An Innocent Date

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A story about my fairly recent exploits using a dating site to meet older men…

Being in my early thirties, my appetite for older men has not vanished, in fact it has intensified.

I find it is rare that I can be in the company of an older man without thinking about what it would be like to have sex with him.

I love how appreciative they are and how chivalrous they can be. Of course, that all changes in the bedroom when the animal instinct kicks in, but I love that too.

It is difficult to meet older men by traditional methods, going out to pubs and bars is difficult, and meeting through work always tends to lead to suspicion. So meeting online is the obvious route.

Craigslist was great for one night stands and there is a number of sex sites that can lead to liaisons. But a dating site seemed a great way to hatch my plan.

I posted my profile, mentioning that I was just out of a relationship and wanted to take things slowly. I was looking for romantic dates and not one night stands etc. I was also clear that I was only interested in dating men over 50.

I posted a few pictures of me in office clothes, even a face pic of me smiling while outside gardening. Another of me at the gym, and one of a girls night out where my cleavage was a little on display and my short dress revealed my long shapely legs.

I purposely came across as the girl next door. My ‘Plenty of Fish’ profile was now live.

I received over 30 messages in the first few days. Over half of them from younger guys who thought I had made a mistake!

I had a couple of messages from guys who are clearly crazy and the usual one or two “hi how are you.” messages, How original! But, at least 10 nice guys had messaged me.

I started to respond and was a little aloof and straight laced in my replies. A builder called Gerry caught my eye and was persistent and not put off by my messages. My plan was coming together.

After agreeing to meet Gerry for a drink, I then cancelled and told him I wasn’t sure I was ready for a date yet. He was patient and persistent and so I eventually agreed to meet for a drink and a bite to eat near where I lived.

I originally arranged to meet Gerry at the pub, but on the afternoon I asked Gerry if he didn’t mind collecting me. He agreed and I gave him my address.

I dressed casually in a blouse and jeans, but had taken time to apply make up well and wore nice Jo Malone perfume. I looked attractive in a sexy librarian kind of way. This was my goal.

Gerry arrived with chinos and a nice polo shirt. I noticed a few tattoos on his arms and a large necklace. He really was a typical builder, but incredibly sweet. He also smelled very nice.

Once i’d answered the door, we had a small welcome hug then I closed the door behind me and followed Gerry to his car. Nothing fancy but quite new and clean.

We drove the 3 or 4 miles to the pub and small talked all the way.

Gerry was clearly nervous and kept complimenting me on my appearance. I pretended I was not flattered but was enjoying his comments, why wouldn’t I?

He brought drinks to our table, a beer for him and a red wine for me and we started chatting.

He talked a little about his building company, him and a friend owned it and he talked about how busy they currently were.

Lots of new houses being built means lots of work, he was happy with that.

I then spoke a little about my work and how I needed to cut the evening short tonight as I was preparing a presentation to a potential customer in the morning. I still had some work to do on the presentation and needed an early night.

This disappointed him, but of course he nilüfer escort understood and offered to drive me home as soon as I was ready to go. I had ordered a salad, he had ordered steak and chips.

After we finished our meals, he asked me if I wanted to have a quick desert before he took me home, but I suggested I should really go. So we finished our drinks and he drove me back to my apartment. It was only around 8.30pm.

On the car journey back Gerry kept thanking me for spending the evening with him, he felt proud to have a young attractive woman out on a date with him. He couldn’t keep his eyes off me all night, I was definitely his type.

He asked if we could go out again and I told him I would think about it and contact him by email.

He was disappointed and asked if it was because of his age or appearance. But I reassured him that I had had a nice evening and had a lot of work on that was taking my focus. So I guess it was a little out of the blue when I suggested that as it was a little earlier than I thought, he would be welcome to come up for a quick coffee. He jumped at it…

“I’d love to, are you sure you don’t mind?” he asked. “It’s fine, it’s just a coffee.” I responded. “Of course, he said, I didn’t mean to…”

I cut him off before he finished and got out of the car. “Come on then, i’ll get the kettle on. Tea or coffee?”

“I’d actually love a tea.” he said as we climbed the stairs to my apartment.

We went into the lounge and I switched the TV on. I gave Gerry the remote control as I prepared our teas.

