All Ways Always

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All Ways…Always

My younger sister Jasmine hates being called my little sister because as she points out she is not little anymore. She likes to tease me by touching her elbows together behind her back thereby thrusting her nice tits straight out to impress anyone looking. They are impressive too. For a fifteen-year-old she has just about the biggest tits of any girl in her grade. She wears a 34-D bra. Hell half of the eighteen-year-old girls in our school don’t wear a bra that big.

I’m seventeen years old and I have seen my sister naked lots of times. Jasmine has given me blowjobs and has let me fuck her too. Hell I got her virginity when I turned fourteen. I have fucked most of her girlfriends too.

When my sister first suggested starting a sex club I was all in favor of it. She talked to several of her girlfriends to see if they would be interested in joining in. Most of them were. I sure know that they all like to fuck and that they are not all that fussy as to who they let fuck them either. Jasmine and I worked on a name for the sex club. Jasmine finally stumbled onto “All Ways…Always” as a great name. She explained that it looked good and sounded good as well as expressing her sentiments exactly “All Ways…Always.” In her mind it meant letting boys fuck her in any hole and anytime that they want to. I was certainly in favor of that.

I passed the word to every boy that I could about my sister’s sex club and that they could join for twenty dollars a week plus a fifty dollar contribution for start up costs. I found a house out on the outskirts of town for rent. The house was really rundown and nobody wanted it anyway but it was cheap. I found some used beds with mattresses and got a few friends to move them to the house.

By the time I had the house ready my sister had twenty-six girls all ready signed up. The “All Ways…Always” club was off and running.

The next day at school we announced the grand opening that day right after school. That got several other boys to fork over their fifty-dollar initiation fee plus the first week’s twenty-dollar membership fee.

Jasmine and her girls rushed right over to the house, as did half of the boys in our school.

Jasmine asked me, “So big brother! Do you want to be the first one to fuck me in our new clubhouse?”

I replied, “Right in front of half our school?”

Jasmine said, “Of course! Lets prove to them once and for all that incest is best!”

We got naked, went partway up the stairs, and started in. Everyone had a great view. I knew right then that we kocaeli escort would have to put in a platform or a stage real soon.

Jasmine bent over and held onto the railing as I slipped my cock into her pussy and started rocking into her.

Jasmine cried out, “Hey everybody, my brother is fucking my cunt!”

As I gently fucked my sister I whispered, “Are you really committed to this club name?”

Jasmine shouted out, “All Ways…Always!”

Several girls shouted back, “All Ways…Always!”

With that I slipped my cock out of my sister’s pussy and into her tight asshole. I had been in there before and I knew that she really liked anal sex.

Jasmine shouted out again, “Oh God! He’s in my ass now and it feels so good! Fuck me harder brother! Butt fuck me harder!”

All eyes were on me so I forced my cock up into her ass just as hard as I could. I was lifting her up off her feet with every inward thrust and sending her D-cup tits bouncing all over the place to the delight of our audience. The harder I rammed into Jasmine the more I liked it, the more she liked it, and the more everyone else liked it too. By the time I was filling Jasmine’s rectum with cum every girl in the place was bent over with a cock in one of her holes.

There were probably four boys to every girl but no one cared. Every girl in the place was naked and getting fucked by one guy right after the other. A few girls continued to arrive late but stripped right away and got into the swing of things. Within the first half-hour every guy had cum at least once and they were looking for their second fuck of the evening. Some of the guys congratulated me on arranging for this club.

I my self fucked four more girls in their ass by the time I had to send everyone home for the night. The comments from the guys were that they would have paid twenty dollars a night instead of just twenty dollars a week. In other words it was a ‘fucking’ bargain. The comments from the girls were that they all felt like whores. Jasmine reminded them that was exactly why they had signed the pledge “All Ways…Always” in the first place.

I asked the girls how many times they had been fucked. The standard answer was ten to fifteen times each with two to four of those up their asses. The major complaint was the anal sex. Jasmine assured them that it would get easier. Some of the girls asked if they could skip the anal part. Jasmine said no, that all ways meant just that oral, anal, and vaginal. One of them asked Jasmine if she was willing to let me in her ass again. escort bayan Yes she was and bent over to prove it to them. I slipped my cock into her ass again. It was slimy and dripping but it was still a very good fuck. When I finished and pulled out the girls shrugged but said that they would be back again tomorrow after school.

