Alexandra: The Naked Matchmaker

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The e-mail was titled “Surprise Party — Don’t tell Kim” The funny thing was, the e-mail was from Kim or at least her e-mail address. Ike opened the e-mail, it read,

“Hi Ike, its Alex. How have you’ve been? I’m using Mom’s computer because I knew she had your address. I’m throwing a surprise birthday party for my Mom this week-end. Can I count on you? Call me on my cell for details. Remember not a word to Mom. 804- 272-…..”

Ike had met Alex three weeks ago in Atlanta at his niece Kay’s high school graduation. Ike had intercourse with her mother, Kim, and well to be honest his niece too, but that’s another story (Graduation Day).

Ike liked Kim. She was the first woman he cared about since the death of his wife Fran. It sounds so cliché, but she really did bring Ike out of a fog of depression and drinking and made him feel like he could enjoy life again.

Kim and Ike had been e-mailing each other since then, her from Richmond and Ike from Philadelphia. They had had a very special night in Atlanta and both had been trying to get together again, but with work, family obligations and 255 miles separating them, it had not happened yet.

Ike made the call to Alex.

“Hello,” Alex answered.

“Hello Alex. It’s Ike.”

“Hey! This Friday, July 14th, I’m putting on a surprise birthday party for Mom. I’ve rented a cabin on Virginia’s Eastern shore near Warsaw. Can you join us? It would mean so much to Mom. Please! Please!”

Ike laughed at her enthusiasm and said, “Sure.”

Kim had told Ike that she was tied up this week-end, a commitment to her kids.

“So Kim didn’t just make up an excuse not to see me,” Ike told himself. That made him feel better.

“Great!” Alex replied. “We have a cabin and you can stay with us. Do you have something to write with? I’ll give you the address.”

Ike grabbed a pen and pad and said,

“Okay. I’m ready.”

“It’s the Fulton Camp, 270 Sunny Lane Wellford, VA 24658. You can find directions on MapQuest. Can you be there around 8 PM on Friday night? ”

“Sure. Can I bring anything?”

“No you don’t need to bring anything…well you can bring a present for the birthday girl. See you Friday night. It’ll be great. Call me on my cell when you get to Warsaw and I’ll sneak you into the cabin. Okay? Bye.”

^^^ The TV weatherman’s forecast for Friday called for a typical July day, warm and sunny. Ike packed the car, making sure to bring some wine and the gold bracelet he had bought for Kim. The drive was easy. It was nice to drive on Route 301 again. The slower pace and small towns were welcome after the crowds and the insanity of the Interstate highway. Ike got to Warsaw around 7, stopped for dinner and had some very good crab cakes.

After dinner Ike called Alex.

“Hi Alex, I’m in Warsaw.”

“Good. Come on down

30. The camp ground is on the Rappahannock River. It’s the next right after Crab Pot Lane. I’ll meet you in the office down by the entrance where everyone checks in and take you to the cabin. It’ll be a great surprise.”

Alex walked down to the check-in office. She carefully draped her beach towel over the camp’s sign so the ‘Full Tan Nudist Camp’ sign read ‘Ful…….Camp’ and went in to visit with Tommy the clerk on duty this evening. Tommy was nude just like all the camp’s staff.

“Hey, Tommy.”

“Oh, Hi, Alex.”

“Tommy, I’ve got a guest coming in tonight and I’m taking them to our cabin.”

“No problem.”

“What’ll it take to keep you in the office?”

Tommy shot Alex a puzzled look.

“I’ll be honest with you Tommy. He’s my Mom’s new boyfriend and he doesn’t know he is coming to a nudist colony.”

“How long to you think you can keep that information from him?” Tommy said with a laugh.

“I only need to get him to the cabin.”

Alex walked up close to Tommy. She gave him her best seductive look, reached out and caressed his flaccid penis and said,

“I’d be ever so grateful to you if you would just wave him through and stay in the office.”

Tommy jumped back startled by Alex’s boldness and her hand. Alex stepped into him to maintain contact with his penis. Tommy had known Alex for the 5 years she had been coming to the camp. He thought she had blossomed into a beautiful young woman, but he couldn’t do anything about that. The camp rules did not allow the staff to date the guests.

“Whoa,” he said.

Alex dropped to her knees and put her mouth around his soft cock. She sucked gently while looking up at him adoringly with her big blue eyes. His dick grew hard in her mouth. Her lips began to travel up and down his shaft. Tommy’s heartbeat and breathing increased. He couldn’t believe that the hot girl who he had often fantasized about was actually giving him a blowjob.

