Alone and Uninhibited Ch. 03

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“Wait! Sybil…” James scrambled to wipe himself up and catch up to his wife. He could hardly believe that what he saw last night was his wife with another woman! His entire front was soaked with coffee, he was an absolute mess, but he was determined to talk to her, what he was going to say, he had no idea…

Sybil whipped around at the familiar voice and went pale as soon as she saw who it was. She had no idea where her husband had moved to, and really didn’t care to know. Her son was hers from a previous relationship, and she had her dog, so there was no reason for her to know. “James! What the hell?? What, what are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? What are you doing here with…?” James had to stop himself before he said too much. Sybil would come off her hinges if she knew he was watching last night. Sybil was hurt and upset due to their impending divorce and James new he would be in for it if she found out. “Here with… finish your sentence James. I am able to be where I want to be without your approval. That is the beauty of divorce you know. I no longer answer to you!” Sybil snarled at him and give him one of her looks. James knows that look all too well. It was the look she gave him when he was crossing a line from which there was not return. He quickly looked down at his coffee soaked clothes and tried to hide his face. The last thing he wanted was for Sybil to really lay into him.

“Oh, I was just surprised to see you is all. I wasn’t expecting to see you come out of an apartment right across from mine at ten in the morning. With your shoes in your hand and no purse… Where is your car?” James was trying to be coy and say as little as possible, canlı bahis hoping to get some info out of her, let her open the door and try to explain what she was going here last night. “Oh shit, my purse! I hope it’s here and not at…” She paused for a moment. Trying to catch herself before she really put her foot in her mouth. This was one of the reasons her and James didn’t work out, their sex life had plummeted and lost a lot of its spark, spontaneity, lust, the list could go on and on. There was no way she wanted him to know what she was going last night, let alone who she was doing it with.

James couldn’t help but grin. “You hope it’s not where…? Back inside your friend’s house? What where you doing there anyways? You don’t want to be at the house?” James was fishing, and he knew he would irritate her with all of the questions, but she wasn’t giving it up! He had been with Sybil long enough, and knew just the right way to push her and get her talking.

“Not that it is any of your business James, but I was out with friends last night and had a little too much to drink. My friend suggested that I sleep it off here and get my car in the morning.” Sounded like a very plausible explanation to her, and she wasn’t lying to him, just omitting a few details. She straightened her posture and held her head up, “Well, as interesting as this has been I need to get going. Gotta go get my car and get on with my day.”

“I guess I can expect to see you around more often then, seeing as how your friend and I are neighbors. I haven’t met him yet. His name is…” James new his neighbor was a woman, now he was just toying with her.

“Her, and I don’t… need to tell bahis siteleri you. Goodbye James.” She could feel her face getting red, and she really didn’t know if it was her frustration with him or her embarrassment at not remembering her “friend’s” name. She quickly did an about-face and turned around. Trying not to seem confused and lost, trying to give the impression that she knows exactly where she is. “And I surely hope that we do not see more of each other. That is the purpose of a divorce!” She waived her hand in the air as if to dismiss him and kept walking.

“I have seen plenty of you and I am sure I will see more. But if you are trying to make your way to the pub, the only one within walking distance is that way….” James chuckled and went back to his cup of coffee, trying to enjoy what little he wasn’t wearing. Sybil turned around quickly and quietly and went the other way. She got a ways past him and stopped dead in her tracks.

“What do you mean you have seen plenty of me? I haven’t seen you in three weeks.” Now she was curious and wondering what he meant. James stopped mid sip and slowly lowered the cup from his mouth. He unknowingly gave her his guilty face and looked straight at Kit’s patio. Sybil followed his gaze over to the patio and turned beet red. Without hesitation her shoe flew from her hand and nailed James right upside the head.

“You dirty, sick and twisted bastard! How dare you spy on me! What the hell did you see?” There was the temper that James was used to, to tell the truth, he sort of missed it. He could clearly see that she was pissed, but at the same time saw her humiliation. One thing that he loved about Sybil was her tendency bahis şirketleri to wear her emotions on her sleeve. “Mister! You better start talkin!” She moved closer to him, so that their business was not aired for all to hear.

James gulped down the last of his coffee and wiped his mouth before lighting a cigarette. He knew he was in for it now, and was going to need that nicotine. Sybil had quit months ago, but grabbed the pack and a lighter and took a seat. “Shit! I try to forget you and this is what happens. I end up here anyways. Please tell me you didn’t…”

“Didn’t what? See anything? No, not really.” Sybil raised an eyebrow. “Well, it was dark and far away, and I didn’t even realize it was you. Now thinking back to it though, I thought I heard a familiar tone to the events.” It had suddenly dawned on James why he was so intrigued by the sound of the second woman. It was Sybil. A little crooked smile came to his face and his mind started to wonder back to last night. He was wearing a pair of basketball shorts that were loose and baggy on him, but that didn’t hide the growing problem in his pants. Especially not from Sybil.

“James Croy you get those dirty thought out of your mind right now or so help me God!” Sybil new he was thinking about her, but wasn’t sure if she should be flattered or offended. The crux of their relationship was his lack of interest, and there was always the thought of them playing with another woman together. If that was mentioned when things weren’t moving along in the bedroom it always made him cum. The thought of her being with a woman or the two women rubbing all over him got him so hot and bothered, that it started to bother her. If he couldn’t cum when thinking of just her, there must be a problem at least that was her thought anyway. James looked at her with a shy grin, “Oh geez James, really!? You saw everything then. Including this morning?”

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