After the Party

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Double Penetration

Joey stood in the corner of his only sister’s graduation party. Diane was giddy running around like an idiot in Joey’s mind though it may just be sibling jealousy. Joey never got a graduation party even though he was a much better student; he usually made straight A’s, where his sister consistently made C’s.

Joey watched as their dad proudly put his arm around her, posing for pictures relatives were taking. She just turned 18, her birthday was last month, and Joey couldn’t help but feel left out since this was her second major party, in two consecutive months. The weather was nice, in mid-sixties, so she ran around in cut-off denim shorts and a double-layered tank top. The bottom one was thicker white and top one was thin pink. Pink was always her favorite color, since he could remember.

Standing straight she was all of 5’6″, had short brown hair cut off at the top of the neck, and green eyes. She wasn’t what you would call large, but not completely skinny either, she was flat except for a small round mound on her stomach. Still she could get by with smaller cloths.

He had no right to judge, and he wasn’t in the same shape like high school. At 6′ 2”, Joey was taller than Diane, had red hair with blue eyes, a lot like their mom.

Though he was jealous, he knew why his parents spoiled Diane so much. Before Diane was born mom was pregnant with a girl, but lost the child in pregnancy. She was told she could never have kids again, a year later Diane was born.

Diane turned as her best friend Rita showed up at the party, the both rushed forward giving each other a hug.

“Oh my god, can you believe we’re finally out of high school,” Rita asked.

“I know I can’t wait for summer,” Diane said. “I have to try out my new swimsuit.”

Diane turned looking around, it was her dad’s idea to have this party he always spoiled her ever since she was a baby. She could care less that she had it; it was a total snoozer. Her uncles’ all showed up, and they were the dullest people imaginable. The only pleasure Diane got out of this was Joey’s misery, he was always jealous of the attention she got from dad. For her the real party was going to start tonight, they were going to a real party to get drunk.

“Where’s Joey?” Rita asked, looking over the crowd. Diane didn’t know and up to that, point hadn’t cared. She saw him when things first started slink into a corner. He couldn’t still be there could he? Of course Diane knew the reason Rita was asking; she has had a crush on Joey and since the two of them became friends in Junior High. She couldn’t figure out what she saw in him.

Diane’s eyes roamed searching for Joey and sure enough, he was in the same corner he slunk into at the beginning of the evening. No one had even come to talk to him; this was met with a brief moment of guilt from her.

‘So much for hiding in the corner’ Joey thought as he turned to see Diane and Rita approach.

“There you are Joey,” Diane stated simply. “Why are you sitting here by yourself?”

“No one I want to talk to,” Joey replied, not trying to be rude though his tone told a different story.

“Hi Joey,” Rita said in a very seductive tone.

‘I can’t believe she’s hitting on him right in front of me.’ Diane thought angrily.

“Hi,” he returned, turning towards the two of them.

“So what have you been up to?” Rita asked in the same tone. Joey may not have had a lot of experience with women; but was smart enough to know Rita was coming on to him. Joey took pride in seeing the irritation in Diane’s face, as she seemed to realize this too.

“Not much just finished finals. Going to be working most of the summer,” Joey responded, he attended a local college and, from what he understood, Diane was going to do the same. Joey had a job at the local hardware store and now that it was summer, it was going to be near full time hours. It wasn’t a dream job by any means but it paid his bills.

“Do you have to work tomorrow?” Rita asked.

“Well, no.” Joey responded.

“Great, we’re going to a party tonight if you want to come,” Rita offered

“What?” Diane stated. She could not believe she had done this. Tonight was supposed to be fun and it wouldn’t be if Joey was there.

“Sure,” Joey accepted, knowing it was exactly the opposite of what his sister would want.

Rita turned and walked away with a victorious smile on her face. When Rita was out of sight, Diane turned and slapped Joey on the shoulder. It wasn’t playful and that’s the best way to put it.

“Ouch,” Joey complained. “What the fuck was that for?”

“You’re such a jerk,” Diane insulted. “Why are you doing this? Why are you playing games with Rita, you know she likes you.” Joey didn’t know why she suddenly felt the urge to do this. They have both known about the crush for years now.

“Hey she’s the one coming on to me, go slap her,” Joey mumbled turning away from his sister.

