An Unexpected Visit Years Later

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Aria Haze

Note: This is simply a fantasy, don’t trash me if you don’t like, and if you didn’t like it why did you read it?

An Unexpected Visit From The Ex-Wife

It had been 10 years since the divorce was finalized and 5 years since I’d even talked with her so I was more that a little surprised when my ex-wife called one day to tell me that she was coming into town for a get together for her relatives.

She went on to explain that she really had to see me, and that she expected to be picked up for lunch on a certain Friday in late May. She also said that it would be worth my while to make sure and keep the appointment and said she’d call me that morning.

When the appointed time of day came I was seriously thinking about just blowing her off by not not being home or by not answering the phone when she called. But she called early enough in the morning so I wasn’t thinking very clearly and simply said yes when she told me where and when to pick her up.

I left home and drove for a few miles wondering what this whole meeting would be about. I was hoping that it might end quickly so I could at least enjoy the unseasonably warm and sunny day that was forecast. As long as I was off of work I might as well enjoy the day. I met her at her brother’s house at 11:30 and she seemed to be smiling, but a bit nervous, as she came down the driveway and got into my pick up.

She told me that she was hungry and we drove a few miles to a local restaurant for a lunch. During the drive and through most of lunch we kept up with small talk about the relatives, old friends and what she was doing with her relatives. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer so I broke down and asked her “what did she want with me that was so important that I take the day off work and see her?”

She started a long story about being part of a “recovery group” of some kind to get over past hurts from relationships and blah, blah, blah.It sounded like some type of 12 step program thing and I pretty much tuned it all out until she started to tell me that to get over her past with me she had to “make it right” for the pain she’d caused. That was something new coming from her so I paid attention. She said that it was important for her to move forward but to do so she’d have to first fix whatever she could from the past.

She had decided that to make things right she’d give me the opportunity to do all the things that I’d wanted, but she hadn’t allowed, during the years we were married. She thought that this way she would then be able to stop worrying about what she had or hadn’t done, and that she would then be able to have a fresh start in life. She told me that I had from now, until midnight, to have my way with her.

By now she’d gotten my attention and my mind was racing so fast that I could hardly talk. I gulped down the last bites of food and finished my drink before saying anything to her. I finally thought of something to say and asked what were the limits during her time with me.

She’d obviously thought this out completely as she didn’t hesitate a moment before she told me what she wouldn’t do: Nothing illegal, nor anything that would cause a scene in public where the police might get involved. Nothing that would leave long term marks, scars or bruises and tattoos were out too.

Since we were still sitting in the restaurant I thought I’d push this a bit and see what she was willing to say in public where someone might hear her. I asked her if I could take nude photos of her, “yes,” how about some exhibitionism to others, “yes.” I asked her what kind of sex she was willing to do now that she hadn’t done when we were married and she said that she had learned how to give a good blow job and have anal sex with a previous boyfriend.

Since she’d said that rather quietly I asked her loud enough for the people in the booth behind her to hear if she would “suck my cock and let me do her in the ass.” Much to her credit she answered “yes” loud enough for them the hear. Both of the old guys tried to look over and see her then, but she’s quite short so they could only see the back of her head. I thought of one last thing so I asked if she’s ready to fuck someone else while I watch. She stopped and paused for awhile and then said that she knew I’d ask for that. She the said that she had mentally prepared for a gang bang even before she had called me.

I still wasn’t sure if I should believe her or not so after the waitress cleared the table I expressed my doubts about her offer and told her that if she was sincere I wanted her to show me her tits right there. She quickly looked around and realized that she was pretty well hidden in the booth so she pulled up her T-shirt and bra and showed me her little tits. It had been a long time since I’d last seen them, but I remembered them quite well, and they still looked good. She held up her shirt long enough for the cook to catch a look as he was putting the food orders up on the counter and then quickly pulled it back down.

