Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 03

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Chapter 03 : Finally alone, and she’s losing self-consciousness

Dear Reader(s) :

This will be an 8-Chapters-story, a true story.

If you’re new to this story, I would recommend to read Chapter 1 and 2 before proceeding here.

I want to thank my readers getting in touch with me via eMail so far – your comments and compliments are urging me on, and I promise to answer everyone of you. Please be patient cause I’m writing on Ch. 04 already.

Thank you all, and enjoy!

BTW – The ‘dry zone’ is history, from now on it’s time for some real action 🙂


“Mmhhh…” purred Sylvia, kissing my cheek lightly, “I might get used to nestle in your arms like this,” she sighed happily, “I like the way you’re holding me, darling, and I like the way you admire my bed…” tenderly nibbling the lobe of my ear, “… ain’t that lovely curves, what do you think?”

Damn, she’d caught me staring at the bed, only the mentioned curves belonged to Renate, who was – eye-catching – bending over the bed to prepare it, her perfectly shaped butt high in the air. The enchanting prospect encouraged my left hand to creep further up Sylvia’s right thigh to where it met the lower swell of her buttock – what a wonderful place to rest a tired hand. Her thighs seemed to dither, and somebody moaned lowly when I looked down to her and agreed nonchalantly, “You’re totally right dear, and by the way your eyes are bulging I’d suppose you fully share my taste…” I sighed deeply, then whispered against her ear, “…if only Renate would move, she’s in my view… I can’t savor that stupendous curving of your bed completely.”

Sylvia snickered lowly, “I wished you’d bed me soon, to enjoy all the other stirring curves my bed has to offer.” softly rubbing the side of her left buttock over my shaft, “Mmhhhh…” she groaned, “eeewww… I’ve found a hot spot.”

She was right, I couldn’t deny that mentioned spot was glowing, and growing, but… “You could have noticed before dear, that’s only my warm hand, holding your thigh.”

Before Sylvia could reply we heard Renate’s announcement, “Now dear, your bed is ready. Do you need to pee before I undress you?”

“Yes honey, seems to be better… and thank you, Reni,” sighed Sylvia, and to me, “Would you bring me please?”

On the way I couldn’t help but whisper, “You sure you’ll remember where that hot spot is to find?”

Sylvia giggled happily, “I think I can make it, otherwise a detailed search might be interesting, too.”

I couldn’t wait for just that to happen, and dropped her carefully to the toilet seat. I needed a coffee now, desperately, and asked the girls to join in. Sylvia just nodded approving, Renate meant she was still full of vim, and that there was no need for worrying about a late coffee, she would like to have a cup with us before running for her bed. She probably was right, for her it would still be a very short night.

I left the girls with the job and made my way to the neat kitchen, stocked the coffee maker and looked for mugs to bring over to the living room. A lot of unanswered questions swirled through my brain as I realized that Renate would leave for her bed soon, resulting in those delicate services would be mine to handle then, at least all night and most of the day. I caught myself sweating whilst realizing what all that meant for Sylvia, likewise for me. This would lead to a full-day care, no – I had to correct myself… to a 24/7 care – Renate couldn’t be around during the day because of her nine-to-five job, and at nights would need some sleep as well. So it would be just me to take care of Sylvia, no family around to help out, and the friends I knew about had to work for a living, too.

I couldn’t, and wouldn’t let Sylvia down, and I’m already retired, well… all that obviously pointed directly to me, and just me. But how would Sylvia feel with a task at hand she wasn’t really prepared for? She by herself wasn’t able to lift the hem of her skirt in the back, let alone lower her panties, she even couldn’t pull her panties out of the way whilst peeing. Did she already realize what she would have to go through the next time she’d need to take a leak?

Sure, I’d be able to deal with that unproblematic, but what about her? How would she think and feel about being served like that by me, a man, even considering that there was no alternative? There wouldn’t be any help available other than mine through the next days. We certainly were close friends, and tonight she’d confessed that she loved me, but through ‘our’ years she’d always been coyly, a shy deer. Tonight’s sudden transubstantiation into a sensuous, loving woman had caught me off guard anyway, though it was fascinating, and most lovely of course. But… friendship/love is one heart warming feeling; being forced by the circumstances to make use of such an intimate service might turn out to be a totally different story.

