Allie and the Wrestlers

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Allie had fucked four of the boys on the wrestling team – boys from four different weight classes. The smallest was 112 pounds, the largest 189 pounds. They all knew about it, and so I think did most of the junior class, and probably half the rest of the school, too. Not that our school was so big, with only about 100 students per grade. That meant everyone knew whom everyone else was fucking. But as much fucking as was going on that year, none of the gossip came attached to quite the repute of Allie’s collection of wrestlers.

She went to all the home matches. Sometimes she managed to drag me along. Allie didn’t care for the sport itself, or really for any sport. I’m not sure she even paid any attention – she certainly didn’t cheer or even seem to be inwardly rooting for any of the boys or the team. She didn’t seem to care who won. She said she just had something for the outfits and the sweating and the grunting. It never carried any magic for me, though I couldn’t help admitting several of the boys were awful cute.

Besides being totally uninterested in the sport, the other thing that made Allie’s numerous encounters with the wrestling boys somewhat odd, and thus lended it even greater notoriety, was the fact that she was a remarkably introverted girl. I’m not sure she’d ever really even held a conversation with any of the boys she fucked. Allie was known as a shy girl. And so, because she never acknowledged the scandalous trysts in public, I think at least half the students disbelieved the gossip outright.

Allie made me do the seducing – or recruiting – each time, and each time she made me watch. The first time, when she fucked Nick, the 130-pound senior, she convinced me to invite him to fuck her. She told me just what to say, and after some pitiful pleading on her part, I agreed. I walked straight up to Nick at his locker and told him, “Allie Michaels has a crush on you, and she wants to know if you will sleep with her.”

Nick nearly dropped his books. He immediately assumed I was joking, that his buddies had put me up to it. No one in their right mind would believe Allie to be capable of involvement in such a plot. And though I had quietly been somewhat promiscuous, my reputation was pretty untarnished itself. But that isn’t why Nick knew he could trust me. He knew better because we’d hooked up a few times during our sophomore year.

“Are you for real?” Nick asked.

“Yeah. I’m not shitting,” I assured him. “She’s dead serious.”

That’s when Nick saw Allie peaking around the corner about 50 feet away, and that’s when he first allowed himself to entertain the notion that we might not be involved in a prank after all.

“I don’t get it,” said Nick, still looking over my shoulder at Allie. I didn’t bother to check, but I imagine she was coyly looking back at him from down the hall. “What am I supposed to say?”

“I guess you should just say yes or no,” I replied. “I mean, you either want to fuck her or you don’t.”

“It’s that simple?” Nick asked. “I just say yes and we have sex?”

“You go to Allie’s house after school today. You have sex. You leave,” I explained. “Oh, and I will be there, too. But you don’t get to touch me.”

Nick’s eyes finally returned to my face. “Shhhhit,” he said. “I don’t know about this…”

“Don’t you think she’s hot?” I asked.

“Well, sure,” Nick said, glancing back up at Allie. “She’s cute. I mean, all the guys think she’s cute. She’s got something going on.” He looked back at me again. “But it’s just so weird. I can’t believe you’re serious.”

“Believe it. We’ll be waiting at my car in the parking lot after the last bell,” I said.

“You mean right after school?” Nick said. “Shit, I have wrestling practice, I can’t go then.”

“You can be late to practice,” I told him. “Allie says she’ll make it worth your while.”

Nick was still blushing. “Okay, okay,” he conceded. “I’ll be there.”

“Good,” I said. “Don’t tell your friends. If it looks like anyone is onto this, you lose your chance,” I told him. “And you can’t tell them afterwards, either,” I said, knowing that was asking too much. He assured me it would be kept confidential. I didn’t believe him, but at least I’d covered that base.

Allie rode up front with me, Nick rode in the back. No one talked. Not a word the whole way to Allie’s house.

Her folks weren’t home, and wouldn’t be home for hours. Allie disappeared and left me standing with Nick in the living room for a minute. He looked at me, sheepishly, and said he still couldn’t believe this was happening. He said he was waiting for “the guys” to jump out laughing at him. I assured him he was the only guy around.

Allie returned from upstairs holding a bottle of whiskey. She took a swig off it and handed it to Nick. He took a sip and passed it to me. I set it down. I didn’t think alcohol was a sensible ingredient to add to this seemingly senseless affair I’d been asked to chaperone.

“So…” Nick said.

“So take your clothes off,” Allie said. Those were her first words since Nick arrived at my car after school.

“I’ll be in the other room,” I announced.

Allie turned to me. “No. I want you to stay here. I want you to be here.”

I was surprised. I had agreed to stay for her safety, but I didn’t think that required me being in the same room. Surely she could yell out if Nick had gotten out of hand, assuming that was why she wanted an escort.

“I really don’t want to watch,” I said squarely. “No offense, it’s just not my thing.”

“You don’t have to watch,” Allie said. “Just please don’t leave the room.”

I sat down and picked up a book from the coffee table. I never even opened it.

Nick stood still for a moment. Allie saw he was being bashful, so she took her shirt off, revealing a lace bra cupping her two small but plump breasts. Nick stared straight at them for what he surely thought was a mere instant but was actually well over a second, then he glanced away nonchalantly.

