An Innocence Lost

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A cloudless azure sky greeted Britt as she strolled across the neatly manicured lawn. Her sun lounge stood beside the swimming pool, sheltering the icebox, in which was placed a magnum of chilled champagne. Removing her short silk robe, and revealing her naked body, she admired the well-kept gardens, while reaching into a nearby locker for the coconut oil. Britt loved nude sunbathing; her athletic figure, coupled with a deep tan, could easily have graced the center pages of any ‘girlie’ magazine. Warming the oil in her hands, she closed her eyes, and flicked back her shoulder length blonde hair. Her body was hers to enjoy, each nerve tingling as she rubbed the oil onto her shoulders, her arms, her breasts; all felt so sensual. Massaging over her taut belly, and back up to the hardened nipples, that cried for attention. A soft sigh escaped from her lips, as she gently squeezed each nipple, a deep yearning growing within her.

Warming some more oil in her hands, she applied it to her legs and feet, before returning to her completely waxed pubic area. The sensual woman raised her hips as her body called to be satisfied. Her outer lips so smooth, her clit swollen and pulsating, her vagina and inner lips already wet with her sex juices. Britt reclined on the lounge, her legs spread. Oh God, I need to cum, she thought to herself, as she felt the sweet slickness of her own sex. Her mind wandered as she rubbed her moist pussy. It had been a week since she had seduced the deliciously naïve Susan. The memory of the afternoon, that they had spent together, heightened her arousal, she rubbed harder, and faster, her head spinning as small squeals emanated from her very being. Rubbing her clit, and 3 fingers deep inside her throbbing pussy. Her orgasm building, she writhed in total abandon, until hot cum erupted from deep within.

Relaxing, Britt felt much better, although she knew that she needed more. Gazing around, she noticed that the gardener had left a long-handled trowel alongside the garden bed. Britt stood, and retrieved the tool. Repositioning herself, she poured a little oil onto the long thick handle, and placed the bulbous end against her still-yearning pussy. She pushed the wooden handle into herself, her heart pounding, as her sexual desire once again craved fulfillment. Holding the steel blade, she plunged the long handle deep into her wetness. In and out, she worked the handle, the excitement building, like a volcano on the brink of eruption.

The silence of the garden was broken by the sound of a cracking twig. Britt looked up to see a young boy edging back into the thicket of palm trees, which shaded the pool. A broad smile came to her face, as she realized that she could have far more fun than masturbating alone!

“Hey, boy! Are you enjoying the show?” She called out. “Come out here, where I can see you!”

The cane palms parted and a gawky teenage boy appeared. He had red hair, and wore black-framed glasses; his beige trousers pulled up to just below his chest, his long- sleeved white shirt buttoned to the neck. His embarrassment was obvious as he stepped forward keeping his gaze fixed on his own feet.

“You wanted to watch, boy. So you come here and watch!” Britt ordered him. “Look at me, when I am speaking to you!”

The boy shuffled his feet, and looked up at Britt. God, could this really be happening to him? He was 18 years old, and inexperienced with the opposite sex. He had seen pictures of a naked woman, and they stirred his imagination. The sensation of playing with his hard cock until it released its sperm had been enjoyable, however the humiliation of standing in front of a beautiful naked woman was too much to bear!

Britt was becoming very turned-on by the boy’s shame, and decided to take things a bit further.

“So, what are you doing here, boy?” she snapped.

“Um… sorry Miss, but your husband told me that he would pay me to tend to your garden. Er… um… I was supposed to come this afternoon; but I have a study class to go to, so I came this morning!” he replied, while keeping his eyes lowered, hands in his pockets and shuffling his feet awkwardly. Britt remembered Ben saying something about a kid helping around the garden, but hadn’t taken much notice at the time.

“What is your name, boy?” she demanded.

“Um… Oliver, Miss…Oliver Mellors.”

“Oh, doesn’t your mother clean at the golf club, Oliver?”

“Yes, Miss, she does”

“And what do you think she would say, if I were to tell her that her son is a dirty little pervert, Oliver?”

“Oh, Miss, please, please don’t say anything.” He pleaded, still shuffling his feet and blushing more and more until his face was as red as his hair.

“Well, well, Oliver, I am sure we can come to an arrangement.” Came Britt’s sarcastic reply. “I have unfinished business here, step forward, and stand at the end of the sun lounge.”

Oliver stepped forward, still looking at his feet, and pulling his trousers even higher up his body.

Britt eyed him. “Look casino oyna at me!” she demanded.

