All Saints Ch. 05 Adios, Muchachas!

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All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old

Wednesday November 4, 1992, Palm Springs and Los Angeles, CA

The Wee Hours

As soon as Carter opened his eyes he knew his best friend for 54 years was in good hands. He turned his head on his pillow and squinted at the LED face of the small fake wood clock radio on the side table. 3:05 A.M. glared in glowing red alpha-numeric figures. His eyes slowly adjusted to the half-light from the sodium street lights filtering through the louverd venetian blinds on the studio apartment’s front window. Quietly, slowly, he tipped his head, looked down across his chest, over his slightly protruberant pot belly, and saw Luz’ bare back as she bent forward, kneeling by his right hip. Her long streaked hair was a curly veil falling to his abdomen and hiding her face.

Of course, he knew she was petting his fella. He felt her light warm fingers as they barely touched his strong morning wood. She was playing them up and down his spike, buffing him slowly, tentatively exploring the newness of her discovery. Carter was torn. He could say her keyword and have an experienced fucktoy or he could say nothing and enjoy her naivete. He felt like an option quarterback who could run or pass at will.

Carter decided just to groan. “Uhhnn.” He flexed his glutes and crunched his abs, raising his hips a half inch.

“Oh!” Squeaked the surprised girl, as Carter’s soft, spongy helmet rose quickly and bumped her nose. She had been fascinated, watching close up while drops of pre-cum gathering as the head’s slit opened and closed with each slide of her hand. Carter’s jerk left the amassed goop on her septum and upper lip. Luz instinctively, reflexively, scraped her finger across her nosetip and licked the sticky gob. She could not describe the taste with words in her mind but she like it.

Brushing her hair away from her face, behind her left ear, she turned to Carter and smiled. “Good Morning, Senor Bill! Your friend woke me before my alarm, so I was scolding him, but he apologized. Now I will kiss him and accept…” she returned her face to Carter’s dick and softly pursed her lips on the glans before sliding them over his oozing eye.

Carter moaned for real as Luz’ tongue wrapped under his rim and she closed her mouth around the top third of his stiff cock, sucking gently as she had done to his tongue when they had kissed last night. Her grip grew in strength as she gained confidence in her talent. Carter’s dick twitched of its own accord and she felt his bulging blue vein pulse hard under her sliding fist.

Carter reached out his right hand and stretched his fingers, insinuating his edged palm between Luz’ crouched bottom’s crack. Following the crease he found her cunt and was pleased that her rubbing on his dick had caused her own juices to flow. Her pussy was slick to the touch but out of reach for any significant penetration.

Meanwhile he felt his gonads constricting in their sack and he absolutely did not want to waste any opportunity, even though he always enjoyed a good blowjob. Carter sat up in the bed, disrupting Luz in mid-stroke. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up, off his aching, raging stalk.

Quickly he curled under himself and knelt first beside Luz and then behind her. Still steering her shoulders with his left hand, he pushed her forward, forcing her to all fours, and then, using his right hand, he spread her legs in front of his ready spear. Lined up, he thrust his hips forward and pulled her back by her shoulder, coupling them deep and fast like train cars. “UUHHNN!” Luz gasped as the unexpected rod forced itself past her os and into her tight trench. “AIIEE” she yipped as Carter pressed further yet, not satisfied with his balls touching her ass, but wanting them crushed against her.

Carter dropped his left hand from Luz’ shoulder to grab her left tit, swinging free as he pushed and pulled his dick in her pussy. He seized Luz’ right love-handle in his right fist and pinched as he pulled her hips against him with each forward thrust. “UUHHNN! AIEEE!” “UUHHNN! AIEEE!” Luz sang her incoherent and noisy song while Carter gripped, twisted, pulled, and pounded her relentlessly. Her ass switched back and forth under Carter and she rocked on her knees as he stroked.

Carter felt his surge approach its point of no return just as Luz screamed “OHH MI DIIIOO! OHHH!”

He growled and squeezed her tight to his pelvis as he let loose his load, shot after shot against her squirting tidal wave.

Carter held her in his iron grip, flexing his dick and butt as Luz naturally encouraged every little swimmer with her cunt’s strong sucking contractions. At last, his soft snake recoiled from Luz’ nest and they separated.

Carter leaned over his panting granddaughter and draped himself on her bare back. More tenderly than during the fuck, he rubbed her breasts with his cupped palms and kissed the nape of her neck. “There’s still another way to make love and babies,” he whispered, “Did you like that? It seemed as if escort bursa you did.”