A second later, Allie’s hands unclasped her bra and it was on the floor. Her small breasts, firm and perky as they naturally were, hardly moved a bit. Next, off came Allie’s pants. She kicked them away. She was wearing no socks, and her shoes she’d slipped off at the door.

Nick didn’t move. He just watched. He looked Allie up and down. She reveled in his gaze, now wearing nothing more than a pink, low-rise boy brief thong – basically a strap of fabric maybe 4 inches wide with a narrow crotch sewn across it – wrapping straight around her hips and plunging into the cleavage of her ass cheeks. She looked marvelous to me, and I think also to Nick. She was slightly skinny. Her hair was cut short and awkward, longer on one side than the other, dyed a slightly unnatural red. Her skin was pale and lightly freckled, but she was magnificent at that moment – the introverted girl who shed her shyness before our eyes.

“Now you,” Allie said to Nick.

He complied, somewhat clumsily. His shirt came off easily enough, exposing his hard pecks and abdomen. His skin was deeply tanned, with dark clumps of hair forming in a vertical line below, around and above his naval, and also around his brown nipples.

He unbuttoned his pants and shoved them down around his ankles, revealing black boxer briefs that tightly hugged thick legs and a bulging penis. I have to admit I stirred a bit when I first saw the contents of Nick’s pants.

Nick had some trouble getting his jeans off over his feet, but he managed not to fall over in the attempt. After a few seconds of awkwardness, both Nick and Allie stood directly across from each other, staring. I couldn’t help watching.

Allie slipped her thumbs beneath the waist of her underwear and guided them down her legs, letting them fall from her knees to her ankles. She gently stepped out of them and left them on the floor.

“Look,” she said, staring straight ahead at Nick as he slowly approached her. “I don’t want to kiss or anything. I don’t want to suck your dick or whatever. I just want you to stick it in my pussy and fuck me. Before you come, I want you to pull out. Don’t you dare come inside me. Is that cool?”

I almost giggled. I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Uh, sure, okay, whatever you want,” Nick said, happy to oblige the odd request.

“And don’t come on me, either,” Allie added. “This isn’t a porno.”

Allie stepped toward him and slipped his underwear off. His cock sprung right out. It was more impressive than I remembered. Not as big in any aspect as a couple I had touched, but bigger than most. His scrotum sagged freely behind it – they were perhaps the more impressive feature, seemingly filled with voluminous balls.

Allie wrapped her hand around Nick’s erect penis for a few seconds. She purred in delight, then, walking backwards, she used it to pull Nick toward the couch. She crawled onto her hands and knees on the couch and guided Nick in behind her. He clasped her hips with either hand and, with a bite of his lip, glided straight into Allie’s waiting, evidently well-lubricated cunt.

Allie moaned. “Fuck me!” she exclaimed.

Now I was hot. I could barely contain myself. I wanted to touch myself. I was getting wet. I’d never really watched other people have sex before. I’d been present before, but it was usually while I was having sex. And I’d certainly never watched a young slut lose her virginity. And of course I never would have dreamed it would happen in such a way. You simply don’t picture a girl willingly, at her own initiative, getting poked doggy style the first time she ever has sex. But there it was, happening before my very eyes.

The distinct sound of Nick’s pelvis slapping against Allie’s ass was exquisite. He began to thrust into Allie with abandon. By the tenth stroke, he was really getting into it, and so was Allie.

“That’s it,” she cried out. “Fuck that pussy! Fuck it good.” Allie gave herself a couple of firm spanks on the right ass cheek. Nick pumped harder.

By the thirtieth stroke, no more than half a minute into the event, Nick grunted and hunched over Allie. With a spasm, Nick extracted his cock from Allie’s pussy and grabbed it with his right hand. Allie flung herself around to watch, sitting her bottom right down on the couch, putting her face but a foot from Nick’s cock.

Nick held out a cupped left hand and shot his white sugar right into it, spurt after spurt. He ejaculated so hard, come splashed off of his hand and droplets scattered about the couch and the floor next to it. After about six or seven solid streams of come, Nick stopped stroking and collapsed onto the couch.

Experience had taught me that even guys younger than Nick were usually ashamed and embarrassed to come so quickly during intercourse, but Nick didn’t seem upset. Perhaps he didn’t care if Allie had been satisfied, but I think even more likely the strangeness of the whole event had lent a surreal air. Or maybe he just didn’t know coming in 30 seconds made one a poor lover.

In any case, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

“Is that all you have to offer,” I asked? “That’s the first time this girl ever had sex, and that’s all you can give her?”

“Leave him alone,” Allie protested. “I thought it was great.”

Sure, she had seemed to enjoy the brief episode, but brief it had been indeed. And she surely had not experienced an orgasm.

“I’m sorry,” Nick said, finally duly embarrassed. “But it’s the first time I ever had sex, too.”

He escaped to the bathroom with his clothes, then reappeared just long enough to tell Allie he’d enjoyed the fuck, apologize again, say thank you, and ask me for a ride back to school so he could attend wrestling practice, albeit late and somewhat fatigued.

