An Evening Afloat Ch. 02

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Chapter 02: The Next Day

I awoke on the Sunday morning without the usual desperate feelings to masturbate; granted, I was erect, but that was natural. As I became properly conscious I recalled the previous evening and lay there wondering if my luck had really changed, but cursing myself that I had not had the necessary protection to hand when I had needed it.

I had breakfast and set about tidying the boat in preparation for my promised date later.

Maybe I shouldn’t have invited Sue to Brigand, when all I had was a two-tiered bunk, whereas she had a rather comfy-looking double bed aboard her modern cruiser.

I decided we would have a stir-fry to eat and made a list for the Supermarket, adding the rather important item I needed from the Chemist section.

It was after ten when I set off to the shops and I noticed her saloon curtains were still closed. Much as I would have liked to have called aboard, I resisted the temptation and concentrated on the matter in hand, returning about half an hour later loaded with shopping and the Sunday papers. By then Sue’s curtains were drawn back, but no sign of her, so once again I went straight back to Brigand.

After spending the rest of the morning keeping up to date with the news, I had a quick snack and then started preparing the veg for the meal. Much could be done in advance, leaving just the short cooking session until her planned arrival at seven.

By six I had showered and shaved, and dug out clean slacks and a shirt that had to be ironed.

At six forty-five I heard her cheerful shout from the pontoon and went on deck.

“Can you take this from me?” said a young lady from the shore — a lady I hardly recognized.

Sue had changed dramatically from the scruffy girl I had met the day before; I took the two bottles of wine she handed me and helped her down onto the deck.

“I wasn’t sure it was you,” I said.

“Why? — Expecting someone else?” she gave me a worried look.

“Well, I had expected a young lady from a boat over there, but she looked like a boating type. Now I’ve got a visitor who appears to have come down from the town for a formal function!!”

Sue chuckled and did a little twirl for me. “Do you approve? I did say I’d make a bit of an effort”

I just stood and gaped at her lovely smile, topped by shiny curly hair. She had a sheer white blouse that clearly showed a lacy bra, and she wore a barely-respectable short flared skirt and tights or stockings, with sensible flat shoes. Lipstick and her other make-up made her look not just attractive, but quite stunning and very desirable.

“I don’t know what to say” I murmured, “You have transformed yourself”

“Just let me give you a little little kiss to remind you that it IS me”

We embraced and her lips tasted sublime as we held each other close.

“Ummm” I said, as I held her at arm’s length, “It IS you — and you are looking absolutely gorgeous. Now, how about a drink? Wine or scotch?”

“I’d love a scotch, please” Sue replied, sitting on the sofa seat and showing a vast amount of nylon-covered shapely leg.

“I hope you can cope with a stir-fry?”

“Oh yes, lovely — but don’t make me use chopsticks — I can never get the food all the way to my mouth!!”

While Sue sipped her drink, I started to cook and I suddenly heard her giggling.

She pointed a finger at the side table. “Now that’s the first time I’ve ever had such an obvious hint regarding a man’s intentions”

I realized that she was pointing at the istanbul escort small packet I had bought at the chemist.

“Whoops” I said, “Sorry. I didn’t mean that to be on public view”

“Don’t be silly — I’m just glad you remembered too” She patted the small clutch bag she had been holding. “I went to the shops as well — just in case you forgot!!”

We both laughed “I hope you aren’t expecting me to need two packets!!!! There are limitations to a man’s capabilities — even when faced with a sexy lady like the one I’m entertaining!!”

“And just remember that this lady is a little out of practice too” she chuckled, “I would like to be able to walk after dinner”

“There isn’t any rush for anything” I assured her, “Neither of us is intending to leave our moorings imminently, are we?”

“I think “At Last” is almost welded to the pontoon by now. I certainly have no ideas of setting off on a long voyage”

“Good, because dinner is all ready. I’ll just open the wine. D’you want your red, or the white I have already chilled?”

“White will be nice with that. The red can keep until next time — if you feel there could be a next time”.

“Highly likely — for my part anyway” I said as I dished out her meal.