I sighed deeply, knowing that I wouldn’t come to a conclusion, not right Yozgat Escort now, with no solid ground under my feet… from now on we would wade in deep water, entering new territory with each and every step, and my every move would require to be thoroughly preconceived. This… my wonderful woman had shown her needs openly, but still she was frangible, though she seemed to be determined to start her, or our new life, but what if she overrated herself in the momentary grip of enthusiasm?

Trapped in my solicitude I didn’t perceive Renate before she closed her arms around my waist from behind, “What’s about this deep sigh, dear? Deep thinking?”

I nodded, and turned around, hugging her tightly, “Thank you dear, thank you for coming by… yes, my head is swirling. I… I don’t… I’m so unsure how to start our new life without making a false move that could ruin everything we fought so hard for, all three of us in common. I’m soo concerned, even more than ever before through the last years, though I should jubilate with happiness. See, back then we had a road, though a rough one to go on, we had a plan how to move forward, to search for the light at the end of the tunnel, to help her back into real life… but now, right now? We have our love, but else know about nothing, everything has changed from yesterday to tonight. Every step will be a step on new ground now, and I’m afraid we could trip. You’ve known Sylvia for so long, Renate, and you’ll be aware that this wonderful girl is still so fragile – what if I fail, if I’m not good enough to find our way, if I’m not good enough for her?” I kissed her forehead, and whispered into her hair, “Renate, dear… my heart would break if I’d lose her.”

“You should tell me something I didn’t know before, my dear,” she murmured, “You mustn’t be concerned Bernd, though you wouldn’t be you if you weren’t. You are a wonderful man, and you won’t fail, you’re too sensitive to make a false move, please trust me like you trust our little girl. I just had a talk with her, and she told me… asked me almost the same in her own words; she’s aware that the next days won’t be easy for you two, but I saw in her eyes that she’s more than just confident. You won’t lose her, darling, no way! Sylvia loves you, she loves you even more than she’s aware now,” she looked up to me and smiled, “I could have told her that two years earlier. And she’s determined – you will know what that means – to not lose you.” Her sweet smile grew wider, though tears welled in her eyes, “I’m so happy, I’m more than happy for you two…” she sobbed quietly, “…and moved to tears like never before.” She grabbed my hand and shoved me towards the door, “…and now pick her up before we’re drowned out of the kitchen, meanwhile I’ll serve the coffee.”

I couldn’t help but turn back to her and kiss the tip of her nose, she tasted salty, and I smiled into her eyes, “You’re a great friend, darling, thanks for enlightening my day… ahem, night.”

Our great friend, and beautiful woman tittered lowly; then all of a sudden something mysterious happened and her eye expression changed in a manner I had never witnessed before… they grew unbelievable soft and Renate hugged me to her breast, resting her cheek high on my chest, our eyes still glued on each others. A warm wave of endearment trailed all through my chest, my left arm came up, round her neck to hold her left shoulder and she gave a deep sigh, “Oooh… Berrnnndd…” a few tears escaped her beautiful eyes, slowly trickling down along both sides of her neat snub nose, and I raised my right hand to tenderly wipe them off her left cheek, before it sneaked beneath the silky softness of her dark blond, shoulder-length hair to caress her nape. A cute sniffle, and another deep, lonnnngg sigh escaped her now slightly quaking lips, “Oooh… sooo good…” her wonderful soft, small hands trailed down on both sides of my spine what caused me to arch my back and moan lowly. She gasped with the sudden pressure of my belly against hers, and pressed her awfully soft front into mine to hold full contact down to our bellies when I straightened again, she gave one more gentle moan, “…so good Bernd…sooo good, please don’t stop darling… please hold me for a moment, just hold me like this…you feel soo good on me…” I bent down and let my lips brush along hers, her hold on my back tightened roughly as if she wanted to seep into me, I was just about to embrace her tender, quivering body and conquer her sweet lips……

‘–RING–!!!’ …a noisy alarm in my head ripped me out of my trance. I lurched back, utterly bewildered, fiercely panting whilst struggling to regain my countenance, and some common sense; neither of us moved during the minute I needed. Renate’s hands had slipped to my flanks as I had backed away, her arms were outstretched now but she made no attempt to pull me close again; our eyes were still locked, Renate’s wide open, gazing into mine like transfixed, a flash of panic rushed over their longing expression. My Yozgat Escort Bayan arms had fallen down, I raised them to cup her damp cheeks… slowly, carefully to let her the option to flinch if she’d feel like it, but she didn’t, instead she nestled her left cheek into my right palm whilst her eyes softened again, and she let out a deep, contented sigh when my left hand caressed her other cheek.

