An Unexpected Encounter Ch. 02

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I was once again in the Home Depot men’s restroom that I had vowed to never set foot in again. This was the fourth time in as many weeks. Apparently I now had a standing appointment to jack off this stranger’s cock.

I had just entered the stall and closed the door behind me. The unknown person with the known cock was already in there, and as soon as I had latched the door, his cock was shoved through and ready for my attention.

“Welcome back.” I heard the familiar voice quietly say.

There was no longer any hesitation on my part. I grasped the shaft of the turgid member and slowly started jacking him off. Every week had been the same. I would fondle his organ until his balls would empty into my stall.

“So will today be the day?” he asked.

This was the same every week as well. I knew what he wanted, as it was what he wanted the first time he had shoved his cock through the hole in the wall between stalls. He wanted me to suck his cock, but seemed content to let me jerk him off every Wednesday if that was all I was giving.

“You know you want to try it. Just open up and give it a little lick. It’s not gonna bite.”

His cock was right in front of my face, as usual. I was transfixed by the sight but was still nervous about taking that next step. My hand was still slowly jacking him off. I would move my head a little closer each week. Obviously he didn’t know that, but I was tempted to follow his suggestion every time.

He was quietly verbal as long as we were alone. The moment anyone else would enter the room he would understandably go silent until the coast was clear once again.

“Come on, a little faster now. I still have stuff to do today. You’re getting better at this though. I bet I would cum really fast if you used that mouth of yours.” he said.

I didn’t consciously make any decision. I had no plan to change our little get together, but suddenly I found myself moving forward. My mouth opened and my tongue extended a little forward as I engulfed the head and first couple of inches of his waiting tool. The action surprised us both.

“Oh hell yes!” he exclaimed loudly. “Damn travesti porno that feels so good. Come on, get a little more. Use your tongue on the underside. Do you like it?”

I simply hummed in agreement as his meat filled my mouth. I started bobbing on his dick as more and more of the shaft disappeared into my oral opening with each forward movement. I was shocked at what I was doing, but I was enjoying the sensation. My hand continued to work him as my mouth got used to the hot flesh filling it.

“Oh yeah, keep going. I don’t think I’m gonna last long today.” he relayed.

I got nervous again at what that meant. It was one thing to have his tool in my mouth, but did I want him to finish that way? I didn’t think I was ready for that. This was already a lot farther than I had planned, and he was all ready to go the distance. His quiet moaning was getting louder and his breathing was quicker. I had heard it all before…four times to be exact. Just as he was about to shoot, I took my mouth off his his rod and jacked him fast and hard. My gloryhole buddy grunted as he shot his load across my stall once again. After the cum stopped flowing, the tool was pulled back, slipping through my slick fingers and retreating through the hole where it was zipped back up into the confines of his pants.

“Almost.” he said. “You almost made it. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you get there. Same time next week?”

He opened his stall door and left the bathroom. As usual I waited until he was gone before I made my hasty exit. I headed home where I relaxed and slowly jerked myself off to the memory. The slight taste still permeated my mouth as a reminder of the most recent event. I don’t know what had come over me to start sucking him, but obviously the recipient of my attention was appreciative, yet still wanting more.

Later that same night, I was zoning out in front of the TV. My girlfriend had gone to bed, as she had to get up early, but I wasn’t ready to turn in quite yet. A movement caught my eye through the back glass doors. The lights were out inside the house, and it had long since gotten dark alt yazılı porno outside. The only light was from the TV, but something had gotten my attention from the back yard. I turned off the TV, plunging the room into the same darkness that was outside. Waiting for a few moments, I saw it again. A light flashed briefly on the patio near the doors. I went and opened the door to investigate. I closed the door behind me as I looked around the patio, waiting for my eyes to adjust to the dark.

“Welcome back.” a voice said from the darkness.

A chill went up my spine as I heard that familiar voice. My gloryhole buddy moved towards me. Surprised, I moved back, falling into the patio chair that was behind me. I still couldn’t make out features due to the lack of light, but could see his form moving forward as I was now involuntarily sitting. I heard his zipper and suddenly his shadowy form was right in front of me. I could see enough to make out his cock which was now close and level with my face.

“I couldn’t wait a whole week again after you nearly went the distance earlier.” was his only explanation.

All my thoughts about cautiousness and anonymity immediately flew from my head. The fact that my girlfriend was sleeping only a few yards away didn’t stop me as I opened up and let him slide his cock into my waiting mouth.

“Mmmmm, yeah. Just like that.” he whispered.

His hands went to either side of my head, not forcefully, but more as guidance. His hips moved forward and back, slowly feeding me inch by inch. As my eyes adjusted, I could see him standing over me and watching as more and more of his cock disappeared into my mouth. My hands got busy, with one stroking the exposed part of his meat while the other reached into his open pants to rub his balls. That was something I had not done before, since only his cock ever came through the hole in the bathroom stall wall. I wasn’t even sure why I started, but it felt like the thing to do.

“Yeah, that’s good. Keep sucking me. Keep stroking. Keep it up and I’ll have something special for you soon.”

His constant üvey baba porno moaning told me what he’d have for me. I was just as apprehensive now as I was then about him cumming in my mouth. He slowed his pace instead of going faster as I expected. I looked up at him again only to see him staring down at me as he held my head still.

“You know, once I claim your mouth, I’d like a shot at your ass as well.” he said nonchalantly. “I know you’ve never been fucked before. You don’t have to say it. It’s obvious. Just keep that thought in your head.”

He sped up the pace sinking his cock in my mouth again. From the familiar sounds, he was close, really close.

“Mmmmm, yeah! Are you gonna take it this time? Are you gonna do what you promised on that first day at Home Depot? What your finger promised me on that first day? Are you gonna hold still while I cum in your mouth? Are you gonna swallow for me?”

The words seemed taunting, but the tone was simply questioning. He continued to watch me suck him off while gently holding the sides of my head. I managed a short nod and saw him smile at that response. He stared at me as he got closer. His thrusts were quicker and his breathing was ragged, but he kept his eyes locked on mine.

“Oh yeah, here it comes. Hold still Brad. Don’t move.”

My eyes widened when he said my name, but he was already at his peak. His hold on my head tightened, and for a brief moment I tried to back off. His grip was firm, and I was unable to go anywhere. He closed his eyes and let his head tilt back as his moaning became long and loud. His cum filled my mouth and I swallowed with each shot. He slowly thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. When his orgasm subsided, he let out a long sigh of relief.

“I needed that. That was much better than your hand. Good job Brad. Now that I’ve got your mouth, the next time we’ll talk more about you giving up your ass. Same time next week?”

With those words he packed away his unit and turned and walked around the side of my house. I heard the gate open and close and his footsteps recede. I stayed sitting in my patio chair for several minutes, listening to the sounds of the great outdoors. I never heard a car engine start after he had left, leading me to think he lived close, and came and went on foot. Also, he knew my name and where I lived. I still didn’t really know anything about him except what his cock looked like and how his cum tasted.

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