An Uncomfortable Situation Ch. 02

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After a long day of posing for Lisa, Alison and I finally arrived back at our apartment. We’d been partially undressed or nude almost all day, and things had gotten so hot between us during the final portion that we’d ended up fucking just for the sexual release. The whole way home, we’d held hands, but we’d been silent; no doubt thinking about what had happened between us.

I watched her hips sway and took in the sight of her jeans stretched across her ass as she walked up the stairs ahead of me.

Ali leaned against the wall outside our apartment as I unlocked the door.

“I need a shower,” she said.

“Do you feel dirty?” I asked. It didn’t sound right coming out, and I immediately regretted it.

Ali just gave me a look before pushing away from the wall and walking into our apartment. She tossed her purse onto the kitchen table, grabbed hold of her shirt and began pulling it up over her head as she started walking down the hall toward her room.

Ali stopped and turned, shirt bunched up around her neck, breasts straining against her bikini top.

“No,” she said, licking her lips, and taking a step back toward me. “I don’t feel dirty, I feel wet. I still have your cum oozing out of me. It feels kind of…”

A smile like I hadn’t seen before crept across her face.

“It feels kind of gross,” she said. “And dirty…”

She stuck her tongue out at me and threw her shirt at me as she began unfastening her jeans.

I stood there looking at her as she unzipped and returned my gaze.

Ali turned around and faced away from me as began walking toward the bathroom as she slowly pushed her jeans down her hips, her thumb hooking one side of her bikini bottom and almost pulling it loose. I’d been fine once we got dressed and left Lisa’s, but now, I felt my cock beginning to get hard again.

She stepped out of her jeans in the hall as she pulled the strings loose on her bikini top. Ali turned her head and looked back over her shoulder at me as she dropped her top and pulled the ties on her bikini bottom.

Ali held on to her bikini bottom as it fell away from her body. She knelt down and picked up her jeans and top and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

My sister had a great looking ass, and her exposing herself to me like she’d just done had me hard again. Clearly, our relationship had changed, and things would never be the way they’d been when we’d gone to sleep the night before.

For the first time, I thought there might be a good chance she was flirting with me; not flirting to play, but flirting to tease and entice. I went into my room and undressed, lying down on my bed in my boxers.

A few minutes later, Ali came out of the bathroom. I quickly rolled off of my bed and stepped out into the hall, catching her in the hall, wiping water from her neck with the towel she held in front of her. Ali quickly ducked into her room, pushing her door closed. I headed for the bathroom, stripped off my boxers and climbed into the shower.

Several minutes later, feeling a lot better, I turned off the water. I had just started drying off when the bathroom door opened. Ali leaned in wearing bikini panties and a thin, white tank top, her nipples pressing against the cloth.

“Wanna watch a movie with me?” she asked, sitting on the edge of the bathroom counter and biting her lip.

“Sure,” I said. “What do you want to watch?”

I continued drying off, keeping the towel in front of me.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I just… thought we could curl up on the couch together. I’m sure we can find something to watch. “

“We can do that,” I said.

Ali smiled at me nervously.

Ali looked down, and I followed her gaze. She looked back up, her eyes a little wider than a moment ago.

“I’m gonna go get the movie started,” she said.


I finished drying off and followed her out of the bathroom, naked, just like she’d been when she finished her shower earlier. I grabbed a pair of boxers and pulled them on, my cock an obvious bulge beneath the cloth.

All summer long, we’d spent more and more time together, actually sleeping together in the same bed more than once. Concern about modesty between us had apparently evaporated in the last few hours, and now, as my cock pulsed with the early stages of renewed arousal, I found myself, for the first time, consciously thinking of Ali as more than just my sister.

I walked into the living room; Ali was sitting on the couch, bent slightly forward as she worked the controls on the DVD remote.

“Is this okay with you?” she asked, flashing me a DVD case.

I nodded to her. It was a chick flick, but I didn’t care. It was a pretty good movie, and I knew from watching it with her before that we would spend most of the movie cuddled together on the couch.

She finished fingering the DVD remote and sat it down on the end table beside her as I walked over to the couch. Her eyes locked onto my shorts, and then she looked up at me, her face turning red.

I sat down beside her and the movie started, our fingers bursa otele gelen escort finding each other and intertwining.

We were both restless, nervous, unsettled. No manner of position we took sitting upright was comfortable, and in a matter of minutes we were laying down on the couch, me with my back to the couch, Ali with her back to me.

