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Chapter 041 � A New Generation of Leaders



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer




Randy Best: Four Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adam Mann: Four Star General, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Masters: Major General, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” Board Chair of Worthington Industries (a major multi-national defense contractor)

Luke Worthington: CEO of Worthington Industries

John Worthington: COO R&D of Worthington Industries

Doug Meat: Six Star General of the Armies U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Steven Goodman: Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Magnus Savage: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgeon

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted son of Randy Best and Adam Mann

Randy Adam “RA” Worthington: Adopted son of Connor Best-Mann & John Worthington

Liam McIntyre: CFO Worthington Industries & Partner of Luke Worthington

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

“Jamie Bob” Vance: Love of Aiden McIntyre

Logan Worthington: Biological Son of Luke Worthington

Mason Allen: Four Star General of the Army, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

“Jason Bob” Vance: (Brother of Billy Bob Vance and partner of Mason Allen)

Andrew & Jeremy Allen: Adopted sons of Mason Allen and Jason Vance

Jason Allman: Colonel, U.S. Army � Adjutant to General Allen

Matt Longdick: Colonel, U.S. Army � Chief of Staff to General Allen


Billy Bob Vance: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Beauty Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Rod LittleFeather: Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog Handler

Maximillian (Max) Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Alexander Malinois: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 War Dog

Alex Meat-Goodman: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Noah Meat-Goodman: Adopted Son of Doug Meat and Steven Goodman

Yuuto Meat-Goodman Kinugasa: Adopted Son of Noah Meat-Goodman and Hayao Kinugasa

Manuel de V�zquez: Physicist/Engineer – Worthington Industries

Juaquin “Jay” de V�zquez: Son of Manual de V�zquez

Ariel “Ari” Rebel: Captain, Israel Defense Force (Mossad Kidon)

Jacob, David & Uri Leib: Wards of Luke & John Worthington (Israeli Nationals)

Hayao Kinugasa, Captain, U.S. Army (Aide to General Meat and General Goodman.)

Robert Manning, Captain, U.S. Army (Aide to General Meat and General Goodman.)

Robert Allen Gregory, Six Star General of the Armies, U.S. Army – Alpha Zulu 69

Taylor and Tyler Worthington: (aka T&T) (Adopted sons of Logan Worthington and Alex Meat-Goodman)

Steven Douglas Worthington: (aka S.D.) (Adopted sons of Robert Allen Gregory and R.A. Worthington)

Jamison Miller: Colonel, U.S. Army (Human Resources for Worthington Executive Security Program)

Frazer Sullivan: Colonel, U.S. Army (Human Resources for Fort Connor Alpha Zulu 69 Program)

“Angus” (Name Classified): Son of a domestic terrorist in protective custody by Alpha Zulu

Anthony Caruso: Four Star General, U.S. Army (Base Commander of Fort Connor)

Bob Jones: Colonel, U.S. Army (Adjutant to Base Commander Fort Connor)

Danny Henry: Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Chief of Staff to Base Commander Fort Connor)

Dillion Dwight: Colonel, U.S. Army � Medical Director of Fort Connor



What Mama Bear started as a secure place for her sons Luke and John to live and grow into adulthood has now become a world entity to help endangered children. The work of General Meat and General Goodman has given them world recognition for their work in protecting endangered children. In their passing, the world mourned their loss. General Gregory carried on their legacy and his recent loss has left a great void in the Alpha Zulu program and in Fort Connor. No one at West Point would have ever conceived that Mason Allen would rise this high in the United States Army. Even with four stars now on my shoulders I feel inadequate to replace the men who have built and developed this fine institution. Starting as a Captain and Adjutant to the Colonels gave me great satisfaction and experience but now to lead the program, I”m going to need all the assistance and guidance I can get. I know I have the loyalty of my soldiers and officers of Fort Connors. Now, if I can survive the politics of Washington and the Pentagon. I see a lot of “pet therapy” in my future and I better stock up on plenty of doggie treats for Alexander.


The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has already warned me the President will nominate me for six stars within the next year as soon after a respectful period of mourning for General Gregory has elapsed. The thought of six stars and the responsibility and authority they bring scares me. As “hard ass” as Doc and the Chaplain are they”ll help me but it won”t be an easy therapy session(s). They definitely believe in “tough love”. Luke and John along with Billy Bob and Connor have relocated to Mama Bears Penthouse and have taken over the social/political responsibilities of the Worthington Dynasty. I know they will assist me in every way possible.