“See if you can find anything on, just don’t put a soap on, they depress me!”

Gerry laughed and started to surf.

“It’s really very kind of you to ask me up for a tea.” he repeated.

“Back in a minute.” I said, and I went into my bedroom to change out of my jeans. I came back into the lounge with a zip up hoodie and tight black leggings on.

“Sorry about the casual wear but I had to get something comfortable on,”

“Don’t apologise.” Gerry said, staring me up and down. “You look wonderful, you’ve got such an amazing body you’d look good in anything you wear. Not that i’ve been staring at your body, you know you’re just naturally beautiful. Sorry.”

“You’re funny Gerry.” I said. “Never apologise for telling a woman she’s beautiful. if she tells you she doesn’t want to hear it she’s lying, so thank you.”

We talked a while then Gerry took his empty cup to the kitchen and thought he should leave so I could get on with my work.

“I’ve really enjoyed tonight, I hope you’ll agree to seeing me again, I think you’re fantastic.” Gerry said.

“You’re very sweet, i’ll see what the rest of the week looks like and get in touch.” I said as we walked to the front door.

“Well, i’ll be off then.” said Gerry as he nervously tried to open the door.

“No kiss then?” I asked.

“Oh sorry.” said Gerry nervously, “Yes, of course I’d like a kiss.”

He kissed me on the lips and made for the door. “Goodnight then.” he said as he opened the door and turned to leave.

“Come here.” I said.

I put my hand around Gerry’s neck and moved to kiss him, as his lips met mine I opened my mouth. I kissed his lips with my mouth open and slowly Gerry opened his and we enjoyed a slow kiss. I pulled away and looked at Gerry. “Better?” I asked.

“Oh, definitely, much better, thank y…”

Before Gerry could finish I went in again, this time I pushed my tongue into Gerry”s mouth. His tongue met mine and we swirled around, kissing deeply and passionately for over a minute. His hands were now around my shoulders and mine were both görükle escort around his head.

Standing in my hallway, I pulled away and without taking my eyes off him, with my right hand I slowly pulled the zip of my hooded top down. As it unfastened, I moved the right hand side apart, revealing my naked right breast. I squeezed my breast and tweaked my nipple, I then brought it up to my mouth and licked and sucked my nipple as I looked at Gerry. He was quivering with excitement.

I offered my breast to him, “Your turn. I said and he gently stroked my naked breast before sucking on my nipple. As he sucked my breast, I reached down and stroked his cock over his chinos. he was already hard. Slowly I dropped to my knees and started to undo his belt and unfasten his button and zip.

I took his hard cock out and licked it up and down before taking it deep in my mouth.

I looked up at Gerry and smiled, he literally could not believe what was happening to him. He thought he would be half way home by now!

I slowly jerked Gerry”s lovely cock and tried to keep eye contact as I put first one, then both of his big droopy balls in my mouth.

In a matter of seconds I had turned into a total nymphomaniac and was acting like a porn star.

I licked his balls all over then pulled his trousers down to his feet. I licked and sucked his thighs and balls then deep throated his cock until I gagged.

He could hardly contain himself and warned me he would cum if I continued.

“Not quite yet.” I said and I sat in the floor and put my hands inside my panties.

“Watch me play with my pussy.” I said as I removed my leggings and rubbed my clit and inserted a finger inside myself.

“You’re amazing, let me taste you.” Gerry said.

So I took my wet finger out of my pussy and put it inside his mouth and he sucked it greedily.

“Watch me cum.” I said, as I stroked my pussy faster. I turned around and showed him my naked ass as I continued to play.

“Play with my ass, i’m gonna cum.” I said.

He squeezed my ass them ran his finger all over my asshole, eventually pushing it inside me as I jerked and spasmed making myself cum with my two fingers deep inside my pussy.

“Do you want to fuck me?” I asked, as I looked over my shoulder at Gerry, his finger still in my ass and my pussy dripping.

“I’d love to but I don’t have any condoms.” he replied.

“It”s OK, just don’t cum inside me. I want to feel your cock in me, please fuck me.”

“OK Beth, I won’t cum, but It really isn’t going to take too long for that to happen.” he said, and he slipped his cock into me. We were both so wet as he slid in deep and easily, it felt amazing.