“Ohh, Si,” Luz answered with a tremulous voice, ” That is a very fine way to make a baby. Mi gusto mucho, Querido…” her voice trailed away and she stretched forward, laying flat on her stomach facing the foot of the bed with her arms stretched out like a cross. She was limp and giddy. “How do you do that to me?” she asked in a lilting laugh. “You make me spin and I get so dizzy!” Luz giggled and rolled over. Lifting her arms up and spread wide she exclaimed, “Oh abuelo! Hug me and hold me!”

Carter launched himself with a chuckle and covered her with his body. He buried his hands in her hair and kissed her deeply. Pulling back, he propped himself up and looked into her glowing face. “I am so glad you are happy.” he said.

Noticing his Bulova showed it was nearly 4 a.m. he rolled off the bed. “You have to get to work and I have to get out of here before your neighbors start to get up and at ’em,” he advised. “I will see you at La Familia for lunch before I leave for the city.”

“Okay, Senor Bill,” Luz said, lazily, “You go. I will see you later. Te amo querido.” She rolled onto her side and studied her grandfather as he hurried into his clothes and slipped out her front door. Then she got up and started her own preparations for going to work.

Breakfast and Lunch

Carter opened his hotel room door at 4:30, tossed his blazer onto the made bed, and walked directly into the bathroom. Turning on the shower taps, he stripped while the water ran hot then stepped under the stinging needle spray. He always liked a sharp shower when he felt ragged and his weird sleep pattern, not to mention his running around the desert and fucking at all hours over the past few days had definately begun to take its toll. Carter stayed under the stream until it ran tepid and then stepped out on the mat and dried off slowly, thinking about all of his girls.

He left the bathroom, set his alarm for 8 a.m. and lay down for a nap. It seemed like only a minute before the beep-beep-beep of the insistent clock stirred him awake, but he rose feeling fresh and pretty good.

Carter packed, checked out, stowed his bags in the Taurus and returned to the conference for the closing session. His growling stomach demanded he visit the steam trays for rubber eggs and greasy bacon. He loaded up a plate and walked into the hall, balancing his food, a coffee and a pineapple juice-box.

Sitting in the rear, Carter rested and recovered his energy further as he listened to the final speaker drone through a presentation on Non-Directional Options Definition for Passive-Aggressive Personalities. The session ended at 11 a.m. The remaining conferees milled about, glad-handing and passing out cards, or pretending to be interested in some rival’s scholarly journal article. “Plastic fuckers!” Carter thought, generously including himself in that population of people who would rather be somewhere else at this moment.

Eventually an opportunity presented itself and Carter exited gracefully, making a bee-line to the parking lot. Settling into his sedan he checked his watch against the dash clock. They were only a minute apart, yet he had trusted his Bulova for 30 years and so adjusted the car’s clock back to 12:05 p.m. Smiling, he put the Ford in gear and headed for La Familia while the classical music played on the public radio station.

Carter opened the cantina door and admired Mari in a candid moment as she stooped near the counter picking up a dropped menu from the floor. Her dress rode up the back of her thighs momentarily, before her bending knees reduced the stress on the material. He had a three-quarters view of her “S”-shaped profile and appreciated the fullness of her bust and her slight tummy.

She wore a powder-blue double-knit skirt which was close fitting at her ass, but flared out in pleats to the hem just above her knees. Her slightly darker pale blue satin blouse, with its ruffled collar and deep V-plunge neckline, was covered by a shiny black polyester double-breasted gambler’s vest with silver filligree embroidery. When she stood, Carter saw the front panels of the vest covered just the outer half of her bust, nicely framing its irridescent blue fullness and the deep olive cleft of her bosom.

As Mari rose she noticed Carter standing in the doorway. Winking and smiling, she greeted him warmly, “Ola, Papa, Como esta?” and stepped forward, hugging him to her and briefly, lightly, rubbing his back through his guayaberra shirt.

“Muy bien, hija,” Carter chuckled, testing the limits of his conversational Spanish, “and how are you this morning?”

“Igualmente,” Mari replied, teasing him, “See how much improved your Spanish has become in just a few days?” Her eyes sparkled and her teeth flashed as her grin broadened, “Where has your tongue been?” she asked, soto voce, as she stepped back from the embrace.

Carter grinned back. “Oh, here and there. You know, one does learn language bursa merkez eskort best by immersion.” Laughing aloud he continued, “Do you have a table for me?”

“But, of course, Senor,” Mari replied, falsely formal, “Always.” She turned, collected a menu and said, “Right this way,” as she headed into the main seating area of the restaurant.

