Alex , My Love

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Alex, my Love

It was the first exam at the end of the semester. The chemistry exam. It was my last year at high school .
I was at school two hours before the exam. It was the exercise hour of one of the first grades .
There in that class was a boy that is very beautiful . His name is Alex. Has blond hair, brown eyes,a beautiful mouth and a rounded ass and fleshy legs. He is in a style that every one would be aroused by watching him.
He was my dream during the year. Always I would prefer him to my friends in the school.
Yes it was the exercise hour for them, but something was unusual. He was not out, he was in the class. As soon as I realized this, I jumped upstairs to check out the case.
I slowly moved closer to the class to make sure there was nobody else. Sure enough, he was alone. Quietly entered the class.
He was on a table, lying with a pair of shorts and a T-shirt on. He wasn’t care of me watching him. Oh yes there I was watching my dream’s lord.
Soon I recognize my boner from watching live erotic body.

“Hi Alex” I said.
He jumped up and stared at my eyes
“what are you doing here?”
“Hey Alex it’s me Tom, why do you look so strange at me”
“Sorry, I was thinking deeply and suddenly shocked by your voice”

We were friends for two months by that time.
“It’s good you are here, I have some problems in physics, would you help me?”he said
I was the first one in mathematics and physics in the school and most of the students ask me various questions that they might have.

“Sure, but may I ask you what you were thinking about”
“Nothing” blushing
“Don’t lie to me Alex”
“Actually it was a kind of dream”
“What was it about ?”
“It… was about ….sex, Tom”
I thought it was the right time for making true my dreams.
“Wow that’s great. Can you define it?”
“Nope ! it was a personal one”
“Alex please , we are friends!”

He bite his under lip and looked down that suddenly he pointed to my groin and started to laugh
“Oh my God Tom , you have a boner”

‘God damn’ I have forgotten about my cock completely.
I blushed and quickly put my hands on my hard on

” Hey you ! what is so laughing ” I said to Alex
” Your hard on, you have a boner when there is nothing can arouse you ”
” How do you sure that way?”
“Oh, is there anything”
“Yes sweetie , there is SOMEONE! “
“Who do you mean?! ” he stopped laughing

My breath got hard it was kind of a shyness I sensed. I got a deep breath and said

” You my love , I love you ”

my legs started shaking and I sat on the platform
He görükle escort shocked from the way I spoke to him. He just stared at me. His look was very strange,after a while it changed into an innocent one .

He said slowly ‘ wish to know this before ‘

“Alex I…I’m sorry about that. I can go now and promise never try to meet you again “

“Why?”Alex said calmly
“What?”I asked.
“Why do you love me Tom?”

I was getting calm, that he hit my heart by that question and piercing me to my soul by that innocent look.
I don’t know what to say. At last I said what should I say.

“Alex , I’m a gay , I mean although I am a person that likes girls , but it’s very interesting for me to love a boy like you . You are beautiful Alex , even if I forsake you I would love you to the end of the world “

He was calm during my speech. It seemed that he wasn’t nervous at all. He got up and move towards me , sit besides me on the platform.
My head was on knees, he put his arm on my shoulders and put his chin on my upper arm and leaned his head to my neck.
I got surprised by his action.
The softest voice that I had ever heard whispered to my right ear
” I love you Tom. I always want you.”

“Tom” he called me quietly like he was afraid of anyone could hear.
“Do you know what I was imagining in my brain by the time you entered the class?”
“No! What ?”
“I was imagining that you hug me and kiss me on my lips , and smell my shoulder saying oh my love, my sweetheart.”

By that words came out of his cute mouth I went crazy. My dreams had came true.
I pull him into my arms and embraced him. He stared at my eyes with an incredible innocent look.

“Let me to make our dreams come true baby”
“I have been waiting for this moment since I have known you “Alex said.

I kissed his cheek but he returned me on my lips, this time I kissed him on lips and then darted my tongue into his mouth slitting his lips.
One of my hands was behind his shoulders to hold him in my bosom and the other was under his bottom cupping his soft curves, the back of his thighs and his ass

“Take of your T-shirt” I said.
He did,and it was the first time I saw him bare , not completely, he had his shorts on yet. His upper body had been inviting me to some action. He is really beautiful, his chest is clear, not muscular , but well shaped by creator. He was still on my lap , I touched his chest, he shivered
” Your hand is cold Tom ” he said slowly.
” Wanna me not to touch ” I said,
” No it feels good touching me, and they will get warm escort bayan as soon as you touch my flaming body”.

I kissed his neck several times, then went lower and kissed his chest and his small nipples, it felt so good for me.