“I can’t believe you’re hard again,” she said, settling herself and seemingly grinding her ass into me.

“It doesn’t take that long,” I said, “and having you nearly naked and next to me…”

I wasn’t sure how to finish what I wanted to say.

“What?” she asked, turning her head toward me. “Having me nearly naked and next to you… what?”

“It… you… you’re beautiful, Sis,” I said. “I can’t help but be turned on by you.”

I saw Ali’s lips break into a smile. She took my hand into hers, pulling it to her chest, and I couldn’t help but notice her rock hard nipples pressing against the cloth of her tank top, boring into my palm. A moment later, Ali adjusted her hand atop mine and moved my hand down her body, past her ribcage, down below the edge of her tank top onto the exposed skin of her belly and finally onto the gentle curve of her hip, past the scant line of her panties to her ass, and then bringing my hand back to her breast.

“I like the touch of your hand,” she said, pressing my hand to her chest and then relaxing.

Halfway through the movie, my hand rested just below her breasts, feeling the rise and fall of her ribcage with each breath she took. The soft, fresh smell of her hair and skin filled my nostrils as her warmth radiated against me.

“Who was your first?” she asked.

“My first?” I asked. “The first girl I kissed, or…?”

“Who was the first girl you had sex with?” she asked, tilting her head and rolling her eyes. “I know all about Sara.”

Sara was the first girl I kissed.

“Melanie,” I said.

“I knew it!” Ali turned her head and licked her lips. “Kerri thought it was Susan.”

“You and Kerri talked about who I slept with?”

Ali nodded, biting her lip lightly.

“Remember that night that she slept over?” Ali asked. “She and Lexi and I stayed up most of the night talking about just about everything.”

Kerri, her best friend, had spent the night at our house back home one night before the start of summer school. Lexi, our younger sister, had turned eighteen three months earlier, right before graduating high school. I was suddenly beginning to see both of my sisters in a completely different light.

“Lexi was part of that conversation, too?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Ali replied. “She’s not the little kid you think she is. She told me about her prom date making the moves on her…”

“She and…?”

“No,” Ali said, shaking her head. “She got cold feet after he felt her up and he dumped her.”

“So, …?”

“If she wants you to know,” Ali said, “she’ll tell you. Let’s just say that graduation weekend was eventful for her in more ways than one.”

“Oh, but the two of you can talk about me?” I asked.

“We speculated,” Ali said, clarifying.

I nodded as Ali reached behind her, fingers rubbing softly at the bare skin of my upper thigh.

“So, who was your first?” I asked.

“Clay.” Her fingers dug into me, and then, almost as an after thought, her hand found mine and brought it to her lips. She kissed the back of my hand and held it to her face, her breath hot against my skin.

“It was awkward,” she said. “And uncomfortable. And…”

She sighed heavily.

“And, what?” I asked.

“He was selfish,” she said. “Selfish and impatient and rude.”

“What makes you say that?” I asked.

“If I’d been with him this afternoon,” she said, “he’d have been all over me, pawing at me and trying to fuck me.

“Not like you.” Ali kissed my hand again and sighed deeply.

She shifted her body on the couch, almost as though trying to bury herself in it. I leaned forward slightly and kissed the back of her head, just behind her ear. A soft sigh as Ali smiled in contentment.

“You like that?” I asked.

She nodded.

I kissed her again, rewarded again with what almost sounded like a purr, and Ali again pulled my hand to her breast.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I said. “I guess I’m wondering what it’s going to be like going back to Lisa’s in the morning. Wondering how she’s going to feel about having us modeling for her. I mean, today wasn’t the only day of nude modeling she wants us to do, was it?”

Ali shook her head.

“I’ve been modeling for her for more about a month now,” she said. “And she told me she likes to take it in cycles. So, I posed nude for her for the first time after I’d been there almost three weeks and then, when you and I started posing for her…”

Ali looked away for a moment, then, looked back to me.

“I didn’t know she was going to ask us to pose nude so quickly,” she said. “After today, I don’t know what she’ll want.”

“What bursa eve gelen eskort if she wants us to do some more nude modeling together?” I asked. “Do you want to?”

Ali rolled inside my arms to face me, shifting her body to keep from falling off the couch.

“I do,” she said. “It’s easy money. It’s good money, and we need it.”

