Amber Lets It Happen

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Here we go again. He drives me to the front of my house and shuts off the engine in the driveway. I would invite him in, but seeing as my roommate will not give us any privacy and I’m still not there yet, well, we have to say our goodbye’s here. He leaves the radio on but brings the volume down. He turns to face me and holds my left hand.

“Well, here we are.” He says.

“Yup, thanks for tonight, I had a great time.”

“Sure, next time though, you’ll have to win me a stuffed animal.”

I laugh a nervous laugh, because I know what’s coming next. The day was great, and I love spending time with him, but I always dread the end of our outings. It’s been the same for the past year and a half. You’d think that being together with him for this amount of time I’d have the guts to sleep with my boyfriend. I mean, I’m 23 and a virgin. It’s embarrassing to admit, but being raised in such a conservative household, well, I always felt shy about consummating our relationship. I’m not bad looking, so my looks aren’t the issue, I’m just scared I guess.

He holds my face with his free hand and I look into his eyes. He’s staring at my lips and I lick them out of habit.

“Have I ever told you how delicious your lips look?”

With this, I bite my lower lip and he responds by putting his thumb on my chin and gently pulls my lip out of my mouth. Once my lip is out, he traces the outline of them with his thumb and looks into my eyes.

“I uh…I should get inside. I umm…I have to wake up early tomorrow.” I try saying this calmly, but my voice quivers and he catches it.

He removes his thumb from my lips and brings his mouth to mine. Oh how I love his kisses. He always starts slowly. Gently and softly kissing me and then he turns things up. He takes my lower lip into his mouth and sucks on it gently. He nibbles a bit on it and I feel that the hand he was using to hold my hand has made its bursa yabancı escort way to the back of my neck. He begins to put his fingers in my hair and the other hand is caressing my cheek. He knows how much I love that, he knows that just by caressing my cheek, he sends shivers down my spine.

I put both my hands around his neck and now it’s my turn to turn things up a notch. I take my lip from his mouth and sneak my tongue in instead. I know he loves it, because now he’s sliding his hand down my back. Slowly but surely, his hand lands on my hip and he turns it so that now It’s on my lap. He kneads my thigh and it gets closer and closer to the front zipper of my jeans.

Oh god, should I stop him now? My head is saying stop, but my body won’t listen! Oh well, let’s see how far I’m willing to go this time.

He knows I’m having a battle in my head, because he hesitates a bit before making another move. Since I’m not doing anything to stop him, his hand goes down over my jeans and he puts pressure on my aching wetness. I know he feels the dampness between my legs by the moan he lets out in my mouth, and hearing him just gets me hotter and wanting more.

I’ve never had anyone touch me there before, but the feel of his hand on me feels so right that I want him to go further.

Apparently he’s a mind reader because he starts to put pressure right on my clit with his fingers. I can only imagine how his fingers would feel on me without my jeans and panties on. But this, wow, this feels so hot! I put one of my hands on his stomach and lower it until I hit the top of his jeans. He breaks our kiss.

“Sweetie, what are you doing?”

“I want to touch you.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel obligated…”

“Really,” I look into his eyes before I lower my hand some more “I want to.” I reach his hardness and give a little squeeze. His bursa sınırsız escort eyes widen and I put my lips back on his. Our kissing gets more passionate and his assault on me gets a bit rougher.

“Sweetie… just let me…pleasure you tonight,” he says between kisses.

“But I…”

“No, it’s ok. We’ll get to me another night ok? Just let me get you off, I want to see the pleasure on your face.” He holds my face with both hands and looks at me. I give a small nod and he unbuckles both of us from our seatbelt’s in record speed. He kisses me again and his hands are on my hips.

I put my arms around his neck and I feel his warm palms on my bare back. I kiss him a bit harder and I feel his hands go to opposite sides. While one is headed to my lower stomach, the other makes it way higher on my back.

His hand is getting closer to my jean front. I’m I really going to let it happen? Well, it isn’t technically sex right? Oh God, stop thinking Amber, just let it happen.

His hand stops at my jean’s button. To give him the “go ahead,” I nibble on his lip.

He undo’s my button and slowly pulls my zipper down.

I hold on to him a bit tighter while his hand goes between my jeans and my panties.

He cups me and I put my face on his neck. I no longer have the ability to concentrate on kissing him. All I can think of is his hand on me.

My breathing gets a bit more ragged and he puts pressure on me again.

“Oh” I gasp.

“Oh wow, you’re so wet,” he whispers in my ear.

He starts rubbing me up and down in painfully slow motion and I open my mouth on his neck to muffle my moan.

He raises his hand and is now going under my panties. I hold on to him tighter and his other hand is holding on to me tight by my waist.

He puts his hand between my legs again but this time with no fabric between his fingers görükle escort and me. Rubs again, but this time he goes a bit faster than before.

“Geez babe, you’re so wet, I want to be inside you so bad, but another night. Tonight is all about you.”

Babe? He’s never called me that before. I like the sound of it.

He reaches up to my clit and I moan harder.

“Oh god, that feels so good.”

He stays on my clit, drawing circles around it.

“Oh god, don’t stop.” I cry out.

“I won’t.”

He goes faster and I can feel the buildup.

“You’re so hot, I can’t wait to have you all to myself, to be inside you and make you scream my name.”

He’s dirty talk is getting me to my climax faster.

I thrust my hips to match the rhythm of his fingers.

“Come for me babe. Imagine yourself in my arms, both naked, my thrusting myself into you, in and out, in and out.”

I’ve never heard him talk like this before. It’s so hot and naughty.

I’m closer now.

“Faster Steve, please.” I say between gasps.

He does, not only faster but harder too.

“Oh baby, I’m going to come.”

He goes faster, and his other hand has somehow landed under bra and hiss finger are pinching my nipple gently.

This takes me over the top.

“Oh god, oh god!”

I feel the wave stronger than anything I’ve ever felt before, and to muffle my cries, I bite down on his neck.

He slows down until I’m done.

He stops but leaves his hand in my pants.

I begin to kiss and suck his neck. I lower my hand to his jeans and give him a squeeze.

“I promise to do the same for you next time baby.” I say.

He rubs me again, gently this time, and kisses me. I thrust my pelvis in time with his movement and I thrust my tongue in his mouth one last time.

I remove my face from his and say, “I love you so much baby.”

He responds by putting pressure on my clit which makes me jump a bit, and says “I love you more.”

He removes his hand from my pants and licks his wet fingers.

“You taste so good.”

“Next time I get to taste you” I say before I kiss him and get out of his car.

I zip up, compose myself, and turn to walk to my door.

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