I now have to give serious consideration to restructuring Fort Connor and readying it for the day I have to accept the responsibility of being a Six Star General of the Armies. Even my buddies at West Point never considered any of us having the possibility of exceeding Four Stars. Some of my friends are going to be in shock both at my receiving six stars and the bigger shock of having shared a shower with a gay buddy. Only time will tell how many will still be my friends. I know a few key people who I”ll never survive without deserve promotions with their new responsibilities:


�        Anthony Caruso: will be promoted to a four star general and Base Commander of Fort Connor

�        Jason Allman: will be an Adjutant for General Allen

�        Matt Longdick: will be the Chief of Staff for General Allen


I know over the next months I”ll be making frequent trips to Washington and I”ll make it a point to stop at Arlington and talk with my old friends and ask them for help and guidance as I prepare for the greatest moment in the life of anyone in the military. I pray General Caruso will be ready to accept the responsibility for the greatest weapon in the arsenal of the United States Army… Connor Williams.


Luke and John are a fantastic resource and such good friends. I”ve know them since they were imps and been on the receiving end of many an impish prank. They”ll never lead me astray and whether I like what they tell me I know it will always be the truth and what is best for Fort Connor, the imps and the men of Alpha Zulu 69. When times got tough Jason was always there to wrap his arms around me and fuck my brains out if I really got depressed. He knew how to get me motivated again and warned me if I didn”t get back to work he was going to destroy my ass so bad I wouldn”t be able to walk for a week. His comment only made me smile at him, hold him, hug him, kiss him and tell him… “Keep that thought”… You and me after dinner tonight, guaranteed!


Luke and John even as senior citizens were still in love with their partners. They had no problem showing affection with their mate whether in public or private. Although in private it usually ended up with one dragging the other off to the bedroom to get his ass destroyed. We all greatly missed our resident nymphomaniac R.A. but S.D. definitely inherited his genes even if he is adopted. One of the things I have to put at the top of my “To Do List” is find a man that can handle S.D. and his sexual appetite.


Just shy of a year after the death of General Gregory, Colonel Allman enters my office reminding me I have a scheduled video conference with the Secretary of Defense in 15 minutes. Would I like it in my office or in the conference room. (My office is far more comfortable to receive the inevitable news I know is coming.)


After our customary formal greetings SecDef simply says: “It”s time. I need you at the White House for dinner with the President on Saturday night. Full Dress Uniforms only made it worse. SecDef knew how nervous I was added that Luke and John would be seated with me and my invitation was for FOUR so Jason, Colonel Allman and Colonel Longdick could also attend. At least I had a “security blanket”. Now if they would let me smuggle in a large bottle of the Vance”s Moonshine I might survive the night.


My Commander and Chief babbled on endlessly over my abilities, career, awards, and frankly you”d think he was nominating me for “GOD” instead of six stars. Finally, he concluded and asked me to join him in front of a nationally televised audience. I humbly accepted the honor on behalf of the men of the Alpha Zulu program who without their training and commitment none of this would have been possible.


(Get me off this damn stage before I put my feet in my mouth!!!) Luke and John helped me though the countless people wanting to meet and greet with the newest six star General of the Armies. A prot�g� of General Goodman, General Gregory and General Meat. I can only say how humbled I am to be considered in the company of such great men. With Luke and John on each side of me for support and guidance we made the mandatory introductions and then headed for the Limo and back to the Penthouse. I swear, if another reporter wants a comment they better have a medium rare steak on the end of the microphone they stick in my face. I graduated from West Point with a commitment to serve this great country. Never in my wildest nightmares did I consider an appointment for life as the highest ranking officer in the United States Army.


I broke down when we reached the Penthouse and the door closed. “I can”t do this, I”m not Robert, Steven or Meat. I”ve never prepared for such responsibilities.” Luke looked at me and simply said: “Neither did they and look at all bornova escort the good they have done over the years.” You don”t have to copy what they did but just use your “stars” to help people, set your own programs and you have no idea of how much clout you now have with the American Public. POTUS will back you because he knows if he doesn”t he”ll never get reelected. And if you feel you need to get away from it all you”ll always have Camp Phoenix and/or our Penthouse. John and I may be retired from the day to day operations of Worthington Industries but we are always there if and when you need us… 24 / 7 / 365!


