All nighter with my brother

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I walked down the road to my grandmother’s house which was only a block away. It was around 10 pm, and I had some work to do on the pc before sleeping. I went up and opened the door which was slightly ajar. I set down my things and went to the kitchen. I let out a small squeal. I wasn’t expecting my brother to be there.. oh well. He seemed surprised to see me too. I told him I was staying over. He told me he was too, his dad had asked him to. My granny was snoring away in her bedroom inside.

I was to sit in the living room. I told him I’d be up for a while. He told me he’d be on his mobile for a while. An hour and a half later I’m done and I pull out the couch to sleep. He had put a mattress on the floor. I turn off the lights and try to sleep, with the lights from adjacent buildings shining in. My grandmother didn’t like curtains for some reason. It was a cold December night and I had only a thin bedsheet. I started shivering and instinctively asked my brother if he was. He told me I could lie down with him for a while and I didn’t hesitate. We cuddled together for body warmth. My back was towards him. And we were practically spooning each other. I realized that I still had my bra on and I went to the bathroom to take them off because who likes their boobs Giresun Escort to be caged anyway. My nipples poked through the fabric because of the cold and you could see them because of the light shining inside.

I was single for a while now. My ex was a complete douche manipulated me to do his work for him too man times. It had been a while since I had anything remotely happening in my sex life. I knew it was my brother but still I lay back down, my back toward him and pressed myself to him. I thought I heard a sharp inhale from his side. To push it further, I slid my ass back a little. I felt something hard in between my legs and smirked. I then pretended to sleep. I felt his light touch on my ass. I think he was just checking if I was asleep, He then slowly slid his hand beneath my shirt and started inching toward my boobs. I held my breath. I wasn’t wearing underwear either and I was starting to get wet. He grazed his hands over my boobs and then slowly caressed them. I was a 34C and has a nice ass to match too.

I could feel his hot breath beside my ear and his hands cupping each boob of mine, tracing the tip of my nipple and ever so softly pinching them. I bit my lip to suppress the moans. At this point I think even he knew Giresun Escort Bayan I was pretending to sleep. He squeezed my globes and pulled me even closer to him if that was even possible and I think he freed his straining cock from his shorts and I could feel it digging into my ass.

Suddenly I hear some noise from inside and my brother goes in to check. I hear my grandmother asking if I had slept, and my brother said that I had. I shifted my position so that I was lying down, my back to the mattress and my arms above my head and my legs slightly parted. The door creaked open and I heard my brother lock the door as I pretended to sleep once more. I could feel the mattress dip as he sat down beside me and my nipples were still hard. He slowly peeled off the t shirt from my body and bunched it up around my neck. I could feel his breath on my chest and he licked my nipple and then sucked it slowly. He then slowly pulled my pants down and parted my legs. I was holding my breath in excitement and anticipation. He traced a finger from my inner thigh to my labia and then to my clit and gave it a flick. He then lowered himself to where I was extremely wet now and started his assault with his tongue. I couldn’t hold back the pretense any more Escort Giresun and dug my fingers into his hair and pushed him into me. I guess he was into it because now he started sucking on my clit and lightly nipping it and I was going insane.

It was then that I saw him at the window opposite to us. The curtains weren’t drawn and there was a man maybe in his late 30’s staring at us his cock out. In that moment I didn’t want to stop either, and I didn’t tell my brother either. He then took out his cock and rubbed it on my clit, looking at me. I nodded a yes for him to put it in me and so he did, slowly and I could feel myself stretch to accommodate his length. Fuck! That was some damn good dick. I then asked him to come closer and told him to fuck me like the nastiest slut he had wanted to fuck. And bit his earlobe. That sent him into a frenzy and he thrusted into me like a beast. My boobs jiggled and he gave my boobs an occasional squeeze. He then told me to get on all fours. I did and he started fucking me doggy style. And the guy at the window looked like his eyes were gonna fall out his sockets. He then spanked me hard and started fingering my ass. Holy shit that was unexpected but damn good! We were fucking away like crazy and with him on top of me, choking me, we came together, and lay down spent. When I looked at the window, the man was gone and I smirked to myself.

We lay next to each other without saying a word and our naked bodies cuddling. This was an unexpectedly fun night and I guess one of many more to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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