The “party” ended, but it was just the start to the true party in Diane’s Escort İstanbul mind. She was politely saying goodbye to her relatives, as she rushed over to Rita.

“Come on let’s go,” Diane urged.

“Where are you two going?” Dad (Mike) asked.

“Out,” Diane answered vaguely.

“Out where?” Dad probed.

“Don’t worry dad,” Diane heard Joey say. “I’m going with them.” With that, their father seemed satisfied.

They walked towards Joey’s car; it was an old piece of junk that made squeaking noises when started. After starting up, Joey turned.

“So where’s the party?” He asked.

“The lake,” Diane said shyly.

‘The Lake’ was not an actually lake it was a pond on the other side of town, but was known for drinking parties, drugs and where a lot of people lose their virginity. Joey set his head back.

“You know I can’t bring you there,” Joey complained. “Dad will kill me.”

“Look we’re just going for a couple drinks,” Diane rationalized.

“That’s what everyone says,” Joey mumbled. “I’m not putting my ass on the line so you can get drunk and raped by some d-bag.”

“Please,” Diane begged. “I’ll never ask you for anything ever again.”

“What a lie,” Joey said under his breath but pulled out of the driveway to start the journey to ‘the lake’

Three hours later

They were at the party and Joey’s fears were becoming a reality. Diane, who to his knowledge, had never drank before was on her seventh or eighth beer and stumbling around. The welcome relief was Rita took off at the same time and never came back. Joey hadn’t seen her for a long time.

Diane was dancing, head getting hazy from the alcohol. She barely noticed two guys grinding up against her. It was a party so Diane didn’t fight it and started to grind back. After a couple songs, the grinding turned to groping. They were actually starting to put their hands inside her tank top.

She found Joey still standing by himself, watching her. For a second she allowed it to happen, but then when she saw the look of concern on his face. She took the guys hands out of her shirt. Right after, she felt a hand going up her denim shorts.

“No…stop,” Diane slurred but was barely audible over the music.

Joey watched the scene for a few seconds; two guys were groping his sister. She seemed to like it at first, but now was trying to push them away. This was proving fruitless, Joey thought about letting it happen. He had warned her, but she didn’t listen, kind of you built your bed now lay in it type punishment.

Soon, the guys were pulling her away, in that instant Joey had a pain in his stomach that knew what was going to happen and jumped up to go stop it.

Diane was screaming as the two guys were dragging her away from the party; she was light-headed from screaming so hard. It was upsetting that no one at the party came to help, not even Joey. “Please, don’t!”

The guys started to rip at her cloths exposing as much skin as they could before one pulled his already erect penis.

“NOOOOO!” The guy was leaning down to start fucking her when someone grabbed him from behind. Diane blacked out but before she did she saw Joey fighting her attackers away.

The guys who dragged Diane away didn’t seem interested in fighting, as soon as Joey pulled the one back and punched him they both turned running. He turned looking at his sister, her hair was now full of mud, part of her breast was exposed and her pants were pulled down.

“Diane?” He asked bending down, she didn’t respond. He grunted as he picked her up and carried her to the car.

An hour later

“Mnnnn” Diane moaned as she woke up. Not knowing where she was, she jumped up and started screaming.

“Shhhh,” she heard Joey whisper. “It’s okay, you’re home.”

Diane checked seeing she was in her own room. She was no longer dressed in her party cloths she was in her PJs. Had she been dreaming? She looked around and saw her dirty ripped cloths showing that she wasn’t dreaming.

“What happened?” She asked.

“I hate to say ‘I told you so’, wait no actually I don’t. I told you those types of guys were at ‘The Lake’ but you never listen.”

“What about Rita?” Diane asked.

“She’s home.”

“And Mom and Dad?”

“They’re asleep; they didn’t see me carry you in.” Joey’s tone was still harsh

“How did I get into my PJs?”

“Well I didn’t know how long you were going to be asleep,” Joey replied, not admitting to it directly. He saw the look on her face. “Don’t worry it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

“Thanks…I guess,” Diane said. The words came out weak even from Diane’s point of view. She owed so much to Joey for what he just done for her. “Were you hurt?” Concern present in her voice.