Besides, consider the perks… A Lear jet and that monstrous Alpha Zulu Star Six. Not to mention “The Beast”… Presidential “hand-me-downs” aren”t so bad after they get reconditioned. John and I can”t think of another person more worthy of the trust and honor which has been bestowed upon you. Meat and Steven knew you had great potential, General Gregory groomed you for this job and we all are here to help you in any way possible. Now let Jason take you to bed and I know he can help you to handle the stress of tonight and what you will face these next few weeks.


Was Luke and John so right, Jason took me to bed and fucked me like a human fuck machine. My ass was so raw in the morning I can”t believe Jason could stand to wear underwear, his dick had to be as tender as my ass. At least with the frequent shots of pain in my ass as I sat through the congressional hearings made me smile remembering how great at Stress Management my partner and lover is.


After a hectic day of congressional hearings Luke & John ordered room service and we spent a quiet night unwinding at the Penthouse. I would find over the years Fort Connor, Camp Phoenix and the Penthouse would be my refuge from the stress of the outside world even if I had to wear this damn wrist com 24/7. It seemed at times I couldn”t take a crap without someone interrupting me. I guess I should be happy they didn”t want to video conference.


It took a week of congressional hearings and back room politics before my appointment reached the floor for a full vote. I was approved 98-2, guess I can”t please everyone and I know 2 senators who need not ask me for any assistance in the future.


I did ask SecDef if they could tone down the uniform or at least put the LED lights on a switch (See I do have a sense of humor). I felt like a walking time square display when I had to wear it. He just laughed at me and said it is the price for being an Ambassador. They all have the same “glitz” to wear for formal occasions. Your”s just happens to include all your military honors. Sorry, you are stuck with it. Besides, we might end up “clashing” with your saber Luke and John are getting for you. True to his word Luke and John presented me with a saber identical to the one they gave to Meat and Steven. Logan and Alex presented me with an engraved gold inlay Glock with my six star emblem in diamonds on the grip. I was starting to feel like a General of the Armies and with the same paranoia as when I graduated from West Point awaiting my first posting.


I knew my attendance at Fort Connor was mandatory to celebrate with the men. They deserved this award far more than I did. It was their hard work and accomplishments that made Fort Connor the epitome of the United States Army. Every man of Alpha Zulu was proud to wear his rainbow ribbon and they always fought for the honor of carrying the Alpha Zulu flag when on review. Yes, I had inherited a heritage from three great men who proceeded me. If I survive it will be because they have prepared me. If I fail it will be because I didn”t prepare myself. Failure is not an option! I felt so proud when I looked at our Parade Field and saw the Stars & Stripes flying proud with my Six Star Flag and the Alpha Zulu Flag and Army Flag on either side of it. The men took great pride in Fort Connor and as I would find time and time again great pride in me as their leader.


Anytime he would see me little “Doug” would come running and with one jump was flying into the air and landing around my neck. I loved the little guy and he reminded me of what Alpha Zulu and Fort Connor had accomplished. I never got too old to be ashamed of him hugging and kissing me. And he never got too old to have me hug and kiss him. After a “popcorn and movie” night with the imps I turned to Jason and said you want to be a father? He looked at me and said “you haven”t been able to knock me up and you sure have tried plenty of times”. Seriously, would you like a child of our own, to love, to cherish, to nurture, to spoil… As Jason looked at me the reality set in how serious I was and he started to smile from ear to ear. I brought up Camp Phoenix on the video conference screen and asked if SD was still awake and functioning. Or has someone fucked him into a state of unconsciousness tonight? (That got a lot of interesting comments as SD joined the conversation.) “Talking about me behind my back… that isn”t polite”… “But, SD we were only reminiscing about your youth and all the fun you had at Fort Connor”… (I didn”t think our conference screen could show that degree of red as what was on SD”s face.) Seriously, my young friend… Jason and I would like a “forever child”, can you help us, please? SD looked at us and simply said: “No one in the United States could refuse you anything at the moment… it would be my pleasure. I”ll have five potential children profiles delivered by secure mail this week.” Let me know when you are ready to proceed further. I thanked him from the bottom of our hearts and then turned to Jason and told him to consider himself “knocked up”.