Finally their gazes met. Britt’s beautiful navy blue eyes, looking lustfully into the bespectacled hazel eyes of this average 18 year-old male.

“OK, Oliver … say nothing, do nothing, just watch. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss.” Came the pitiful reply.

Britt picked up the trowel, reapplied the coconut oil, and raised her hips, spreading open her cunt to receive the phallus. She pumped the trowel in and out, keeping eye contact with Oliver, who was still shuffling on the spot, and pulling his trousers higher, revealing that he too was becoming aroused. Her climax neared, passion and lust enveloped her, but the eye contact remained, willing the boy into her sensual world.

A small trickle of saliva ran down the boy’s chin as he watched. He had never realized that women too had sexual desires that needed to be unleashed. He and the other schoolboys had talked about girls, and sex, but they thought it to be only the male of the species who derived any enjoyment from the whole reproduction thing. How mistaken he had been! How he longed to tell the guys that their theories were wrong!

Britt was becoming louder and louder, making weird whimpering sounds, and breathing hard, as she still kept eye contact with Oliver. The whimpering changed to a high-pitched squeal; then Oliver witnessed the release of her female juices, and saw Britt writhing in unbounded ecstasy. He felt the fullness in his scrotum melt away, as his cream exploded into his cotton Y front undies.

Oliver’s gaze returned to his feet, his hands attempting to hide the sticky patch on the front of his pants. His mother was constantly ordering him about, now this lovely woman was doing the same. Thoughts were coursing through his mind. Stand up for yourself, came the voice of the man who dwelt within this pubescent boy’s body.

Swallowing, before summoning the courage to say his piece, Oliver looked into Britt’s eyes, and combed back his unruly hair with his fingers.

“Mrs. Chatterley,” he croaked, before coughing to clear his throat. “You are the most beautiful naked woman I have ever seen. In fact you are the only naked woman I have ever seen. Um, I am not popular with girls, I was wondering if you could …er…help me out?”

Britt was taken aback by the sudden change in young Oliver. Maybe he wasn’t such a wimp after all. She observed him. He was average height, slim build. His feet looked too big, his face was fair and splattered with freckles, black-rimmed glasses, and a mop of bright red hair.

“Come, sit beside me, Oliver.” Britt invited, patting the cushion beside her.

The awkward teenager, shuffled forward, seating himself beside the woman. Britt faced him, running her fingers through his untamed hair. She removed his glasses and sat back to review her quarry.

“Oliver, I am certain we can improve your dating prospects. Your face has character; with a few special skills the opposite sex will find you very desirable. Oh, by the way, call me Britt ”

Replacing his glasses, Britt held Oliver’s hands as she leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips. He backed away at first, barely believing the turn of events. Releasing his hands, she wrapped her arms around his neck. As her kisses became more passionate, her tongue parted the boy’s pursed lips. His resistance faded and his arms wrapped around her. A feeling of power coursed through Britt’s veins. Another sexual victory was imminent.

Britt pushed him away. “This is too good to rush.” She advised. “Take off your clothes, Oliver. I need to see your goodies.”

Fingers fumbling, Oliver undid the buttons of his shirt, allowing the garment to drop behind him. Britt gasped at the whiteness of his skinny frame. The boy eyed Britt’s naked body. The seductress leaned forward, unfastening his belt and trouser zipper. He was like putty in her hands; and she loved it.

“Stand up, Oliver, I need to see everything.” She whispered, easing his trousers and undies down to the ground. She untied his shoes, and removed them, his clothing in a crumpled heap on the floor. “Now let me sit back and admire you!” Reclining on the sun lounge, Britt scrutinized the boy’s body before her, naked except for socks. More than a boy, but not yet a man, she thought to herself. His cock stands to attention for me. Look at it, surrounded by that soft ginger hair, nice and safe inside that foreskin.

“OK, I like what I see.” She taunted. “The taste test is next. Are you ready?”

“Taste test?” He croaked. “I don’t understand!”

“Men love this, Oliver, don’t be shy, just enjoy!” she reached forward, her hands on his buttocks. As he stumbled forward, Britt fondled his balls, before wrapping her hot wet lips around his virginal cock.

“Oh, Miss, I mean Britt. Oh, Oh, Oh, what am I supposed to do now?”

“Just enjoy, dear. Try to hold on for as long as you can.” Came the muffled reply.

