An Unlikely Pair

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Kim and Dan had just bought their first house, after moving back to Dan’s hometown in Ohio from California. It was in a lovely neighborhood, but their limited finances had only allowed them to afford a fixer-upper. It wasn’t feasible to keep their apartment and pay for the house so they had to move in while they cleaned and repaired the house. Lucky for them, Dan and Kim’s friend, Lora, and Dan’s older brother, Chaz had offered to help out and they jumped at the offer.

Lora arrived that Friday afternoon, after work and began helping clean the living room and kitchen; getting ready to paint. She was a sweet and feisty brunette with long dark curls, which she had pulled up in a clip; and a full, voluptuous figure, which she generally hid beneath slightly baggy clothing. To say she wasn’t comfortable with her body wasn’t accurate, but she found it offensive when women wore clothes that were too small. Since she would be helping all weekend, she had packed a small bag so she could stay and help as many hours as possible.

As Kim and Lora were laying down the plastic and getting ready, they danced around to the radio. Lora loved to dance and was never embarrassed to do so whenever and wherever she was. Music had always been a passion of hers, since she was a young girl. Her parents had brought her up on Motown and Rock, which she still listened to every chance she got, but she also loved classical, country and hip hop. If it had a beat, she was moving to it.

In the late afternoon, Lora had set to work painting one of the walls in the living room as Dan and Kim started on the kitchen walls. She heard the roar of a motorcycle and looked out the window to see a man pulling into the driveway. Figuring it was Dan’s brother, she turned back to the task at hand.

The front door flung open, as Chaz walked in bellowing, “Dan, where’s the brews? I’m ready to get to work.”

Kim and Dan walked in the living room to greet him. With a beer in her hand for him, Kim snapped, “Chaz, you better wipe your damn feet before you walk in my house,” as they all started laughing.

Lora laughed but kept painting. She had never met Chaz but one look at him and she wondered how the weekend was going to go if she had to work in the same room with someone so loud and boisterous. She hoped he wasn’t the type to get trashed and act like an obnoxious ass but if he did, she’d just roll out her sleeping bag in the spare room and give him the run of the living room. No big deal.

Dan introduced Chaz and Lora. Chaz greeted her amicably, shaking her hand. Upon further inspection, she had her serious doubts about him. Though he was ruggedly handsome, with his strawberry blonde, spiked hair and blue eyes, he had tattoos running up and down his muscular arms. Though she had nothing against tattoos, she had never really understood why some people felt the need to have them everywhere.

With everyone situated with something to drink, Kim handed Chaz a paintbrush and told him to get to work. He started on the opposite wall and, for the most part, things were quiet but for a few shouts back and forth between the brothers. Dan and Kim went back into the kitchen, resuming their work in there. They worked this way for a couple of hours, when Chaz set down his brush and walked through the kitchen and out the back door. He was gone for about half an hour then returned to pick up where he left off. By now, the sun was down and the stars were starting to twinkle in the sky.

Chaz briefly stopped at the doorway and watched her work. Though his taste was more along the lines of the tall, slender model type, he didn’t find her unappealing at all. He was rather intrigued by the way she moved to the music as she painted in a neat and orderly fashion. The combination of form and function certainly was interesting, to say the least. He walked back over and picked up his brush.

“So, Lora, Kim tells me you like to draw. Are you any good at it?” he asked.

“I guess so. I don’t sell art or anything like that but I drew a portrait of Dan and Kim, they like. Though they may just be trying to spare my feelings by acting like they do,” she giggled.

“You’re the one who drew that portrait of them?”

“Yes,” she responded whatsapp escort cautiously. She was waiting for him to start laughing or tell her how hideous it really was.

“Well then, I’d say you’ve got some mad skills,” he said in a tone that sounded admiring and sincere.

“Thank you.” She wanted to say more but wasn’t quite sure what to say. She had always been shy around guys and the only reason she and Dan had become such good friends in school was because he was so genuine and friendly, she felt at ease with him. It seems like those might be family traits, she thought.

“Besides dancing and drawing, do you have any other creative skills?” he asked.

“I also like writing but don’t have time to pursue all my passions,” she mused.

“There’s always time to pursue what we are passionate about. God didn’t intend for us for all work and no play,” he said in a meaningful tone.

“Is that why you have so many tattoos? Is that your passion?” she inquired.

“It is one of my passions. I love all things aesthetically pleasing and my tattoos are my art.”

She was floored at the way the conversation was going. This was definitely one of those cases where you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. It was hard to believe that this was the same man that had walked in, not long ago, yelling for a beer, and now they were talking about art.