In the first month, Allie never fucked any of the boys more than once – not in a given session, and not in a separate session. After Nick, they’d gaziantep escort all been even easier to convince to come home with Allie. We had expected Nick to tell the whole team about his exploit, and while each was still somewhat surprised to receive the invitation, and each had surely doubted the authenticity of Nick’s original telling, the truth gained credibility with every additional fuck. By the time we invited the fourth boy home for a romp, Allie and I fantasized together about each of the boys on the team daydreaming about the moment they, too, might be asked to fuck Allie.

The second boy she did was “Slight” Dwight, the tiny 112-pound star of the wrestling team. Dwight dominated his weight class, and despite his small stature, he was rumored to be quite experienced with the girls. We’d heard more than a few stories around the girls’ room about Slight Dwight, who was also said to be not so slight between the legs.

The routine went almost identically. This time I didn’t have to be invited to stay, but the whole thing played out almost the same way as the encounter with Nick. With each boy, Allie got a bit more adventurous. After seeing Dwight’s hard cock standing tall – indeed quite out of proportion to his body though by no means huge in general terms – she couldn’t help but drop to her knees and give it a few licks, some kisses and then take a good deal of its length into her mouth. The blow job lasted only seconds, but Dwight savored every moment. He glanced at me once while Allie sucked him off, but quickly he closed his eyes and turned away.

She got on her back for Dwight and spread her legs wide. He kissed her belly a few times and moved his head toward her crotch, but Allie stopped him. “Unh-uh,” she reminded him, “What did I say?” Dwight didn’t put up a struggle. Allie put a condom on him (we’d had a heart-to-heart after Nick), and he dove right in, cramming his dick right into her with one steady thrust. Dwight fucked Allie hard right away. She moaned and squealed all the trite phrases she’d used on Nick.

I was hot again, maybe even more this time than last. Dwight’s small frame was tight, wiry and firm. He was only about 5’4”, but he was hard as a rock and cut like granite. I writhed in my seat a bit, brushing my own crotch against the cushion, shifting my labia just so in order to stimulate my clitoris, feeling my panties grow moist.

Unfortunately, Dwight didn’t last much longer than Nick had; not long enough for Allie – let alone me – to achieve any conclusive satisfaction.

“That was wonderful,” Allie told Dwight as he collapsed on top of her for a moment.

The third guy to get the treatment was Paul, a 140-pound Jewish kid said to be one of the most inconsistent wrestlers on the team. From what I’d seen, but also according to legend, he had never had a close match – he always won or lost decisively. Rumor was Paul had the most skill of anyone on the team, and would have been undefeated if he could keep his hands out of his pants before matches. The other guys picked on him for masturbating before half the matches – they said he couldn’t help himself, it was nerves or something. If he jerked off before a match, he didn’t stand a chance. And yet he apparently still jerked off before about half the matches.

Paul had one of the smallest yet most beautiful penises I’d ever seen. Allie made him jerk it off before she even touched him. She asked him straight out if it was true he jerked off before the matches he lost. He admitted it was in fact true. Allie asked why he did it, and Paul answered that he just couldn’t help himself; he liked to jerk off.

He lasted the longest of the four – several minutes, in fact. With Paul, Allie really took things up a notch. Before she let him fuck her, she had him finger her twat for several minutes, and then she had him poke a finger into her asshole. The anal play went on for a couple more minutes, before Allie demanded Paul “shove that hot cock” insider her. He thrust in and out slowly, timidly, steadily. He came with a long, low groan.

Allie saved Ron for last. He was a 180-pound black kid, and the only one Allie had ever really been friends with. Ron was the most hesitant to oblige, but I convinced him without too much difficulty. Ron was rumored to have fucked most of the black girls and several of the white girls in both the senior and junior classes. And he was said to be great in bed.

In this case, that translated to lasting a few minutes, but having an ample tool with which to thrust, while it lasted. Ron was simply hot, no two ways about it. His body was perfect – muscular, almost hairless except the bristly bush around the base of his cock. Allie spent some time on him, and she let him eat her pussy for quite a while. Long before Ron began fucking Allie, I had my hands down my drawers – this time I’d planned ahead and wore baggy pants – and I was fingering my pussy and clit like mad. Ron noticed, and I think it drove him mad.

I thought Ron had showed some promise when he was the first not to be fully hard when his tight boxer briefs had initially come off. But within seconds he’d risen to his full, astonishingly impressive length and girth, and seemed ready to explode. His big cock twitched and jerked as Allie used first fingertips, then fist, then tongue, then lips, then mouth to explore it. On a few occasions he pulled away, at first seeming to tease Allie. It soon became obvious he was merely trying not to come before he even got the chance to be inside his mysterious partner.

When she spread for him, Ron went straight at it. As she lay on her back, Ron knelt right between her legs on the couch, grabbed both Allie’s legs by the undersides of her knees, and hoisted her hips right off the cushions. He guided his throbbing cock right into her pussy, soaked with her juices and his saliva. And then he simply ravaged my best friend right there on the couch, with her egging him on the whole way. This time I found myself cheering. “Fuck her!” I shouted as I poked and prodded my own twat with abandon. “Fuck her as hard as you can! Pound that sweet pussy!” Allie began to shriek very loudly.

