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Fucking Gifs

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As I took the clothes out of the washer to put in the dryer I realized how quiet the laundromat had become. It was kind of eerie being in the large building with nothing but washers and dryers and a few vending machines offering everything from dry laundry detergent to bleach and fabric softeners to soda and candy, a weird combination but hey, you had to snack while you did your laundry and sometimes people only wanted a small amount of soap or bleach or softener. Personally, I bought it in normal bulk sizes and filled the smaller easily carried packages of whatever I needed in a special basket just for laundry. It wasn’t as though I were going to go crazy and do tons of baskets of laundry at a time, I’d seen people come in here and do like twenty at a time. It amazed me that someone would have that much. I’d never had more than six and tonight I was especially annoyed because I did have the six and all but two of the machines were down due to maintenance on more than half the buildings electrical outlets. As a result I was having to use the two machines, two at a time, and wait for the next set to start, I was going to be here three times longer than I had planned and it was getting late.

No one else was in the laundromat but it gets weird late at night and you start to think all sorts of odd noises and even sights. I had been concentrating on my homework from college when I realized the damned machine I was using was rocking, unbalanced. I opened it to straighten out my disruptive and unbalanced load but that didn’t seem to help, it kept rocking. I opened and shut it several times trying to balance out the load but to no avail. In fact it seemed to be getting worse, the machine was rocking hard enough to be walking itself away from the wall slightly, not a good thing with the connectors and all that. I leaned against it to prevent it disconnecting itself and this seemed to help a little but the agitation of the spinner thingy inside and then the bowl itself spinning caused it to rock again. Leaning against it wasn’t cutting it. I tried leaning on top of it and this helped a little. It was only one step from sitting on the damn thing and I tried that. It seemed to calm the damn machine down my weight apparently holding whatever it needed to complete the rinse cycle.

I picked up my book to study again as the machined rocked and vibrated below me. This seemed to cause another problem. You see, it’s been a while since I had been with anyone and the vibrations began to have a serious effect on my nether regions. At first I wasn’t sure I wasn’t imagining the sensation. I’d heard all those crude jokes about frustrated housewives sitting on their washing machine but here I was doing the Kartal Escort same, ostensibly to keep the machine in place against its bank of washers and to keep it washing my clothes but instead I was getting aroused and feeling a definite tingling in my clit. I also wasn’t wearing any underwear, going commando beneath my skirt because all my clothes were in the wash, if I was going to wash everything I owned I was going to wash EVERYTHING I could. Even a bra was not holding my bouncing Betty’s up but looking down I realized my firm and plump orbs were beginning to have pokers on the ends of them.

I looked around guiltily but realized that I was totally and absolutely alone. Since it was so late no one was in here. I looked out at the row of windows fronting the laundromat and realized there was no one even in the parking lot. Feeling the sensations getting worse I figured what the heck, a cheap thrill was a cheap thrill, I shrugged off any inhibitions and began to let the feelings take hold. The rocking of the machine was hitting me but not quite right, I adjusted the way I was sitting so I was straddling the machine better, my legs spread wide, and me leaning forward against the pulsations of the large machine. I began to rub back and forth against them feeling my rising passions as I glanced around to be sure no one was around once again and began to squeeze and fondle my breasts. The machine stopped for a moment to change cycles and it began to spin the other way, I adjusted to get the pulsations in the right spots again but as my passions began to rise, my breathing coming in gasps, my fingers pulling at the nipples that were showing through my tight little blouse the machine shuddered to a stop. With a sob I realized the spin cycle was over on this machine. Slowly I got off from my awkward position, I could see where my wetness left a streak across the cover of the machine and I wiped it with my skirt as I dismounted. I quickly tossed the wash into a dryer basket with angry motions and loaded the dryer putting a dryer sheet in with the load; reaching into my coin purse I started the dryer.

I started another load in the washer I had just emptied, I kind of rushed it ‘because I realized by the sounds the second washer was making that it too was starting a rinse cycle and I didn’t want to miss it. In went the laundry and the soap and then with coins in the dispenser I adjusted the wash cycles and started it. Quickly I hopped up on the second washer. I had to get back to the moment from before but this washer wasn’t spinning the same as the other, it was not unbalanced, it ran a whole lot smoother, not conducive to the rock and roll I had been enjoying on the previous machine. I tried, I gave it the old college try but the vibrations were not with me at all even as it switched from rinse to spin. I tried using my own fingers but had lost something in my desire to rock on the machine. My disappointment had me losing the mood. Slowly, reluctantly I got off this machine. I looked at the perfectly balanced machine with disgust, why Kartal Escort Bayan at this critical moment had it worked when all I wanted was a quick orgasm? I returned to my studies.

