Anal Training – Lesson #01

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I hear your knock at the front door and open it to a vision of pure sex. Dressed in a short skirt, nylons and platform heels, you are the picture of classiness and sluttiness perfectly combined. Your skirt matches the color of your lipstick, and your dangly white earrings match your belt and platform heels. You’re also wearing a very low cut top that exposes your luscious cleavage. As you step over the threshold your magnificent tit flesh jiggles invitingly. Then as you clomp across the tile floor in those platform heels, your generous ass gyrates underneath your skirt, while your shapely calves flex with each step. You are looking as hot as hot can get.

I try not to drool. I invite you to have a seat in the living room. You choose the big easy chair and cross your legs, while I take a seat across from you on the couch. I can’t help but notice how your skirt is hiked up just enough to expose the tops of your stockings. We exchange pleasantries, “How are you?”, “What have you been up to?”, etc. As we’re talking, you uncross and recross your legs the other way. As you do, I catch a glimpse of the smooth inner part of your thighs above the stockings, and best of all, your bare crotch. I find this very arousing. First your cleavage and your ass, and now your slick pussy. Wow, am I getting a treat today. What’s more, your skirt has moved still higher, so a tantalizing strip of your thigh is now in full view above the stocking top.

I feel my cock quiver. I’m wearing some light and very tight cotton slacks, so you can easily see the outline of it down one thigh and my balls cramped along the other. I catch you looking and promptly reprimand you for it. I tell you you can only look when I tell you that you can look. You demurely nod, but then involuntarily peek again. You can’t wait to have it in your mouth and in your cunt. I tell you that it’s time you were SPANKED! I order you to come over to me this minute! You rise, looking like a school girl just caught with her hand in the cookie jar, and come over to me to lay across my lap. Your tits nearly spill out of your blouse as you bend down to lay across me. They bobble so nicely as you get into position, your ass pooched up, waiting for my hand. I pull up your skirt to reveal your plump cheeks framed in a white garter belt. Your nylon sheathed legs are waving gently in the air. Platform heels and all.

I first put my hand between your thighs. You take the cue to spread them ever so slightly. I let my hand move onto your smooth pussy and my middle finger onto your clit. You are so warm and moist. I stimulate your clit briefly just to give you a start, then I quickly remove my hand canlı bahis and give you a good whack across your ass! “Ow!”, you yelp. Then again, only harder. “Ow!” I take your two buttocks and push them together, then put my mouth on the crack and dart my tongue between them. Ooooh, you coo. Then I whack you again, then again! I whack you repeatedly, each one a little harder than the previous one. The spanked cheek is pinking up nicely now. I reach my hand between your thighs again to give you another clitoral tweak. It sends a shock wave through you. You wish I’d continue, but I don’t. I pull my hand away again to whack your other cheek. Again! And again! The ass flesh ripples with each whack.

Both cheeks are rosy now. You look so hot like that. With your ass readied for some real fun now, I’m thinking how much I’d like to ream it good with my big cock! How I’d like to pleasure you beyond anything you’ve experienced before. But I banish the thought; I know you’re not ready for that. Instead, I decide that it’s time for you to get your first anal training session. Training you’ll need to prepare you for the day when I do in fact enter your warm hole.

I tell you to get up, that I have something for you. I reach into my drawer of assorted butt plugs and pull out a small, beginners model. I show it to you briefly, then ask you to turn around and pull up your skirt. When you do, I put both of my hands on your lovely ass, grab as much flesh as I can, then gently bite the still pink bulges I have in each hand. Easy at first, then harder until it just starts to hurt. I then stop to let them fall back into place, and then to jiggle them to measure their mass in my hands. I then tell you to bend over, while I lick the butt plug and then put it up to your asshole. With the rounded tip up against you, I push until you open just enough to let it slip in. Its taper widens your hole as it enters. Then once the bulb is in, your sphincter closes onto the root end, which keeps your asshole stretched open about an inch. Nothing too severe. But at this early stage it feels huge to you.

I tell you to try walking around with it in your ass. You tentatively take a few steps. Then I tell you to walk into the bedroom, and to hold up your skirt so I can see it as you walk. I watch your lovely ass jiggle as you walk, your cheeks grasp the butt plug tightly as you move. The sensation in your ass is a new one to you and you’re finding that you’re liking it more and more by the minute.

You drop your skirt to the floor, then toss your blouse as you walk.

