An Unexpected Love Ch. 01

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It is the most beautiful form of universal love that ever existed.

That love is Lesbian Love.

Lesbian Love is the most beautiful art form in the world. There is nothing more beautiful than to see two or more women together engaging in the fine art of female homosexuality.

Whether it is the soft and tender kiss of two women together in bed or whether it’s the sight of two or more women engaging in strap-on orgies or it’s simply two butch females trying to have some rough sex. Lesbian Sex stands out in all its beauty as one of the most beautiful art forms in erotic sex.

What causes lesbianism?

It all depends. Some were born gay.

Some converted to the lifestyle after a failed and abusive marriage where the ex-wife, after her divorce becomes final decides to swear off men for good.

Others may have turned gay while serving time in a women’s prison. The allure of lesbian sex too much to ignore.

And then there is the woman who was straight her whole life. The woman who always spent her whole life having a crush on the high school or college athlete, who then went on to marry that perfect dream man with the excellent paying job and enjoying that life of luxury when all of a sudden a chance meeting with a beautiful woman leads to an experience that changes her life forever.

Yes, Lesbian Love is not only beautiful but universal. And nowhere is Lesbian Sex more beautiful than when it’s between Black Women.

And this serves as the setting for our story.

Veronica Marshall is a 35 year old assistant to a well known Insurance executive named Venita Williams. Veronica is happily married to Tyrone, who runs a Caribbean Food Import business. Veronica and Jessie were happily married for the the better part of 5 years. Even though they have no children their marriage was a happy and rewarding one filled with prosperity and hope for the future.

Venita her boss is a full-fledged lesbian who knew, from her days in high school, that she was attracted to women. She even had a crush om a fellow member of the varsity swim team.

And so, one evening after work, Venita asks Veronica if sh would like to go out with her to a club for some after hours fun. Veronica says yes.

Little did Veronica know that the place they were going to was the Club Boom-Boom.

The Club Boom-Boom, a strip club that appeals to a lesbian clientele.

And it is here where we begin our story…



The work day was drawing to a close and I was looking forward to spending a nice quiet evening at home.

My husband, Tyrone, was out out of town on a business trip for his company. He runs a food import business specializing in Caribbean foods (Hartford is home to a very large West Indian population) and many times he has to travel to Jamaica and the other islands of the Caribbean to check on the shipment of the food imports.

Tyrone’s business trips often left me at home alone. And I was about ready to clean up my desk for the night when my boss, Venita walked in with an idea that I would soon realize would change my life forever.

“Say, Veronica,” Venita said, “what are your plans for tonight?”

Oh, nothing,” I said. “just go home and relax after a long hard day at work.”

“When will Tyrone be back?” Venita said.

“Later tonight,” I said. “why?”

“How about you and I go out for the evening. It sure beat being alone in that big ole’ house,” Venita said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“What I mean is why do you want to spend the evening doing nothing when you can go out and have some fun.” Venita said.

“Gee, Venita,” I said, “I don’t know.”

“Aw come on now, Venita said, “you only live once, let down your hair, have some fun and live lively.

“Alright, Miss know-it-all,” I said, “do you know any place where we can have fun?”

“I certainly do.” Venita said.

“Where?” I asked.

“The Club Boom-Boom,” Venita said

“The Club Boom-Boom?” I said, “that club is a lesbian joint. A woman like me would never fit in that place.”

Venita than told Veronica about the Club Boom-boom. She described it as a strip club that caters to a lesbian clientele. She sold her on the positives of the place. A place where she could meet new people and make new friends.

She then shocked Veronica by telling her that straight women also come to the club for a drink and some lesbian fantasies.

She then shocked Veronica that She was a lesbian and had been a frequent guest at the club.

“Wow,” Veronica said, “a lesbian for a boss.”

“I’ve known that since high school,” Venita said.

“Who was your first crush?” Veronica asked.

“A fellow teammate on the varsity swim team,” Venita answered, “happened when I was a senior.”

“Wow,” was all Veronica can say.

“So how about it?” Venita asked.

“Well, if it makes you happy, all right then, I’ll go.” Veronica said.

“Fine,” Venita said, “let’s go.”

And so Veronica and Venita got into their cars and went to Club Boo-m-Boom. Kadıköy Escort It was a dive that was located on North Main Street in the city’s North End. The club consisted of a bar, a stage for the dancers, table booths where customers can have their meals while enjoying the show and finally, private rooms where the customers can have their lesbian fantasies fulfilled by one of the dancers.