Tommy was knocked back into reality when Alex released his dick.

“Do we have a deal, Tommy”

Tommy began to answer, but his voice broke.

“Ye…Yea. almanbahis adresi Deal.”

Alex smiled. She enjoyed hearing and seeing the impact she had on the gate keeper. She grabbed his cock and proceeded to make good on her part of the deal. She sucked his dick enthusiastically. Her warm mouth, active tongue and well timed counterfeit moans of passion sped Tommy to an explosive orgasm. She was unprepared for the amount of cum he shot into her mouth. He was like a fire hose. Alex gagged, gulped and ended up having a coughing fit. She had to pull off of him and stroke the last three pulses of sperm onto the tile floor. Tommy was not dissatisfied.


Ike drove in the dark for 15 minutes and then made the right turn onto Sunny Lane. He saw a partially covered sign saying ‘Ful…..Camp’ by a small office and thought to himself, “This must be the place.”

When he saw Alex sitting on a bench talking to a bare-chested guy leaning out the office’s Dutch door, he knew he had found the camp ground. Alex jumped up and skipped over to the car. Her breasts jiggled enticingly.

Automatically, Ike wondered if she was braless. “No, stop it,” he told himself, “You’re here to visit her mother.”

Alex opened the car door, hopped in and said,

“It’s so great you’re here. You got here at the perfect time. Drive straight and make the second right. We have the last cabin on the right.”

Ike’s eyes were drawn to the pebble-like bumps in Alex’s tight tee shirt. Her nipples were so hard that Ike expected them to cut through her top. He had to force him self to look up at her face, but first his eyes noticed some slimy gunk on the front of her shirt.

Music was playing on the car radio. Ike heard the lyric “I smell sex and candy here”… and thought that he too smelled sex.

Alex asked, “Do you want a peppermint Lifesavers?” as she popped two into her mouth.

“No thanks,” Ike responded and thought, “and there’s the candy.”

“So was that guy your boyfriend?”

“Tommy?” Alex laughed a little as if that was the silliest idea ever. “No. He’s just a guy that works here.”

“Okay, so fill me in on the birthday plan,” Ike asked.

“Well, eh…It’s the usual. We all jump out and shout ‘Surprise’,” Alex said smiling uneasily. Ike mistakenly wrote off her nervousness as a reaction to her activity with Tommy, the non-boyfriend.

The tires crunched over the gravel as they pulled up to the cabin. Alex and Ike got out and went up the steps to the porch. Alex peaked through the window and whispered conspiratorially,

“It’s okay. You can go in.”

Ike stepped over the threshold and was surprised to see Kim across the room from him. He had assumed that she wouldn’t be home, that Alex would have her out on an errand or with some made up story. Kim had her back to him and was having an animated conversation on the phone. The birthday girl was standing there in her birthday suit. Stark naked!

“What’s this all about,” Ike thought as he stopped dead in his tracks. “Uh oh.” he said.

As Kim talked on the phone she flipped a pencil through the fingers of her right hand. She dropped the pencil and bent over as only woman can do, bending straight from the hip. Ike was the shocked recipient of a full moon. The crack of her ass opened up showing him her wrinkled brown anus and her fur lined cunt. Ike was still paralyzed and now he was struck speechless.

Alex took this most embarrassing opportunity to shout out,

“Surprise! Happy birthday Mom!”

Kim turned towards them. She was so startled to see Ike that she dropped the phone. Her face blushed a deep pink. At first, she was too surprised to even attempt to cover up. Her freckled titties and hard nipples pointed straight at Ike. Her dark brown bush blended in well with her all over tan.

Flustered, Kim said a little too loudly, “Wh…wha…what are you doing here?”

Silently, Ike stood and stared at her. Two thoughts ran through his mind, “She’s beautiful and she’s Naked!” Ike could have spent a life time there and considered it a life well lived.

Surprisingly, Ike’s eyes moved off of Kim. His unconscious brain reacted to movement. Ike glanced at the kitchen area where Josh, Kim’s son, who upon hearing his mother’s raised voice quickly entered the room. He too was naked, his substantial dick swinging to and fro.

“My that’s a big one,” Ike said to himself.

“Oh, Hi,” Josh said calmly when he saw it was Ike. Ike nodded acknowledging him.

