Alpha Male Ch. 02: The Kitchen Table

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An hour or so later I departed from my house and went over to Casey’s. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get him to succumb to my will. I figured I could have a lot fun with him going forward.

I hadn’t had a good boy to please me in years. Usually it takes a couple days to break in a boy to the idea of being my slut, but Casey must be tired of jerking off solo.

As I opened his front door I looked around and saw family photos and mementos scattered across the multiple rooms. After calling out for him he brought me to their living room.

“So, what did you think of your first gay experience Casey?” I asked politely, all the while rubbing my hand on his tight thigh.

“It was good Mr. Lippman, I am still unsure of how I feel about all this, but I do know I enjoyed sucking your dick,” he said meekly.

He continued to chat about how he always had a daddy fetish and often only jerked off on his own. Poor baby I thought, well someone needs to turn him out into a man.

“Well here, let me show you what its like to be sucked” I said.

Immediately I ripped his flimsy shorts canlı bahis to the ground and pushed his body back to the couch and went down on him. Damn, I thought to myself, this twink is packing. Filling out my mouth well I continued to blow his mouth and used to tongue to deep throat him. After getting his whole 7 inch dick in my mouth, Casey moaned out loudly and stated that he was gonna cum soon.

“Not so fast little bitch,” I said after leaving his dick red and hard. “Follow me.”

Making my way through his house, I looked for the most sensual place to pop his cherry. Suddenly it hit me.

“Get your ass on this table boy,” I said pointing to his family’s kitchen table.

“But Mr. Lippman, that’s where we eat all our meals,” he said shockingly.

“And I am about to eat you out so its perfect, trust me you will thank me later.”

After getting his body on the table and getting on all fours I got on the table pressed my face and tongue deep inside his hole. Immediately Casey moaned out and almost screamed in pleasure, but I grabbed his hair to keep him from squirming around.

Casey’s bahis siteleri hole was nice and hairless. Someone is a definite twink I thought to myself. As I pressed my tongue deeper into his hole, Casey’s moans ringed throughout the house. Funny how I made him my bitch in his own home I thought to myself.

After rimming him for a good 5 minutes, I announced I was gonna fuck him.

Initially hesitant, Casey soon started begging to be fucked on the kitchen table. Well, better to give the boy what he wants I told myself. I lifted one leg up as if I was taking a knee and slide my hard 8 inch cock inside him.

Immediately, Casey let out a scream, but I told the boy to shut up and take it like a man.

Feeling his tight and hairless hole press against my hard cock was like heaven. It was like ramming a wall that was tightly sealed. He became squirmy and begged for my mercy. Like the alpha daddy I am, I denied him mercy and grabbed his neck and proceeded to my ram my cock in more.

After 15 minutes of ramming his hole senseless, I told him it was time for him to do some work. I bahis şirketleri laid on my back and instructed him to ride my cock like a cowboy rides a horse. I then told him to ride me until I cum.

Casey then stood up and did a squat on cock and slide his hole into my cock. Seeing his tight hole peel open was just enough to make me cum. I instantly grabbed him and pushed him up and down, making him ride me like a bronco.

Within minutes I busted a load into his hole. I then stood up and squirted the rest of my load onto his face.

“Wow Mr. Lippman your cock felt amazing. This whole room smells like ass too, I love it.”

I then slowly jerked Casey off until his moans took up the whole house. Cum oozed out of him and soon covered the entire table.

“Lick it up boy,” I ordered. “I wanna see this entire place clean.”

I knew this would be hard for Casey cause he told me earlier that he was wary about his eating his own cum. Silently, I watched him cave into his new masters orders.

While he began his cleaning duties, I made my way over to the fridge and took out a beer that must have been his dad.

“When you’re done, make me a sandwich and serve it to me promptly boy. Don’t keep daddy waiting,” I said as I made my way to his parent’s room.

Looks like I found my new digs for the week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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