She nodded and smiled, raising her glass “This is a lovely meal — you ARE clever. Cheers!”

Realising that one wine bottle was now empty, I opened the second as we finished our meal and cleared the table so that I could fold down the leaf and give us more room.

We moved as close together as was possible and I kissed her neck, making her purr with pleasure as my hand cupped the curve of her breast.

I noticed that her short skirt had ridden up and showed that she wasn’t wearing tights — nor even normal stockings. Her legs were encased in hold-ups that finished in a very pretty lacy elastic top, revealing bare thigh above.

I pulled back to admire the view of her lovely firm thighs and commented on the stockings.

“I hate suspender belts” she said, “and these are so comfy”

“They’re also VERY sexy”

Sue put her hand down and eased the skirt fractionally higher. “Is that better?”

“Oh Sue” I gasped as I saw a neat little patch of pale hair, “Have you come out to dinner only half-dressed?”

“Goodness, NO. What sort of a girl d’you think I am!!!” She said, in mock surprise, “I do have underwear on — maybe a shade brief, but it’s there somewhere!!”

“You’re the sort of girl that makes a man do this” I replied, arching my hips slightly to show the growing bulge in my slacks.

She pulled me to her and injected my mouth with her tongue. The kiss lasted long enough to make me concerned about my self control as I felt a hard nipple through her blouse & bra.

“You’re making my panties wet” she moaned, kissing me more urgently, “And I want you to feel just how wet”

It was at that moment that I realized the rest of the evening could be rather spoiled by the fact that my sleeping arrangements consisted only of a two-tier bunk.

I pulled away from her embrace. “D’you think you could move?”

“Of course, aren’t you comfy?”

“I just thought that your palatial accommodation might be comfier than what I can offer — and my facilities aren’t exactly designed for a lady. Could we move back to yours?”

“Ummm — good idea – as long as we do it right now — before I get totally carried away”

We stood up and Sue giggled as I pocketed the little packet from the table.

I locked the boat as escort bayan we clambered onto the pontoon and walked arm in arm to “At Last”.

“I left the heating on, so it should be quite warm” Sue mentioned “Anyway, I can’t see us getting cold, can you?”

The saloon was beautifully warm and Sue pulled the curtains to give us privacy before beckoning me to sit beside her.

She held out both arms, “Now remind me what we were doing”

I took nearly two seconds to reach her mouth, pull her blouse from her waistband and slip a hand inside to caress her warm breast.

“Now I remember” she said breathlessly, laying back against the sofa with her legs parted.

I slowly unbuttoned the blouse and reached behind her to undo her bra.

“Wow, you’re very experienced at that” she said as it came loose and slipped down below her boobs. The pink nipples were rock hard and I bent to kiss each one.

“We both seem to be a bit overdressed for this” she murmured, standing up and unzipping her skirt. “Take your shirt off so I can nuzzle into that hairy chest”

I wasn’t sure if the vision before me was one of the tiny pairs of panties I’d seen the evening before, but what there was of them was white and seemed to consist of a narrow strip of material that disappeared between her thighs and presumably joined the two similar side strings at the back.

Sue slipped off her blouse and the bra fell to the saloon floor. “Those slacks don’t look too comfy either” she said, reaching to undo my belt and zip.

I’d put on a pair of black jockey pants to contain myself respectably and she stroked the shape of my erection before leaning forward and kissing it.”That poor thing needs to be allowed out” she said, looking up at me, and hooked fingers each side of the waistband to pull them down.

“Oh yeeees” she gasped, “There’s my man — and he seems so pleased to see me”

“He is” I moaned as her mouth took the tip, “But we must do something for him – right now”

I reached down for my slacks and undid the packet.

“Wait a minute” she said, “I want to make him really ready first,” and she continued to suck slowly.

“I think it had better be now” I said firmly.

Sue took the little rubber condom from me and rolled it onto my throbbing erection.

“You’ve done THAT before too” I commented.

Sue giggled “Haven’t lost my touch then? Now Mark, don’t you think it would be even nicer if we moved next door?”