On our way home Jasmine suggested that the club only be open from right after school until maybe eight o’clock on Wednesday and Thursday nights, to eleven o’clock on Friday nights, and then from four to midnight on Saturdays. That way the girls could have Sunday, Monday, and Tuesdays off to do their homework. She had considered noon to midnight on Saturdays but then she wasn’t sure that the girls would put up with twelve hours of being fucked. Jasmine said that she would have a talk with the girls tomorrow.

When I saw Jasmine between classes she was excited. Word had spread and she had added some more girls to her club making forty in all, including herself. I on the other hand had practically doubled my membership to two hundred boys. Now the odds were five boys to each girl. That Thursday evening was going to be fantastic.

Jasmine and I rushed out to the house to unlock it. There were about fifty guys and ten girls waiting to get in. Jasmine quickly suggested that the girls all do double penetration to get things started. When the other thirty girls arrived they simply joined in. Some even sucked a cock while letting two guys fuck them. With the girls doubling and tripling up on us guys they literally fucked us out. In a little under an hour there wasn’t a hard cock in the place. The girls cheered their victory and then started doing one another. Now that put some lead in our pencils.

That second night the girls taunted us about not being able to keep up with them and they were right. The night before three of us got to fuck them one at a time and then had time to recover but not that night. The girls were very proud of themselves and didn’t complain about anything but the need for more boys. I told them to help spread the word. They said that they would.

Friday at school I was approached by several teachers wondering if I could talk the girls into doing a teacher’s night once a week. I talked to Jasmine about it and she liked the idea and thought that Monday would be a good day. The girls could rest one day before and one day afterwards that way. She said that instead of just teachers maybe open it up to other adults as well. We agreed on fifty dollars at the door for admission. When izmit escort we asked some of the other girls about it they were worried about their fathers or relatives showing up. Jasmine said, “Then fuck them!” The girls said that I could set it up so I did. I let the teachers know the cost and that they could bring friends if they wanted too. I mentioned that about forty girls would be there on Monday.

Anyway Friday and Saturday both went real well. More girls were added and more boys too. We were at maximum occupancy even in that big old farmhouse with ten bedrooms.

Monday at school I mentioned to several of the teachers that we had outgrowing that farmhouse for our needs. By noon one of them told me that I could use the old roller skating rink for our sex club. There was plenty of parking and it was free if I wanted it. Of course I wanted it. I spread the word and talked a few of my friends to cutting classes so that we could move the mattresses over to the old skating rink. We completed the move and let the girls and teachers know that they were to go to the old skating rink after school instead of the old farmhouse. Jasmine spread the word during the last class and everything was all set. It was kind of nice having most of the teachers on our side and covering for us.

Right after school we helped haul most of the girls over to the old roller skating rink. The girls loved how spacious it was and the fact that the bathrooms all worked.

Soon the rest of the girls and some of the teachers started to arrive. I stood at the door and collected the fifty-dollar admission while Jasmine stood nude in the entrance, directing them toward various groups of girls. As suggested several of the teachers invited several of their friends. It seems that a lot of guys want to fuck willing high school girls.

My father was just as surprised, as I was when he walked in and handed me fifty dollars. I smiled and pointed him in Jasmine’s direction. I managed to slip over there to watch Jasmine on her hands and knees with dad pulling on her hair and slamming deep into her ass as she shouted out, “Fuck me daddy just like you do when mommy’s not home!”

Holy shit!

Well we never got in trouble for not coming home on time after that and dad was there every Monday to fuck till he dropped. Sooner or later every male teacher in our school came in to fuck their students. In fact half of the men in town came to fuck the girls. We added Tuesday to the schedule for men and canceled Wednesday and Thursday for the boys. We were a hit and all of the money went into a college fund to be dispersed later.

As a side note the sexual crimes in the community went down drastically. No body seems to know why. We do!

The End
All Ways…Always

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