Veronica and Venita took their places at one of the booths. They ordered their drinks together and both ordered meals for themselves. Venita had Shrimp Scampi while Veronica settled for Cheese burgers and fries.

Venita and Veronica received their drinks and the two relaxed and watched the numerous dancers performing on the stage. Veronica, after a few drinks, was starting to enjoy herself. And so was Venita.

The food had arrived and the two were enjoying themselves when the announcer said:


And out on the stage came Miss Cookie. she was as sexy and beautiful as they came. Very sexy, in fact, with two of the biggest tits (38DDD) that any dancer at the club had ever had.

Venita and Veronica were enjoying their meals together as Miss Cookie began her number.

The two ladies got tot talking about her.

“What do you think of her?” Venita asked.

“Think of what?” Veronica answered.

“Miss Cookie, the dancer on the stage,” Venita said.

“Miss Cookie,” Veronica said, “I think she’s a beautiful dancer.”

“Doesn’t she have such nice tits?” Venita suggested.

“What are you talking about?” Veronica said.

“I asked you a question, Veronica,” Venita said, “doesn’t she have nice tits?”

“Yes, she does,” Veronica said.

“Doesn’t she dance great?” Venita said.

“She’s a good dancer,” Veronica said.

“She’s a great dancer, one of the best dancers who ever performed here,” Venita said.

“How do you know?” Veronica asked.

“As you know, I’m gay. And I’ve been coming to this club every Friday night after work for a drink and to watch the girls dancing,” Venita said, “not only do I watch the girls dance but I would ask any of the girls to come in back to one of those private dance booths where we would get together for a private dance.”

“No!!” Veronica gasped.

“Yes, indeed,” Venita answered, “Private dances go on all the time at this club. The cost $25.00. Just go up to a dancer, ask if she would do a dance for you, pay the $25.00 and She’ll put on a show you’ll never forget.”

“Really?” Veronica asked.

“Yes, Really,” Venita said, “try it, you just might love it.”

“But Venita,” Veronica said, “I’m a married woman. I’ve been married to Tyrone for 5 years. I’m straight. I prefer men, Venita.”

“So what?” Venita said

“What do you mean so what?” Veronica asked back.

“Your husband is away on business. You’re all alone. This is the perfect opportunity to throw all caution to the wind. A chance to be daring with your sex life. So why not try something different for one night? Why don’t you put some adventure in your life?” Venita said.

“What adventure?” Veronica said.

“The adventure of having a woman do a lap dance on you.” Venita said. “You see Miss Cookie up on the stage?”

“Yes?” Veronica said.

“When she’s finished on stage, Venita said, “how about asking Miss Cookie if she would like to do a dance for you in one of the booths.”

“Well-,” Veronica stammered.

“Go ahead ask her,” Venita dared.

Veronica finally relented.

“Oh, all right, I’ll try it,” Veronica said.

“All right,” Venita said, “when she’s finished just ask her for a dance.”

And so, Venita and Veronica finished their meals. Not long after they were done eating Miss Cookie finished her dancing on the stage.

“Well, Veronica?” Venita said, “Here’s your chance.”

Veronica then left her booth with her drink in her hand and approached Miss Cookie.

“Yes?” Miss Cookie asked.

“I hear that you perform private daces in the privacy booth in the back,” Veronica said.

“Yes I do. $25.00 per dance. Why do you want one?” Miss Cookie asked.

“Yes,” Veronica said.

Veronica was getting nervous. She never did anything like that with a woman before. But there was Miss Cookie taking her by the hand and leading her to the privacy booth for a private dance. Her first thought must have been “What have I gotten myself into?”

Veronica and Miss Cookie then went into the privacy booth (Venita followed into another booth with another dancer). Veronica put her drink down and Miss Cookie performed her number for Veronica.

For the record, Miss Cookie was a beautiful black dancer about 30 years old. she was very heavy set at about 200 lbs. She had tattoos on both of her arms and her back. She is described as a butch lesbian whose mannerisms are more masculine than feminine. She took the job as a dancer as a means of giving pleasure to Kadıköy Escort Bayan other women.

The music started, Miss Cookie’s hip movements were slow, sure and steady. She was a far different woman than she was on the stage. There she was fast and energetic. But in the privacy booth she was so slow and seductive.

As the dancing continued, Veronica started to relax. She was beginning to enjoy the fun of being in the privacy booth. Then the number stopped. Veronica gave Miss Cookie her $25.00 but instead of leaving, she asked Miss Cookie if she would like to stay for another dance.