As we got up to leave the two old guys that were sitting behind her were practically drooling as they were Eskişehir Escort trying to imagine what had just happened, and what had they missed. Since they were sitting by a window their eyes continued to follow us as we walked to the truck. Before we got in I told Mary to show the old guys her tits and she once again pulled up her shirt and without any hesitation showed them her tits.

I already had something in mind, so when we got into the truck I told her that I was willing to accept her offer and conditions. We drove in silence for a while and then stopped at a convenience store where I bought some single use cameras, beer and water and a few other supplies. After we had driven out of town I took a few back roads and pulled into an abandoned farm that belonged to a relative of mine. Mary was familiar with the place as we’d stopped there once or twice while we were still married.

Although there was very little traffic in that part of the country I parked the truck behind the old shed so no one would see that we were there. I got out of the truck and unwrapped the cameras. She knew that the first order of the day would be nude photos. I moved her over into the sunlight and told her to start to strip. She was completely obedient and slowly took off her clothes and piece by piece hung them on the old wire fence. While I was photographing her I kept informing her about how I would enjoy showing these photos to people at work and friends that we had known in the past. When I suggested that I might open up a website with her photos she stopped posing and glared at me for moment, but then just swallowed hard and continued to undress.

It was then that I had the idea to bring an old friend into the action so I mentioned that I thought Brian would really enjoy seeing the pictures. He had always had the hots for Mary, but she thought he was a jerk and wouldn’t give him the time of day. Since the divorce he’d been around a few times and always mentioned what a stuck up bitch she was.

I kept posing Mary in various positions and soon she had shown the camera every part of her body. She didn’t say anything about my showing off the photos to Brian so I asked what she thought about showing off to him in person. With that she stopped posing and reminded me that I had until midnight to do what I wanted. I think that she might already be regretting her decision to give me 12 hours as we still had more than 10 to go. Mary was standing in front of me, totally nude, as I took out my cell phone and called Brian. After a few minutes I tracked him down at work and told him that he’d never believe what I was doing.

I went on to explain that Mary was standing in front of me nude and that I had already taken a couple rolls of film of her stripping and posing in the nude. I also told him that she had offered to have a gang bang and that maybe I would bring her over to his house after he was done with work. He didn’t believe me so I handed the phone to Mary. I could tell from her responses that he was asking her if it was all true. When she finally said “yes, I’ll suck your cock” I knew that everything would come true.

Since it was still mid-afternoon we had a couple of hours left before we had to be back in town. I wanted to make sure that Mary was going to stay naked so I reached into the bag of goodies that I had bought and pulled out the charcoal lighter fluid and matches. I handed them to her and told her that I wanted her to burn up her clothes one piece at a time. She complained about how much they cost, but when I reminded her of her offer to me, and told her I’d cover the replacement cost she poured lighter fluid on her panties and lit them on fire. Next came the bra, then the T-shirt and finally the shorts. She was a bit hesitant about the shorts as that left her with nothing at all to cover her nudity.

I think she was worried that I might leave her out in the country, totally naked and not able to get back to town, but I thought she’d cry rape if I tried something like that . Besides, I already had too much planned for later in the the evening. When she was done burning her clothes I noticed that she was already turning a little pink with sunburn.

I told her to walk with me for a bit and we moved down the field road a bit out into even brighter sunshine and more visibility if someone happened to drive by. I only had one camera left so when I told her to stop and turn around I unwrapped it and told her that now was the time for a blow job. I leaned up against a fence post as she kneeled in the dirt in front of me.

In all the years we were married she’d never willingly given me a blow job. The few times she’d tried it she wasn’t very good at it but her technique had improved over the years. I told her that I wanted her to keep sucking, but that when I was ready to cum I only wanted to come on her face, not in her mouth. It wasn’t very long before I could feel the urge to let it go. It had been fun playing with her body, and taking nude photos of her, but taking photos of her while she sucked on my cock was just too much for Eskişehir Escort Bayan me. I started to pull out and she managed to keep my cock in line with her face so every bit of my cum landed on her nose, cheeks, lips and forehead.