“Shit,” Alex said as she looked down on her shirt. She had just noticed a big drip of cum on the front of her shirt. She didn’t want to have to explain to her mother where it can from so she quickly ripped it off. Her boobs bounced about and her little pink nipples grew pointy. Her skirt was next, the belt clanked as it hit the floor. Since she hadn’t worn any under garments, she was naked.

Ike turned in Alex’s direction to investigate the noise almanbahis adres and saw the 5′ 2″ nude teen-ager trying to act casual. Alex, like her mother and brother, had a full tan. As always, Ike noticed the tits first: Firm and high on her chest, modest in size, but a nice endowment for her small frame. They were topped off with hard, small pink nipples. She had a tiny waist with an outie belly button. A thin strip of light brown pubic hair rose vertically from her otherwise shaved sex. Her legs were shapely, athletic looking and her cute little feet had toenails painted shocking red.

“Alex! What are you doing taking off your clothes in front of Ike?” her mother screamed.

“What? Like you aren’t naked,” Alex replied defiantly adding, “I’m not a kid anymore. I’m 18 years old.”

Ike at first thought her smart-alecky crack could have been made to deflect unwanted attention about the cum stain on her shirt, but then he theorized that the intensity was fueled by their mother-daughter dynamic.

Ike knew there is often a sense of competition between women. It can be about looks, they are always commenting on each other’s outfit. Or, it can be about power. Since Alex was the youngest in the family, Ike guessed that she was sensitive about any comments that made her feel she was being treated as a child.

Alex’s tone was still a little too strident when she added, “This is a nudist camp. He’s going to see me naked.”

Ike stood with the birthday present in his hand. His head moving like the head on a bobble head doll. His head bounced and swiveled as he looked both naked women over from head to toe. His eyes scanned Alex’s young, tight body and then studied Kim’s beautiful mature figure.

Alex took a deep breath and explained, “Mom, Ike is my gift to you. I know you guys hit it off at Kay’s party. He is here to spend the week-end with you.”

Finally, Ike moved. He walked over to Kim, smiled, kissed her on the cheek and said more calmly than he felt,

“Hello. Happy Birthday. This is for you.”

He handed her the little wrapped gift. Kim, still a little flummoxed, took it and said,

“Oh, you didn’t have to get me something.”

She hugged Ike and said, “It’s nice to see you again.”

When Kim release Ike she said,

“So my little brat of a daughter arranged this, did she? I’ll have to think of a way to pay her back.”

Kim gave Alex an unreadable look and a tight lipped smile. Ike suspected that while Kim was genuinely pleased that they had finally gotten together, she was upset that her daughter had arranged it on a day Kim would be caught naked by her gentleman friend.

“Yes. Me too,” Ike added.

“Ike, you are okay with the nudism? I find it very freeing, but some people are put off by the idea,” Kim said.

Ike turned and looked Alex in the eye. Alex’s expression of confidence and superiority changed to one of trepidation.

“Yes. I’ve often thought about trying it and when Alex invited me she told me everything. I understood this trip would be my chance to experience nudism.”

Kim and Alex both became more relaxed hearing Ike’s lie. Both smiled and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Let’s get you settled in and we’ll have some cake and open my present,” Kim said.

“Josh, please help Ike with his luggage. Put him…” Kim hesitated.

They were in a small cabin with a simple open layout. The first floor had the Greatroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. Upstairs were two bedrooms and a loft area. Currently the girls each had a bedroom and Josh was set up to sleep in the loft.

Ike thought he understood Kim’s hesitation. While he and Kim had known each other for years, they had never gone out on a date. They had pretty much just hooked up at Kay’s Graduation party. He could sense her apprehension. It was pretty early in their relationship for them to share a room and besides, Kim probably felt the need to be a good role model for her kids.

“Ike can have my room,” Alex said solving the dilemma. “I can sleep in the loft area with Josh.”

With Ike’s accommodation settled, he and Josh got his stuff and put it in the 2nd bedroom.

“Josh, let me ask you a question. How do guys…What do you…” Ike blushed as he stammered. “You know what I mean with …all the naked woman around…”

“Ike, if you are worried about having an erection, don’t be. It’ll happen. People will understand. Cover it with a towel, roll over on your stomach or jump in the pool. The water is pretty cold.” Josh smiled and added, “Be thankful you don’t have a sister. When Alex and her friend hit puberty and got boobs they showed me no mercy, they flirted and flaunted themselves shamelessly, giving me erection after erection and then giggling incessantly. “

“Thanks, Josh. I’m going to put some of this away and I’ll be down in a minute.”

