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The most foolish thing she had ever done, was admitting to a stranger that she absolutely loved anal…

Alice had worked as a secretary in the small boutique real-estate office for almost three years. She was quiet, shy and overly polite. Her kind, welcoming, submissive demeanour had been key in landing her the position, with new customers immediately put as ease as they entered the office.

She was also super-efficient and often completed her daily tasks well within her allotted shift, which, while initially seemingly a huge benefit, also meant she found herself bored, daydreaming or worse, fantasying. These ‘space out’ moments had affectionately been known around the office as ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

For the most part, she was a valued team member but relatively unnoticed. The big shot agents were kind but afforded her little time, busy with million-dollar investments, contracts, advertising and keeping a big-name client list happy. She was satisfied with both the work and the lack of attention.

She was single but content in being so. She had ditched her last boyfriend over six months ago when she had found him to be sexting another girl. She didn’t know if he’d actually cheated on her and didn’t give him the chance to explain. The pictures were enough. She was bored of him and his ways and was more comfortable on her own anyway. She did miss the intimacy, but he had never satisfied her anyway. Nothing lost there she had often surmised when daydreaming about her past or future exploits.

Within the office, Alice dressed conservatively and hardly encouraged a second glance, her mousey dark hair often worn to hang simply at her shoulders while she frequently donned reading glasses while typing, giving an all-over librarian type look. She was by no means unattractive and most would describe her as plain or pleasant. She was just not one you immediately took notice off. That, however, changed overnight.

The real-estate company was celebrating a large sale, an unknown investor had walked in out of the blue and agreed to purchase five multi-million dollars homes as part of his investment portfolio. The commission to the agents was rumoured to be in the hundreds of thousands and as an extra benefit, they would continue to charge a fee as they took control of the rent of the properties. It had been a big coop for the business and the agents had decided to throw a party to celebrate.

Ordinarily, the agents would honour sales amongst themselves, but the size of this coop meant the party and celebration must also be expanded and this meant Alice had received a demand, more than an invitation, to attend. She would be joined by a few personal assistants, office workers and even the cleaner who was more nervous than excited to be thrown into the inner circle.

For the occasion, Alice had decided on a sheer black dress that finished well above the knee, she had let her hair down, ditched the glasses, thrown on some jewellery and decorated her face with a little more make-up than usual. She had sprayed perfume and looked at the mirror a hundred times ensuring her breasts were perky and held firm against the black fabric. She had given herself a satisfied nod of approval before leaving the sanctuary of her little unit. She had no idea why she felt compelled to show off on this night but for the first time, she wanted the agents to notice her. For a reason, she couldn’t put her finger on, she wanted to be appreciated for more than her exemplary secretarial work.

When Alice had arrived at the top story apartment, she had been greeted by approximately twenty to twenty-five individuals who were all in celebratory mood. The music was loud, the liquor was flowing, and tongue were wagging. She noticed several men stare and mouths gape when they recognised their secretary. She had barely stepped inside when a glass was placed within her hand and Damien, one of the younger agents, had welcomed her with a warm hug and a holler.

‘Alice!’ Welcome! Look at you? Wow. Is it really you?’

‘Hi Damo.’ She smiled. ‘I can put the glasses on if it helps you recognise me?’

‘No! You look amazing. Keep them for the office, the only glasses tonight are full of rum. Drink up!’

Alice meandered around the apartment, taking time to say hello to each agent and everyone she recognised. She even spent some time chatting to the cleaner who had parked herself in a corner and seemed to be hoping to be unnoticed. Alice felt sorry for her and understood her angst. All around her screamed wealth and success with boisterous agents telling stories of their endeavours while expensive beverages spilled from their glasses. It was an intimidating scenario for anyone with the hint of insecurity.

Alice was onto her second round of conversations, and possibly her fifth drink when she first noticed him. He was tall, tanned and muscular with his bulky arms seemingly straining against his tight suit. He was chatting to Damien and they seemed all smiles, his glistening white teeth lighting his face Eryaman Escort as he laughed and patted the agent on the back. He was by far the most handsome man in the room and had an air of importance. Alice wondered how he had escaped her attention until now.

As he broke the embrace with the agent, the stranger turned and immediately caught Alice staring. He smiled warmly and made his way over to her, grabbing another drink from the table on route to where she was standing.