The Fort Connor grapevine was blazing all night with the news there would soon be a new “little one” on base and the son of their Commanding Officer. Jason was inundated with all the fatherly advice the men had with their nephews. But, nothing prepares a father for the moment when their son screams “INCOMMING” when he is mid-air and lands with his knee in his dad”s crotch. And even the sweet innocent little ones can be lethal with those swinging feet when they are picked up. There are all kinds of “baby showers” for mothers but a required gift for all new dads should be a Kevlar jock cup. Even through the pain you have to hold them, cuddle them and then excuse ones self to go and get an ice pack to ease the pain in ones nuts. It is an inevitable fate of being a father and the only question that remains is whether Jason or I am the first to be on the receiving end with our new son.


True to his word SD had profiles on five young men sent to me in our daily secure mail pouch. As I would be busy in meetings most of the day I had Colonel Allman deliver them to Jason so he could study them and we could start on the selection this evening. When I finally finished my afternoon meetings and political “BS” I went to enjoy some quiet time with Jason before retreat. As I walked into our quarters Jason was sobbing and crying with major tears. I held him tight and asked him what was wrong? “How can adults be so cruel to their own children?” “You won”t believe what they kids have gone through till you read the reports.” “There parents should be publically castrated so there is no chance they can ever have another child”.


I had never seen this side of Jason and it wasn”t until I started to read the reports SD sent with the profiles that I had to agree with Jason. There were tears running down my cheeks as I held Jason and said we could only adopt one. At least one child can have a good home and loving parents. Do you still want to adopt a child? Jason turned to me and simply said: “I want to adopt all five children”! I held Jason tight and I agreed with him in a perfect world that would be the best solution. But, realistically we need to “learn to swim” before we “jump into the deep end of the pool”. I wish I could say these were the only children that had been so abused but in reality new children are added to the system every day. SD will always have children that need a “forever home”. Let”s look at the children and start off and learn parenting skills before we do more harm than good. Jason held me tight and for the first time he appreciated everything Pa Vance had done for him growing up. He had to make sure Pa knew how grateful he was to have such a wonderful man for a father. (I see a security detail to the Vance farm in the near future!)


I asked the mess staff to serve dinner in our quarters tonight as Jason and I reviewed every bit of information SD had sent us. As the night progressed the entire base was on pins and needles knowing what Jason and I were doing this evening. One adoption profile stood out above the rest. Two brothers who were thrown out of their house by a step father and forced to live on the street. The older boy was beaten and raped protecting his younger brother from the predators who cruise the streets. Fortunately, they were arrested by an undercover police officer and ended up in the system. We could at least help two and I hoped Jason knew how difficult it would be to place two older boys in one home. The best they might get is a group home. We could make a big difference in the lives of these two boys. Jason looked at me, tears streaming down his face and told me to get SD out of bed and tell him to make it happen YESTERDAY!


SD wasn”t happy when I called Camp Phoenix and told Alex to get SD”s lazy ass out of bed. Alex smiled from ear to ear and said it would only take a minute. I could hear SD grumbling all the way down the hall but at least he had on a robe which was more than I expected from the grown imp. We made our selection and you are one cruel bastard. Those were five horror stories you sent us. We really want to adopt all five of the children but in reality the best we can do first time around is the pair of brothers. At least we can help two young men to grow into stable adults. How fast can you make this happen. Does POTUS have you doing anything next week… Not at the moment but who knows with him. All the paperwork is done so all I have to do is schedule a one on one with you and the children and see if they want you. I”ll fax you the application to sign in the morning and if you”ll fax it back I”ll call the orphanage administrator and see how fast we can set up a time for you to meet your prospective sons. And, FYI… tell Jason he needs to wear a suit and tie and you need to wear a dress uniform with all your ribbons and medals. And in payment for my personal services I expect an 8×10 glossy of you in your garish dress uniform, complete with saber and your diamond gold inlaid Glock. (Paybacks are hell and now I”m going back to sleep and see if I can have an enjoyable wet dream!)


Fort Connor was ecstatic we had made a selection and hopefully soon we would have two new imps in residence. SD didn”t know it but the Pentagon was making me have a professional portrait made for their use so getting a few extra copies shouldn”t be a problem. Of course, Luke & John needed one, Logan and Alex, SD… hell, just order 50 and have bostancı escort a few extras on hand.


I have two great physicians on base and inheriting General Gregory”s personal physician saves me the trouble of finding one and at least this one I know and respect. He put his career on the line for one of his patients and that”s good enough of a recommendation for me. (His fingers can”t be as long as Doc”s are!)