Giving blowjobs was canlı casino a great passion for Britt. Although her husband was not a fan of the practice, she had perfected her skill with a string of lovers over nearly two decades. She tongued and sucked Oliver’s entire pubic area, her tongue working over his scrotum and shaft, her hand pumping his cock up and down, as she relished the sight of his purple plum disappearing and then emerging from his foreskin. Her tongue flicking in and out of her mouth, she licked away the precum as it seeped from the eye of the young cock. Round and round his ridge she licked, before taking the throbbing head into her mouth, and sucking deeply. She slid a finger into her wet pussy, gathering her own juices, before sliding the same finger between the young stud’s legs, and into his puckered asshole. As her finger entered his tight hole, he moaned loudly. Hot creamy juices exploded into the blonde’s mouth. Britt swallowed, delighting in the familiar taste of the delicious sperm. A few drops tricked down her chin, onto her breast. She drew back, her fingers rubbing the nectar into her nipple. Licking her lips, and smiling, she returned her gaze to her adolescent victim.

“You did well, Oliver. Are you ready for the next lesson?” she smirked. “Nobody likes a guy who only takes. You must learn how to give also!”

“I am feeling a little weak, Britt, and my friends are expecting me to go to study group with them. Um… will it take long?” came the sheepish reply.

“I can’t believe what I am hearing!” Britt protested. “ Phone your silly friends and tell them you have been delayed. Or better still, tell them to come and have a joint lesson. Here… use my mobile phone. You decide; if you are man enough!”

Oliver took the phone from the enraged woman, and dialed.

“Hello, Hugh. Ollie here. I am over at Doc Chatterley’s place… I have been sort of delayed. Er, can you pick up Akiko, and come over here. I am in the garden, so use the side gate. Okay, see you in a few minutes then? Bye”

“Well done, er Ollie.” she laughed, “So you are man enough to decide! Now, tell me about your friends.”

Ollie thought for a moment, “Well,” he said, “There isn’t really much to tell. Hugh has been my mate for years. Akiko is a Japanese exchange student. She has been at our school for a few months, and she kind of hangs around with Hugh and I. A few of the guys on the football team have asked her out, but she only seems to have time for study.”

As Britt absorbed everything that Ollie told her, she was aware of a car pulling into the driveway. She heard car doors slamming, then voices. The side gate opened, and two more victims walked into her web.

Hugh was a short fat kid; he had a happy face with big rosy cheeks. Akiko was petite, typical Japanese; long, straight hair, her eyes constantly lowered, as those of a subservient being.

As the duo approached Britt and Ollie, they became aware of the nudity of their hosts, and faltered on their approach.

“Hi Guys!” Ollie welcomed. “Come on over, nothing to be worried about!”

The pair looked at each other, then slowly walked towards the sun lounge.

“Welcome to my garden, my name is Britt.” The seductress greeted. “Would you like some champagne? Ollie… the glasses are in the locker … here, Hugh, I am sure you can open the bottle.”

The boys each did their bidding, Hugh flashing enquiring glances at his old friend. Akiko standing awkwardly, her eyes still lowered. Four filled glasses were served. Britt proposed a toast. “ Cheers … a toast to the beginning of your adult life! Please make yourselves comfortable. Ollie, you sit beside me. Your friends may sit on the other lounge.

Oliver looked knowingly, a broad grin upon his face, and a twinkle in his eye. He sat beside Britt. Hugh and Akiko sat opposite, both looking puzzled and slowly sipping the refreshing wine.

“Okay, now we are all comfortable, I will tell you what is going on.” Britt began. “Oliver has been telling me about his lack of sexual experience. May I ask you, Hugh, if you are in the same category? How about you, Akiko?”

The teenagers fidgeted awkwardly.

“Um… yes lady, me too.” Came the shy reply from Hugh.

Akiko spoke softly. Her eyes still lowered. “ I have experience, Miss. My uncle, I assisted him with his affliction.”

Her appetite whetted, Britt was becoming very interested. “His affliction? Please explain! And call me Britt”

“Well, Britt. My parents died when I was young. My elderly uncle raised me. I am a good student, and he has great plans for me to make my way in the world. When my 18th birthday arrived, we had a long talk. It was decided that my virginity was an encumbrance, and needed to be got rid of. He told me of how he was burdened with the male affliction. I didn’t understand, but he told me to go to my room, and to remove all of my clothes, and to lie face down on my bed.