“No, once I came they ran away.” Joey answered. Although it was a slight lie, the hand that punched one of the attackers was swelling and hurt. “They probably thought I was your boyfriend.” Joey added with snigger.

Diane İstanbul Escort Bayan touched the swelling hand gently, as she looked up in his blue eyes. “Thank you. I owe you for this.”

“Yes you do.”

Maybe it was the beer still in her system, the emotion of him coming to her rescue (not only coming to her rescue at the party but from mom and dad’s wrath) she didn’t know or care she suddenly felt the urge to kiss him.

Joey sat looking at his sister, her green eyes were glowing, he was about to leave, but something kept him there. To think she was going to go to that party by herself. It he hadn’t gone she would’ve been raped or even worse killed. The emotion he felt looking at her was unsettling, he felt like kissing her.

Both inched closer and closer, body language saying what didn’t need to be spoken in words. They were only a foot or so away when Diane leaned forward the rest of the way to kiss him. Joey didn’t fight the kiss, even pushed forward making the kiss harder.

Nothing happened after the kiss, but Diane didn’t want to be alone, she asked Joey to stay in the room. He was going to sleep on the floor, but Diane insisted he sleep next to her. Once she was nestled in his arms, she felt safe and almost fell asleep instantly.

Joey, on the other hand didn’t fall asleep right away. When he did, he dreamed he wasn’t at the party and saw what would’ve happened if he hadn’t been there for her. He woke with a start, almost shooting up, but Diane’s body prevented him from sitting all the way up.

The light was coming in the windows, the clock showed 10 am, he was lucky he didn’t have to work today. Plus, he felt his boner pushing into Diane’s back. Not wanting her to see him like this, he crawled out of bed, and bent over trying to hide the bulge. He was able to exit the room, and quickly make his way down the hall to his room. There was a note waiting for him:

‘We are going to be out shopping most of the day, call to check on you later, love mom’

Part of him came alive that his parents were gone, now he didn’t have to worry about being caught in Diane’s room or trying to explain why he was in there. Now something needed to be taken care of.

Closing his door gently he rushed and flopped on his bed; he reached for the porno magazines under his bed and paged through them. His boner was starting to deflate but still body was still incredibly horny and crying for help. He didn’t have a very vivid imagination, but started to stroke slowly, and his boner came back in no time. He thought of the only thing that came to mind that made him harder and that was kissing Diane last night.

Diane woke feeling around the bed; Joey was gone. When did he leave…why…was this about the kiss? A brief moment of fear took over as she realized maybe mom and dad caught them sleeping together, something they haven’t done since she was twelve, and punishing Joey for it. She climbed out of bed and turned looking. The house was very quiet, she went to the kitchen and family room; no one was there. Her parent’s car was gone, she deduced that they went somewhere, but where was Joey? The only place she hadn’t checked was his room. Slowly she made her way there, as she approached she heard moans coming from the inside.

Without thinking she bent down, the doorframe had a small crack in it so you could see inside the room. She gasped when she saw Joey masturbating. She watched as he stroked himself over and over. Without realizing it her hands were inching down and inside her pajama shorts. She rubbed herself slowly in a circle; her climax was coming a lot sooner than it normally did. She couldn’t believe it; she was getting off on watching her brother. Just as she was about to come, she heard him moan her name.

Joey had never reached this point this fast before, but the images from yesterday seeing his sister half-naked, changing her into pajamas and then kissing her kept replaying repeatedly like a slide show in his mind. Without even thinking about it, he moaned “ohhh Diane,” he came, spilling his load all over his stomach.

After cleaning himself off he looked up, he had the strangest feeling he was being watched.

Diane was just starting to calm down from her climax, hearing her brother call her name while he was masturbating was too much and she couldn’t contain her orgasm anymore. She turned looking back in the door but found he wasn’t on his bed anymore and she heard his footsteps. Quickly she crawled back to her room just as his door opened.

Joey opened the door, still shirtless. Looking back and forth, no one was in the hall. He still had the feeling he was being watched, but was hungry. He put on a shirt and headed for the kitchen.

Diane, in her room watched a shadow pass from outside, Joey must be on his way to the kitchen. She ruffled her hair a little to make it look like she just woke up and opened her door.