Luz had already spotted her mother and grandfather at the front counter and met them as they approached the place she had set at the small table. “Buenas Dias, Senor Bill!” she said cheerily as Mari held Carter’s chair while he sat.

“Good Morning, Luz,” Carter replied, “You look very nice, today. I trust you slept well after last evening’s party?”

“Oh yes, I slept very well,” Luz answered, nodding her head, “Thank you. Y tu? Dormiste bien?” she asked coyly.

“Ha!” Carter snorted. “If you are asking did I sleep well, then, I guess I did. It was, all in all quite a day for me yesterday, but once my eyes were closed, it was lights out until I awoke.” He winked at Luz. “Do you have any recommendations?”

Mari spied new patrons at the counter, excused herself with a quick touch to Carter’s shoulder and hurried to the front of the restaurant.

“The Chili Relleno is always a good choice,” Luz suggested, feeling her pussy twinge at the memory of her pre-dawn fuck, “Or for a bigger appetite, the carne asada always satisfies.”

“Hmmm,” Carter mulled, “How about your eggs? Are they fresh?” he asked, risking a quick touch to Luz’ right calf, just below her knee.

“None fresher,” Luz answered promptly, “They came this morning, straight from the hen.” She tilted her head and smiled. “Pero, you are clever to ask.”

“Well, in that case, I’ll have the Huevos Rancheros,” Carter ordered, “You remember I like the eggs runny, right? Oh, and an iced tea, please.”

“Si, I remember,” Luz said, leaving the table.

Luz was professionally attentive while Carter ate but the restaurant was much too busy to allow for dawdling, let alone flirting or, ‘hanky-panky.’ She did follow him to the register to say good-bye and she stood beside him, across from her mother. Mari looked at Luz with a pained expression. “Luz, No me siento bien. Puedes actuar como anfitriona para el resto del turno? Y telefonee a Gwen para que venga por más horas para cenar. Por favor?”

Carter understood none of Mari’s rapid Spanish, but became concerned when he saw Luz reach out and hold her mother’s arm over the counter. She squinted her eyes and answered “Por supuesto, mama, pero que pasa? Puedo hacer cualquier cosa por ti?”

“No, gracias, hija,” Mari replied, shaking her head, “solo estoy cansado y necesito sentarme.”

Carter felt more confused and left out as the women spoke, but their faces clearly indicated something was amiss. “Excuse me,” he interruped, “what is the matter? What is wrong?”

Mari looked at Carter with a wan smile, “I am feeling suddenly very tired, Senor Bill. I asked Luz if she could cover the rest of my shift and get another employee to come in for the dinner,” she explained. “Could I impose on you to give me a ride home on your way out of town? We do not live far from The Ten and it would not be much out of your way…” she tipped her head down and looked up forlornly as she beseeched her father for the favor.

Luz dropped her left hand from Mari’s arm and raised her right hand up to Carter’s shoulder, gripping him intensely. “Oh, Senor Bill, please, take Mama home and see she gets to bed! I will be by to check on her in the early evening.” Tears welled in Luz’ eyes, “Say yes, Please!”

Carter grimmaced, shook his head and spread his hands apart. “Why would I NOT do this? Of course I will take Mari home.” He reached his left arm behind Luz as she slid her hand up his shoulder to his neck. Hugging her to his side he kissed a tear from her cheek. “Don’t fret, honey, I will take care of your mom.” Turning to Mari, he said, “Are you ready to go now, or would you like me to hang around for a bit?”

Mari perked up a little and answered, “No, we can go anytime. I already advised Eduardo of my intention.” She stepped around the counter, gave Luz a quick hug, and walked with Carter through the restaurant doors.

In the car, as they turned the corner and left La Familia in the rearview mirror, Mari unbuckled her seatbelt and slid across the bench, hip-to-hip with Carter. She draped her left arm around his shoulders and squeezed her left breast against his ribs. “Papa, I have something to tell you,” she said softly.

“Oh?” Carter asked.

“Perhaps you have heard it said a woman can sometimes feel when she has a child even before a doctor could know,” Mari began, scratching Carter’s left earshell with a fingernail. “I am such a woman, I think. I feel very sure we have started a bebe. I can feel it in here,” she continued, rubbing the buttons of her vest, stretched across her midriff.

Carter moved his right hand from the steering wheel to Mari’s bursa sınırsız escort left knee. He pushed it up her leg, under the pleats of her skirt, until his middle two fingers bumped her bulging pussy behind her cotton briefs. Rubbing her crease through the cloth he asked, with a low chuckle, “Do you think I could feel it if I tried?”