SD was on my com the minute he knew flag raising was done. Sign the paperwork now and send it back. He could schedule the interview for 9am this Friday. Everyone is super excited and I found the paperwork in the center of my desk with a “Post It” arrow showing me where to sign. Colonel Allman was patiently waiting for my signature and he then walked it over to my quarters and had Jason sign it so he could fax it back to SD. All I heard when I entered our quarters in the afternoon was: “Suit and Tie” “Stupid fucked up system”… “I”d rather be in jeans and a pull over”… I walked up behind my partner, held him tight, whispered how much I loved him and we”ll do this for our sons whether we like it or not. It won”t be the first or last time we make a sacrifice for the ones we love.


Jason wasn”t a fan of flying especially in the Lear Jet. It took a double Moonshine before we left for the runway to get him on the plane and plenty of coffee served during the flight to make him presentable for the administrator. I had to laugh when the administrator commented Jason looked a little under the weather. He is terrified of flying which only made both of us laugh. After signing a mountain of paperwork we were asked if we would like to meet and talk with the boys. They knew we were coming and they were as terrified as we were at the thought of our first meeting.


The administrator walked the two boys over to us as we sat at an outdoor table. The younger lad had a death grip on his brother”s hand. I introduced ourselves and told them about my recent promotion and how Jason and I had decided it was time for us to have a family. We went into the normal routine of who we are, what we do and how we live on an island with 200+ soldiers and a lot of imps who need protecting. And, of course there is Alexander who is a 70 pound four legged mooch who loves to be a big puppy. The word puppy made the younger child smile. (I can see SSgt Rod spending a few night alone in his future.) Jason and I are new at this “parent gig” so we hope you”ll be able to help us to be good parents. That doesn”t mean we are pushovers. There are rules and the two most important are: 1 Respect everyone and 2 Never touch anything that goes boom. Break one of these rules and you”ll find yourself with a sore ass and sleeping on your stomach for a week.


Rules at Fort Connor are to protect you and if you ever wonder why a rule exists just ask us and we will explain it the best we can. You”ll have over 200 big brothers who only want the best for you and your future. And, wait till you meet the rest of the gang… We have so many imps who are now adults it is just one big happy family when we get together. Now what would you like to know about us.


Where would we live? With us in our quarters and if in time you want to live with the other imps you have that option but we”d like to have as much quality family time with you as possible. You aren”t a project for us, you will be our family. You two are gay, what if you find out down the road that we are straight? Jason and I don”t care if you are straight, bi, or gay, just so you are happy and whatever sex you enjoy is consensual. And, if you decide you are straight you might want to talk with Logan about having sex with girls before you take that step. But, that is a discussion for another time.


You”ll adopt both of us? Definitely, that is why we chose the two of you. We all know how difficult it will be for the agency to place you both in the same home so you are like a blessing to us. We hope between the two of you we can become good parents and we all can be a great family.


Now for the bad news… anyone who goes off base has to be checked by our doctor when they return, us included. Doc will also check your shot record and make certain everything is up-to-date. You are covered as military dependents so the Army picks up the tab for everything. How do you feel about flying? Never have done it but the little guy gets car sick pretty easy. (Note to self: Make certain the jet and the Land Rover is stocked with Barf Bags. Better put a few in the attach� case also.)


It was now time to go for broke: “Would you like to live with us for 90 days and see if you want to be part of our family”? The boys looked at each other and couldn”t believe they would actually be able to live together. We returned to the administrators office and he explained to the boys it was only a temporary placement and they would have to return in 90 days to be evaluated before a formal adoption would be approved. Our sons were impressed when we exited the orphanage and a stretch limo was waiting for us. The door had barely closed and Logan was on our wrist com congratulating us a new fathers and orders from Papa Bear you are expected in the Penthouse for dinner and a two week orientation to parenthood.


I knew “Resistance was futile” and he learned from the best “Mama Bear”. Worthington Industries always set aside additional funds for new parents. We were no exception. Our sons were in awe at our Jet, the limo and Luke”s penthouse. They loved all the attention the four new “Uncles” were giving them. We had a 1000 hour appointment with the tailor and then we were going shopping to pick up new clothes for the kids. Don”t buy out the stores because at their age they”ll outgrow whatever you buy in six months anyway. John and Connor volunteered to help us with our shopping trip as they had experience when they adopted their family. (At least if they stuffed them full of junk food they”d be taking turns with the upset stomachs when we returned to the Penthouse.)