‘Hi.’ He said, simply. ‘I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of being introduced. I’m John.’ He stretched out a hand which Alice took while hoping her flushing face wasn’t betraying her attempts at confidence.

‘I’m Alice. Nice to be introduced.’ She smiled.

‘Damien tells me you’re one of the best in the business?’

‘Oh? Well that’s lovely to hear but did you just confess to talking about me?’

‘Well, an astute investor always does some research before the initial meeting.’

‘And what exactly have you been told?’ She asked, inquisitively.

‘Nothing you can’t confirm or deny yourself.’ He winked. ‘Would you like to take this drink outside and we can have a chat, see if the appraisal is accurate?’

‘I hate to think what you’ve been told.’ She giggled, the alcohol taking effect.

‘Well, apparently you are nothing but sweet.’ He reassured her, flashing his flawless smile.

‘Then we better have this chat and put you straight.’ Alice laughed, tipsy and giddy with the thrill of exclusively talking to the handsome imposter. She took his hand as he guided her out to the balcony where a wooden table and chairs gave the perfect platform for a stunning view of the city.

‘So, tell me more about you.’ He started while pouring her another drink.

* * *

Alice awoke the next morning, groggy and with a fierce pain behind her eyes, her head swirling and dancing, unforgiving of the torment she had put it through the night before. She had lost count of the drinks, lost track of time and ultimately lost a night full of memories. She had no recollection of how she had fallen into the bed of her own apartment or how she had even gotten home from the party. Her last recollection was laughing and joking on the balcony with that illusive man. Shit. What was his name? Had she gotten his number? Was it him who had taken her home? Shit. Was he still here? What had gone on last night?

She rolled out of bed and stared at the clock, ticking noisily on her bedside table. 10.30am. It was Sunday but she was still expected in the office that afternoon to get things ready for the Monday rush. She groaned as her head ached and eyes watered. She was still wearing her black dress and was relieved to feel her G-string as she reached between her legs. Whatever had happened last night, she had kept her clothes on. Perhaps she had limited her embarrassment.

It took a couple of hours, plenty of water and a call for a taxi but she arrived at the office at 2.00pm, a solid effort she thought, her head clearing and her body cleansing of the poison she had so willingly ingested the night prior. No wonder I don’t drink often she surmised.

The office was relatively empty and she went about her tasks, perhaps not as thoroughly as normal but nevertheless with enough efficiency to complete her chores. With the week planned and her admin duties resolved, she was preparing to leave when Damien walked in, a phone glued to his ear.

He looked as if he has slept for weeks and Alice inwardly cursed his smooth appearance, eloquent tone and manicured grooming. How did these guys do this?

‘Yes, she’s here now.’ He spoke into a mobile phone, while glancing at her, one eyebrow raised. ‘Well, sure John, if that’s what you want? Okay. No problem. I’ll have her meet you there. No worries. Thanks for your call. Okay. Bye.’

‘John?’ Alice asked sheepishly.

‘You must have made an impression last night! What on earth did you say to him?

‘I dunno!’ She confessed. ‘It’s all a bit of a blur. What did he say? Am I in trouble?’ Alice closed her eyes, trying to recount the events of the balcony tirade.

‘He wants you to meet him at Olivia Circuit, he’s interested in buying another house’

‘Another house?’

‘Yea, Don’t you know? John is the one who purchased the five investment homes! That’s the reason we invited him to the party!’

‘Oh shit. I had no idea!’ Alice confessed. ‘Why does he want to see me? I’m not an agent?’

‘I’ve no idea. He just said he’s looking at buying a holiday home for himself, not to rent out, and only wanted to deal with you.’

‘What do I do’ Alice asked, panicked.

‘Just go show him through and answer his questions.’

‘What if he wants to buy it? I’m not licenced?

‘Just take the offer and conjunct with me. I’ll sort it all for you. Relax. Just go and show him around. He obviously likes you! This is good.’

Alice shook her head in disbelief. How did she get herself Sincan Escort into this mess? She had to admit she was a tad excited though. At least this time she was sober and would remember the conversation. It was obvious John liked her. She’d make sure she got his number this time and besides, he was incredibly handsome, charming and looking at buying what was at least his sixth home. How could she resist such a perfect package!

She found herself lingering at the thought of his perfect package…

‘You best get going.’ Damien cooed, staring at her. ‘You can have your Alice in Wonderland moment later.’