“Sure,” Miss Cookie said, “as long as you got another $25.00 you can have another dance.’

Veronica gave Miss Cookie the $25.00.

Miss Cookie then gave her another dance. This time Veronica was starting to feel strange. As the music played on, Veronica was becoming hypnotized by Miss Cookie. Suddenly, Veronica felt her pussy becoming moist. As Miss Cookie went on with her number, Veronica was starting to rub her pussy. The sight of the beautiful dancer swaying her hips and dancing so seductively gave Veronica feelings she had never experienced before. Veronica kept on playing with herself with reckless abandon until she started to cum unexpectedly all over her panties. Veronica was, finally, getting into the groove.

When the dance was over, Veronica took her stuff and was about to leave when she felt a hand grab her left arms.

The hand belonged to Miss Cookie.

“Miss Cookie,” Veronica said, “what are you doing?”

“Veronica,” Miss Cookie said, “I saw you masturbate in front of me. I know that deep down you have a crush on me. So why don’t you just sit down on the couch and I will dace for you in a very special way.”

“But, I’m a married woman,” Veronica protested, “I like men.”

“Your head may say you like men,” Miss Cookie cooed, “but your pussy and your tits say that you want to be with a women.”

“M-M-My tits?” Veronica stammered.

“Oooohhh,” Miss Cookie said, “just look at how hard those nipples became. And that pussy of yours, wow, I’ve never seen a pussy this wet before.

Veronica was left speechless.

“Veronica,” Miss Cookie went on, “you were born to be a lesbian, you were meant to be lesbian. This is your moment. You were meant to be here. So sit down right there, Veronica, and I will give you an experience you’ll never forget. And don’t worry about pay me the $25.00, This is on me.”

And so with the music blasting, Miss Cookie sat Veronica down on the couch and kissed her on the

lips. The kiss was soft and gentle. Veronica was starting to feel overpowered & overwhelmed by this beautiful dancer as their kiss reached fever pitch. Veronica wanted to pull away but Miss Cookie’s seductive dancing and kissing was simply too much for her.

After the kiss, Miss Cookie opened up Veronica’s top and started to lick her beautiful breasts. Veronica was now powerless as a kitten as Miss Cookie took her breasts and began to kiss the hard nipples both on her left and her right.

“No, Miss Cookie, No,” Veronica moaned.

“Yes, Veronica, yes,” Miss Cookie said in response, “before this night is over, you’ll start thinking that you’re a lesbian.”

And the lovemaking continued. Through song after song Veronica was reduced to putty in Miss Cookie’s hands. Miss Cookie controlled the pace sending waves of passion through her body. Miss Cookie then ordered Veronica to return the favor.

“Now, Veronica, how about giving Miss Cookie some pleasure,” Miss Cookie moaned.

And so Veronica removed Miss Cookie’s bikini top and bottom. She was now completely naked. Veronica then took Miss Cookie’s tits into her mouth and began to suck them as well. After a while, the thrill was beginning to set in for Veronica. Veronica was reluctant at first to try it but now she was not only powerless to stop Miss Cookie, but was enjoying the thrill of experiencing making love to another women.

Veronica then went down to Miss Cookie’s pussy and began to lick that hairy twat of hers. Miss Cookie was enjoying this moment especially more so as Veronica slowly began to probe Miss Cookie’s pubic area.

Miss Cookie was screaming with delight as Veronica became more bold and aggressive with her licking.

“Oh Veronica, Miss Cookie screamed, “keep it up, keep it up.”

“I am, Miss Cookie, I am,” replied Veronica.

Veronica was suddenly turned on by this act of lesbian lovemaking.

Veronica and Miss Cookie kept on at it until Miss Cookie began to cum.

“My god, I’m cumming!!” Miss Cookie shouted.

And Miss Cookie had come in a violent manner. The sensations inside of her were reaching full climax as cum juice leaked out of her pussy and splattered all over the floor and on Veronica’s dress. Both Miss Cookie and Veronica took breathers as they collected their sweaty bodies following that moment of sexual pleasure.

“Well, Veronica, did you like it?” Miss Cookie asked.

“I loved it,” Answered Veronica.

“Now let me see your pussy,” Escort Kadıköy Miss Cookie demanded.

“Now?” asked Veronica.

“Now,” demanded Miss Cookie.

Veronica then preceded to remover her pants and her panties and Miss Cookie knelt down below to lick Veronica’s pussy. Veronica was now completely nude as she experienced the soft and gentle licking of her pussy.