She saw him in the kitchen; he turned to her and said “Morning.”

Diane Anadolu Yakası Escort wasn’t sure if it was anger or disappointment that he could seem so casual after what happened last night. She wanted to say something about the kiss but found herself saying “Morning.”

Joey watched his sister get orange juice out of the fridge. He watched as she bent getting whatever it was she was looking for, and couldn’t help but notice the bottoms of her pajamas were curving up and could see the bottom curves of her ass. He started to get hard again see his sister strutting around the kitchen.

‘What am I doing?’ Joey thought before last night he never thought of his sister this way. Yesterday he was upset and jealous of her, and today she was making him hard and he was masturbating thinking about her naked tits. They were a bit on the smaller side, probably B cup, but her nipples were what got Joey going. They were short and pointy and the rims were so small. Now he was getting very hard, and found himself hunching over trying to hide it.

Diane turned as she saw Joey bent almost in half. ‘What’s that about?’ she wondered, it was on the tip of her tongue to ask, but the awkward silence between the two continued. After Diane finished toasting her bagel she sat down to read the paper. Once she was sitting she noticed Joey stand up straight then knew why he was bending he had a tent in his pants, ‘he must’ve thought I was reading the paper and wouldn’t see’ she deduced and for the second time that day she was getting excited, and had to fight the urge to touch herself.

Joey sat down with his glass of milk and stole her apple. Normally this would have instigated a fight between the two but Diane seemed willing to part with it.

“Work today?” Diane asked simply finally breaking the silence.


“Where are mom and dad?”

“They went shopping; according to the note they were going to be gone most of the day.” After that the silence took over, and neither seemed to be willing to break it again.

It has been two days since they kissed, Joey had masturbated regularly since and Diane was always the focal point when he was having an orgasm. It felt wrong but still made him incredibly horny. He dreamed the two of them were having sex last night. The dream was so fucking hot Joey woke when his pre-cum juices were coming out, any longer and he may have creamed the bed.

Today and tomorrow were his scheduled days off for the week. It was nice except he had to work the rest of the week. To his surprise Diane even started searching for a part time job, maybe the experience at the party had finally set a sense of responsibility in her.

The last two days have been confusing for Diane; she started job searching to try to keep her mind occupied. It wasn’t working, she started seeing Joey in a new light since they masturbated together, she seemed to notice him hunching over more and more when she was around. She didn’t know if she should be flattered or not that her brother seemed to find her sexually attractive.

She was surprised her parents haven’t noticed the tension; usually she and Joey are always fighting, pulling pranks on each other or talking. The last two days had been filled with mostly awkward silence when they were around each other. Joey was going to be off today, he volunteered to do yard work as both parents said goodbye and left for work.

“Today,” She spoke to her reflection in the mirror. “Today we talk.” Her window was facing the back yard; she turned looking he was pushing the mower, shirt off, sweating like crazy. He wasn’t the most muscular man in the world. His arms were covered in muscles, but his back and stomach were flat. She started to notice every time he turned and pushed the mower his arm muscles would flex. She looked down at his pants where his penis would be.

She took her shirt off and pulled her underwear down, continuing to look out the window, feeling herself as she watched him. She got wet almost instantly seeing his muscles continuing to flex against the resistance of the mower. Slowly she put one finger in her pussy that was trimmed but not shaved. After a couple moments the second finger joined, she was so caught up in the moment she forgot her window was open.

Joey was pushing the mower, in his mind, the yard was fine, but mom was really fussy about these things. He wanted to keep going but needed a drink badly so stopped the mower briefly to get a drink. After he sat for a few moments, the ringing in his ears subsided and he heard someone moaning and squeaking. He stood and looked at the house and noticed Diane’s window open. He looked in; she was leaning up against her bed feeling herself.

‘How long has she been here? Was she watching me? Does she know I can see her right now?’ Joey kept thinking over and over, as he watched his sister please herself.

“Ah…oh Joey,” she called as she climaxed. Joey was stunned as he heard his sister call his name. Joey wanted to leave but he sat stunned, he knew she would realize the mower was off soon, and he didn’t want to be caught watching her. ‘Turn around’ he kept telling himself but his gaze was stuck on her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Only when she looked up did he snap back in reality and rushed back to the mower.

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