“Lovely idea”

I followed Sue through the door way into the bedroom, where the duvet had been drawn back on the bed and a hand towel placed on the bedside table.

I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Sue close enough for me to draw down the whispy thong — already soaked from her arousal.

Sue climbed onto the pristine white under sheet, “Now come here and show me how comfy this bed can be — with two people in it – for the first time” she said.

We cuddled together, bodies touching from foot to chest, and hands stroking each other everywhere except where our hips pressed together.

Sue began to writhe against me and took my hand and pushed it between us.

“I want to feel you” she gasped, and I eased my erection between her thighs, thrusting gently.

She pushed me away and rolled onto her back. “Now come and see me properly” she pleaded, bending her knees up and parting them as wide as she could.

The sight of her open pussy, glistening with her wetness increased the urgency

to slip inside before I climaxed, escort istanbul but I forced myself to think of something else — anything else.

I knelt beside Sue and took one foot in my hand, letting the other hand make gentle circles in the hollow of her ankle before stroking up the calf and repeating the attention on the inside of her knee with my tongue.

It was quite hard to hold her leg still as she writhed on the bed, uttering little gasps and arching her hips. I moved between her knees and gave the other leg identical attention as her hand slowly moved to her mound and started stroking.

“I can’t stand too much more” she croaked, “or I shall climax”

“No you won’t” I said harshly, “Not yet — take your hand away!”

“Oh Mark, I want to touch — I can feel I’m losing control”

I reached to pull her hand away from the swollen lips between her wet bush and moved closer, lifting each leg over my shoulder.

I held my erection in one hand and slowly slid it along her slippery crease, then used the tip to prise her lips apart.

“Have I told you that you have the sweetest looking cheeks and a lovely tight bum?”

“You’re a wicked man”

“Now just relax and feel what I have for you” I said softly as I pushed very gently into the hot creamy pink void.

As I entered her she cried out my name and arched towards me, making me side deeper inside.

“Now can you feel me” I whispered, watching her closed eyes.

She opened them and I saw the intense desire written on her flushed face.

“Oh Mark — yeeeeees. This is what I’ve wanted SO much — since last evening”

I started to thrust, long and slow, reaching to caress her breasts as her own hand came between us and gripped my rigid shaft. Each time I moved deep inside her, she made little animal-like noises — some almost as if she was in pain, although her body movements discounted that as it thrashed about and her legs wrapped around my waist.

She had a tiny sheen of perspiration between her breasts and the skin above looked as though she was blushing.

All this was taking me ever closer to the moment we were both desperately needing and I had trouble in controlling my thrusts to avoid hurting her.

I moved my hands to grasp her under her cheeks, lifting her to arouse another place within her engorged vagina.

“OH GOD” she cried out, “OH MARK OOOOOOOOOH — Take me — NOW”

I needed no second request and with a throaty groan I climaxed hard, filling the protective condom but knowing she could feel every throbbing jet of my cum.

“MARK — YEEEEEEEES — Oh Mark — Mark” Sue screamed my name as she writhed and arched uncontrollably, her body taut as a bowstring as her tight pussy flexed against my hardness.

“It’s all right — I’ve got you – Hold tight Sue, my sweet”

Gradually her spasms weakened but I remained inside her, and I looked at her face where I could see tears in her eyes.

“Hey — come on” I said softly, “You’re Ok, aren’t you?”

Her whole body was wracked with shuddering sobs as she managed to whimper “I’ve just been somewhere I’ve never been before. You have taken me apart — totally occupied every inch of my body. I felt I wasn’t even conscious for a few seconds ”

“Well, I can feel you are now” I grinned, stroking her forehead, “I’d better sort myself out for a minute” I said, as I withdrew slowly.

Sue watched as the tip of the condom showed just how much I had cum, “Oh goodness, how I wish I could have felt that properly!!!”

“You don’t mean that — not a very good idea!!”

“I DO mean it — the sensation would be heavenly”

“But the possible consequences wouldn’t be” I said firmly, as I slipped off the rubber and knotted it for safety.

(Part 3 to follow)

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