“My god, Miss Cookie,” Veronica said, “you’re so talented, so sexy, so gentle. You really know how to make a beautiful woman like me feel so special.”

“Why, thank you Miss Veronica.” Miss Cookie said, “you know, when I saw you for the very first time I was hoping that you would take me back her to this room. You are the most beautiful and sexiest person I Ever danced for.”

“Really?” Veronica asked.

“Really,” Miss Cookie said.

Miss Cookie then went back to Veronica’s pussy where she continued to lick slowly and gently. Miss Cookie then took her left tit and rubbed it all over Veronica’s pussy. Veronica was getting hotter by the minute as her pussy felt the hardened nipple of Miss Cookie’s tit.

“The nipple feels just fine,” Veronica cooed.

Miss Cookie then placed her fingers inside Veronica’s pussy. Veronica immediately began to feel the sensations of cumming. Soon, Veronica began to feel the sensation of cumming as she came with absolute force.

“Oh my gosh, Miss Cookie,” Veronica yelled, “I’m going to cum. Yes, yes, yes, I’m about to shoot. Ah, ah, ah.”

Veronica was cumming inside of her in such a way that her screams were heard all over the room. She let out a huge moan as Miss Cookie aggressively kept using her hands to give Veronica a night she would always remember.

“How did it feel?” Miss Cookie asked Veronica.

“Just fine,” Veronica answered.

Veronica & Miss Cookie then embraced each other and kissed up a storm. Their kiss was wild and passionate. It was a kiss that meant not just the climax to a night of great sex but also the beginning of a journey for Veronica. A journey that would change her life forever.

Veronica & Miss Cookie then embraced each other. Their, sweaty, naked bodies together in a beautiful embrace. Veronica then asked Miss Cookie how many nights she dances at the club.

“I dance on Tuesdays through Saturdays. Fridays & Saturdays are the two big money making nights of the week and I want to be there.” Miss Cookie said.

“Can I ask you a question?” Veronica asked.

“Shoot,” Miss Cookie said.

“Can I see you again tomorrow night?” Veronica asked.

“Why sure,” Miss Cookie said.

“It’s just that you did such a wonderful job on me tonight that I want more,” Veronica said.

“You loved it didn’t you?” Miss Cookie asked.

“I did,” Veronica said, “you’re not only a good dancer, but you’re also a great lover in the back room as well.”

Just as Miss Cookie was about to say thanks a third voice came out of nowhere.

“Say, what about me?” the voice asked.

The two ladies looked around and they found Venita standing there.

“What about me, Veronica?” Venita asked, “don’t forget I’m a lesbian, too.”

“She really is one,” Veronica told Miss Cookie, “I Know her, she’s my boss at the company that I work for.”

“Really?” Miss Cookie asked.

Venita said, “Yes I am.”

“Well, in that case, Miss Cookie said, I see no reason to deny your dyke boss the opportunity of a threesome.”

And so the two naked women went to Venita and removed her clothes. Now all three were naked and Veronica and Miss Cookie together began to kiss Venita and after the long kiss began to go down on her. Veronica began licking Venita’s clit while Miss Cookie began to devour Venita’s tits.

Miss Cookie then went down on Venita’s body and slowly and gently shared Venita’s pussy with Veronica who then placed her fingers into Venita’s already wet pussy.

“That’s it, Veronica,” Venita cried out, “you’re making your boss so happy and excited.’

“Thank you, Venita,” Veronica said.

“And you Miss Cookie,” Venita went on, “if you fuck just as much as you dance, then this club should give you a raise.”

“Why thank you, Venita,” gushed Miss Cookie.

Venita was enjoying every moment of this unexpected three way session as Veronica and Miss Cookie began to work all over her body.

And then the three decided on something daring. They would form a three person sex train. Veronica would be on top, then Venita and finally Miss Cookie. And so the three women would proceed to go down on the floor in the prescribed order. Veronica followed by Venita who was to lick the pussy of Veronica and finally Miss Cookie who was to lick the pussy of Venita.

The three way sex train was going strong at full force. Veronica was enjoying the thrill of Venita’s hot tongue, while Miss Cookie was giving Venita her own very special tongue treatment. The three women were filled with hot sexual energy as the thrill of Black Lesbian Love filled the three women to pure sexual joy.

And nobody enjoyed it more than Veronica. Here she was, a very happily married woman with a nice husband. A woman who was such a boy crazy girl throughout school. Now she was enjoying her first lesbian sex. And she was having it with not only a dancer but with her own boss as well. Veronica was taking in this moment. And Veronica was letting out her own screams of joy.

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