She kissed my shoulder.

“I enjoyed it,” she said.

Ali brought her arm down, grazing my hip with her hand as she leaned back and looked at me.

“I enjoyed it, too,” I said. “But, whether or not you told her we’re a couple, she thinks we’re a couple now, and my guess is she’ll want us to pose together again about like she did today.”

“Or closer,” Ali said.

“It can’t get much closer, can it?” I asked.

“No,” Ali said, sighing. “We were both pretty turned on this afternoon. And she said we had good chemistry together. I guess the question is if we’re willing to give her that chemistry.”

Ali licked her lips.

“It wasn’t that bad, was it?” she asked. “Being naked with me?”

I stopped breathing for a moment.

“No,” I said. “It’s not that at all. I…”

I could feel my cock getting hard.

“I enjoyed it,” I said.

“Then what’s bugging you?” she asked.

“She said we acted like we’d never seen each other naked before,” I said.

“Yeah.” Ali nodded. “I know. And we hadn’t seen each other naked since we were little kids, and that was totally different from today.”


I could feel my face flushing and my dick getting hard. Ali’s eyes got a little larger and she smiled as she reached between us; it was her turn to blush as she rubbed her thighs together and felt my cock.

“You’re getting hard again,” she said.

Our eyes darted back and forth, mine searching her face, trying to look into her heart, hers doing the same.

I pulled her to me, kissing her on the forehead.

Ali reached for me, pulling my face to hers, kissing me.

Soft, vulnerable, searching, her lips pressed against mine. My lips met hers, and in a moment, we had blurred the line again, as our kiss was one of lovers, not siblings.

Ali took my hand and placed it on the bare skin just above her hip.

“I want you to touch me,” she said. “I want to feel your hand on my skin.”

“Where do you want me to touch you?” I asked. “What do you want me to do?”

“Touch me anywhere you want to,” she said, whispering into my mouth.

I brought my hand up under the edge of her tank top, caressing the skin of her upper back.

“Mmmm.” Ali moaned into my mouth as she held herself against me.

She rolled away from me as I brought my hand around to her chest.

Both of us were breathing hard. Ali laughed as she pulled back from me, her chest rising and falling rapidly with each breath.

“Do you think that’s enough chemistry for Lisa?” I asked.

Ali licked her lips and moment later, we were tangled together, making out like two people in love for several minutes before Ali collapsed against me again, her head against my shoulder.

I dipped my head and kissed her shoulder. Ali shuddered, smiling and breathing hard.

“Do you want to kiss me like that with Lisa watching?” she asked.

“Like this?” I kissed her shoulder again.

“No,” she said. “Like we were kissing a minute ago. Do you want to kiss me and make me breathless with her watching?”

“Yes,” I said, kissing up her shoulder, pulling the strap of her tank top down off her shoulder for my lips to moisten her skin. “And like this.”

Ali hugged me tightly and then slowly rolled away from me in my arms, putting her hand behind my neck as I trailed kisses down her collar bone.

“I want to be more comfortable,” she said.

Maintaining eye contact with me, she slid off the couch, standing up slowly. Ali looked down at me, her shoulder still bare and the cloth of her tank top gathered up under her breasts. Still looking at me, she began to walk from the living room. I got up to follow her.

She looked back at me as she paused in the doorway to her room, and when she was sure I was following, she went inside.

Day’s last light cast a haunting glow into the room through the shade curtain. Ali stopped at the edge of her bed and turned around to face me.

Ali’s hand dropped down between us, grabbing at my erection, her fingers pulling at my shorts, pulling them away from my body, exposing my cock.

“You’re not so little, are you, little brother?”

“I guess not,” I said.

“Was it enough for you?” she asked, her fingers stroking at the head of my cock.

“Was what enough?”

“Before we finally did it,” she said, “we were both hurting we were so aroused. And you were getting hard again before we got dressed to come home. Was the sex in her studio enough for you?”

The question hung in the air.

“Or do you want to get off again? Do you need to get off again?”

“I got hard watching you get undressed earlier,” I said.

“You bayan escort bursa did?” she asked, smiling.

I guess she was surprised, because her eyes widened; her expression quickly softening as she bit her lip nervously.

I nodded.

“And I feel like I could cum again as hard as I did earlier.”

“Really?” she asked, her eyes wide. “Because you came a lot.”

“You teased me all afternoon,” I said.