It was wholly predictable that Ron couldn’t handle the excitement. He groaned audibly as he began to come straight into the condom, with one final plunge deep, deep inside Allie’s pussy.

“Don’t you stop fucking her,” I found myself saying. “Keep going. Keep going!” Ron began stroking again. “That’s it,” I said. “That’s a good boy.” He crammed his dick in and out of her even as it grew visibly more flaccid. His face was distorted with discomfort, yet like a trooper he thrust his fading manhood in and out of her despite the accordion effect that made it bend and bunch.

Allie moaned the whole time – and the post ejaculation fucking lasted nearly two more minutes. But alas, Ron could fuck her no more; life never returned to his penis despite his best intentions.

When Allie finally had me invite each of the four boys back for another fuck, they were delighted. They found out before the end of school that they’d all been re-invited, the same day, at the same time. They met me at my car as a group. Allie had already gone home to await us.

“What gives?” asked Nick. “You invited all of us?”

“Yes,” I answered on Allie’s behalf. “It seems she wants to fuck you all at the same time. She figures that way maybe she’ll get four minutes out of the ordeal.”

The boys didn’t laugh. They seemed perturbed.

“Look, guys,” I said, “no one’s making you do this. You can all come along and have a good time, or you can all go home. But Allie says it’s all or nothing. She doesn’t want you one at a time, or even three at a time.”

I flicked ashes off my cigarette and scanned the group. They each looked at each other in turn.

Paul giggled. “Shit, we’d might as well do it, right?”

“Why not?” asked Dwight, rhetorically. It aint like we haven’t seen each other naked before. They all chucked.

“That’s the spirit, boys,” I said. “Hop in.” I strode around to the driver’s side, unlocked the doors to my 10-year-old Honda, jumped in and started it up. As the tallest, Ron joined me up front. The others squeezed into the back.

I wanted to be the one to break the awkward silence, so before we even got out of the school parking lot, I spoke up: “This isn’t going to be a competition, guys. You had better be good to Allie or I’m going to call the whole thing off. You were all okay on your own, but I’ve seen how you guys get around each other. She wants to get fucked good, and for some reason she’s chosen to fuck you all over again, but she doesn’t want to get treated like a piece of trash. Got it?”

Dwight waited for my little speech to end before saying, “Hey, you know, Tristin, I can last a whole lot longer if I have a chance to come before I fuck. I can be hard again in about five minutes, and I last a lot longer the second time.”

The other guys all chimed in their agreement.

“Well, I guess that’s what Allie is banking on,” I said. “She thinks if you guys fuck her one at a time, by the time you are done watching your buddies fuck her, you’ll be hard again. She’s hoping to get a good twenty minutes out of you all this time,” I said, punctuating with a chuckle.

“Well,” Dwight came back, “I can do it four or five times, so it’s not as if coming before hand will cause me to only be able to do it once with her later. I think we should all come now – that way Allie will get the best from us all, right off the bat. And it will help relax us, too.”

“So,” I said, “what do you want me to do, pull over here so you can have a circle jerk on that lawn?”

“No,” said Ron. “My house is right up here. Let’s stop there. We can all wack off and then we’ll be in great shape when we get to Allie’s.”

That plan sounded fine to me. I pulled into Ron’s driveway and turned the car off. “You guys have 5 minutes,” I announced. “That should be plenty of time. Go do your thing.”

The boys all climbed out, but Dwight leaned into my window. “Ya know, Trist, we all know how much you love to watch –”

“Go!” I shouted at Dwight.

He started to turn, but then spun back around. “C’mon, Trist. Don’t you wanna watch four guys jerk off at once?”

“I think I can wait,” I said, unwilling to admit aloud that an element within me was clamoring to follow him into the house.

Dwight finally relented and trailed his buddies into the front door. I lit a cigarette and slouched in the driver’s seat. The first minute passed like an hour. I could barely contain my curiosity, and eventually I couldn’t even do that.

Tossing the remains of my cigarette to the ground, I opened the front door quietly and snuck about the house, from room to room, looking for the boys. I imagined they had split up and were behind various closed bedroom and bathroom doors. The idea of surprising one of them excited me. But I had no way of knowing whom I would walk in on.

After about a minute of hemming and hawing, I picked a closed door and opened it swiftly. I’d revealed a bathroom. There was Paul sitting on the toilet, seat down, hunched over himself, beating off like a good boy. He looked up at me, startled, and hunched further over his own lap. “Shit!” he exclaimed.

I smiled widely at him. “I was just checking to make sure you’re doing your duty,” I said. That’s when I noticed the girly magazine on the floor, a big black ass adorning an entire page, pussy glistening beneath the anal centerpiece. “I never took you for liking the ebony types,” I said to Paul.

Paul’s face went flush. “It’s all Ron had,” he said, grinning broadly, then frowning suddenly. “I mean,” he stammered, “I like black girls. I didn’t mean it to come out that way.”

How sweet of Paul to consider my feelings. “Yeah, it’s cool,” I told him. “If you ever had black pussy it would be your choice – that much I know for sure.” With that, I disappeared, closing the door behind me, and turned to go down the hall.

