About Helen’s Former Lover

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Gary Jenkins and his wife Helen were lying in bed discussing their favorite subject, sex. They had been invited to a local swing party and both Gary, but especially Helen, were very excited about it. Gary was curious why Helen was so looking forward to the party. They’d both attended, and even hosted, swing parties before, but her reaction to the upcoming event was unusually strong.

Gary gently stroked Helen’s vagina. That always got her super wet and he hoped that would encourage Helen to open up about the party. Gary slowly caressed her vaginal lips and worked his way to her growing clitoris. She had the longest, hardest and thickest clit Gary had ever seen, and he’d seen quite a few! Helen was purring and gyrating her hips. She opened her thighs as wide as she could to give Gary maximum access to her sex. Gary kept on stroking and lightly feeling her pussy and finally he inserted a couple of fingers into her flooded hole. She was a wild woman and thrust her hips against Gary’s hand, trying to brush her fully erect clit against it. Gary knew she was beyond the point of reason and he adjusted his position so his fingers were entering Helen from straight ahead. He bowed his head and sucked in her clit. It was maybe 2 inches long and maybe an inch wide. Helen went ballistic and Gary got her to the point of no return by alternately licking and sucking her love button. After a couple of minutes Helen lost all control and came very hard. She slammed her thighs against Gary’s head and tried to move her clitoris from his mouth. After a minute or so her orgasm began to subside. Helen was breathing very hard, but she was cooing at the same time. She was most satisfied! Gary figured it was now or never to ask her what was so special about the upcoming party.

Helen was a bit reluctant to tell Gary why she so looked forward to the party, but figured it was better he knew instead of finding out there. After Helen had calmed down, she turned to face Gary. Before saying anything, she took his cock in her hand and squeezed it several times. Then she began to run her fingers over the head, swirling them with just enough pressure to peak Gary’s interest. When his penis began to respond to her touch, Helen started to explain the situation casino oyna to Gary. She had found out that a former lover, Steve Maxwell, was attending the party. Helen had lived with Steve for a almost a year. Then she met Gary, and she broke off the relationship with Steve. Gary asked what was so special about this Steve? He’d met others of Helen’s former bedmates, just as Helen had met many of Steve’s past sex conquests. Hell, he’d watched her suck and fuck any number of men!

Helen was pumping Gary’s cock and it was quite impressively erect. She wondered how to tell him and decided the direct approach was best, even if it might hurt his feelings. She continued working her hand magic on his penis when she told him that what was special about Steve was that he had the absolutely largest penis she’d ever known. Gary was nearly 9 inches long with just over a 3 inch diameter. Of the regulars attending the swing parties, the largest cock was a little more than 11 inches long and about 3 1/2 in diameter. Steve Maxwell, on the other hand, sported an erection between 13 and 14 inches long and it was just shy of 4 inches in diameter. In addition, he had gigantic balls that let him come frequently and in large volumes. No one else Helen had ever had sex with could match Steve.

Helen continued masturbating Gary and he was quite hard. Just as she wondered if he was jealous of her fond memories of Steve’s penis, Gary asked her to tell him what sex with Steve was like. She was genuinely surprised by the question and gave Gary a look that asked, “Are you sure you want to know?” Gary pressed her to tell him and she figured, “Ok, you want to know, I’ll tell you!”

Helen moved so her face was close to Gary’s erection. She flicked her tongue out and it touched the Gary’s piss-slit. She moaned in appreciation, as did he.

“Steve was different from everyone else I’ve ever fucked, including you. First off, his dick was so big that even soft it was at least 9 inches long and more than two inches thick. Steve loved having me touch his cock, just like you do. I would rub up and down over the shaft. It would start to grow and that got me rubbing harder and faster. Steve would begin to twitch after about 3 minutes. That was my cue to switch canlı casino from rubbing up and down his shaft to stroking the head. He always wanted me to stroke it without any lube or spit. I wondered if it felt rough to him, but if it did, I guess he liked it. His cock would be really long by now and quite thick. I had to use both hands just to keep control. Then he’d want me to lick the head and nothing else. I’d go down on him and lick him over his head, and beneath the crown and I’d try to work my tongue into his slit. He’d be spasming and soon I’d feel a change in his cock. The head, which had felt both hard and soft, became very smooth and if I looked at it the color would be purplish. His shaft would be like a steel rod. I would position my mouth over his cock head and give it a few hard sucks. Then he would cum and cum and cum. I swallowed several mouthfuls. Finally he shot the last of his load. I loved his cum; the taste and the texture were unbelievable! Sometimes I’d get him to ejaculate in a glass. It always amazed me how much there was! I’d have him watch me drink it from the glass. He enjoyed that a lot.”

Gary was very worked up. Helen couldn’t recall ever seeing so much pre-cum issue from his dick.

“So sucking and jerking him off are what you remember most about this guy?” Gary asked.

Helen responded, “No, there’s more. Do you want me to go on?” Gary nodded yes.

“Steve had amazing powers of recuperation. After maybe 5 minutes, he’d be ready for the next round. That was usually fucking me. I was always so wet that even with his gargantuan dick he slid in nice and easy. He’d begin to pump and we’d change positions several times. After some minutes he’d let me know he was ready to cum again. He’d want to know where I wanted him to shoot. Sometimes I’d tell him in my cunt, other times in my mouth, and still other times on my face or tits. He’d always oblige. The amount of sperm her shot was almost the same as the first time! Another 5 or 6 minutes and we’d be at it again.”

Gary was very, very excited and another couple of minutes and he’d be shooting his wad.

“What else did you do?” he asked.

“Well, many times we’d fuck again, maybe in a different room or outside on the balcony. Of kaçak casino course, there were those times he’d want to do my ass.”

Gary prodded Helen with a “Go on, already” look.

“Before Steve, I’d let very few men fuck me in the ass. But compared to him, their cocks were small. I was afraid that Steve would split me open! But he assured me it would be alright. After a while I decided to take the chance. I licked Steve all over his cock, getting it super wet. Then he positioned me on my hands and knees and got behind me. He rubbed a lot of his spit over my asshole and moved in close. I could feel the head of his dick at my opening. I was about to shout out that I’d changed my mind, when I felt him push in. It barely hurt at all! I can’t explain it, but that giant prick felt real good in my bottom! He spent several minutes moving in and out, slowly building up speed. Then he went into automatic. A few minutes later he withdrew and told me he was about to shoot. My ass felt strangely empty without that cock, but I wanted to drink more cum so I moved around and took his dick into my mouth. It tasted funky, I guess because it’d just been in my anus, but his sperm was divine, as always! We then took a break. After resting a couple of hours, we’d be at it again.

That’s my story about Steve. Are you OK with it?”

Gary replied by shooting his sperm all over Helen’s face and hands. It seemed to Helen that Gary was OK with it!

For the rest of the night Gary and Helen sucked and licked and ran their hands over each other and fucked every which way. Eventually, the first streaks of dawn shown through the bedroom window. Both people were spent. They desperately needed sleep, but Helen had to know “Why were you so curious about Steve?”

Gary looked at his wife and gave a chuckle.

“I met him several weeks ago. In fact, it was I who invited him to the party! Besides that, I asked him over for dinner on Friday. Don’t bother cooking or making reservations. Steve and I figured you’d be great as the main course. We figured we’d pretend we had you on a spit, with one cock in your mouth and the other in your cunt, or maybe in your ass. What do you think?”

Helen looked at Gary and a huge smile came over her. “You bastard! I can’t believe you knew! You know I can’t wait, right? Hey, you got enough cum left to fuck me again?”

Gary just smiled and, always the gentleman, was glad to make his lady happy.

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