I sighed likewise, “So much trust – still? I thank you my darling, and… please, please forgive me, Renate.”

“Forgive you, Bernd?” She replied quietly, her sweet voice disbelieving, “…forgive you for your trust in me, or for showing me your respect? Or… for allowing me to revel in your warmth, your tenderness, your endearment? Forgive you for letting me feel like a beautiful, desirable woman; or – even worse… for being loved?” She shook her head, slowly, and drowned her eyes in mine, “…and – wanted?”

“No, ohgawd NO!!” I blurted out, before adding in my normal voice, “But… I… Good lord, Renate! I almost came within striking distance of losing my self-control, and…”

Renate interrupted me shrugging (I tried to overlook the heart warming effects… I really tried, but lost out… my eyes vetoed.), “…and…? Listen, Bernd – I was far beyond this point, already… but you trod the brake in time, thank God – so what?” Before I could even think about a reply she added frowning, “Geeze… that’s alike a Déjà Vu – though it shouldn’t change to the force of habit. I couldn’t handle that… not long term, Bernd!” A flash of desperation roamed over her big wide eyes before it was replaced by an almost heart rending longing as she gave a shivering sigh, “If only we’d have an hour…”

I pulled my trembling girl close, abruptly, almost roughly, and stilled her with my lips, before I chided, my voice stern though scratchy, “NO!! No-no-no my love… not this way my love!”

Oops – and there it was! The one word that should have remained hidden, under cover – The L-Word. In the open. On the top shelf, bathed in numerous spotlights, and it mocked us. And I had been the stupid who allowed it to escape. Grandiose!

Renate’s eyes had grown to saucer size with my harsh outburst, and the tears streamed – comprehensibly. I forced myself to calm, and continued with my normal, tender voice, “I’m sorry my darling, I didn’t mean to scare you, and I apologize… but still: THAT would be WRONG!! And you know it. Reni, my lovely Reni – I’ve never cheated on a woman, I simply couldn’t do that… and I certainly won’t start right now. Not even for you my love, or for an hour of bliss; and apart from the fact that I’d never do such you should – NO, you MUST be aware that we’d feel guilty, and regret it as soon as it’s over, and most likely we’d curse on each other, no end.”

Renate nodded… slowly, frowning, her beautiful eyes had grown softer and softer through my words, now she replied in a little, thin voice that tightened my throat, “I know Bernd, please forgive me for suggesting something none of us would ever do, that was just too stupid.” With the last word the floodgates opened entirely and she stuttered, weeping, “But… what can we do Bernd? In the moment I can’t think straight, and I have no idea…”

I embraced and cradled her heavily shaking body lovingly, planting butterfly kisses all over her dripping wet cheeks, before I backed away, a bit to regain eye contact, “Hey my sweet, lovely baby… we – and that means all of us, in common – will find a way darling, I’m confident. And only then we will achieve the honest, decent, unruffled resolution we can live with, long term – no elusions, no lies and/or filthy secrets necessary, let alone allowed.”

“Mmhh…” she sobbed quietly. “Oohyesss my darling, ooh God that’s what I want too… with all good spirits, it’s good to have you by my side, Bernd. And I thank you for bringing me back to my senses…heavens, I couldn’t stand to see you hurt…”

“You are very welcome my sweetie. And now – forget about your wishful-thinking alternative, I guess you’ve lost yourself for a moment, no wonder considering what you had to take tonight – please calm down my sweet baby… in the end no one has been harmed, and as far as I can remember: It never happened.” My sweetie had calmed down meanwhile, her reward was an eskimo kiss, and mine was her shy little smile in return. Gratefully I stroked her damp cheek, and continued, “Well, for now I only can beg you to be patient darling, we’ll give it a break here. We won’t find a conclusion tonight anyway. Now, darling: My first, and most important priority is to anchor our Sylvia here, in real life. We love this wonderful girl much too much – and we all fought too long – to risk a setback. I’m sure you’ll agree to avoid complications induced by an impatient move?”

“Of course Bernd, that is utterly ruled out!”