The pictures adorning the next door I chose revealed it to be a girl’s bedroom, presumably that of Ron’s younger sister. I swung that door open swiftly and found Nick inside, sitting on the edge of the bed taking up much the same position I’d just discovered Paul in. He was furiously stroking his cock, but there was no porno in sight. He looked up at me, and after a quick moment of embarrassment, he relaxed and said, “Well, are you just going to stand there, or do you wanna finish this off?” Nick gestured toward his hard cock.

I grinned. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“It’s been a long time, Trist,” he said. “And I’ve never forgotten what a talent you have for sucking dick.”

“Well,” I said, feeling an added rush of excitement, “since you put it that way…” I strode directly over to Nick, pulling my hair back behind my shoulders, and knelt between his legs. I felt Nick’s fingers on my scalp immediately. I didn’t play around; I just took his entire cock into my mouth and let him fuck my face. He gently pulled my head toward and away from his crotch over and over again, groaning ever so quietly with each stroke.

“That’s it, Baby,” Nick whispered as I sucked with total abandon, slurping away loudly. “That’s it.” I kept my eyes closed the whole time, but I could feel tears welling up as the tip of his cock touched my gag reflex over and over again, producing lots of moisture in my salivary glands and tear ducts. It felt so good to have a hard cock in my mouth. I fantasized that the other boys were watching. Then I imagined Allie watching.

After several minutes of pumping, Nick’s cock began to twitch and throb a bit, and he groaned once loudly, indicating he was going to ejaculate. I ignored the warning and sucked harder, pulling on his balls a bit. He came hard, as always, shooting stream after stream of warm come into my mouth. I tried drinking it down but it was hard not to choke. I had to pull off of his cock, squeeze it tightly in my right hand, and let the last few streams squirt into my mouth from about an inch away. Some got on my bottom lip and a bit ran down my chin, but most of it hit the target. I swallowed what was in my mouth and licked my lips to collect the rest.

I was wiping my chin when I realized an audience had accumulated behind me. Facing the door I’d carelessly left open, Nick had known the other three boys had all appeared there, watching in silence. I acted startled, though of course the only surprise was that all three of them were there, instead of just one or maybe two.

“Damn…” Dwight voiced the general thought of all the boys, including Nick. “That was fucking hot.”

I stood straight up and said, “Act One is over. We’re late for Act Two.” As I walked past the boys in the doorway, I added, “You boys better not have spoilt yourselves. You’ve got a lot more performing to do.”

No one mentioned our foray to Allie, and she didn’t seem to notice we were particularly late. When we arrived at her living room, she was already wearing only a pair of cotton panties.

“Are you boys ready to fuck?” she asked. They all nodded or vocalized their agreement. “Good, then, let’s get started. One at a time. Who wants to go first?”

A long pause was finally broken by Dwight stepping forward. “I’ll go first,” he said.

“Alright, then,” Allie said. The rest of you get naked. But don’t you dare jerk off. I want you fresh for me.” I snickered a bit, but the other boys merely smirked, willing to play along. In a matter of seconds, all four wrestlers were entirely undressed.

“Eat my pussy first,” Allie ordered Dwight as she sat on the edge of the couch, poking her crotch out at him and slouching back. I sat watching, growing ever hornier on a steady trajectory that started after the boys had gone into Ron’s house earlier.

Dwight complied, stuffing his face between Allie’s thighs and pinching her clit with his lips. After a few seconds of flickering tongue, he used his hand to part Allie’s labia for better access. Allie seemed content as Dwight licked and slurped away at her pussy. She moaned slightly and wiggled a bit as she lay on her back.

The other boys were growing hard. Ron was stroking his dick, which grew bigger and bigger by the second. The others were just kind of playing with theirs casually as they stared at the spectacle of Dwight’s head bobbing around Allie’s crotch.

After a few more minutes, Allie gestured for Ron to approach her. She reached up and took his cock from his hands, stroking it as it reached its full stature. Then she used both hands to stroke it – there was still room on either end. Next Allie pulled Ron’s pelvis down toward her face and bent his big dick downward until the head reached her lips. She kissed it and licked it for a second before beginning to engulf it.

Ron was visibly uncomfortable for the first few seconds as his cock contorted downward, but then he threw a knee up onto the arm of the couch and leaned into position until it was nothing but pleasant. As Allie drew his dick deeper into her mouth, he helped by bending his legs to thrust the hard shaft in and out – withdrawing fully for half a second then plunging about three inches straight in. Allie wasn’t letting him go any further than that, as it was all she could do to stretch her mouth open enough to accommodate his girth.

“Fuck my pussy, Dwight,” Allie suddenly broke the relative silence. I tossed Dwight a condom as he rose to his knees on the couch. He clumsily tore open the package and rolled the rubber onto his fully erect prick. Greedily, Dwight shoved himself deep inside Allie, arching his upper torso backwards so his face wasn’t buried in Ron’s ass. He thrust in and out rhythmically, not particularly hard, but using long, consistent strokes. Allie kept sucking Ron’s dick as he, too, got a little greedy lowering himself into her still-ajar mouth. She was swallowing him like a pro. Soon she would be showing me up, I thought as I watched.

