An After School Lesbian Affair

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It wasn’t usual for me to come home straight after school. That’s probably why my sister wasn’t expecting me to walk into my room when I did. I sure didn’t expect to see her naked on my bed with my underwear over her head, getting her pussy licked out by her best friend Andrea.

Andrea was also buck naked, kneeling half-on and half off the bed. She was frigging herself with on hand, and grabbing Amy’s tits with the other. Amy (that’s my sister) was lying on her back on my bed, pulling Andrea’s face towards her cunt and moaning, while the other hand kept rubbing my used panties all over her face.

“Oh, she smells so good!” Amy said, “I wish I could lick her pussy and ass for real.” Andrea just grunted and kept eating Amy’s love hole, fingering her own sloppy channel with her long fingers.

I stood there, shocked that my sister was a lesbian, and doubly shocked that she fantasized about me. As I looked down at Amy’s body and Andrea furiously licking her snatch, something came over me, a desire to be involved in their sexual play. I knelt behind Andrea and inhaled the aroma of her gash. It was intoxicating. Without any hesitation, I reached out and placed my hand over Andrea’s on her cunt, feeling her juices running through her busy fingers.

Andrea looked back at me, wondering who had joined them. As she looked back, I brought my fingers to my nose, smelling her pungent fluids up close. Amy grabbed Andrea’s head and pulled it back towards her juicy slit, unaware that I was there. Quickly, I tore off my clothes and went to stand over Amy’s head. I pulled my used panties off her face and squatted down with my pussy over her mouth.

“So, you horny little girl,” I said, “you’ve been stealing my panties to lick them. Well, now you can lick right from the source.”

It took less than a second for Amy’s lips to latch on to my cunt lips. God, that felt good! She licked my slit eagerly, driving her tongue up inside me, nibbling on my clit, running her fingers all over. She began to trail her tongue all over my labia, in ever widening circles. Then she slowly licked down towards my ass. Her tongue was like a wriggling, warm, wet finger, and she began to probe my anus with it. I relaxed until she was able to get the tip in through my tight sphincter. She moaned with delight, I moaned with pleasure, and Andrea moaned with the sheer ecstasy of seeing her lesbo lover tongue my asshole.

Amy was lying down with her legs hanging over the bed, and I was squatting over her mouth, facing her feet, watching Andrea’s glistening body. Andrea had been on her hands and knees on the floor to lick Amy’s clit, her ass waving around as she fingered her own pussy, but she now straightened out to rub her sticky slit against Amy’s. She reached out to run her fingers through my cunt hair as my sister continued to lick my ass. Andrea soon found my clit and began pinching and rubbing it, driving Gümüşhane Escort me into sexual ecstasy.

I reached down to Amy’s tits and began rubbing and fondling the huge globes. Amy reached up to cup Andrea’s breasts, and then Andrea leaned forward and began to kiss and nibble my erect nipples as she ground her juicy box against my sister’s. Amy’s tongue continued to probe my rectum, and it felt wickedly erotic, especially with Andrea’s finger buried in my snatch. I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. Andrea sucked on my nipples so hard, I thought she would suck them right off my boobs.

Andrea switched to groping my breasts and fondling my ass. Amy switched back to licking my love box, but she slipped a finger into my asshole and continued to stimulate it. Her lips were attached to my clit, alternately sucking and pinching it. Occasionally, she would plunge her tongue deep into my tight canal, and her finger would press in my ass against he thin wall separating my cunt from my rectum. Then Amy would return her attention to my throbbing love button. Seconds later, I came, my tight cunt spasming and clenching, my ass gripping her finger tightly.

Amy continued to tongue my clit for the duration of my orgasm. It was fabulous knowing that my own sister loved having my sticky juices all over her lips and chin. Andrea was still grinding their pussies together and feeling my tits and ass. I had reached out to pinch and squeeze Amy’s boobs, but my hand trailed down her body to her cunt and I rubbed her clit, my finger tip against her little bud, and the knuckle against Andrea’s. It was a strange sensation to have my hand between the two sopping pussies as they rubbed themselves towards climax on my digits. Finally, I brought my other hand from Amy’s nipple and slid one finger into Andrea, and one finger from my other hand into my sister’s juicy gash.

“Yes! Oh, yes!” Andrea cried as I hooked my finger inside her, rubbing against the tight walls of her luscious pussy. I increased the friction on Amy’s clit with the palm of my hand. It didn’t take long before both of them were careening over the edge, riding a wave of orgasm. Feeling a pussy other than my own spasming in climax around my finger was a beautifully erotic sensation. Feeling two pussies orgasming at the same time was even better. But there was one thing I wanted to feel yet, the sensation of a woman cumming all over my tongue. I wanted to eat one of their hairy cunts. No, I wanted to eat both of their hairy cunts.

I leaned forward and gently kissed Andrea on the cheek. She turned her face towards mine, and our lips met. Her lips were soft and warm, inviting me to press my own lips harder against hers. Our kiss was passionate, but different than any man’s passion. It wasn’t a crushing, urgent passion, but a delicate, deep passionate kiss.

