Anal Avenger

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“Gawd dammit!” Mitch yelled in frustration as his girlfriend pumped her fists in victory.

The “YOU LOST” sound played as his favorite superhero slumped to the floor on the TV screen. He threw his controller onto the couch next to him. He spun around to stare at Emma, still in her pink and white boy shorts and tank top, doing a victory shimmy next to him.

“God dammit,” he repeated, a little quieter this time. “How are you so good at this? You promised you’d never played this before.”

“Yeah,” Emma smirked, dropping her controller and turning towards him. “But I’ve watched you plenty. And I actually bothered to learn the combos.”

Emma could see Mitch was furious, more annoyed than she’d ever seen him. She knew teasing him was dangerous; she had just defeated his favorite superhero with his least favorite villain… and done it in about thirty seconds… while he was still explaining the rules. She sat up on her legs, and coquettishly put her hands behind her back, pulling her shoulders back to make canlı bahis her breasts stand out.

She tempted fate anyways. “It was easy.” She gave a teasing wiggle, her breasts swaying back and forth.

“Gah!” Mitch exploded in frustration. With a hungry eyes he leaped on Emma, hands grabbing her perky breasts under her shirt, his hot tongue filling her mouth. Emma squeaked as he pushed her into the sofa. His fingers twisted her nipples through her tank-top flooding her body with heat.

She tried to speak but his tongue was still firmly in her mouth. He finally let go of her breasts and grabbed her hips. Finally he broke their kiss, but before Emma could say anything he lifted her up and flipped her over. He kept her hips in the air and tore at her boy shorts, tugging them down to reveal her ass.

Emma tried to kick, but Mitch’s strong hand kept her butt in the air as he used his free hand to tug his pants down. She peered over her shoulder and saw him spit into his hand and stroke himself.

“Wait bahis siteleri what are you…?” Emma managed before Mitch had spread her cheeks with one hand and inserted the tip of his engorged cock in her ass. “Ah… slow please,” she begged.

Mitch was not merciful though, and slipped his cock into her in one smooth motion. Emma gasped and struggled, hoping her anus would stretch to accommodate his enormous length. He pressed into her, making her ass burn, and just as the pain faded he pulled back out. Emma squeaked again as he began pumping into her over and over again.

He smacked her ass hard, the pain surprising. Emma couldn’t help give herself up to the feeling. She reached between her legs and began to stroke her clit. She was soaking wet, and quivering with the fullness. Mitch slapped her again and she stroked herself harder as his hard cock sent tingles up and down her body.

Mitch groaned above her as he sped up. Her cheek was flat against the sofa and she moaned into the pillows, her auburn hair falling bahis şirketleri over her face. Mitch let go oh her hip, his thrusts pushing her down flat. He grabbed her hair and yanked her head back as his hips smacked into her butt over and over again. His other hand grabbed her tit again and pinched her nipple hard.

“Please, please,” Emma moaned over and over into the pillow, her orgasm building.

Mitch groaned into her back, pushing her head back down into the cushions, and reached around to grabbed her pussy as he viciously ass fucked her. She felt his cock twitch insider her anus and suddenly she was a lot more full.

“Fuck, I’m coming!” Mitch grunted as he thrust his dick as far into her ass as he could.

That was all she could take. She felt her muscles contract and spasm as pleasure drove all thought from her head.

“Oh god!” she screamed, muffled by the couch.

She collapsed limply onto the cushions, cum beginning to run out of her stretched-out asshole as Mitch pulled his cock out of her. He staggered off her and sat with a thump on the floor beside the couch.

“There, now we’re even” Mitch stated matter-of-factly as Emma gasped weakly, hoping she’d be able to move her legs again soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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