Alone at Last

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My parents had finally left! I had two whole days with the house all to myself. Well, almost all to myself–my older brother Jim was still here. It was just my luck that he picked this week to come home from college. Here I was, 18 years old, in between boyfriends and stuck at home with my big brother. The Fates were not kind. I decided to make the best of it. Hell, maybe I wouldn’t even know he was here.

It was still early in the day so I threw on my bikini and headed for the pool. A few laps in the cool water and then I’d veg in the sun for the rest of the day. Do I know how to live or what? Lying out in the sun is one of my favorite things to do. The feeling of the oil sliding all over me with the warm sun heating my skin is luxury at its best. The only problem I have with it at all is that I usually end up so horny by the time I go inside, that I end up abusing the showerhead. By 2 o’clock I knew it was time to head in. The shower was calling my name and my clit was throbbing in anticipation.

As I made my way up the stairs I heard odd noises: grunting, moaning, and a bit of heavy breathing. Either someone was dying or having a lot of fun. I wasn’t quite sure which. Being nosy as I was, I of course had to check it out. The shower had to wait a bit. At first I thought it was coming from my bedroom, but as I got closer I noticed Jim’s bedroom door slightly ajar. I walked closer and the noises got louder and clearer. I could hear a woman’s voice panting, “Harder! Harder!” Interesting, to say the least. Peaking through the crack in the door, I noticed Jim sitting on the edge of his bed in front of the TV. On the screen was a busty blonde with her ass in the air and some guy firmly implanted between her legs. I looked over at Jim and saw his hand slowly rubbing between his legs. Oh My God! I realized all at once what exactly I was seeing.

This could not be happening! Here I was, standing at my brother’s door watching him jack-off to porn. After a couple of seconds, I managed to regain my composure and observe the situation a bit better. I peeked at Jim again, just as he decided to release himself from his shorts. I was impressed. Not only was he rather well endowed; he was also hard as a rock. My nipples contracted all at once. I silently ordered them to behave as I continued to watch. Watching was bad enough, but becoming excited over this was a big no-no.

Jim started slowly. I had thought that most guys just rushed through it all, but seeing Jim slowly stroke himself was an eye opener. He made it look sensual. With his right hand, he lightly gripped himself and slid the skin up to the head of his dick. Apparently he was taking his time with this one and enjoying every second. Unfortunately, so was I. Every time he slid his hand over himself, my pussy clenched. I still needed my shower, even more so now, but I couldn’t pull myself away. Jim added his left hand making a sheath out of them both. His breathing was getting faster, but he didn’t look like he was close to coming. I on the other hand, couldn’t take much more. I reached into my bikini bottoms and rubbed the palm of my hand over my pussy. I was dripping wet.

Slipping my middle finger inside of me, I imagined sitting in front of Jim, helping him out. Now I was panting. The pleasure was so intense that I didn’t realize my elbow had nudged the door open. Jim, however, did. He jumped up from the edge of the bed. Standing there with his dick straight out and his shorts around his ankles, he was the sexiest guy I had ever seen. I almost came then and there. Thinking to be really nonchalant about it all, I pulled my hand out of my bikini and stuck my finger in my mouth, sucking off all of my juices. His dick jerked in response. I escort bayan quietly walked into the room and stood before him. The tip of his penis was almost brushing my stomach. I could feel the heat coming off of him. Since boldness had worked before I figured it would work again. “Can I watch with you? I’ve never seen a porno before. I’ve only seen stuff in magazines.” He looked a bit surprised, but nodded his head anyway.

He took up his position at the foot of the bed and I chose a spot on the floor near him. I glanced at the TV and noticed the blonde had changed guys. This guy apparently liked her big tits cause he had his rod thrust between them and was pumping away. I glanced over at Jim to see if he was enjoying this scene. He was staring at me so I spread my knees, winked at him, and turned back to the TV.

The guy decided to eat “Busty” out. Just watching the guy had me dripping again. I would love to have some guy going down on me like that. Most of the guys my age barely knew where the thing was.