“Very good, and thank you my sweets – so let’s calm down now and live through our day as if nothing unusual had happened. It’ll be much Escort Yozgat easier to review what we just have talked about if each of us finds a few minutes for oneself in a relaxed mood, okay?” My sweetie nodded thoughtfully, and I smiled at her now attentive, concentrated eyes. “Fine, we will meet here again for dinner, and then we will see how the evening, and weekend develops.” Again her response was a nod, now escorted by another shy smile. “Yes my sweets, it’s good to see you smile again. Just one more thing my dear: Be yourself when you come home, and avoid to apply pressure to yourself, darling. Don’t act in a way, be just the charming character, the lovely person and the wonderful friend you are, my lovely girl. And now allow me to pick up our beloved princess, she’ll wonder if we left for a dance night.” With that I kissed her near temple whilst giving her firm butt an affectionate slap, before I turned to leave the kitchen.

She snickered lowly before exclaiming to my back, “Thank you Sir, and… don’t you dare to tell her that I kissed you…” loud enough that Sylvia, although still in the bathroom, sure couldn’t have missed that one; they even might have heard her out on the streets.


‘Women!’ I thought, sighing deeply as I approached Sylvia who’s lovingly smile welcomed me back. I lifted her up from the toilet seat into my arms again to leave for the living room. She managed to lay her left arm around the back of my neck for advanced support, burying her small, warm hand under my hair whilst the hard plaster cast covering her elbow hurt my right shoulder. She smiled up to me with her beautiful hazel eyes, and commiseration was overwhelming my heart; her warm, soft body and light weight felt so good in my arms, leaning against my chest; I never had held her that close before tonight, and I thoroughly relished this enjoyable feeling though I judged my delight to be inappropriate – to me it seemed to be unfair to feel that good whilst Sylvia was suffering pain.

At next her head fell to the left and she rested it on my collarbone, her sweet, warm breaths flowing over the side of my neck, just beneath my ear. I shuddered, and she sighed happily, purring then, “Thank you so much for being here for me darling. I…” she broke up and started to sob, ever so quietly, again.

She’d soon break my heart into pieces should I fail to soothe her, “It hurts so much to see you suffer like this dear,” with that I sat back onto the couch, striving to avoid touching her right arm. Holding her tight in my lap I lifted her left leg to let it rest on the seat, the right one followed suit on its own, and she shifted a bit, bowing the knee until she was happy with her position, and comfort. “I didn’t hurt you?” I asked, carefully stroking her bruised, bandaged cheek down to her chin which I tenderly lifted to meet her eyes again.

“No-no, no Bernd… certainly not!” She smiled, backing away a bit to kiss my fingertips. More sighing… a whiningly sigh, “I… you would never hurt me, I know that, I can feel it, deep inside me I realized it years ago, I… I… eewww, I’m sorry, so sorry dear, please forgive me for having been too stupid to tell you…” she was trembling too hard to continue. With my right arm, still supporting her back, I held her trembling body even tighter, with he other hand softly stroking the delimited areas where I felt safe enough to not bother her or cause additional pain, murmuring soothing words near her ear, into her ear, just being happy with the knowledge that she felt safe enough with me to totally let loose.

After peacefully resting like this the stream of tears slowly subsided as well as the trembling, and I added some more pressure to my slow strokes down her flank to her hipbone, back up again as far as I dared to.

“You’re ready for the coffee folks?” Renate looked in around the doorpost, “O.K., here it comes.” delivering the mugs before sitting back in the armchair. “Aaahhh, nice view dear,” she grinned, lasciviously licking her luscious lips. I looked down my girl’s front to follow Renate’s eyes, which obviously were granted a great view up to Sylvia’s center. I didn’t need to see Sylvia’s face to know that it was burning – I felt the heat on my chest, and she couldn’t straighten her right leg fast enough.

Renate sighed deeply when the show ended far too early, and mumbled to herself thoughtfully, “I should consider wearing skirts too, now that Bernd is around day and night,” she wouldn’t hold on like grim death, and looking up to me added proudly, “I wiped and washed your lady, Bernd, so she’ll be ready for you.” She burst into laughter watching Sylvia’s tantalized face, and I had to fight hard to not join in.

Sweet Sylvia grumbled, “Oh my gaawwd… she’s an annoyance…” but her body was shaking with suppressed laughter, “…isn’t it time for you to go to bed finally, honey?”

“Sure dear, thank you so much for reminding me, I nearly forgot. Sorry for warding you off for so long sweetie, you must be eager to go to bed too I suppose.” grinned Renate, “Wait a moment – before you’re going to have some sleep…ahem…later on…probably, we should talk about what you want for dinner tonight. Now Bernd, tell me – do you have plans for Sylvia?” she asked with a sassy grin.

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