I had heard horror stories about the Tailor shop but actually found the man quite professional and especially with children. John and Connor outdid Mama Bear with the amount of packages we had returning from our shopping excursion. The kids were ecstatic with all the new clothes until the big brother told the little guy not to take the tags off, they could take the clothes back when they were returned to the orphanage. TIME FOR A FAMILY MEETING!


The four of us sat down in a private room and I told them Jason and I had something to discuss with them. We heard the comment you made to your brother and just so you know there is no power on earth that will make us return you to the orphanage. I turned to the little guy and told him to go tear every tag off every piece of clothing we bought today. Then clean up and we”d go down to the restaurant for dinner. (I swear those two took longer than a married woman picking out the right clothes to wear for dinner.) Fortunately, Luke had pull and they didn”t cancel our reservation when we were late.


Of course, eating in a five star restaurant and the kids want hamburgers. Luke was an old pro at this but I better have a fast learning curve. When we got back to the Penthouse Luke and John said they had one last surprise for the newest members of the family. Two high end gamming laptops complete with backpack cases. Our sons went wild with enthusiasm, hugging and kissing their four new “Uncles” with wild abandonment. Our four “uncles” hadn”t been so happy in years. Our young sons had no idea of the power Luke and John still held in the business and social world. And, the protection they would provide to anyone within the sphere of the Worthington “family”.


As we were eating a leisurely breakfast I got an urgent call from Colonel Allman saying I was in deep shit with POTUS. POTUS hadn”t gotten any pictures of our new sons and the oversight had better be corrected immediately. Also, Fort Connor and Camp Phoenix demands parody. OK, I get the hint… it will be corrected immediately. I also told Colonel Allman I was sending him a secure Email this morning and to give it his immediate attention. He chuckled when he read the email encouraging him to motivate the men to keep barf bags well stocked in the Land Rover and Jets unless they enjoyed cleaning up after a motion sick son. Colonel Allman email me back stating: “Message received and understood”!


It was a great two weeks getting to know our two new sons and spending quality time with Luke, John, Connor and Billy Bob. Jason appreciated having his brother around and they commented on how lucky they were to have Pa Vance growing up. We need to do something special for him but you know him… all he wants and needs is his rocking chair by the fireplace, his moonshine and his `ole hunting dog. Now if we could just get him to use the food in the freezer. At least with a rotation of his married sons the daughters-in-laws had no problem using freezer food to fix some nutritious meals which resembled normal food. I do have to admit Pa Vance”s “mystery meat” tastes pretty good and I”m so glad I have no idea what I”m eating when he does the cooking.


Our sons were super impressed at all the snappy salutes we got from the men at Andrews when we went for our ride back to Fort Connor. We had survived so far with no motion sickness incidents and with the help of a caring doctor and a Dramamine patch we hopefully will avert it in the future. (Yeah, I owe Doc big time for that favor.) Now the moment of truth as two terrified boys walked down the plane ramp to an armed security team. We held them and simply told them the men were here to protect them. Give us a minute to verify our ID and then we”d be off to get our checkups and then to our quarters. (I did thank the security team for not meeting us with guns drawn. It was going to take a little adjustment for our sons to understand the security and nature of Fort Connor.)


Our sons weren”t happy and Doc drew more blood than I had ever seen him draw before. He was being proactive over and above his norm because of the history of these kids being on the street and selling their bodies. He did his normal “return to base” procedure with us and we both knew it would be normal as we had no reason to stray from each other. If we only knew today was a good day and tomorrow was going to be one of the worse days of our lives.


I was relaxing after breakfast with Jason and our sons figuring out what Jason could do and show our sons around base. My wrist com went off and Doc was requesting that Jason and our new sons accompany me to medical at our earliest convenience (which is Doc”s language meant immediately)! I looked at Jason and knew this wasn”t good news. Doc put the kids in a conference room and asked us to have a seat in his office. There just wasn”t a good way to say this… Your oldest son is really sick. We both know he was selling his body on the street and he picked up a super bad STD which either social services buca escort missed when they had him examined or they ignored because of the cost to treat it. We have a multi-faceted problem. He is going to need weeks of IV meds to take care of the STD he contracted. And, the bigger problem is he isn”t going to appreciate me wanting to do a complete rectal exam on him. I don”t want a repeat of Yutto”s bleeding out on us in the middle of the night. Why don”t you see if SSgt Rod can put your youngest on “puppy detail” and the three of us need to have a “man-to-man” chat with your oldest son.