I was hot by now and had lost all sense of inhibition. I pulled my pants and panties to my knees and immediately started stroking my clit with two fingers. In less than a minute, an orgasm rushed through me, warming me to my shoulders. I only paused for a second, then resumed the glorious rubbing.

Impressively, Dwight and Ron were both still putting it to Allie. The other boys were plainly growing anxious. They had glanced over at me a couple of times, as had Ron, to get a good look at my neatly shaved pussy. But clearly the main spectacle was still Allie, just as she wanted it. I was mostly paying attention to Ron, who was so beautiful standing naked there dropping his fat cock into Allie’s mouth over and over. She must have slurped that dick 200 times before he finally started to show apprehension, clearly nearing climax. Finally he pulled out and started stroking his cock.

Ron looked me in the eyes and I found myself nodding. I jerked my head to summon him. As Ron strode toward me, Paul eagerly took the opportunity to approach Allie. She was reaching for Paul’s dick when Ron shoved his own in my face. I opened my mouth wide and guided Ron’s swollen head toward my lips. I stopped him just at the point where my full lips met the tip of his gorgeous cock. The timing was perfect: he fired four or five solid streams of semen into my mouth, one shot hitting the back of my throat squarely. I swallowed.

When Ron stepped away, I wiped my lips and looked back over at Allie. She was masterfully sucking Paul’s little rod all the way to the base as Dwight continued to fuck her. “Pound that pussy!” she commanded, and presently Dwight made his thrusting swifter, only to grunt loudly through a pained expression. He was coming in Allie’s pussy.

“Good boy,” Allie said to Dwight. “Paul, take his place. Nick, come fuck my face.”

As Paul positioned himself between Allie’s legs, Nick climbed onto the couch and straddled her in some kind of wrestling stance, a foot at the side of each of her shoulders. He put his hands on the arm of the couch behind her head and, knees bent, he lowered his dick into her waiting mouth.

I threw a condom to Paul; he had it opened and in place just a few seconds after catching it. His prick was almost instantly inside Allie, who squealed with delight and ordered him to fuck her “fast and hard.” He did, and Allie moved her hips in unison with his thrusts, stroking and sucking Nick all the while. Before long, Allie shouted, “Fuck!” Her body thrashed and she let out a ghastly “Eeeeegh!” as she came hard.

Big Ron and little Dwight were already playing with themselves again, trying to revive their faded penises. Ron didn’t seem very hopeful in the short term, but Dwight was eagerly and earnestly stroking his semi-stiff rod. Dwight looked at me and I motioned him forth. I took his oversized cock into my hand and massaged it. Then I wrapped my lips around it and sucked hard while tickling it with my tongue, putting the taste of latex out of my mind until it passed.

Dwight quickly grew thick and firm in my mouth, living up to his earlier promise of a quick rebound. I began stroking his shaft with my lips, gliding effortlessly from head to base. His aroma was sexy; I closed my eyes and enjoyed his presence and Allie’s lingering scent from his pubes while he gently placed his hands on my cheeks, as if to steady my head. Meanwhile, I played with my pert clit, my pants and underwear still around my ankles.

With Paul between her legs, Allie’s nearly constant moans finally began to crescendo, apparently heralding an orgasm. Her moaning gave way to successive screams of “That’s it!” and “Yes!” followed by a prolonged “Oh!”

Paul, too, was clearly reaching orgasm as he fucked Allie. He grunted a few times then announced, “I’m gonna come!”

“Do it, baby!” Allie shouted. “Come right inside my pussy.”

Paul fell silent. I moved Dwight to the side a bit, his dick still in my mouth, so I could watch Paul and Allie come together. She was stroking Nick now merely with her hand, but that seemed to suffice. Allie was jerking him off furiously. He pulled her hand off for a second, apparently to forego climaxing, but she quickly regained her grip and commanded: “Come all over me. Just do it.”

While Paul was still slowly stroking her, spent but not yet resigned, Nick allowed himself to shoot sperm onto Allie’s neck, shoulders and breasts. Despite having already presumably shot a wad at Ron’s house earlier, he produced several plentiful gobs. Allie wiped his product up with her fingers and licked them clean, tasting come for the first time. She looked up at Nick and smiled. “Not bad,” she told him.

Dwight was now rock hard again in my mouth. I shoved him over toward my best friend as she lowered herself onto the floor and stuck her ass in the air while her forearms braced her upper torso over the carpet. “I want it in the ass,” she said, looking over her shoulder at Dwight, who had already dropped to his knees behind her.

“Really?” he asked, as if by now he didn’t know better than to be surprised by Allie’s experimental spontaneity.

“Really,” she responded quickly. “Unless you’re scared – I’m sure someone else will do it.”

Dwight looked at me, as if for direction. “Do you have any lube?” he asked.

I shook my head and handed him a condom. “Spit,” I said.

Dwight licked the index and middle fingers on his right hand then spit on them and rubbed the saliva around with his other hand. He poked a finger right inside Allie’s bare little asshole, and it glided right in. She didn’t even flinch.

“Don’t bother,” she said. “Just fuck it. It’s plenty loose.”

Dwight was surely taken aback, but he obliged immediately. He dressed his chubby cock with a rubber and brought his hips up behind Allie’s ass. He paused for a couple of seconds; it was obvious he’d never had anal sex before. But then he leaned forward and slid his dick right inside Allie. She stiffened for just a moment, but then she started barking orders. “Keep it moving, baby; keep it moving.”

