Anal Surprise

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Kevin had been trying to keep his hands off of her all day, she was wearing short shorts, his tee shirt and for some reason she was irresistible. She smiled at him as she climbed into the car, their eyes met and it drove him crazy. Each and every time she moved, smiled at him, or laughed at one of his not-so-funny jokes he wanted her more. The GPS said they’d be at her place in forty-five minutes, he couldn’t wait more then five. The clock said 12:30 in large red numbers, it was getting late, he wouldn’t be able to stay at her place very long. He gazed longingly at her, she was watching the street signs fly by out the passenger side window. Kevin saw an opening, a dirt road leading back to an abandoned electrical field, perfectly hidden by over-grown trees.

“Where are we going?” Lucy asked as he made a quick turn down the unfamiliar road. He only smiled at her, a loving smile that sent chills up and down her spine, making her want him. The road was bumpy and long, leading them into an odd field riddled with antennas and other steal devices.

He shot a daring look her way as he turned off the car, she accepted his dare with a small sexy grin. They climbed into the back of the car and immediately began to kiss, slowly, lightly, then quickly, hungrily Büyükesat Escort until they could no longer stand the tension in the air. His lips tasted of sweet juice, hers of cherry chap stick. It did not take them long to begin removing articles of clothing, shoes, socks, shirts, pants, underwear… the fabric was thrown all over the car with no thought to the searching they would have to do later before rejoining the world.

She had been longing to have him enter her ass ever since she had finally fit her entire butt plug in without a problem. Lucy knew that he would be proud of her, and that he would find it unbelievably sexy that he could enter her when ever he wanted without causing her pain. He was rock hard and wanted to fuck her senseless. He opened her legs and started to slid inside of her wet awaiting vagina.

“No.” His head shot up and he looked quizzically into her eyes. “Not there…” She said smiling.

“But we don’t have lube…” He said sadly, wanting her and now that he knew what she wanted he wanted that even more.

“My purse. I have it with me, so my mom wont find it.” He reached into the front seat and retrieved her purse. He ripped in open and dug Elvankent Escort for the coveted white tube. She turned so that she was on her hands and knees to give him a easy access. He squeezed the lube onto his hand and began to message it around her rectum. She could feel every muscle in her body relax as his fingers moved around, and into her. “I want you.” She whispered into the still air. He leaned forward and kissed each of her soft smooth ass cheeks.

“Are you ready?” He was scared of making her hurt by not allowing her body enough time to prepare its self for what he was about to do.

“Yes…” She moaned with longing for him. “…yes…” She pushed herself towards him, hoping to speed up the process. He was teasing her and it wasn’t nice.

Kevin squeezed out another glob of lube and slathered it onto his long hard dick, stroking it up and down, making it wet. He got onto his knees and began to rub the head of his penis around her tight waiting ass-hole. She pushed herself backwards toward him. He still worried about hurting her but she was so eager that he had to take her word for it. He pushed the very tip of his manhood into her and it slid in surprisingly easily. Encouraged Beşevler Escort he pushed farther to the soundtrack of her low moan until he got the entirety of himself into her. She moved closer to him, making his dick go as far into her a she could.

“Wow…” He groaned. “You are really worked out.”

Lucy just smiled and although he couldn’t see her face she didn’t say a word, she couldn’t. Her entire body was tingling, and when he began to thrust harder and farther into her she could no longer hold back. A low moan escaped her throat, which turned into a high pitched scream. She continued to push back onto him, forcing him deeper inside of her. He pumped in and out of her, watching her grip the seat below her until her knuckles turned white. Being in her ass like this gave him a sense of accomplishment, she was so smooth and tight. Every time she moved or clamped down on his dick he wanted to go farther, deeper, harder.

Her squeals of joy made him go faster and deeper inside of her. He could feel himself begin to tingle and knew that a climax was not far behind. Determined to make her orgasm also he reached around her waist and began messaging her wet clitoris. Her noises began to grow, she could feel her entire body relax and tense at the same time. Just as his load exploded inside of her she experienced an explosive orgasm, leaving her wetter then she had been in a long time. Panting they collapsed into the seat, him on her back. After a minute Kevin lifted himself up slightly and pulled Lucy into his arms, for a few moments they laid together in bliss catching their breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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