After School Special

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She was kneeling in the corner, facing the wall, when he walked through the door. He prolonged her wait as he hung up his coat.

“Since you are in the Punishment Corner, I have to assume you were bad today.” He paused as he walked up behind her. “So, have you been bad?”

She’d been dreading this moment since it happened. “Yes, Master.”

“Tell me what you did.”

“Yes, Master. I was cleaning, and I was at your desk. One of the drawers was open slightly, and I could see the pictures you took last week…”

‘The ones of me exposing myself at the park,’ she thought, remembering how the bright sunlight had seemed to burn her skin, especially the normally-hidden parts, as she’d pulled open the coat and posed according to his explicit, humiliating, cunt-tingling, directions.

“…and I was wondering how they looked. And then I noticed that there was a photo album in there too, and I wondered if you had the other pictures in there and…” the words began to pour out of her. “…so I opened the drawer, and the alarm went off, and I looked up and saw my picture on the computer screen, and I am so sorry, Master, I won’t do it again!”

His silence was worse than any words, especially when he left the room, obviously going to check out her story. He came back a couple of minutes later.

“Is that all you did?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Are you sure?” She wracked her memory, desperately trying to see if she had done anything else.

“Yes, Master, I swear!” She stared at the wall and hoped…

“Very well. You will be punished for your transgression. Your panties.” Struggling and tottering from knee to knee, she worked her panties off. Luckily, one of the rules she had to follow şişli escort was to wear skirts at all times, so it wasn’t as tricky as it could have been. She slipped the panties off her ankles and held them up over her shoulder.

He, in turn, took them from her, balled them up, and held them in front of her face. Without an order needed, she opened her mouth, and he pushed the panties in. As expected, he placed the crotch of the panty directly on her tongue, and she shivered as she felt and tasted her excitement.

He left her in that state as he tied her elbows and wrists together behind her back. Once, he had used duct tape to seal her mouth but found that removing it when he wanted to use her mouth was too time-consuming. Since she wasn’t in any position to remove the tape, he’d switched to masking tape and discovered several wraps around her head sufficient to retain the panties but much simpler to remove. From there, he placed her face-down on the floor in order to tie her ankles to her wrists, followed by a blindfold. She hated it when he took her sight, but it made her cunt quiver, something both of them knew.

Now that she was immobilized and blind, he ran his hands over her body. Almost as if he wanted to compare the differences, he first felt her up over her clothes, rolling her from side to side while squeezing her ass and tits. Shortly he moved to more intimate touching, sliding her skirt up to her hips, and she hoped that he would appreciate the garter belt and stockings she was wearing. He spent several minutes fondling her thighs and ass, starting a low tingle in her cunt which she prayed he would turn into an inferno.

But he didn’t stroke her cunt at all. Instead, he unbuttoned mecidiyeköy escort her halter-tied blouse and pulled it aside, revealing her lacy, conservative bra. After untying her ankles, he pulled her to her feet, led her to what she suspected was the bench next to the wall, then pulled her skirt down and had her step out of it.

“Sit down,” he said. She could feel cool air wafting around her hot cunt as her ass made contact with the bench.

“Spread your legs.” The clicking of his camera became louder, and she was sure he was shooting plenty of pictures, including her steamy cunt and face. The thought made her cunt even wetter. She suddenly felt his hands digging her tits out of her bra, and for a few seconds, she worried that he would punish her by whipping her tits. The worse he did was to pull on each nipple as he pushed her bra back.

She knew her punishment when he stood her up and led her toward the back room, which he called ‘the playroom.’ Her wrists were tied to a rope fed through a pulley at the top of a large frame. When he pulled on the rope, it pulled her arms up behind her back and forced her to bend over. As she spread her legs to steady herself, he smacked her garter-framed ass. Her knees shook when she heard his belt buckle rattle…

He crudely groped her hanging tits as he whipped her, seeming just to be passing time as he turned her ass bright red. Since she was gagged, she wasn’t required to count, and he was free to strike her as hard and as fast as he desired. Twenty… thirty…forty times? She didn’t know, but her ass was on fire before he stopped. She was left in that position for several minutes, and the camera clicked away. He even turned her around escort istanbul to take more pictures before he released her from the rope.

He moved her across the room a little, then untied the blouse and pulled it open before he pushed her to her knees, and the sudden stop told her that she was kneeling on the low stool he’d made just for this purpose. He ordered her to spread her legs, and when she did, she knew that her shaved cunt was now very exposed. She also knew that her old body wasn’t what turned him on, it was the fact that he possessed it, and explaining her lack of pubic hair was just one of the many lies she told to cover up his possession of her.

After all, she could hardly say, ‘I shave my cunt because my Master told me to, and it turns me on to do whatever he wants me to do.’ Could she?

He stroked her cunt and chuckled as she shook in frustration. He untied her arms and wrists long enough to remove her bra and blouse, leaving her in the blindfold, gag, garter belt, and stockings. Using his hands, he forced her to lean back until her shoulders rested against the wall behind her, an uncomfortable position if kept long.

She felt his hands run across her body, tweaking her nipples, stroking her cunt, and she desperately wished he would plunge his fingers into her hot box and finger-fuck her to a screaming orgasm. She would do anything if he would do that for her.

He moved off, and she knew from experience he was making sure the video cameras had just the right angles for the videos he always made of their session.

“Okay, I’m going to grade some papers now. You just stay here like this, and if you are still in position when I return, maybe I’ll bend you over the couch and butt-fuck you while we watch the video of you being a slut in the park. How’s that sound, you pathetic cum dumpster?”

Beneath the gag, his mother smiled, and she felt her cunt react as well. His plan sounded just fine to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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