When I was all done she remained kneeling like she was waiting for more instructions, or waiting to wipe the cum off her face, so I told her to leave it and stand up. She could only see out of her left eye as the other was splattered with cum. She got up, and to her credit followed me down the path once again. When we got back to the truck she’d managed to get both eyes opened but hadn’t bothered to wipe her face. The look on her face was a question about what I might want to do next. I gave her a bottle of water and she managed to drink without cleaning off the cum.

By now she’d been totally nude and out in the bright sun for well over an hour. She was getting nice light shade of pink, but I don’t think she yet realized how much sun she’d gotten. I reached behind the seat of the truck and pulled out a length of rope and told her to back up to the fence post near where she’d burned her clothes. I faced her directly into the sun, and then tied her hands together behind her back, looped the rope around the post a couple of times and then tied her ankles around the post. I didn’t tie her tightly, but she was securely fastened to the post and couldn’t turn or move away.

I finished off the last roll of film and she looked panic stricken as I started to get back into the truck. She must have thought I was going to leave her tied to the post. I told her that I was out of film, and would be back in about 20 minutes. That would give her a long time to think about what might happen to her if somebody found her, and what would happen to her later that night. As I took off I found myself wishing that someone would find her, use her body as they wanted and then leave her in the dirt.

As I drove to the store I called Brian and filled him in on the latest details of the afternoon. When I told him that I’d left Mary nude tied to a post, he about died laughing. I told him to call a couple more old friends that I knew would enjoy having Mary and told him we’d be there soon after he was home from work.

As promised I returned in about 20 minutes with another camera and some more cold water. I took several photos of Mary tied to the post with the remnants of her burned clothing laying nearby. I also took some close up photos of her with the clumps of dried cum stuck to her face and in her hair. When I cut her loose she stood still for a few more moments to see if I was done with the camera and then moved over into the shade to drink some water. I told her to leave the cum on her face but pour the cold water on her body as she drank the water she also splashed some down her back and then poured the rest over her little tits which by now were quite dark pink with sunburn. Her nipples quickly hardened from the cold water so had her keep it up until I had taken several more photos.

It was now time to leave and without saying anything she climbed into the truck totally nude and buckled up her seat belt. As we started to drive away she mentioned that she would need my shirt when we got into town so we don’t get arrested or anything. With that she settled back into the seat to enjoy the comfort of an air conditioned ride.

We hadn’t driven more than a couple of miles and I noticed that we were going to meet up with one of the local farmers driving his tractor. I flashed my lights for him to stop and we pulled up along side each other. When I rolled down my window he about fell off the tractor seat. I’m sure that he wasn’t expecting to see a nude woman sitting in the truck, but it was obvious that he liked what he saw. I asked him about the farm, and the crops, and even though he had answers for me his eyes never stopped going up and down Mary’s body.

Through all of the verbal exchange Mary was looking out the front window like he wasn’t even there, and I was talking to him just like Mary was sitting in the cab fully clothed instead of totally nude. I finally said “do you remember my ex-wife Mary?” and he paused for a moment and said that yes he did. With that he called out her name and she was forced to look at him and say hello. When she looked over at him they exchanged greetings just as if they’d met on the street somewhere in totally different circumstances.

When the greetings had been exchanged I asked him what he thought about seeing a naked women riding around and stopping to give him a look.He just about swallowed his tongue, but managed to say something polite. I thought I’d push things a bit more so I asked Mary if she thought that Mr. Johnson would enjoy her sucking his cock, or maybe he’d rather fuck her instead. She blushed a bit, but commented that I’d probably like it as much as he would. I instructed her to ask him and as she glared at me she leaned over and asked, “Mr. Johnson, would you like me to suck your cock, or would you rather fuck me?”