My clothes were starting to get in the way. Jim would probably have a coronary but my pussy needed to breathe. Climbing to my knees, I hooked my thumbs into the edges of my bikini and wiggled it down over my hips. I stood up once I got it down to my thighs, making sure to bend over while I took them the rest of the way off. Peering through my legs, I caught Jim focused intently on my ass. Not wanting to let the moment slip by, I reached up, ran a finger between my cheeks and slipped it deep into my tight slit. The poor guy almost fell off the bed. We were both so far gone there was no stopping the inevitable. I went and stood between his legs. Smiling, I whispered, “Let me give you a hand. “

As hard as he was, he was still rather reluctant. “I can’t do this, you’re my sister. Mom and Dad would kill me.” I couldn’t believe as hard as he was, he would deny himself.

“Don’t worry about it,” I assured him. “Mom and Dad are gone, no one is going to know. You don’t have to put it in me, just let me help you and maybe you can help me. Okay?” Hell, I sounded like some of the guys I had gone out with! This felt so weird, but at the same time, I couldn’t stop myself if I wanted to. If he asked me to be gentle with him, I’d die.

“I guess if no one knew about it. I’d love to taste you. You’re the reason I was in here to begin with. I saw you lying outside stretching in the sun and I got so turned on. I never thought you’d catch me in here. This doesn’t quite seem right, but at the moment I don’t care. I need to get off.”

Not needing any more encouragement, I dropped to my knees. I wanted to lap up the precum that was oozing out of the head of his dick. But I didn’t want to rush anything. I brushed over the tip with my fingers, enjoying the feel of it. I let my hand slip down it to the bottom, grasping it somewhat firmly at the base. It jumped in my hand. I added my other hand the way I saw him do earlier and slid both of my hands up and down his shaft, collecting each dewy drop as I reached his head. He leaned back on his elbows and his dick surged forward.

This was surreal. I wanted so badly to lick his balls, suck my way up his cock and drain him dry. I stroked him for a bit longer, alternating hands top and bottom. After a bit, I knew I couldn’t stand it, he was already pushing against my hands and precum was dripping onto my fingers. Keeping one hand on his dick, I leaned down and did exactly what I had imagined. His balls tasted of sweat and cum. It was the most erotic thing. Cupping my tongue around the bottom of his balls I licked back and forth until every salty drop of sweat was gone. My job was done there, so I worked my way up, nipping and sucking altıparmak escort bayan until I reached his head. He collapsed onto his back. Then he reached up and grabbed my head, ran his fingers into my hair, and held on tight. I took this as a signal that everything was going OK, and that I was welcome to proceed. I closed my eyes and started to suck for all I was worth. I lathed my tongue around every part of his cock all the while stroking him with my right hand. Every part of me wanted to touch him. I couldn’t seem to get enough. I felt him go deeper into my throat. I wasn’t sure I could take all of him without gagging, but I was willing to try. Apparently he was too, because I felt him begin to put pressure on my head, forcing me down further. He was fucking my mouth. Each time he pushed my head down his hips would thrust forward. Any other time this would freak me out, but I guess I was too turned on by the whole thing to care at all. He shoved one final time and hot cum shot into my throat, I pulled back a little not wanting to drown in it and was rewarded with a mouth full. I swallowed all I could, trying not to let any escape.

He let go of my hair, but I couldn’t let go of him yet. I greedily lapped up the little bit of cum that had managed to elude me, savoring the taste of him. I wasn’t sure if I’d have this chance again, so I intended to make it last. He had other plans.

Sitting up, he pulled me into the bed with him and wrapped his arms around me. He licked my neck and nibbled his way to my mouth for a tongue-searing kiss. My body took over, I found myself rubbing my bare pussy up against him, drenching his leg. Reaching behind me, he snatched off my top and buried his face between my breasts. He had shaved that morning, but a bit of growth was already showing. It scratched and tickled my tits at the same time. It was pure heaven. He started sucking on one of my nipples while kneading the other. To make matters worse, he had maneuvered himself between my legs and was rubbing his cock back and forth over my clit. I ground my hips into him and felt lightning rush through me. So I did it again. I was obviously insane, but not stupid. I happened to glance up at him to judge the effect this had on him and saw him grinning at me like a fool.

“My turn,” he said, and he lowered his mouth to my stomach. Not wanting to give up my newfound ecstasy I tugged on his hair to get him to come back up. I heard him mumble something that sounded like “You had your fun, now I’m going to have mine.”