Dwight gripped Allie’s skinny waste and started thrusting his full length in and out of her. From the right angle, I could see the tip of his dick emerge and her tight little anus pucker just before he crammed it all back in, I’d say nearly seven inches in one heave. Allie was whimpering in ecstasy; there was no sign she was experiencing even the slightest discomfort. It was news to me, but she must have been playing with her ass a whole lot. The first time I took it in the back door, the experience was not remotely so pleasant for the initial minute or two.

As I was watching Dwight fuck Allie’s ass, Ron approached me again. His dick, though still mostly flaccid, was bigger than any of the others at their fullest. It began to show signs of renewal when I wrapped my lips around the enormous head. I pulled most of his limp cock inside my mouth and just caressed it with my tongue, waiting for it to gradually engorge until it began to choke me. Then I started stroking, with my mouth and both fists, slowly at first, then voraciously. I had never touched such a big cock, and I found myself even more turned on than I could have expected.

Allie looked over at Ron and me, I’m pretty sure that was the first time she’d realized I had become a participant, as caught up in herself as she’d been. I was afraid she’d be upset, but she smiled and winked reassuringly at me between a stroke-induced series of quivers and moans, as if to say, “Get some, girl.”

Right about then, Paul appeared behind me. He was pulling my pants and underwear off over my feet. I considered scolding him for not asking permission, but I was too caught up in the sounds of Allie’s hot moaning and the giant dick buried in my face. Instead, I stuck my ass into the air. Paul had already acquired a condom from the array of them on the floor and draped his half-hard cock in it. Paul was still partly limp when he entered my cunt, but after a few strokes, that changed. He grabbed my ass as he began to wildly fuck my pussy. I usually don’t like to get pounded like that, but under the circumstances it was just how I wanted to get fucked. I had had Paul before, of course, and I usually preferred he pace himself so as not to come too soon. But he seemed confident, and I was turned on by the veritable ravaging he offered my throbbing cunt, so I just enjoyed it.

Ron was now almost fully erect; maybe, I suspected, as hard as he was going to get after having shot two loads in under an hour. I marveled at his size as I licked and squeezed his dick. He was alternately watching Paul fucking me and Dwight ass-fucking Allie.

After several minutes of anal pounding, Dwight announced he was going to come. Then his body froze up, leaving Allie to keep the action going by rocking back and forth on his spasming cock. Dwight crumpled forward onto Allie as she wriggled beneath him, then he slowly pulled out.

“C’mon, Ron,” Allie said. “You’re mine, now. Pick a hole.”

Ron donned a condom, sauntered over to Allie, and rolled her onto her back, still on the couch. He grabbed the crooks of her knees and spread her legs apart, lifting her ass a few inches into the air. With his feet squarely on the floor, he crouched down until his barely hard dick poked at Allie’s newly worn asshole. It didn’t go in easily, so Allie reached down to guide the chubby pipe in. After it squirmed and crumpled for a few seconds, Ron’s cock finally breached Allie’s back door, and this time she registered more recognition of the entrant.

“Whoa,” Allie blurted as Ron guided his prick uneasily into her ass. He would push in an inch, then withdraw half an inch, then repeat. This continued through numerous iterations, until finally Ron was close to pubes deep in Allie’s rear. Then the confident strokes began.

Dwight was pretty-well spent, now sitting on a chair as a mere observer. But Nick was showing renewed signs of interest, so I called him over to me for some fluffing. Paul was expertly fucking my pussy from behind, so Nick knelt down in front of me for a blow job. I took his partly erect dick in my mouth, and it sprang to attention almost instantly. I sucked him for a few minutes, stealing glances at Allie and Ron whenever I could, and once in a while looking back over my shoulder at Paul, telling him to keep fucking me. I was whimpering and moaning pretty regularly, expecting an orgasm at any moment.

After a few minutes of fucking Allie’s ass spread eagle, Ron pulled out and flipped himself over onto the couch, slouching down with his legs extended and his feet pointed, flat on the ground. Allie took the cue and climbed up onto him, lowering her asshole back onto Ron’s big dick. Now the rest of us had a better view of just how deep Allie was taking Ron. It was impressive. Ron’s bulging arms were doing much of the work to keep Allie from getting fully skewered. He seemed to know how far she was comfortable going, probably taking hints from her occasional winces when he was basically all the way in. Once she was comfortable in the new position, Allie worked in unison with Ron to glide up and down on his cock fluidly and quite rapidly. They were both grunting now with each deep poke, which on occasion seemed to involve a full trip from head to hilt.

I couldn’t stand any more. I don’t know what contributed most to my orgasm – the sight of Allie and Ron, or Paul’s championship pummeling of my now-sore cunt, but I surrendered to a blistering climax and fell forward, leaving Nick’s cock bobbing in the air, and forcing Paul to lunge forward to stay inside me. Paul, however, was nowhere near ready to shoot his next load, so he humped my hole from behind even as I lay mostly flat on the floor, spent for the moment and tingling almost uncomfortably down below.