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen Escort Eskişehir an old overweight farmer move so fast as he got off his tractor and started to unhook his bib overalls. Mary unhooked her seat belt and slowly opened the door and got out of the truck. The farmer hadn’t said a word but had managed to get his pants down around his ankles and was obviously already aroused. I told Mary to bend over and as she leaned over the front tractor tire he moved up behind her. He squeezed and mauled her little tits and ass as he pounded into her pussy from behind. I don’t know how long it had been since he’d had sex, but even with all his enthusiasm he managed to keep going for a few minutes before he bellowed and pulled her onto his cock with his big hands on her shoulders.

As soon as he let go she managed to move away from him and quickly moved back into the truck. By now she had realized that if anyone else had come upon the middle of the road fuck she would have to take care of them as well. We took off and left a very happy looking farmer standing in the middle of the road with his pants down.

As we drove away I tossed Mary an old towel to sit on so that she wouldn’t leak cum onto the seat of my pick up. She asked me “was that really necessary?” and I reassured her that it wasn’t at all, but I thought it would be fun to see what happened. She leaned her head back against the seat and seemed to settle in for the ride back to the city. I kept the a/c turned up so her little tits stayed cool and her nipples were like hard pencil erasers sticking out of her chest.

I watched her as we drove and had to admit that she was quite a mess. She had dried cum on her face and her hair was very wind blown and also had gobs of dried cum in it. She had a dirty tire print across her chest and stomach from the tractor tire. As we started to get closer to town she looked around and asked if she could have my shirt for a cover up. I told her no, that the tinted windows on the pick up would keep her hidden from most peoples view….unless I put them down of course.

I was trying to think of what to do with her next. I had already taken advantage of her offer and used her in just about every way that I had wanted. I also had over 150 photos of her in the camera waiting to be developed. I would have been content to just drop her off at Brian’s house for the remaining time but she had made it a condition that I be involved or the time was up.

As we pulled off the highway and onto the street where Brian lived I told her that I wanted to stop and buy some more single use cameras so I pulled into the first convenience store and parked as far away I possible from the entrance. I took off my T-shirt and tossed it to her with some cash and told her to go in buy two more cameras. Since Mary is quite short my shirt covered her, but just barely. As she walked into the store I could see her bare ass cheeks peek out from under the shirt.

There was a lot of traffic in the station and it took several minutes before Mary reappeared with the cameras. She hadn’t remembered that her face and hair were still painted with dried cum so she wasn’t prepared for the stares that she got when in the store. One of the other customers asked her if she was “ok” and she had to tell her that everything was fine and didn’t need any help, or a call to the police.

After Mary had gotten back into the truck, removed my T-shirt and buckled her seat belt I started to drive out of the station. Since I had to drive past the woman who had asked about her I made sure to put down the window and so she could see that Mary was now totally nude. Mary waved at her and said thanks and we got back onto the road.

I called Brian and asked how things we going. He told me that he’d managed to get together 5 other guys, 4 of them who had known Mary when we were married, and one that had gone to high school with her. When I told Mary that 6 guys were waiting for her she just closed her eyes and gave a bit of a shudder.

In just a couple of minutes we were at Brian’s, and Mary was surprised to see that it was an old beat up trailer in a rather seedy trailer park. She asked me what had happened to him, so I explained that 2 divorces and a lot of drinking had taken most of his money and will to make something of himself.

I pulled the truck into the nearest parking spot which was about 20 yards from his front door. I looked at my watch and told Mary that she still had 4 hours and 40 minutes until midnight. I told her that with 6 guys who had that much time she might expect to have sex 3 times with each one. And that was without them bringing any one else over to join in. She scowled at me and said that she could handle it.

With that I got out of the truck and walked around to her side and opened the door. She was still sitting in the truck nude but as I stood there she unhooked the seat belt and got out onto the sidewalk. I took her by the hand and slowly walked up to Brian’s door and ran the bell. I could see that a couple of neighbors were looking out their windows but acted as if it was normal for a man with a naked woman to be standing in their trailer park. Within seconds the door opened and Mary was greeted by a loud cheer and lots of nasty comments. I told the guys that I’d gotten Mary heated up for them and that they should use her tonight just like the dirty little whore they all wanted her to be.

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