeling of my hand there causes you to inhale sharply. You wrap your arms tightly around me and kiss me deeper as you move your hips, rubbing your pussy on my hand. It slides easily around with your wetness. I slip one finger in you. Your arms clench tighter around me and you throw your head back in pleasure.

“Please…please…” You can’t get the words out. My fingers are hitting the right spot, but you need more in you. Your pussy aches for my cock again. You need it in you.

You break our embrace and get on your knees. You lean forward, you ass pointed in the air. You reach back and spread yourself for me and give me a devilish smile. I move behind you. I easily side in to you. My god you feel good! So tight, so wet, so heavenly.

I pause momentarily, my cock buried as deep as it can go. You look back over your shoulder at me and reach between your legs. You tease my balls, they tighten and I moan in pleasure.

“Mmm, nice and full for me, just like I like them!” You say as you continue to tease. My cock is twitching uncontrollably inside you. I start to fuck you slowly, pulling my cock out to the very tip, before burying it in you again. You let me enjoy this for only a moment. I pull out slowly one more time. This time you don’t wait, you slam yourself back on me as hard as you can, our bodies coming together with a loud slap. I let you take control. You fuck me hard and fast like a sex crazed animal. My cock is covered with your wetness. It coats me, thick, white, and slippery.

I am somehow able to keep from cumming. I grab your hips and get you to stop. I pull my cock out and guide you on to your back. I want to fuck you properly, I want to fuck you so I can look into your eyes. We kiss as I get in front of you. You guide my cock in to your pussy and I fuck you slowly. You wrap your arms and legs around me. I continue at a slow deliberate pace looking deep in your eyes. I can see the lust, see the passion. We’ve both wanted this for a long time.

Your hand slips between us and you tease your clit as I’m fucking you. “Fuck me, I’m going to cum!” You yell out.

I too am about to cum. You kiss me, thrusting your tongue into my mouth as you cum. Your pussy clenches and spasms. The sensation causes me to join you in cumming. My cock erupts inside of you, filling you. Your pussy overflows with our cum. I collapse beside you. You roll over and put your arm around me. You throw a leg over top of mine and hold me tightly. A steady stream of cum leaks from your pussy and runs down your leg on to the blanket. We are both spent, unable to move from where we are. We both drift off to sleep, an afternoon nap is now in order. After all, we need to rest up. We still have three more days at the lake!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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