Mari separated her knees and scooted her hips down, pressing herself against Carter’s impudent hand. “Oh I think you would have to go much deeper than that if you wanted to try.”

Carter agitated her cunt until he felt her juices oozing through her panties, then he plunged the damp cloth into the folds of her lips and continued wiggling. Mari began panting and squirming under the tension and clamped her legs tight around Carter’s wrist.

Carter kept his left hand on the wheel, his eyes on the road and his right hand in Mari’s crotch until they pulled into the driveway at Casa Guerrero in Cathedral City. The palms and hedges provided discrete privacy as they left the car and hurried into the house.

As Carter crossed the threshold, Mari closed the front door and re-bolted it. Pushing him in the back she forced Carter down the hall to her bedroom. “You promised Luz you would see I get to bed!” she laughed and slapped his backside, “So, get in there, Papa, and turn down the covers!”

Carter pulled down the chenille bedspread, light blanket and top sheet. Turning around, he saw Mari, stocking-footed, had already hung her vest in the closet and pulled her blouse from the waist of her double-knit skirt. She was reaching up to the back of her neck when Carter rushed across the room and embraced her. Holding her upraised wrists in his strong left hand he clasped her waist in the crook of his right arm.

“Hold it!” Carter growled, low in his throat, “Kiss me, little girl!” He curled Mari’s body to him and punctured her mouth with his tongue, nibbling at her lips. Mari pulled her hands from Carter’s grasp and dropped her arms over his shoulders, wrapping them around his neck as she feverishly kissed him back as hard as he was kissing her.

With both hands free, Carter found the button Mari was going for at the nape of her neck and opened the back of the ruffled satin blouse collar. He pushed the smooth material over her shoulder points and half-way down her upper arms. Mari inserted her hands between their chests and undid the buttons on Carter’s shirt. When she reached the hem she continued her handiwork on his belt buckle and slacks’ waist tab and zipper.

Carter pushed Mari’s blouse to her elbows, forcing her to leave his pants alone so she could free her arms from the satin sleeves. With her blouse hanging like a sash, she again focused on dropping Carter’s pants. Meanwhile, Carter unzipped Mari’s skirt and pulled it, together with her drooping blouse and her silk half-slip over her hips and below her ass until all the garments slid as a unit and pooled around her feet.

Mari moaned in Carter’s mouth as she squirmed her lingerie-clad body against Carter’s bare belly and chest, pushing his pants to the floor. Carter stepped out of his top-siders and his piled pants legs, pulling Mari back with him away from her own stack of fallen clothes.

Unencumbered – he in boxers and flapping guayaberra, she in bra, panties, suspenders and stockings – they danced a slow, close, unchoreographed courtship, ending with Mari supine across her queen-size bed with Carter prone on top of her.

The couple broke their bruising kiss as they toppled. Mari cried, “Take me, Papa, Take me!” and Carter’s fella was already pushing through vent of his shorts, expressing his own interest. Carter, however, was in no hurry. He grazed his chin along Mari’s chest, pulling her bra straps off her shoulders with his hands as he travelled. Using his teeth he unhooked the front closure clasp of her brassiere and peeled away the soft lacy cups from her mounded breasts.

His hands seized her globes and pushed them together as his tongue teased her hot, erect nipples in flashing, alternating stabs. Mari grabbed his ears and pushed his face into the valley between her hills. Carter pulled her hands with him as he moved his head to her tummy. He twisted and placed his left ear over her navel before straightening and kissing it. Raising his face to Mari, he grunted, “I can’t hear anything. It’s a quiet little thing!” and then scooted further down, past Mari’s garter belt to her prized pussy.

Mari’s white cotton bikini panties were soaked through and stuck transparently to her plump quivering cunt. Bits of glossy black curls poked willy-nilly past the leg seams at the crotch. Her scent was incredible, intoxicating and inviting. Carter popped her garters from her hose tops and pushed her suspenders and belt above her hips. With the path clear, he yanked Mari’s briefs down below her knees. She raised her legs, kicking, until the useless cloth fell from her feet to the floor, then she hooked her ankles around Carter’s back as he settled his lips on her dark rimmed bright pink conch.

“Ummmmm”, Mari hummed rocking her hips from side to side and pulling Carter’s ears. He slid his tongue in and out, running his nose the length of her slippery slit. “Ayiiii, Papa! Mi orgasmo esta llegando! VENGO! OOooo!” Mari cried, bursting upon Carter faster than he could lap her flood.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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