Anal Multiplicity Ch. 01

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Dave, Kathy and Brent Starring in: Anal Multiplicity

Dave and Kathy’s marriage was heading for the 10th year and going strong. Their sex life had only improved with time. There was nothing they were afraid to try together. They’d had numerous threesomes with other women since Kathy had confirmed that she was Bi in her teens; that was a regular part of their everyday life. But now they’d decided that they wanted to try a threesome of a different kind. So Dave called in a friend.

His frat brother Brent was always up for a good time. Brent knew all about Kathy and Dave’s little secrets. In fact Brent envied Dave for having a wife that was both gorgeous and sexually open and willing.

There were no pretences the evening that Brent arrived in town. They met him at the airport and things started to get interesting on the ride to Kathy and Dave’s place. Dave drove and Kathy sat in the middle snuggled up right between the two handsome guys.

Kathy began to rub the guys thighs. With the mere touch of her hand on their legs she could canlı bahis see both their tents starting to rise.

She kissed her husband on the neck and nibbled on his ears. As she did she heard her husband whisper in her ear:

“Go for it babe, he wants you…”

She leaned towards Brent and they kissed for the first time. They kissed long and hard and as they did Kathy felt her husband’s hand slide up inside of her tiny little skirt. Caressing her legs and the insides of her thighs as she let her hands find their way to the growing member in Brent’s pants. She had goose bumps everywhere—what a rush. Kissing someone new for the first time, her husband pushing all her buttons as only he could do, and feeling Brent’s excited cock all at once.

She turned sticking her feet up against her husband now kneeling in front of Brent’s lap she quickly unzipped and freed his cock. Taking every inch of it completely inside of her mouth and throat. The she brought him back out and teased his head with her tongue making agonizingly slow circles around the bahis siteleri bead of his head. As they stopped the car at the house Dave quickly got out and told Brent to switch places with him.

When Brent got to Dave’s side of the car he quickly understood why. There from the doorway all he could see was the sweetest tan ass cheeks and the most beautifully shaven snatch staring out from around her black thong.

Brent laughed out as his hand slid Kathy’s thong to the side,

“Man you have no idea how much I am going to enjoy this I’ve wanted to taste her since the minute I met her. You lucky fucker you…thanks for letting me play too man.” And with that he sank his tongue deep inside his best friend’s wife wiggling it back and forth getting the deepest, juiciest taste of her he could. He licked his finger and stuck it in her pussy above his tongue and simultaneously finger-fucked and tongue-fucked her all at once.

Kathy continued to blow her husband’s stiff cock and the muffled moans of pleasure that were escaping around it were bahis şirketleri driving him crazy. Her sounds always turned him on but never like this…because these were the sounds of someone else fucking his beautiful wife for the first time in over 10 years.

Brent wasn’t sure about his next move, but he was almost sure that Dave had said that Kathy loved to take it up the ass…so while his fingers and his tongue were buried deep up in her dripping cunt hole, Brent licked his thumb and pushed…he pushed until…he felt Kathy arch her back and stick her ass out hard against his thumb and then he heard it, the pop of sweet anal success.

She ground her hips into his face and appendages his thumb was buried to its base inside her succulent asshole. Brent removed his tongue from her pussy and licked around his thumb then he pulled her tight asshole sideways just enough to allow admittance for his tongue. Tasting the sweetest ass he’d ever eaten. He removed his thumb and used it to circle her clit while he let his tongue engulf her entire ass. He buried his face into her hot tight hole as hard as he could and began to munch and then to suck out against its ridges as Kathy squealed in delight and as she did his fingers were coated with her sweet, white, frothy cream.

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