Ron and Allie fucked in that jaw-dropping position for a few luscious minutes until both were visibly growing too tired to keep the arrangement stable. At that point, Allie sat back on Ron’s hard abs and he used his hips to push in and pull out of her, a few inches each way, still at a decent pace. It was then that Allie announced she was still feeling empty.

Ron chivalrously came to her aid: “C’mon, Nick, help the girl out. Getcher gear over here.”

With Allie’s legs draped limp over Ron’s knees, her thighs were spread wide and her sopping wet pussy exposed to the open air. Nick cloaked his dick, put his hands on the back of the couch, and then allowed his hips to approach Allie’s hungry cunt. He jabbed his dick inside and began thrusting as Ron and Allie both encouraged him. An awkward rhythm ensued between the three, with more shimmying than thrusting, but each appeared to be having a great time.

I don’t know if Paul was jealous or just vicariously thrilled, but something changed in his performance when that threesome started up. He started fucking me hard, almost crazily. I wouldn’t have been enjoying it, except it was exciting to know he was so fired up. When Nick started nibbling on Allie’s tits as they jiggled about, she shrieked with pleasure. That was all Paul needed, and he started groaning. I could feel his dick throbbing in my pussy as he deposited burst after burst of jizz into his condom. Then he collapsed on top of me, but I slid out from beneath his fresh corpse.

It was hardly two minutes before Nick was showing the all-too-familiar signs of apprehensive climax approach. Allie didn’t care. “Just fuck me, Nick,” she said. “Come when you want to.” And so he did. It was brief, and then he was gone.

Allie started rubbing her pussy. Even with Ron’s huge cock impaled in her asshole, now thrusting like a piston once again, she looked unsatiated. She pinched, triggered, tapped and tickled her clit as if frustrated. Her face contorted almost in anger, her eyes closed tightly, and she breathed through the sides of her cheeks, obviously concentrating on obtaining one more big orgasm for the day.

I was so proud of my best friend for her spectacular performance, I crawled over between her legs and buried my face in her crotch before she even knew who it was.

“Oh, shit,” she said just before grabbing the hair on the back of my head and pressing my jaw firmly against her mound. I had never tasted pussy before, and I’m not sure I loved the smell of dripping-wet cunt and cock-burned ass at first. But after a few seconds, the mood snared me completely and I was gobbling away with my lips and tongue. I was probably sloppier than a guy at first, but eventually I got used to Allie’s delicately engraved anatomy and settled in on her clit, using my tongue and lips alternately, with oh-so-gentle nibbles thrown in for good measure now and again.

Allie was really getting into it. I could tell from her moans and the way she massaged the back of my head with her right hand. The whole thing turned me right back on, and again my fingers found my own clit, stroking the hood and circling the gem. If Allie had not been my closest friend, I would only have been half as aroused. But the pleasure of giving her pleasure brought me straight to an orgasm. Like an electrical current, the energy from my pussy traveled right up my spine and out my tongue, infecting Allie with an ecstatic shock. I’m pretty sure she was crying when she finally came, and I’m pretty sure she didn’t want me to see that she was watching me look up at her while I ate her hot snatch. Between my exacting tongue flickers on her clit and Ron’s massive dick up her ass, the whole thing was too much. She shuddered and shivered as she came. Her yelps and wiggles kept up for at least fifteen seconds, if not longer, with sporadic bucks that forced me to cock my neck back to keep my mouth from detaching from her sweet sex.

Finally, Allie slumped back on Ron, spent. She closed her eyes fully now, then started to roll off of him and onto the couch cushion. Ron rolled with her, but he allowed his cock to make the long trip out of her asshole, which was left gaping.

“You don’t need to stop, Ron,” Allie whimpered unconvincingly. “Keep fucking my ass until you get off. You deserve it.”

Ron looked surprised and pleased, but like a gentleman, he asked if she was sure.

“Absolutely,” Allie replied, sticking her ass into the air as reassurance. Ron didn’t hesitate to reenter Allie. He shoved his dick almost all the way back in and began stroking vigorously. Ron fucked my friend for another minute that way, until it became obvious he was ready to blow.

“I want the come,” I found myself saying. Ron didn’t miss a beat. He pulled out of Allie, ripped off the condom and threw it across the room, then started jerking himself off right in front of my face. On my knees, I let my jaw drop as his bloated cock head approached. He stuck it right in, and I decided to see how far I could take it. I pulled Ron’s hand off his own shaft, reached around him with both hands to grab his ass cheeks, and pulled him to me enthusiastically. His dick slid deeper and deeper. I resisted gagging with all my might, but I couldn’t take more than half of him in. I continued to swallow as much of his cock as I could, but I just couldn’t take the length I wanted to. I resigned to sucking the fuck out of those first several inches, and before long reaped the bounty of several thick gobs of warm fluid. When he was done, Ron stepped back.

I still had most of Ron’s come in my mouth when I saw Allie’s index finger curling to beckon me over. I crawled halfway onto the couch and we began kissing, sharing Ron’s yield between us and making out like we’d always been lovers. We touched each other’s breasts for the first time, and Allie ran her hands up and down my back as we kissed. The boys just watched, but by now we were barely conscious of their presence.

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