About You and I….

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He slipped his hand around me, I felt a cold shiver go through my body. His rigid eyes screamed of a pain. This pain I knew was not the ordinary pain that most went through. It’s the kind of pain when you want somebody so bad it hurts you everywhere. I knew this pain in his face, for I felt it too.

He sighed deeply. I wanted him so badly. The way he stared made me nervous. I was beyond saving at this point. Already we had kissed for hours, already we had fondled each other over our clothes. It was inevitable. Either we made love or we were both going to go on forever wondering “what if?”.

I looked away from him. I had done bad. Very bad. I cheated on my husband with a boy almost 4 years younger than I. Cheating to me was practically any kind of relationship beyond friendship you have with another person. Any kind of sexual conversation, sexual glances. Anything that involved the “S” word. Now the “S” word was the only thing left for this boy and I.

Why did I want him anyway? He was four years younger than me, he was leaving for California in two days and my husband thought him the greatest. What was wrong with me? Such trust just thrown out the window. Such loyalty. I was almost on the verge of tears as I thought about this.

He was still staring at me with those eyes. those brown eyes any woman would melt into.

It was almost more than I could bare. I kissed him, he came back at me hard. I felt his passion riding against my leg, and I knew that either I have him leave now or this was it. But I didn’t stop him. We kept kissing and we were slowing moving into the bedroom.

His hand moved up my shirt and I thought he was going to take it off. But he didn’t. Instead I made the first move and took his off. I turned him around and sat him on the bed. Then I leaned him back and slowly kissed him. I was the aggressor, I was the teacher this time.

He was a virgin. I was going to be his first. I had to think about whether or not this was a very bad idea. But there was no time. Already I was kissing his chest. I moved down until I reached the top of his jeans.

I could see his hard dick through them. I was still kissing casino oyna him as I unbuttoned his pants, unzipped them and reached in to touch it. A shock went through my body. I am not the type who just loves giving head, in fact I despise it. But in some cases it turns me on so badly, I just cant help it. So I decided that this is one of those cases. I took it out of his underwear. He was circumcised and rather large. Much larger than I expected. Why? I am not sure. I was just a little surprised..

I just kept looking at it. Then I decided I wanted to lick it with my tongue. First I looked at him, he had that look of desperation on his face again. I almost knew that this wasn’t going to last long. That, I wasn’t surprised about. But I was relieved since I don’t love giiving head. But I took it in my mouth and it only took a couple of strokes with my lips for him to cum in my mouth. This was the worst part for me. Always so bitter tasting. But the reward of him looking satisfied and extremely exhausted was incredible.

Now it was my turn. I took his pants off and pulled his boxer shorts off with them. I went up to him and started kissing him on the mouth so that he knew it wasn’t over yet. I wanted to explain that since he just came he would most likely last longer when we made love. This wasn’t the time to let him know. My body began to literally ache for him and if I didn’t cum soon, I was going to explode. But he knew what to do. He knew that it wasn’t finished. His dick was hard again and ready. First though, he wanted to kiss me and undress me.

He sat up and I lied down on the bed. His soft lips grazed my neck and I felt the warm breath. His hands were only slightly cold as he reached up my shirt to unlock my bra. I felt his hand cup my breast. They are pretty large and knew that he like how his entire hand didn’t hold all of it. Most men do. He pinched my nipple a little and lifted my shirt up with his other hand. He looked at them for a little while as if savoring the moment. I got slightly nervous, I’m somewhat self-conscious. This didn’t last long. He leaned over and started licking my nipple that wasn’t being fondled, pinched and played with canlı casino by his right hand. Another shock, this time much stronger.

He took his right hand off my breast and unbuttoned my jeans and played with the little bit of hair that was trimmed on my pelvic area. Ahhh, teasing. This always drove me mad. I wondered how a virgin knew to do this to a woman. Maybe he watched a lot of porn. I giggled when I thought about this. He only smiled. My mind often does this, just wanders into its own little area of my brain. But that didn’t last too long. His fingers were inside me. It felt so wonderful. Played with my nipple still, sucking and biting ever so softly. I thought I was in heaven. Just when I thought I was going to cum, he stopped.

He was just looking at me. I smiled at him.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked softly

“Yes, more than anything. I just wanted to look at you.” It was one of the endearing things I had ever heard.

“Mmmh.” I sighed in sweet relief.

“Daisy, I know that I’m leaving in two days, and we may or may not see eachother after that. That’s why I want to do this..”

“I know, but why not wait for when you get there? I mean, your girlfriend, I’m sure will be more than willing to-“

“I know, but I want it to be you”

Scratch that “I just wanted to look at you” as the most endearing thing I had ever heard. That just blew it away.

I kissed him deeply. This time it wasn’t because I was horny or just wanted him. It was passion and love. I was amazed with myself. Out of the six or seven people I had ever kissed in my life, not one of them had I ever kissed like that.

As we kissed, he pulled my jeans and my panties off and put them on the floor. We didn’t stop kissing. Slowly, he moved from being partially beside me to on top of me. I reached for a condom out of the beside drawer and tore it open. I put it on him, not knowing whether or not he knew how. I sighed deeply. I knew what was coming. He brought himself up to my pussy and slowly pushed it in. He grunted relief and pleasure at the same time. The way he filled me up inside was phenomenal. I was going to cum quickly. kaçak casino I wanted to. But I stopped myself, I knew that if I did, he was done for.

“Congratulations, you’re no longer a virgin” he smiled and chuckled a little bit.

He moved it in and out of me steadily. It was slow-moving at first then it was faster. I started to move with him. He was moaning quietly. I absolutely adored it. And all the while we were still kissing. This wasn’t just having sex. This wasn’t just fucking for us. This was all the long talks we had, all the feelings coming out now. We were actually making love. There was only one other person I had made love with. Quite obviously, this was my husband.

He did this for about 30 or so minutes. Me giving him head helped in this. The fact that we were making love was the biggest factor. I geuss theres a myth to the whole first time not lasting long for guys thing. That made me happy.

Finally, after we were slippery all over and exhausted we both came. I started first, this pushed him into it. It was beautiful. I never thought I could say that about something like sex. Later on when I daydreamed about it, it reminded me of a movie sex-scene.

When we were done and it was time to go pick up my husband from work, we got dressed and kissed and kissed. We didn’t want it to end. I almost starting crying because I knew that it wouldn’t work out for us and maybe sometime later on in life, we would run into eachother and we would be happy. But for now this was the way it was supposed to be.

We all carried on like nothing happened at all. It was extremely hard. But he left for California, I got a couple calls from him. We didn’t mention anything about our little bit of fun we had. After that I never heard from him again. I still wonder if to this day, he thinks about me. I would think that he couldn’t. Me being his first and all. You never really know what goes on in somebody else’s mind. Maybe he was just saying all that stuff to make me feel better for cheating. My husband never found out and I never told him. I thought about it as a part of my life that needed to be done. I didn’t feel guilty or had any remorse. I think I fell in love with my one true love that day. I never did feel the same way about my husband since then and when we made love, well, lets just say, I wasn’t screaming his name in my head.

The End.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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