He walked over to her and stuck out his right arm, “this arm is dedicated to my daughter. All the tattoos remind me of things about her. This arm,” he said as he stuck out the left arm, “is dedicated to my son.”

Looking closer at the tattoos on his arms, Lora noticed that the body art flowed and dipped, swirling designs into each other. For the first time, she really thought of it as body art. How interesting it really was. She wondered how many other people had dedicated their body to represent things about them or in their lives.

As the night went on, Lora and Chaz talked about their work, hobbies, travels and much more. It seemed like no time at all, before Dan and Kim walked in to tell them they were exhausted and going to bed. “You guys can sleep wherever,” Kim told them, “there’s the extra room, living room….well and the kitchen but I definitely wouldn’t sleep in the bathroom. Someone might trip over you going in the middle of the night.” She laughed.

They said their good nights and headed to bed. It was close to 2 a.m. and Chaz and Lora called it an evening as well. She grabbed her bag and headed to the bathroom to change into her sleeping clothes. When she came back to the living room, Chaz had already rolled out both their sleeping bags, in front of the TV. Between them was a tray with a beer for him, glass of wine for her and a bowl of chips.

“Sorry, there didn’t seem to be any cheese and crackers so I opted for chips,” he laughed.

Lora had stopped short in the doorway as she saw Chaz sprawled out on his sleeping bag, wearing only a pair of cotton shorts. Though she noticed the tattoos covering his chest and torso, that’s not what stopped her. The sight of his broad, muscled chest and tone legs were like a work of art all on their own. Not wanting him to think she was weird, she shook it off and went over to sit on her sleeping bag.

As she drank her wine, they chatted some more. He was truly a Renaissance man, talking about poetry, nature and his spirituality. Whenever she wasn’t looking, he’d gaze at her beautiful black locks and pink, full lips. He wondered what she had on under that oversized cotton night shirt. He figured it was cotton panties and he was surprised that the thought turned him on. She was a very interesting woman. So soft and beautiful with an intensity and determination he’d rarely seen in most women.

After a few minutes, the sounds of moaning could be heard very distinctly coming from Dan and Kim’s bedroom. Chaz rolled his eyes, “I guess they weren’t as tired as they pretended to be,” he joked. Then he noticed that Lora’s face was turning a bright shade of red as she looked down into her wine glass.

“I…umm, think I’m going to go outside for a few minutes,” she said as she quickly got to her feet and headed out the back door.

He istanbul escort bayan couldn’t believe it. This grown woman, in her 30s, was embarrassed by the sound of Dan and Kim’s lovemaking? He was amused but, at the same time, extremely curious so he got up and followed her out onto the patio.

As he walked out, he could see her standing at the edge of the patio looking at the night sky. She didn’t realize he had come out and jumped when he put his hand on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” he said apologetically, “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

She wasn’t sure if she jumped at being startled or by having his hand on her shoulder but simply replied, “That’s okay, I was so engrossed at looking at the stars, I guess I didn’t hear you walk out here.”

He kept his place directly behind her, “I love the night sky almost as much as I love watching the sun set,” he said softly into her hear. She could feel his warm breath on her skin and felt her pulse quicken. Unable to think clearly, she said nothing.

As he night breeze blew through, he watched as her hair danced around her shoulders, showing then covering her creamy white neckline. Before he could think, he brushed her hair off her shoulder and kissed her softly on the neck. She drew in a sharp breath but didn’t protest. He gently wrapped his arms around her waist and began planting kisses down her neck to her collarbone then back up to her face. Her breathing was catching in her throat with each touch. She leaned back slightly into his arms and turned her face up to him. He needed no further invitation than that to kiss her incredible lips. Lightly at first, he tested his bounds with her mouth; kissing and licking, as she sighed and seemed to melt right into him. As he began to probe her mouth with his tongue, he was astonished by the intensity and heat of her tongue joining with his, as they both began to take quick, sharp breaths.

As she turned to wrap her arms around his neck, they continued the assault on each other’s mouths. He let his hands move up to her breasts and began rubbing and teasing her nipples, as he rubbed his thumbs over them. She drew in a sharp breath and let out a low moan into his mouth as the intensity of his hands sent shivers down her spine. They were moving beyond the point of no return and neither minded one bit.

In one quick movement, he reached down, grabbing the bottom of her night shirt and pulled it over her head, dropping it to the ground as he bent forward and replaced what his hands had been doing with his mouth, teasing her erect nipples with his tongue. She moaned louder this time and she pushed her breasts closer, running her hands down his bare back and pulling him closer. He was thoroughly enjoying tantalizing her full breasts with his mouth. She smelled like springtime and tasted like heaven.