Finally, we pulled away to breathe, Gümüşhane Escort Bayan but her hand brushed over my face, trailing down my features, eyes, cheeks, lips, chin. I was kneeling on the bed, my sister’s head now in my lap. She smiled up at Andrea and I, “Okay, sis. Andrea has licked my pussy and I’ve licked yours. It’s only fair for you to eat her out. You like the taste of her lips, now it’s time to taste her cunt.”

“There’s nothing I want to do more.” I whispered. Andrea smiled at me sexily, then lay down on the bed, spreading her legs for me to stare at her pink folds, wet with her excitement. I had already smelled her pussy fluids, and if that was any indication of her taste, I was all ready to dive into her juicy muff.

I knelt on the floor, my upper body on the bed, and leaned into Andrea’s cleft. I could smell her delicious odour, and now, my tongue reached out to taste it. Gently, I ran the tip of my tongue over her moist folds, savouring her oily fluids. Then I dove in.

I had no idea what to expect, so I began tonguing her cunt-hole and licking her clit. As I did things that pleased her, Andrea would moan. I quickly learned what cues to take, and soon, Andrea was writhing around on the bed, thrusting her hips at my face.

“You look so beautiful eating pussy,” Amy said to me. I stopped to smile up at her and lick my lips, and then went back to Andrea’s slit. I was fast learning to love the musky flavour of her cunt, the excited moans she made when I flicked her love button, and the feel of her ass beneath my hands as she gyrated to my stimulation.

Finally, I latched on to her clit, tonguing it for all I was worth, driving her over the brink to orgasm. She put her hands on the back of my head, holding my mouth over her juicy canal, and thrusting her hips at me. She was wild, and I loved it. At last, when her orgasm subsided, Andrea let me go. I kissed her pussy lips gently, then straightened up.

Amy was there, and she was ready. She kissed me on the lips. My own sister kissed me. Then she began to lap all of Andrea’s fluids off my face and neck. Then she kissed her way down to my nipples and began to rub, to suck and to gently nibble them.

She crawled down off the bed and turned me so I was leaning against it. Then she fell into my waiting arms, and we proceeded to make out heavily. I don’t recall exactly when, but I remember hearing Andrea say, “God, that’s so hot!” and the bed shift as she got up, but I wasn’t really paying attention. I was focussed on my beautiful sister and how soft her lips were and how her tongue felt in my mouth. I closed my eyes and let the moment overtake me, lost in the feeling of her lips and the taste of her mouth and the sensation of her breasts rubbing against mine.

When I finally opened my eyes again, I was astonished to see Andrea wearing a big strap-on dildo. It looked Escort Gümüşhane so funny to see her feminine curves and that large rubber protrusion. But she knew how to use it, I soon found out. She wanted to take me doggie style while I ate Amy’s pussy.

Well, who was I to resist. Amy lay down on the floor, spreading her legs wide, and I knelt between her knees, my ass up in the air. I could feel Andrea rubbing the fake cock on my cunt lips, moistening it with my fluids. Gently, she began to insert it, making sure it was well lubricated before pushing it deeper. It was a long dildo, and it stretched me out, going deeper than I thought possible. Then Andrea switched it on – it had its very own vibrator built it. I guessed that it also stimulated Andrea as she began to slide it in and out of me.

With each forward motion, my face was brought closer to my sister’s waiting slit, so I began to lick her. Andrea fucked my face into Amy’s pussy. I was sandwiched between to women, and I loved it. Suddenly, I knew why Amy fantasized about me; she and I were very alike, and I wanted her as much as she wanted me. I began to eat her box with a sudden fervour unlike anything before. I knew what she needed to drive her wild, and I kept giving it to her.

The vibrating dildo felt fabulous, but suddenly, I felt Andrea pull it out and I heard her switch it off. Then she began to rub it against my asshole. I knew what she wanted, and I was willing to try anything now. Amy began to move about until her head was under my pussy. Now we were in the sixty-nine position. Two sisters, eating each other’s twats, while Andrea worked the dildo further into my ass. Wow, what a feeling! When Andrea turned the vibrator back on, I thought I had gone to heaven.

We licked, sucked and fucked for what seemed like ages, always on the brink of orgasm, but keeping each other from going over. Then, like it was a mutual decision, Amy and Andrea began to work at my cunt and ass, driving me over the edge. I knew that there was only one thing to do: bring Amy to orgasm at the same time and hope that the vibrator worked for Andrea.

I latched onto Amy’s hard clit and pulled and rubbed it with my tongue, running my fingers over her pussy lips and down the crack to her ass. She began bucking underneath me, and I knew that she was climaxing as well. As my orgasm hit, Andrea was fucking my ass like there was no tomorrow, gasping and dragging her hair all over my back. When Amy and I had finished our climax, I collapsed on her, and Andrea on top of me, reaching down to turn off the vibrating dildo. She kissed my neck and held me tenderly, and I knew that she had orgasmed as well.

I’m not sure how long we lay there, blissfully content, but eventually, reality crept back in; all three of us were lying on the floor of my room, naked and Andrea with a dildo still in my ass, the door open as I had left it when I entered. Slowly, we managed to get up. We all glowed with the aftermath of sex, and the room smelled like pussy. I opened the window slightly, keeping the blinds shut. We decided that it would be best to shower, and we all went together. But that story should be told another time.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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