As Ike put his gear away, he thought about his predicament. “I’m in a Nudist camp! Am I really almanbahis adres going nude in public? Well, it does have its advantages. It’s great seeing Kim naked.”

Ike removed his clothes and looked at himself. He was relatively fit. He had a ‘farmer’s tan’: a tan only on his face, neck and the part of his arms exposed by a short sleeve shirt. He looked at his dick, just the thought of exposing it had made it turtle up. While he was scared of the possibility of having an erection in public, he did wish that for his début it was bigger and more impressive.

Slowly Ike headed downstairs. The phrase ‘dead man walking’ popped in his head. Kim and Alex were busy setting the table, both turned to look at him as he slowly trudged down the stairs. Both women smiled encouragingly and then turned back to their work. Ike was relieved that neither made a big deal about his nakedness nor did they stare at him.

The four of them gathered round the table for singing, birthday wishes, cake and conversation. Along the way Ike lost his feeling of self-consciousness. He still saw everyone’s nakedness, but he wasn’t shocked or overly stimulated by it, he just enjoyed their company.

Kim opened his present and exclaimed.

“Oh, Ike. I love it, but this is too much.”

Kim showed the bracelet to the kids. Ike beamed proudly and said,

“It’s just a trinket. I’m glad you like it, put it on.”

Alex stole glances of her Mom and Ike. She was pleased with what she saw; she knew she had done the right thing getting Ike to the party.

After the party, the kids left to visit their friends and Ike and Kim sat on the porch. The hot summer day had turned into a pleasant warm evening. As their conversation died off, both were comfortable just sitting beside each other in the quiet dark night.

Ike hadn’t planned anything nor did he force the action, but soon they were kissing. It just seemed the most natural thing to do. Their kisses became more intense and petting soon followed. Ike now had an erection and it wasn’t a bad or embarrassing thing.

Kim’s soft breasts felt good in his hands. Ike hefted them and toyed with her nipples, rubbing, plucking and gently tweaking them. Kim’s low moans told him she did not object. He slowly slid his hand down her stomach, Kim spread her legs anticipating and praying that his fingers would find her sex. Kim’s hand which had been running through his hair also traveled south and grasped his firm manhood.

Alex walked along the dark path back to the house and as she rounded the bin she saw Ike and her Mom making out on the porch. She was pleased. She had played match-maker and look how well they were getting along.

When Ike’s hand slipped between her mother’s thighs, Alex blushed. She had a strange feeling in her stomach. She could not look away. Alex slipped behind a tree and observed them.

Ike found Kim’s pussy to be wetter than he expected. His finger easily slipped in and Kim rocked her hips impaling herself on his digit. Kim groaned with pleasure. Her grasping of his cock changed to swift strokes bringing him to full hardness. Ike swirled his finger around and into Kim’s now sopping pussy. She made little pleading noises when his thumb began rubbing her clit.

The noise had a strong impact on those that heard it. Alex felt a warm wetness develop in her vagina. It demanded to be touched and so as she watched and listened, she masturbated. Ike was fully aroused. He wanted more and he knew Kim’s was ready.

Ike stood Kim up and led her to the porch railing. He then had her bend over and grasp the railing. Moving behind her, he grabbed his steely cock and shoved it in her dripping cunt. They both gasped and froze. She felt his stiffness and he her warm wetness. An animal-like hunger took possession of their minds and they fucked. It was not making love. They rutted fiercely. Their brains demanded hard, fast action and their bodies complied.

Soon they were covered with sweat, breathing heavy, grunting and groaning. With piston like action, Ike drove his dick into her again and again. Kim answered his roughness by hissing and encouraging him.

“Harder! Harder!” she shouted as she slammed her body back into his.

Ike’s prick hit her special spot and she looked up in orgasmic bliss. Kim held her breath and felt a wonderful feeling radiate outwards from her pussy traveling to every cell in her body. Her cunt tightened on his shaft and began to pulsate. She let out a loud cry. That did it for Ike. The throbbing velvety glove squeezing his little sword and his lover’s scream of passion caused him to erupt. His sperm blasted and blasted into Kim.

Ike and Kim, lost in their state of ecstasy and delirium, were barely aware of an echo of their passion coming from the woods. They were in no condition to wonder about it, they were too focused on their own orgasmic cries.

Alex had never come so hard. Her juices ran down her thighs as she sat crumpled on the ground. Her legs had collapsed when a sledge hammer of an orgasm slammed her small body. Her juices mixed with the dirt making a muddy display on her legs and butt. She didn’t notice or care. It was all she could do to remember to breathe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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