I brought up Rod on my wrist com and asked him if he could have Alexander puppy sit my youngest son for a few hours. Jason and I had an emergency to handle. (That news spread across base like a wildfire.) Now the moment I dreaded, we had to break the bad news to our son.


After Rod and Alexander asked our youngest to help give Alexander a good workout, he needed the training on how to work with a small child and you are the perfect one to assist with that training. He beamed from ear to ear as he hugged the big War dog and scampered away with Rod and Alexander. I turned to my oldest as he said: “Bad news”? Yeah, let”s go talk with Doc.


Doc was the nicest I have ever seen him and was totally a professional. We all know you were selling your body on the street to survive and you picked up a very nasty STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) which if left untreated would damage so many of your organs you would die. It is treatable but it is going to require daily IV treatment and it could be for months. I need some idea of how many men had anal intercourse with you. (Our son had this blank look on his face and I realized he didn”t understand Doc”s question.) I quietly whispered to him he is asking how many guys fucked you in the ass. He immediately started a torrent of tears and uncontrollable emotions. I held him as Jason and I assured him we loved him and all we wanted was for him to be healthy. It took nearly an hour for Doc to get a full history. Doc was patient and didn”t resort to sedating our son. Andrew admitted through his tears he lost count but they were starving and didn”t have any money for food. When I asked him he assured me no one ever touched his brother. He let men fuck him so they wouldn”t hurt Jeremy.


Doc came from around his desk and sat with the three of us. He explained he needed to do some very complex exam of your rectum and some will be uncomfortable. Your fathers still love you, no one is going to send you back, all we want is for you to be healthy and have a good future. Jason and I cried with our son and we realized there was no way we could understand the hell he and his brother must have faced in their young lives. No power on earth would ever take him away from us.


As the three of us started to control our emotions Doc said we can start some of the tests now so we can have a better idea of what we are dealing with. The prep is worse than the tests and I can give you some mild sedation if it gets too unpleasant for you. I have to admit our son did much better than I would have if my father had watched me getting a two quart enema multiple times till it returned clear fluid. Doc then explained what he was doing as he put him in stirrups and used copious amount of his numbing gel prior to putting a huge speculum into his ass and cranking it open. Our son grasped our hands in a death grip feeling the pressure as the speculum dilated his rectum. Doc only had good news… no tearing and no apparent damage to the muscle tissue. But, after the near death of Yutto he was going to do a fiber optic exam to make certain nothing was hiding higher in the intestines.


After giving our son some mild sedation he produced a long fiber optic tube that had me scared for our son and wishing Doc had sedated me. I couldn”t believe how many feet of tubing he inserted up his ass but we knew after Yutto nearly dying on us Doc wouldn”t take any chances this time around. After Doc pulled foot after foot of tubing from our son”s body he smiled saying no permanent damage and nothing that will require surgery. As long as he is out cold I want to put in a “shunt” so I won”t have to do a needle stick every day for his IV. Ten minutes later it was over and done and we just had to wait for our son to sleep off his sedation.


When our son was back among the living I told him we had some great pictures of his guts for our family album which he failed to see any humor in my comment. Doc assured him he had no permanent damage from his abuse and the IV medication would take care of his infection. He just didn”t know how long and how many doses it would take. Every morning after breakfast Jason and I would walk him to medical so he could watch TV as the IV slowly dripped till the bag was empty. Then with a cover over the shunt he was off to be a normal kid for the rest of the day. The three of us discussed what to tell his younger brother and our son didn”t want his brother to know anything other than he had an infection because he didn”t want him to feel he was the cause of the problem. It was time to get the Chaplain involved and for our son to realize he had nothing to be ashamed of… he was the victim.


We just made certain Alexander was available for some “puppy duty” and “training”. SSgt Rod didn”t know the whole story but he was smart enough to know Alexander was needed to help this young boy cope with the problem his brother was facing. Alexander was well rewarded for his efforts by everyone on base and paid the price with extra miles on the treadmill for his efforts. Everyone on base had to pass their annual physical exam and that included Alexander.