I did as I was told, and waited. After a few minutes, I heard the door open, and my kaçak casino uncle came in. I heard him remove his clothing; I felt his weight on my bed; I felt his body on top of mine. He pushed my legs apart. I felt his fingers in my vagina. I was wet. He took his penis, and pushed it deep into my sex. It hurt, and I cried. My uncle is a big man, and I could hear his heavy breathing. He got louder and louder, then he moaned, and collapsed on my back. I could feel hot sticky fluid in my vagina, on my pubic hair, and on my legs.

Uncle sat beside me, and told me of the ‘male affliction’ He said that men have the unfortunate problem of a build up of semen, that has to be relieved. He also told me, that it was a woman’s place to assist with its removal. He has been good to me, and was kind enough to remove the burden of my virginity. Every few weeks, he would tell me to prepare myself, and he would come into my room to relieve his affliction. It only hurt the first time, and I was happy to assist him with his predicament. Poor, dear uncle, I don’t know how he will cope now that I have this exchange student scholarship.”

Britt and the boys were totally stunned at this confession, and sat silently for a few minutes, digesting what they had heard.

“So, Akiko, your uncle fucked you, and you got no feelings from that at all?” Britt enquired.

“Of course not … it was never my place to receive pleasure. I was merely a receptacle for his sperm. He fucked me, yes; but making love was never on his mind. Nobody has ever made love to me.” Akiko admitted, once again directing her gaze to the ground.

The boys still sat in disbelief. Although remorseful, Britt felt sure that she could turn the tides in everyone’s favor.

“You make an important point there, Akiko.” Britt lectured. “ Fucking is fucking; purely an animal instinct. In my opinion, the fucker is only looking for self-pleasure. Sometimes, but not always, the fuckee will also be aroused. Making love is certainly very different. Being in love with the person is not necessary. But, I feel that having sex with a person, each feeling mutually desired and fulfilled, done with feeling and love, is a beautiful feeling. You are all so young, will you allow me to direct you?”

The seductress eyed each innocent face, all nodding their approval.

“Your glasses are empty… Hugh… refills please.” Britt ordered. “ I think that you, Akiko are the most needy of fulfillment. Please relax … lie back on the sun lounge…that’s right… keep sipping the champagne, the sun is so hot.”

Slowly sipping the intoxicating brew, the girl relaxed, her petite frame appearing so vulnerable.

“Watch boys, forget about fucking, this is loving.” Britt lectured, as she stood and moved to the foot of the sun lounge where the Asian girl lay. “ Trust me, Akiko, you will learn the pleasures that your body can give you. Allow me to unfasten your blouse. Your skirt is uncomfortable… lift your hips… I will remove it… your white panties are wet…I will remove them also.”

As if in a trance, Akiko did her bidding. She lay on the sun lounge, blouse open, her small breasts exposed, her girlish body ready to become a woman.

Britt was becoming aroused. She rubbed coconut oil over the girl’s breasts, down her stomach, her pubic mound, and her inner thighs. Writhing and moaning, the girl responded to the soft touch. Looking back at the boys, who sat quietly, and watched, Britt moved to the soft, downy snatch of her prey. Upon finding the hard nub, that was the core of the girl’s sexuality, the teacher rubbed, gently at first, then a little harder, until she could feel the sex juices welling from deep within her victim.

The girl arched her back, as Britt leant forward to take the pulsating clitoris into her moist mouth. Two fingers slid easily into the wet depths, and caressed the delicate parts therein. With a slow deliberate rhythm, the girl’s small nipples were brought to life. A loud wail filled the air, as Akiko’s body finally found its release. Face contorted, body writhing, the girl’s sex juices gushed from her body. Exhausted, the young woman drifted on the brink of euphoria. If only uncle had pleasured her this way.

Britt wiped her mouth, and looked at the boys. “Mutual pleasure … making love.” She explained.

Hugh had joined his friends in their nudity. He stood wanking his short fat cock, which protruded from dark curly pubic hair. Oliver reclined on the lounge; he too was masturbating, and watched Britt’s every move. Like lambs to the slaughter, the boys were ready for the next lesson.

“I hope that you were paying attention, boys. You can put what you have learnt to the test.” Oliver stood, and Britt took his place on the lounge. She lay on her back, legs parted. “ Ok; make love to me.” She ordered.

With cocks throbbing, and full ball-bags yearning to be satisfied, the boys knelt on either side of the beautiful naked woman.

Hugh took the hard nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, squeezing them, before taking each into his lips and suckling as if a breast- feeding baby. Hands explored the tanned soft skin of the teacher as his friend shuffled to kneel between the woman’s parted legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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