He fucked me from behind and squeezed my breasts, pushing his cock deep inside me until he almost whimpered, “Oh god Beth I can’t remember feeling this good, I can’t hold on any more, I need to cum.”

As he pulled out of me I turned around and started to suck his cock. My juices were all over him and I took his cock out of my mouth and started to lick my juices from him.

“Mmm, my pussy and your cock make tasty juices. Would you like to cum in my mouth?”

“Oh Beth i’d love that, oh here it comes, I can’t hold on any more.”

“Jerk it into my mouth.” I said as I kneeled in from of him with my mouth wide open, staring into his eyes.

Within seconds his legs were shaking and the first of a number of very thick streams of cum shot into my mouth and over my lips.

He tried hard to aim it all in my mouth but the combination of his shuddering orgasm and the sheer volume of his cum made it hard to control.

My mouth bursa escort was full and I swallowed it all down. His cum tasted lovely. Then, referring to the cum all over my face I said, “Help me clean this naughty mess up.”

“Oh thank you thank you, that was amazing. i’ll get a tissue.

“No we don’t need a tissue, use your cock to put it all in my mouth, I haven’t finished tasting it all yet.”

He swept his cum from my nose and lips into my mouth and I assisted with my fingers.

Once finished, I stood and opened the door.

“I’ll let you know if i’m free next week, thank you again for dinner. Goodnight, drive safe.”

As I helped him out of the front door, he said goodbye and made his way to his car still in a state of shock.

I went into my bedroom and continued to play. I lay out with my legs open and played with my pussy while squeezing my breasts.

I decided to log onto ‘Plenty of Fish’, to read more messages from would be suitors. there were at least 30 more in my inbox.

“I’m Pervy Norman.” read one, “if you like older men, why don’t you suck on this?” – was his message, accompanied by a picture of a thin man with grey hair holding his big erect cock which was covered in precum.

I checked the time of the message, only 10 minutes ago.

I replied… “Is your offer still valid?”

He replied, “Yes, but you can’t come here, my missus is here in bed.”

“So how do you propose we do it then?” was my half sarcastic reply.

“She’s fast asleep, I can come over to yours anytime, what’s your address?” He replied.

So I sent another message. “I really don’t think this is going to happen, shame, i’m horny and I would enjoy sucking that nice big cock of yours.”

“You’re 5 minutes away from me, I can leave now. C’mon, what’s your address? I need a good blow job and you have a pretty face. I want my spunk all over it.” Read the message that he immediately replied with.

“Ok, here’s my address, I dare you.” I responded.

“On my way slut.” was the reply I received.

Oh my god, i’d given this stranger my address and told him he could cover my face with his cum!

I’m sure he won’t turn up I said to myself as I found myself rooting around my wardrobe and drawers for some sexy lingerie.

10 minutes had passed and rather than being relieved I felt disappointed. My pussy was soaking and I was so horny to suck his cock. I was wearing a tiny black G string and nothing else. Oh well, never mind.

I checked my messages and saw that he had sent a reply a couple of minutes earlier.

“I’m outside.”

I looked out of the window and a car sat outside with it’s engine running. Oh my god it was him.

I couldn’t help myself. With my finger I beckoned him through the window. He opened the car door and made his way to my apartment. I heard him climbing up the stairs. He tapped on my door.

My pussy got wetter as I approached the door and opened it.

I let him in then got on my knees and looked up at him.

He started to unfasten his trousers and took his huge cock out.

“Right, hurry up, I haven’t got long, My missus will be wondering where I am. Give this a suck and I’ll spunk over that pretty face in no time.”

I took his cock in my mouth and gently and slowly sucked it. It felt and tasted so good. I didn’t want to take it out of my mouth, I was just enjoying the sensation and taste of a mouth full of an old strangers cock. A huge fantasy of mine.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and gasped as he shot his load over my face. I opened my mouth to catch it but he preferred it went all over me, so I let him.

He buttoned up said thank you and left me in the hall with a face full of his cum.

I went back to my bedroom and my laptop to read more messages and make myself cum.

It took no time fir me to cum as I scooped his cum into my mouth while I fingered my pussy.

What an amazing way to masturbate!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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