I couldn’t have prepared myself for the sensation of his face between my thighs. The stubble on his face was electrifying. He tortured me endlessly, nipping and sucking on my inner thighs and outer lips, but never really touching the part that needed it most. I tried shifting beneath him to get him to move, but he persisted. As he went from thigh to thigh, he accidentally brushed my clit once or twice. I screamed, yelled, and pulled on his hair and still couldn’t get him to budge. He took his time and in the process drove me mad. When I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, he grabbed each of my ankles, spread my legs wide and stuck his tongue inside of me. I jolted off the bed. He released one of my ankles long enough to plant his hand between my breasts and force me back down. I couldn’t stay still as he tongue fucked me into oblivion.

“My clit, oh please,” I begged, knowing that I couldn’t take much more without combusting. He took his time complying by running his tongue along the inside of my lips dipping his tongue back in once or twice for good measure. Finally, he cupped his tongue around my clit and sucked. I could feel the world slowly melting away. nilüfer eskort I didn’t think it could get any better until he let my ankles go and slipped his finger inside me. The feel of his finger sliding in and out as his mouth sucked and tugged on my clit was too much. Shocks of pleasure echoed throughout my body. I held his head between my legs and bucked my hips against his face. Never had I cum like this. I didn’t think it was possible.

I managed to pry my fingers away from Jim’s head. He looked up at me with glazed eyes as well as a glazed face. “You tasted more delicious than I ever imagined,” he said smiling shyly. “I know we said that we would only help each other…but I think I need more of you. Tasting you has only managed to whet my appetite further.”

With that, he stood up and showed me the evidence of his appetite. I couldn’t believe he was that hard again already. He walked to the side of the bed and pulled open his nightstand drawer. “I have a condom so you don’t have to worry about anything. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, but I’d really like for you to.”

Still in a haze, all I could do was nod to him that I agreed. As large as he was, I wasn’t sure that I could handle all of him, but I couldn’t deny him the release he obviously needed.

Climbing up on the bed with me, he gave me a confused look. “I can’t decide what position to take you in. There are so many choices, and I want to make sure you’re going to enjoy it as well.

Not having to think to hard about it, I rolled over onto my stomach and hiked my butt up into the air in front of him. He never said a word, but I heard a quick intake of breath that let me know he liked it.

I couldn’t see what was happening, but I felt everything. He positioned himself behind me and placed his hands on my cheeks, massaging his fingers into my flesh. His large hands covered my whole ass. His fingers grazed my hips. His thumbs rubbing up and down my crack spreading my cheeks as he went. As ready as he was, he was still taking it slow with me. Dipping his thumb in as he stroked me, he was coaxing more juices out of me. Even after that awesome orgasm, I was still throbbing, relishing the feel of his calloused hands on me. He managed to shock me a bit as he slipped his cum soaked thumb into my asshole. No one had ever touched me there before, much less inside of me. At first it was a little uncomfortable, but once I got over the whole taboo part of it I realized it felt great.

Just as I was really beginning to enjoy having his thumb in my ass, he took it out replacing it with his cock. He didn’t put it in my ass, but instead, stroked it between my cheeks, squeezing them together and using my juice as a lube. I moved against him, flexing my ass to give him a tighter squeeze. Apparently, that was about as much as he could take. As he slid down one last time he slipped into my pussy, stretching and filling me completely.

“Don’t move,” Jim ground out between clenched teeth. “Just give me a sec, I don’t want this to be over with just yet.”

Trying not to breath or move, I relaxed against him and waited for him to move. I found myself wishing that he’d slam into me over and over again.

It didn’t take him long to recover and grant my wish. He started taking long slow strokes, but after a minute or two, his breathing increased as well as his tempo. I held onto the headboard to help support me as he grabbed me by the hips and hammered me from behind. I wasn’t expecting to come again, but when I felt his dick swell and the heat from his cum my body reacted and convulsed around him. The pleasure consumed us both, cocooning us in a cloud of euphoria.

Once the cloud passed, Jim and I both collapsed onto the bed in a heap of satiated exhaustion. We fell asleep tangled in each other’s arms still covered in sweat and the evidence of our lovemaking. What had started as an offer of help had ended with a closer relationship between the two of us and the unspoken promise of more to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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