“What my dear?”
“Please embrace me and squeeze me in your arms, I like to feel your heart tapping mine”
I did as he wanted, and he whispered into my ear
” I love you Tom ” as I was pressing him in my arms.

After a while we were in that mood, he said:
“Tom take of your clothes”
I obey his order and took off my shirt and jeans, by then we both had only a pair of shorts on. Then I picked him up and put him slowly on the table not to hurt my sweetheart. The table was big enough to accommodate both of us.
We made sure nobody come and see us , I closed the door and joined him on the table.
“Tom it’s my turn “
“Lie on your back and leave the rest to me”

He crawl on top of my body and kiss me on lips ,then lower on my neck and chest. Then he gave me a meaningful smile and pull on the elastic of my shorts and took it off. Now my dick is swinging in the air. It’s not so long but thick and when it’s hard it means the word ‘HARD’

“Wow Tom your dick is so beautiful, can I touch it?”
He grasped it and squeezed it between his fingers.
” It’s very hard ” he said.
Then he moved his hand up and down along the shaft and rubbed the head with his thumb each time he got to the top. I dropped my head back and closed my eyes to feel the pleasure.

“Feels good Tom”
“Yeah it’s really delightful baby”
“Look how dose it feel ?!” he put the head of my dick into his mouth.
“Oh my God Alex your mouth is so hot”
The pleasure was incredible and unendurable. He took half of my dick into his hot mouth.

“Ooooohh Alex aaahh baby suckkkk….. me suck me baby”
I stretched out my right hand and caught his darkish blond hair and push his head on my dick and raise my hips up to get deeper in his mouth.

“Oh my god I’m cumming uuuuuuhhh…. suck it hard yes yessss that’s it baby you are the best in blowjob”
I thought he would let go of my dick and pull it out of his mouth and do the rest by his hand until my ejaculation, but he didn’t and he knew what would happen in just seconds.
“Alex I’m cumming aaahhhhhhh……aghhhhhh….oohhhhhh”
Shot after shot of my hot sperm shooted into his mouth and he swallowed all of my load and dried me out.
Looking at my eyes he pulled out my dick, his look was so passionate with that languishing eyes.

“You liked it Tom, my love”
“Ohhh bursa escort you made me feel the most enjoyable sense of my life Alex. I love you baby, I love you forever”
And I pulled him up on top of my body and laid him on my body and kissed his lips tasting my own cum. I felt an incredible sense of pleasure and joy in that position while Alex was in my arms and had rested his warm body on mine.

“Alex do you feel tired”
“No sweetie I just enjoying the sense of your hug”
I caught his head by my hands and kissed his forehead. He crawled off of me and lay besides me. I got up and kissed his neck and then his chest and went lower to the end of his legs to his feet, separated his legs a little and touch his feet with my face and also his shins, then his inner thighs and I kissed his fleshy clear thighs.
I arrived his groin his dick was hard from sensation of my action, I got him in my hand and masturbated him. With my hand’s movements he started moaning.

“Oh yes that’s it, do it faster please. It feels so good when an other one does it, specially when that person is you”
I continue rubbing his shaft with my hand an other couple of minutes and then put his head in my mouth and sucked it like a chocolate.

“Ooooooh Tom it’s so hot inside there, ahhhhhh….”

I continued it by swallowing little by little until he was completely in my mouth, then pulled it out and sucked it completely in again and shifted my speed into fast like a pro.

“ohhhhhh Tom I’m cum….cumming……do it fast, uuuuuhhhh oooooooh yeahhhh…yeaaaahhh…..aaghhhhhh”

And he exploded inside my mouth and I swallowed the first shot and the second. I opened my lips wide and let some of the juice out on his shaft and then licked his dick clean and kissed it on the head several times. It was very delicious.

“You are so tasty my sweetheart”, I said.
” Ohhhh you are so nice Tom I beg you love me forever”
” I love you Alex to the end of the world. I promise you”

I rubbed my hand on his hips and waist and sides to his armpits and lay on him. I was rubbing my body to his and making love; that he said:
“Tom what time is it?”
“It’s 9:00 O’clock” I said looking at my watch.
“It’s close to the break and we should take on our clothes before somebody can catch us in this case”
“Yes, you are right”

I got off of him and put on my jeans and shirt and he did the same. I turned towards the door to left.
“Tom” He called me.
“I love you. That was the most interesting game allover my life, Thanks” Alex said
“It was mine too, baby”
” I hope that will repeat again”
“Me too. Bye”

I exited from their class and relaxed in our own class thinking to what had happened just an hour ago, until they called us for the exam.

End Chapter 1

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