The day finally arrived when Doc came into the room and said the blood tests were normal and no more IV meds were needed. With a minimum of discomfort the shunt was removed and the only evidence of the incident was a big Band-Aid. This trauma had one positive effect, it bonded us together as a family and considering what our two sons had faced so far in their lives it truly was a miracle.


Three weeks later we were flying off for our final evaluation and adoption approval of our two sons. Everyone was impressed at what we had accomplished in only 90 days and after the adoption had final approval I informed them that only the insistence of my son was keeping me from making a formal complaint against the social services that had placed him with this agency. There was no reason our son wasn”t diagnosed and treated when he was placed with and evaluated by social services. You have a broken system and you need to fix it before someone dies.


The only thing that keeps me from using the stature of my rank and office to bring this to national attention is my son not wanting the world to know what he had to do to survive on the street. I would hope you elect to find the problem and correct it before he ever decides to change his mind. I thanked the administrator for all his assistance and for giving us two wonderful boys to share our lives and future. Luke and SD weren”t so gracious and the person involved in the initial evaluation of our sons was found to have taken too many shortcuts with too many children. Her state license was revoked and she would never be allowed to work in child care again. (I guess between these Stars on my shoulder and the friends in my life we can accomplish some good after all.)


I used my wrist com to announce to the base our adoption was approved and final and we officially were parents of two imps for life. Weeks later when Yutto made an unannounced visit to Fort Connor he snuck away to have some private time with our oldest son. Yutto confessed to him he had been an orphan on the street and sold his body to survive. I nearly died because I was so ashamed to tell my fathers what I had been forced to do. There will be moment when you will have flashbacks and if you ever need someone to talk with who has been there I”m as close as your wrist com. Doc and the Chaplain are great but I know what it is like to have a man rape your ass and his only concerned is getting his rocks off. The two held each other and cried together. They had a bond only victims of sexual abuse can ever have together.


The men of Fort Connor were in celebration mode when our jet touched down. Andrew and Jeremy were officially presented to Fort Connor as our Sons. Our two new official sons found black BDUs on their beds compliments of the men of Fort Connor. They were now officially part of this band of brother that would protect them with their lives. After an over indulgence of ice cream I was surprised our sons slept securely our first official night as a family. (Barf Bags were on the night stand.) We had the official experience of an “incoming” son as we were sleeping soundly the next morning. Fortunately, I dodge the “bullet” (actually a knee) as Jason writhed in agony trying not to scream and scare our young son. Oh, was I going to get fucked and I was going to enjoy every moment of it. School couldn”t start soon enough so I could have at least six hours a day when I knew I could enjoy a quickie with my partner without being interrupted by our sons.


Alexander earned a mountain of doggie treats and still passed his annual physical. He was officially approved for “baby sitting services” and was in frequent demand around our house. To see Alexander viciously attack his padded practice victim it was so difficult to believe it was the same dog that showed such tenderness to our youngest son.


We knew our sons would be behind in school but the curriculum would be adapted so they could reach a normal level in the least amount of time. We were shocked at their IQ level and when Logan and Alex heard the news they were already planning on adding them to the Worthington Brain Trust. I see two more Harvard grads in the future of Fort Connor.


Our sons hated ALERTS and that practices were treated with the same urgency as an actual ALERT. Andrew (Our oldest son) wasn”t impressed when a soldier snatched him stark naked out of his shower and threw him naked into the imps bunker to be locked down during a practice ALERT. Brother Jeremy thought it was hilarious and couldn”t stop laughing till I rounded up a towel to protect his brother”s modesty. Andrew only looked at Jeremy and told him: “Your time will come”! Truer words were never spoken.


Jeremy took to swimming nude with the men like a duck takes to water. Andrew was more hesitant and both Jason and I could understand considering the men in his past who used him as their sex toy. We knew in time Doc and the Chaplain would help him to understand he had nothing to be ashamed about his body. Actually, he was quite a young stud and will be a dashing heart throb of a young man. I dread to even think about him and puberty. Oh, well… it is an assignment both Jason and I volunteered for.


One day after school Jeremy was off with SSgt Rod and Alexander for some quality “puppy time”, Andrew respectfully knocked at my door and asked if I had time to talk with him. “Of course, I”d always make time for my son.” (I should have been concerned when he closed the door behind him after he entered my office.) “Dad, I want to talk about sex!”




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