The cycle finished on the second machine and I put this too in a dryer and restarted the original two to make sure everything was dry, besides I didn’t feel like folding at this moment; sexual frustration was not a pleasant sensation. I started another and final load in that second machine and realized the first one was beginning to act up again. I looked at it hopefully as it began to rock a little, the noise from being unbalanced began to taunt me and my clit began to tingle in anticipation of the possibilities that this might mean. I tossed my book aside and justifying that I needed to hold down this machine to finish its cycle began to adjust myself to rub my clit against the rocking sensation of the unbalanced load. It was feeling pretty good but the delay had caused some residual reluctance to give up the orgasm I so desperately craved. Despite the wetness that was obvious between my legs my clit would not let me cum, my frustration was growing. I was enjoying the sensations on the washing machine as the washer agitated and when it began its spin cycle I was sure I would enjoy nirvana but it was not to be, the machine wasn’t the problem, it was me.

My frustration was growing and I was humping madly against the top of the machine when I looked up and realized a woman was standing there watching in fascination I had no idea how much she had witnessed. I froze in the act of getting off on a washing machine. My cheeks began to turn red even as I began to hastily scramble and turn around to sit on the machine properly, using my skirt to wipe up the residue. She approached me and put down her clothes basket that she had been carrying. I tried to ignore her but as these were the only two working washing machines in the place and as all the others were out of service she had nowhere else to bring her laundry. I was surprised though as she came to stand before me. I was trying to sit there prissily in my short skirt with my nipples still hard and tight against my blouse and pretend she hadn’t seen what I was doing when she reached out and parted my legs, her own body pressed and kept them apart. I looked up in mortification to see that her own eyes were inflamed with lust.

“Let me help you” she pleaded huskily and before I could say yes or no her fingers were seeking and finding the wetness between my legs. My hands went to her shoulders ostensibly to push her away but instead I found myself encouraging her as her lips captured mine at the same time her fingers were probing and touching. I was just too wet to hide anything and after what she had seen and my resulting embarrassment I didn’t care, her fingers were agile, her lips were warm and her other hand was massaging my breast expertly. I should have protested but my mind wasn’t working correctly, the heat of the laundromat must have been affecting my train of thought, I just let her do Escort Kartal what she wanted. I was so wet her fingers played with it for a while before easily slipping inside. I gasped into her mouth at the sensation. Her thumb began rubbing my clit, playing with the wetness and the air in the laundromat made me feel so exposed, in fact realizing that we could be seen at any moment seemed to increase my desire. I needed, I wanted, an orgasm so bad I was willing to let a machine give it to me, this kind stranger though was taking the guilt and shame away from that, my mortification at being caught in the act was rapidly diminishing until all I thought about was the heat of the laundromat, the feel of her fingers, the taste of her lips. The vibrations of the washing machine bellow my ass seemed to add to the intensity of the moment, she increased her thrusts inside of me, squeezed a little firmer on my breast, and kissed me a little deeper as her thumb rubbed my erect little clit. I lost all sense of time and place as I thrust back at her humping against that agile little hand. I could feel the machine spinning faster and faster as my world began to spin. Desperately, frantically, I was climbing towards that moment, towards an orgasm that hadn’t wanted to come out, one denied and long in coming. Her mouth captured the little cries and whimpers as I began to thrash against her hand which was pistoning me madly, her thumb pressing and rubbing oh so deliciously. My ass was vibrating on the machine and suddenly her hand was drenched as I began to convulse in time with the off balanced machine. My body shuddering as the spasms took hold, the machines agitation seeming to send more through my soaring body, I creamed her hand and bit urgently at her lips as I grasped desperately at her shoulders to hold her there until every last drop of the feeling was released from my body.

Slowly I came down from that intensity, kissing her lips in a way that told her I was sorry for having bit her. She teased me and comforted me as the machine began to wind down. I sighed gustily knowing it was coming to the end of its cycle and so was I. Slowly she removed her hand from between my legs, I could see the wetness on it, I could feel it dripping down my slit, I knew I was sitting in a pool of it. She smiled at me and for the first time I really noticed how pretty she was. She stepped back to let me slide off the machine lid as it halted the spin cycle abruptly. I used my skirt to wipe the wetness off the lid. I reached into the machine and pulled the wash out of the tub and quickly started another dryer load. I turned to see her take her single load and put it in the washer I had just used. I eyed her appreciatively. “Can I help you do a load?” I asked tentatively and she turned with a knowing smile.

We now do our laundry together three times a week. Ostensibly it’s to cut down on the mounds of laundry that accumulate but I don’t really have that much to wash. My friends though appreciate the service and the money I make from doing their laundry, it helps out even if it’s only a little. We don’t always have the laundromat to ourselves but that late at night it’s often enough that we are both satisfied with the quality and quantity of service. Neither one of us is about to report this particular machine for maintenance, we hope none of the day users does….

~The End~ K’Anne ;-P

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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