“I teased both of us,” she said. She pulled her hand from my lap and rubbed it across her chest, her erect nipples popping back up against the fabric.

“Kind of like you’re doing now,” I said.

“Not me,” Ali said, feigning innocence.

“Yes, you,” I said.

Ali grabbed the hem of her tank top and lifted it, stopping when the edge of the cloth was just high enough to reveal the bottom curve of her breasts.

Ali smiled and exhaled hard as her hand passed over mine.

“Should I?” she asked.

I nodded weakly as my fingers grazed her abdomen.

Ali closed her eyes as she pulled her top over her head, shaking her hair and lowering her arms as I looked at her tits, really looked at them close for the first time.

My hands wandered up her ribcage, and I felt her tremble as my thumbs grazed the lower edge of her breasts.

“Are you comfortable?” she asked. “Would you be more comfortable if we were both naked?”

“I guess,” I said.

Ali knelt down, pulling my boxers away from my erection and down my legs. I stepped out of them and she tossed them aside, never taking her eyes off of my cock.

“Can I touch it?”she asked. She didn’t wait for an answer; one hand cupped my balls; the other began stroking my shaft.

“Don’t you want to sleep with me?” she asked, looking up at me as she stroked my erection.

“We’ve slept in your bed every other time,” she said. “And we could again, and I guess I assumed you’d want to… sleep with me, that is. But I want to sleep in my bed tonight.”

“I do want to sleep with you,” I said, stroking her hair with her fingers.

Ali stood up.

“Let me move some of these,” she said, letting go of my hand and reaching for the stuffed animals on her bed.

I watched as she bent forward at the waist, thrusting her ass back at me as she set them down on the floor out of the way. She stood back up, reaching for the rest of them, then bent over again, this time, bumping me with her ass.

Ali looked over her shoulder at me as she both sat down the remainder of her animals and ground her ass against me.

As she stood up, Ali spun around and sat on the edge of the bed, reaching for me. She seemed fixated on my erection, and I watched as she reached and gently wrapped her fingers around it.

“Are you hard because of me?” she asked.

I nodded slowly.

Ali looked up at me as she slowly began to pump my shaft, and then she looked down at me again as she bent forward and licked at the head of my cock. She reached beneath me, cupping my balls, and as her hair fell forward, obscuring my view, I felt Ali pull my cock against her face, and then she opened her mouth and sucked in the head of my penis and began to rub the underside of my cock up and down on her tongue.

Her lips closed on me, and she began to rise and fall on my cock, her mouth fucking me. After a few seconds of this, I felt like I had a steel rod extending from my groin, and my balls felt like they were large stones.

And then, as suddenly as she’d started, Ali stopped, letting my cock pop free from her mouth. She sat up and rolled backward on the bed, the cloth of her panties all at once tight across her ass and revealing every detail of her sex.

Ali planted her feet against my chest, at the same time reaching for me and drawing her knees to her chest.

“Wanna pull my panties off of me?” she asked.

I was suddenly all thumbs as I tried to grab hold of the waist band. Ali giggled and helped me find purchase, and a moment later, I was pulling the scant cloth from her feet and looking at her red, swelling sex, a light sheen of moisture visible.

Ali took my hand and pulled it down between her legs.

“Feel how wet I am?” she asked.

I nodded.

“I was wetter than that most of the afternoon,” she said.

I slowly traced my finger around the puffy red flesh and the hooded button of her clit.

“I was sooo horny,” she said. “And then we got undressed and you rubbed me with your cock.”

“I didn’t do it on purpose, Ali,” I said.

“I know,” she said, grabbing my hand and pulling it firmly against her. “But now you know that you can.”

She moved my hand until my middle finger rested between the folds of her pussy lips. She moved my hand up and down in a long, slow arc.

“Put your finger inside me,” she said.

Too easy. My finger slid into her with no resistance as she sighed and gasped.

“Oooh… that feels good,” she said, rolling her head to the side.

I continued fingering her, and Ali began breathing hard and writhing on the bed.

“Tell me,” she said.

“Tell you what?” I asked.

“Tell me you think I’m pretty,” she said. “And that I make you hard. And that you want me. That you want to sleep with me. That you want to fuck me.”

I leaned forward, pressing against her pussy as I leaned down to kiss her.

“You’re beautiful,” I said. “You’re absolutely gorgeous and I get hard looking at you. I get hard thinking about you.”

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