Embarrassed, Alice grabbed her gear and moved towards the door.

‘Forgetting something?’ Damien asked, hands outstretched with a silver key dangling from his fingers. ‘You want to show him inside as well, right?’ He laughed.

Flustered, Alice grabbed the keys and made her way towards the carpark. Where was her car? Shit! She got a taxi this morning. She couldn’t very well show up to a multi-million dollar home in a taxi. Damn it! She turned back and found Damien in the office.

‘How do you feel about me borrowing your car?’ She asked meekly, aware that the agent drove a top of the line BMW.

‘What happened to yours?’ He asked suspiciously.

‘I was worried about driving this morning in case I got pulled over by the cops. After last night, I might have blown the machine up.’

‘And you’re fine now?’ He asked, cautiously.

‘Fine and dandy.’ Alice replied, then continued as she noticed Damien hesitate. ‘And keen to impress our investor, wouldn’t want to turn up in a taxi and he’s waiting for me so no time to head home first.’

‘Fine’ He replied, reluctantly. ‘Here.’

Less than two minutes later and Alice revved the engine out the parking lot and onto the main road, the little red car sailing smoothly down the bitumen. It was only a fifteen-minute drive to the illustrious rolling hills of Olivia Circuit and she parked behind a dark blue sports car, already stationary in the driveway.

‘Well hello there.’ John stepped out the car and greeted her.

‘Nice to see you again.’ Alice offered a hand, which John grasped.

‘Glad to see you survived the night.’ John smiled. ‘It looked touch and go for a moment there.’

‘Can you tell I rarely drink?’

‘I did wonder, yes.’ He laughed. ‘You were in prime form before you sort of just fell asleep mid-sentence.’ He laughed, recalling the encounter.

‘Oh, that’s not embarrassing at all.’ Alice responded, a little mortified but relaxed around her partner. ‘I hope it was a good story.’

‘Oh, it was.’ John remarked, ironically, an eyebrow raised.

‘Oh.’ Alice replied, suddenly alarmed. ‘What on earth was I talking about?’

‘Well you were discussing your previous relationship and err… his shortcomings.’ John chose his words carefully.

Alice moaned. ‘Oh crap. What did I say?’

‘I won’t go into the details. Well, not as vividly as you did last night but let’s just say that you were never satisfied with your ex’s performance and…’ He struggled for the right word. ‘Interests.’

Alice groaned again. ‘What were my exact words?’

‘Are you sure you want to relive them?’ John chuckled.

‘No but I’ll die of embarrassment wondering.’

‘You said.’ He paused. ‘You said you just wish that he’d man up, bend you over and fuck you up the arse.’

‘Oh my god!’ Alice shrieked. ‘Did I really admit that.’

‘So, it’s true then?’ John smiled. ‘If not, you’d have said “did I really say that” not “did I really admit that.’

‘Oh god.’ Alice looked at the concrete drive and couldn’t bring her eyes to meet his. ‘I’m sorry.’ She said meekly, unsure what to say and how to fix the situation.

‘Oh, don’t be sorry. In fact, before you fell asleep, we had reached an agreement. Don’t you remember?’ He asked cautiously.

‘No?’ Alice confessed, alarmed. ‘What sort of agreement?’

‘You really don’t remember?’ John asked, now unsure of himself.

‘I don’t remember much at all of last night, to be honest.’ She confessed. ‘I’m not even sure how I got home.’

‘I believe the cleaner grabbed your licence while cleaning up the drink you brought back up’ John laughed. ‘She grabbed your address off the card and offered to take you and your car home. I think she was keen to get out of there and any excuse would do.’

‘Oh god.’

‘You really don’t remember our agreement?’

‘No.’ She confessed. ‘What did drunk me get sober me into?’

‘Well’ John started. ‘If you don’t remember, then maybe this was a mistake.’ He looked a little awkwardly at his car.

Alice sensed his discomfort and recognised the flightiness. Not wanting to confess to the agents that she didn’t even get him inside the property, she quickly tried to control the situation. ‘Whatever we agreed upon last night, is good enough for today.’ She smiled.

‘Are you sure?’ You really don’t remember, Etlik Escort do you?’ John hid a smirk.

‘Will you enlighten me?’

‘You asked me to organise a rendezvous so that you could act out your fantasy. I believe it involved a kitchen bench top.’ John raised an eyebrow and smiled.

