All you Need is Love Ch. 01

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Tempted by the Fruit of another

Turning into the driveway of my apartment building I am compelled to an abrupt and sudden stop. I’m stunned by a vision so amazing, so glorious, I blink and rub my eyes to ensure I’m not imagining what I’m seeing. My next-door neighbor spread eagle across the hood of her car. She’s laying on her stomach with her ass facing me. Her homemade cut-off jean short shorts exposing her very private charms. Her clean-shaven pussy lips cause my cock to twitch and stiffen. I enjoy the view but feel I should make my presence known. My cock definitely wants to enjoy her.

“Hi, Veronica. What’s ya doing?”

Sliding off the hood, she wobbles trying to stand up. Still unsteady she grabs her unbuttoned shorts before they expose her completely. She pulls them up so tight that the double-stitched crotch seam slides between her pussy lips. The spray of the water hose she’s holding drenches my truck. It forces my eyes away from her jean camel toe.

“Whoa, watch that thing. You’re getting everything wet.”

“Oh, Hi.” Focusing on me with half-closed stoner eyes, she smiles. Her long tongue glides across her full wide lips. She bends it into a tube sliding it in and out of her pursed lips sucking in air as she does. My cock stiffens as I visualize her tongue wrapped around it.

The water hose snakes around spewing water down her chest. Her skintight white tank-top turns opaque, allowing her other charms to shine through. The shape of her large full breasts flattened into think round saucers. Her stiff nipples in the middle of her dark areola.

She closes her eyes and moans. I follow the flow of water past the t-shirt, down her bare abdomen, and into her shorts. Her shorts she’s letting slip lower and lower. I see her landing strip. I see her finger slip into the top of her vagina.

Cars honking at each other on the busy highway twenty yards away snaps us back bahis siteleri to now. Pulling up her shorts, she asks, “You wanna wash me?” She giggles “I mean my car.” Jiggling her chest with her hand atop her still visible landing strip shows me she wants more than a scrub down.

“Sure thing. I can see how dirty they are, I mean your car. How it needs a good rubbing, I mean scrubbing. I’ll be right back.”

“Can’t wait.” She slips the hose into her shorts smiling at me as I speed away.

I park in the tenant’s only area behind the apartment building. Running towards my apartment, I try to remember where I put my board shorts. I almost make it. One apartment away from mine, I see a friend, her live-in boyfriend. I stop. My hopes dashed. “Hi, Tim.”

“You see Veronica,” he asks?

“Yeah, kinda hard to miss.”

“Yup. She musta found my weed stash. She gets wicked horny when she’s stoned.” He opens their apartment door motioning for me to follow. Taking two beers from the refrigerator, he hands me one. Turning on the radio he crumples into his chair. He sighs the weight of the world upon his shoulders. “She’s told me before that when she’s horny she’ll start fucking if I’m there or not. Never understood how that would work.” The radio is playing the newest Eagles song, “Lying Eyes.”

Finishing the beer in two gulps, I thank him as I leave. Back in our apartment, I wait for my wife to come home from work. I’m trying not to think about what might have been and fail. I close my eyes envisioning rubbing my face onto those massive tits. Slipping my cock between her huge pussy lips and into her warm and tight pussy. My hard cock aches for relief. I get out of my rocking chair and head to the bathroom for some lotion. I’m stopped by my wife walking in.

“Hi honey, you’re home.”

“Yeah. I am.” I go to hug her, but she pushes me away. I mind, only a little. My cock is still hard canlı bahis siteleri but fading fast. Not that she would notice.

“Can’t you wait till I sit down before pawing at me?” She drops her purse by the door and releasing her exhaustion falls on to the couch.

“Let me get you a beer.” Margie, my wife, gets horny when drunk, as Veronica gets horny when stoned. I’m planning on getting her very drunk.

We have dinner, something simple, cooked from frozen, and several beers. I’m in the bathroom peeing when I hear our bedroom door open. Finishing in a flash, I stand in the doorway watching her undress. She turns to face me as she undoes and removes her bra.

“What are you looking at?”



“Cause I like seeing you naked.”

She turns her back to me slipping off her panties. “You’re horny. You’re always horny.” She walks to the closet and reaches for her nightgown, then stops. She turns to face me. My dick hardens. She smiles a sad smile and shakes her head. Her long light auburn colored hair plays peek-a-boo with her smallish breasts. I notice her nipples are hard, a good sign. Although her greenish-blue eyes are less happy. I can’t help but continue my gaze down her full, less-than-hour-glass shape. I stop at her pussy covered by thin pale blond pubic hair. Her hands are hanging limp by her side. “Well, are you only going to look or are you going to do this?”

Tossing my clothes into a corner I climb onto our bed. She slides next to me. My kisses are soft and tender at first, then with more desire. I try slipping in a bit of tongue, but she won’t go for it. I give up on that and begin kissing her neck. She stiffens when I fondle her breast and nipple. She relaxes a trifle when I suck on her other nipple.

I slide my hand down between her legs and she stiffens up again. She only will accept my cock down there. No hands, no anything. And she canlı bahis never touches me, my cock. Knowing this is the best it’ll be, I slip on top of her. She parts her legs as needed for me to slide my cock inside. She’s a bit dry so I take my time. A little bit deeper on each stroke as her pussy becomes moist, then wet. She moans a little. She stops when she hears herself. She’s afraid she’ll like it.

My cock glides in and out of her now thawed pussy. I try kissing her again, but she doesn’t respond. Exactly like she doesn’t respond to my strokes. I try pushing harder and deeper than normal. To my surprise, she spreads her legs a tad more. I push harder, she lets me in farther. She pulls her legs up raising her ass off the bed letting me deepen my strokes. She pushes back when I go deep. Her participation is a pleasant surprise.

I open my eyes and see her breasts quiver as we move together. I bend down taking one into my mouth and she moans. She moans again and again, louder each time. I am glad I jacked off in the shower yesterday day. I am lasting a lot longer. That is until I realize that.

“Oh yeah!” I shout filling her.

This is where she always stops what little movement, she invests into our lovemaking. Not this time. She’s pushing against me as I continue to plunge into her. I know I came, but my cock doesn’t seem to realize that. I thrust harder, and she spreads her legs more. Panting and pushing and spreading her legs for me to lunge farther, deeper. She whispers “Oh, oh, oh, oh.” Finishing with a long oooooooh, before crumpling. Her final pounce of her pussy against my cock worked for me too. I came again when I felt her warm flowing cum juices.

Still inside her, hovering over her, holding myself up with my arms, I smile. When she opens her eyes I say, “That was great. We need to do this more often.”

“You might, but not me.” She pulls herself up, and away, removing my cock from her. I take the hint and roll to the other side. She gets out of bed heading to the bathroom. I watch her go wondering when she stopped liking sex. We fucked in all sorts of interesting places before we got married.

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