She was barely standing of her own will as he laid her down on the lawn chair. He looked down and, with a smile, noticed he was right about the cotton panties. He noticed that the front was damp and was aching to lose control over her but he sensed that she wasn’t like anyone he’d ever been with. They’d all been wild and sexual predators themselves. Lora was not in that league at all.

As he took hold of the top of her panties, she lifted her hips as he removed them and dropped them next to the night shirt. Her senses were heightened as she could feel the breeze caressing her naked body as she lay there. He knelt on the ground at the foot of the chair, took holder of her ass and pulled her to the edge. As he leaned down, she looked at him with wide eyes.

“Haven’t you ever had a man go down on you before?” he asked quietly.

“No, I’ve only been with one guy….umm, sexually, and we just had sex, nothing else.”

He flashed a smile at her and said, “What a shame,” as he separated her lips put his face between her legs and slowly licked from the bottom of her hot, wet pussy entrance to the top and back down. Her head dropped back, she shuddered and let out a throaty moan.

My God, she thought, I’ve never felt anything like this, as he licked and sucked at her. Just when she thought the tingling couldn’t get any better, he moved his mouth over her özbek escort clit and began to suck and lick it as he slid two fingers inside her.

“Oooh, my God,” she moaned in a silky tone, “that feels so incredible.” She wanted this feeling to go on forever and moved in rhythm with his fingers sliding in and out of her, making her wetter than she’d ever been. The tingling grew more intense as she felt a stirring she’d never felt before. He licked, sucked and fingered her until she felt like she was losing all control; all her inhibitions. Without warning, she felt a hot rush from her belly to her womanhood and as she stiffened, she yelled out in the most exquisite pleasure she’d ever felt, as she had her first orgasm.

Chaz lifted his soaked face and asked, “Is that the first time, you’ve ever had an orgasm?” She could do no more than look at him and nod. “Well,” he said, “that’s a damn shame, too.”

He grabbed her night shirt and wiped his face, “you won’t be needing this anyway,” he smiled at her.

She smiled back and he took her hand, pulling her from the chair and she followed him into the house completely nude, but didn’t seem to notice. She just wanted to be with him in his arms; inhaling more of his musky man scent, touching him and being touched by him.

He laid her down on his sleeping bag; then laid next to her kissing her, touching her, needing her. She reached down and took hold of the bulge in his pant; it was his turn to draw in a sharp breath. It felt like she had sent a charge straight through him as she began rubbing and stroking him over his shorts. Her hand ran up his thigh, over his erection and to the top of his shorts and she began to pull them off him. He lifted up and she pulled them off, immediately grabbing his shaft in her hand and stroking him. There was no urgency but he could feel her intensity building for him. And he knew he couldn’t wait much longer. The desire to be inside her was overwhelming his senses as she kissed and nibbled his nipples while she continued gliding her soft, urgent hands over his manhood.

Unable to wait any longer, he lifted himself up and positioned himself between her legs. She was still soaking from their encounter on the patio as he positioned his hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. He slid into her, slowly, and could feel the constraints of this woman who’d had only one lover before him. Not wanting to hurt her, he took it slow, sliding in and out a little at a time. Though the restraint was killing him, he was in awe of this woman before him and wanted to bring her to the brink of ecstasy.

She was moaning and sliding up toward him, urging him to enter and take her and, when at last, he was able to sink all the way inside, she let out an urgent moan as she thrust toward him. No longer able to go slow, he began pumping in and out of her faster, as his hand snaked down and began rubbing her clit in rhythm with his pace.

Lora had never felt anything so wonderful as Chaz pushing in and out of her, while he rubbed her, in a place she had never known could bring such a delicious feeling of power and weakness, all at once. “Please, Chaz, oh God, please, I need you. I need all of you, now…” she cried out to him.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said.

“I’m not made of glass, please, I want you so bad…Now, please Now,” she gasped as she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her, arching her back and lifting her hips for him to take everything she had.

It was the final straw, as Chaz, shook his self-control and began thrusting in and out of her faster and harder, sweat dripped off both of them, as she moaned and writhed under him urging him to his breaking point. And as their peaks were reached, she let out a yell, as he groaned and they both came in orgasms that swept through them like tidal waves crashing onto the shore.

No longer able to hold himself up, he laid over her with his head on her shoulder. She began stroking his hair and kissed him on the forehead. He looked up at this angel, as she looked at him with such adoration, and felt his heart twinge.

“That was amazing,” she told him.

“You are amazing,” he answered back.

Then his angel, got a wicked little grin on her face, as she said, “Next time, I’ll have to seduce you.”

They both laughed, as he laid back and she put her head on his chest. They snuggled together and fell off to sleep.That’s how Kim and Dan found them the next morning, as they grinned at each other with a twinkle in their eyes.

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