‘I did?’ Alice gulped, unsure yet incredibly aroused.

‘You did.’ He reassured her. ‘In fact, you spent quite some time narrating in great detail exactly what you wanted me to do.’

‘Which was?’ Alice asked half in alarm and half in sexual fascination.

‘Well, do you want me to tell you or show you?’

‘You want to have sex with me here?’ Alice asked, glancing at the property she was expecting to showcase.

‘Alice, it’s up to you.’ John stared into her eyes. ‘you can open the door and I can do exactly as you described, or we can leave now and say the house was not to my taste.’

Alice lingered, her mind trying to remember the night before. On one hand she wanted to be professional and this was exceptionally out of character and completely unfitting of an administrative clerk. What would her boss say? Surely, she’d lose her job. On the other hand, it had been so long since she had been devilish, and John certainly was a good-looking man. A good-looking man who had apparently no problems in satisfying her apparent fantasy.

Alice grabbed the keys and started up the stairs to the front entry. ‘Let me show you around.’ She cooed.

She had the door barley ajar before his hands were on her. He effortlessly picked her up off her feet and kicked the door closed behind him. She giggled and he carried her with ease towards the kitchen.

John roughly put her down upon the granite slate that covered the benchtop, her back to the stone and instantly his lips were on hers. He was leaning over the benchtop to reach her, his lips locking and tongue dancing while his hands reached up between her legs.

Alice sighed between his lips as his hands patted and probed at her dampness. Her g’string quickly sliding down and landing somewhere in the dining room as John carelessly threw the item of fabric, nonchalantly away.

His lips separated from hers and he propped her legs apart and at right angles so that she was fully upon the benchtop, her legs spread and inviting. John wasted no time and firmly held a leg in each hand as his drew his tongue towards her flesh.

Alice lay flat upon the cold surface, her head against the marble while her eyes rolled slightly back into her head. His tongue had found her tightest of holes, his interest seemingly oblivious to her more usual opening.

His tongue danced and probed, licking and lapping across her puckered hole. Alice moaned with excitement, the taboo turning her on and she could not help but reach a hand towards her love button. Excitedly she made little circles with her finger, tracing the miniscule bump while his fleshy appendage curled and prodded her rear.

Alice groaned as little waves of electricity danced up her spine. Her fingers danced upon her tingling button while her eyes closed, her mind racing in a mixture of trepidation and unrivalled desire. She had positioned herself in this scenario multiple times within her dreams, her favourite script to masturbate too, however, his tongue was firm and all too real on this occasion. Her back arched. Her body trembled.

‘I think you’re ready.’ John stated as he lifted her off the bench and roughly positioned her against the benchtop, her back to him, she was roughly bent over with firm hands grasping her in place. Her dress roughly pushed up to expose herself to him.

Alice gasped and flinched as John patted his member upon her cheeks. His erection felt thick and long as he slapped it against her openings.

‘Do you want me to fuck you?’ He gruffly asked into her ear, his body hard against her, pushing her firmly against the granite top.

‘Fuck me.’ She pleaded, a little too sharply, surprising herself with her own abrupt delinquency.

Alice gasped as she felt the first inch push forcefully inside of her ass. Her sphincter, unoiled, fighting the intrusion and repelling the invasion.

‘Where is my cock?’ John asked, putting a hand around her throat and bringing his mouth to her ear.

‘My ass.’ Alice replied.

‘And do you like it in your ass, Alice?’

‘Oh god.’ Alice replied as she felt another inch prod inside her. ‘Hmmm.’

‘Say it.’ John said, slightly tightening her grip upon her throat.


‘Yes, what?’

‘Yes, I love it in my ass.’

John pushed a little further, taking his erection another inch or two down her bowel.

‘Do you want me to stop?’ He asked, retreating an inch and leaving just the tip inside her.

‘No.’ Alice replied meekly.

‘Well, what do you want from me?’ John pulled back a little further, almost emptying her hole.

‘No!’ Alice responded, pushing back to greet him but being frustrated as he retreated with her, one hand around her throat while the other firmly held her hips in place.

‘Remind me what you said last night?’

‘I want you to fuck me?’

‘That’s not all of it, though is it?’ John reminded her. ‘You said you had one deep dark wish. What was it? Tell me what you begged me to do last night? Tell me what you want me to do to you right now?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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