I follow you into the bedroom, drinking in the view as I go. I come up behind you, not bahis siteleri surprising you at all, as you have me in full view in the full-length mirror. I’ve taken off my pants and my cock is semi-hard, waving in the air as I walk. You gasp a little gasp. I come up behind you with you looking in the mirror and you feel my cock and balls pressing against the small of your back. I kiss the back of your neck below the ear, your dangling earring against my nose. You feel my hot and quickening breath. I tell you to spread your legs slightly, which you do with much anticipation in your eyes. I spread my legs too, but only to lower my now rock hard cock relative to your lovely ass, then slip it between your legs so that it sticks out in front of you. In the mirror you see a protruding dong against your wet pussy. You put your hand around it to give it a jerk. You reflexively slide your cunt lips back and forth over the shaft and quickly discover that that stimulates your clit as well. You begin to undulate your hips to produce the desired motion, all the while getting hotter and hotter. I reach around you to cup your fantastic tits in your bra, then quickly remove it to reveal your massive DD mammaries. Oh they’re gorgeous to look at in the mirror! I fondle them shamelessly, cupping them up, banging them together to see the flesh wobble and ripple. The pink nipples hard as pebbles, longing for my tongue. You watch me in the mirror, then twist your head around to offer me your open mouth. We’re all tongues! On fire!

You’re riding my shaft with your cunt, your ass is bumping up against me while the butt plug is pushing against my pelvic bone stimulating your anus in a way you’ve never felt before. The sensation is incredible! You are already galloping toward orgasm, out of control. You’re having spasms, your hips are practically vibrating.

You whisper, “Oh Jack…Oh Jack…Ooooooh!”

I’m getting closer too, my cock is drenched in your juices, and the feel of your pillowy ass up against me is pure heaven.

You’re grunting now. The grunt of an animal in lust. You are a woman consumed by it. You are going to cum like an animal too. You scream, “Oh god, I’m cummmmmming!” As you twitch and jerk. Gasping for air! Undulating. Writhing. “Oooooo!”

As you start to come down from this ecstasy, I slip out from between your legs and tell you that I’m going to tie your legs together at the knees and ankles. You’re still in a bit of an orgasmic stupor, but you quickly comply. I have you stand next to and facing the bed, then I tie you. Tell you to get up on the bed on your knees. I get up behind you and push my throbbing cock into bahis şirketleri your pussy without delay. Since you can’t spread your legs, you are extra tight, so I force it in hard. Also, with your legs together, part of your inner thighs can feel my slick shaft sliding in and out. I begin to pump you good. You can feel my cum-heavy balls banging the backs of your thighs, and my pelvic bone again pushing on the butt plug with each thrust. You feel so filled up you think you’ll explode! My huge cock in your cunt and the butt plug in your ass is more than you can stand. You think you could cum again, but I’ve yet to take my pleasure, so you forego yours to focus on mine.

I grab a handful of your hair and pull your head back like a rider restraining his mount. Your back arches. You yield completely to my lust. You want my thrusting cock deeper and deeper, then to have it explode. I’m nearly there. You are so tight in this configuration that I feel like you’ll be squeezing the cum out of me any second. Only your asshole would be tighter. I’m taking shorter and shorter strokes as the passion builds. You’re grunting again too, but it’s a throatier, deeper grunt, as you’re being fucked more deeply now. Your second orgasm will be more complete. More wrenching. You shudder. Your pussy is convulsing. You squeal and gasp for breath! “Aaaaah,” I’m going to cum now too! I’m heaving. I shoot a massive wad into your cunt while simultaneously pulling out and spraying your thighs above the stockings. Huge globs are running down to the tops of your stockings, then onto the stockings themselves. White cum on black stockings! That is s-o-o-o hot!

With you still on your knees I pull your head around to lick my dripping cock. Then I turn you around and force you to sit down, drawing your knees up closer to your face. You reach to the back of your legs to wipe some cum up to lick off your fingers. Cum still oozing from your pussy. You are covered in cum, and you love it. And the butt plug is still providing pleasurable pressure to your ass as you’re sitting on it. I stick my cock in your mouth again for a finishing suck. You run the tip of your tongue into the hole in my tip. Oh, that’s wonderful!

I untie your legs and with you back up on your knees and your ass up, I gently pull out the ass plug. Your sphincter is stretched again as the bulb slips out, but now gapes momentarily before closing. Mmmmm, that’s lovely. We’ll be working on more gape in future lessons.

I take you in my arms. That was so deliciously nasty we are still coming down. We need to cool off. Catch our breath. We kiss. Soon you’re telling me how satisfying that was for you, and that you’re excited about the prospects of more anal stimulation in future meetings. You had no idea how it would move mountains for you like it did. I nod, as I long for the day when I can enter you in that way…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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