Andi’s Sexual Exploits, Episode 01

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Confession to My Boyfriend

“Hey Chris, come over here and sit with me on the couch. I did something today that I thought I’d never do. I didn’t plan it; it’s something that just happened. I’m not sure if you’re going to be mad, hurt, or maybe turned on. Regardless, I need to make a confession:

There is a guy at work named Aaron. He doesn’t work in my department, but over time we’ve become increasingly friendly with one another. We’d see each other in the hall and exchange a quick smile, but it was nothing more than the typical friendly office interaction. As time went on, however, he started making fun flirty comments to me when he walked by my office. It was flattering to get compliments from a good-looking guy. You know I’m a sucker for tall guys with dark hair, dark eyes, and a five-o’clock shadow. In other words, guys that look like you.

Today, I went to the copier to pick up the invoices I printed. I thought there was a paper jam because my invoices weren’t there. I scoffed to myself because it’s complicated and time-consuming to fix paper jams in that copier. I really needed those invoices, so I got down on my knees and started opening up the different compartments and unhinging the various paper rollers. That machine is overly complex, so you really have to lean into it when there is a jam. That day, I was wearing a pretty short skirt. It would have been pretty hard to miss the black lacy tops of my thigh-highs peeking out from beneath my skirt as I worked. Honestly, if I wasn’t wearing panties that day, people would have seen a lot more than the tops of my thigh-highs.

While I was on my knees bent over and leaning into the machine, I suddenly felt someone walk up and stand close behind me. The person leaned down, held out my invoices, and whispered seductively in my ear, ‘I think you’re looking for these.’ I recognized that deep suggestive voice belonged to Aaron. The warmth of his breath in my ear shot electricity through my body and gave me the chills. I was suddenly hot and flushed.

Trying to be nonchalant, I took the papers out of his hand and replied in a flirty way, ‘Thanks for stealing my invoices.’

Excited by what was happening, I slowly stood up, still facing the machine. He then gently pressed me up against the copier, so I could feel his hard dick push against my ass. He said, ‘If you need any more help, you know where to find me.’ He took a step back, and when I turned around to thank him, he was already gone.

I bent over to close the copier doors, and when I stood up I wriggled around a little bit to straighten my skirt and readjust my shirt. I was happy I decided to wear something sexier than usual to work. I wore that tight gray pencil skirt that you say makes my ass look mouthwatering. And I wore my fitted white button-down shirt that makes you lick your lips. You know, it’s the one that gapes open a little between the buttons, so you can see the creamy skin of my tit. When I wear that outfit, I always seem to get a little extra attention from men.

I walked back to my office, hoping no one in the hallway noticed that I was still flushed and exhilarated. I sat down at my desk, reeling from my encounter with Aaron. That was totally unexpected. Where did that come from? Why was I so turned on? I never before thought about him that way, but I really liked what happened at the copier. Thinking about his dick pressed up against my ass made my pussy fantastically wet. I lightly ran my fingers down the front of my neck and over my chest, fantasizing about what I could do with that hard dick. I realized I was slowly licking my lips at the thought of the possibilities.

Trying to stop my carnal reverie, I quickly shook my head. I got up and shut the door to my office in an attempt to concentrate on my work. I realized, though, that I couldn’t stop thinking about Aaron. I had an intense urge to touch myself, but I was too afraid to do it at work. I tried to stop my sensual thoughts because I felt guilty – a girl with a boyfriend shouldn’t be flirting and turned on by another guy. But then I remembered, in the past you mentioned wanting to share me sexually with someone else. If this thing with Aaron was just flirting, then there Rize Escort was no reason to feel guilty. I hadn’t gotten sexual with Aaron…at least, not yet.

Explicably, I was distracted and found it hard to focus on my work. I really wanted the day to end so I could go home. Since you were working late, I planned to come home, open a bottle of wine, and pillage our sex-toy drawer. I know you filled that drawer with playthings for you and me. However, I thought you wouldn’t mind me rubbing one of our dildos on my pussy, as long as I imagined you sitting in the corner of the room, watching me and Aaron have some naughty fun.

Since it was my turn to lock up the office, I couldn’t leave work early to pleasure myself. Therefore, I really did have to find a way to focus and get some work done. Fortunately, I was able to clear my mind enough to start working on a headcount project. I was making fairly good progress on the project, until I got hung up on an Excel formula that I couldn’t figure out. It just so happened that the office Excel expert was my friend Aaron. Part of me didn’t want to call him because I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea; the other part of me, however, recognized that I really did need some help. Ultimately, though, I was still really hot from what happened at the copier, so I decided to call him. First, however, I unbuttoned an extra button on my shirt to make our meeting a little more interesting. I then called him and explained my problem. He told me he’d be right over and then quickly hung up the phone.

In no time, Aaron knocked on my office door. I suddenly felt giddy and nervous as he stepped inside and closed the door behind him. He confidently walked over and stood behind my chair. I couldn’t bring myself to look up at him because I was afraid he’d be able to read all my erotic thoughts. Instead, I just looked straight ahead at my computer screen and explained my problem. He listened intently and then leaned in close over my shoulder to check my formula. The mix of his cologne and his natural scent was intoxicating. He positioned his arms around me and started typing on my keyboard. I liked the feeling of his arms surrounding me, but it made it nearly impossible for me to concentrate. To my surprise, he was keeping things fairly professional, but then suddenly he said in my ear, ‘Your outfit is super sexy.’ At that moment, I realized this Excel training session was going to be anything but professional.

Aaron was hovering closely above me. Although he was trying to be inconspicuous, I could tell he was looking down my shirt. I was wearing that mesh bra that you like so much – the one that pushes my big tits together. From his angle above me, he could easily see my deep cleavage and the tops of my tits that overfilled my bra. My tits were getting hard knowing he was trying to see them.

After he fixed my formula, he stood up straight. I turned my head to say thank you, but instead of looking up at him, my eyes were drawn straight to the rock-hard dick bulging inside his pants. I quickly tried to divert my eyes, but it was too late; he saw me look at his dick, and he seemed pleased by my reaction. Very out of character for me, I winked at him and said, ‘You better take care of that when you get home.’

He unabashedly replied, ‘It wouldn’t be the first time I had to jack-off after seeing you at work.’ The thought of someone jacking-off to me got me super-hot.

I swiveled my chair around to face him. I really thought our transgression would go no further, but he stepped closer and stood in front of me with his legs straddling mine. He then started lightly running his fingers over my tits, along the outside of my shirt. His touch made my nipples so hard that they poked through my bra and shirt. When he saw my nipples through my shirt, his eyes got wide and he licked his lips. He then put one finger on the outline of each nipple and lightly rubbed them in a circular rhythmic motion. His fingers rubbing my sensitive hard nipples made me gasp. My pussy was pulsing with pleasure.

Aaron’s dick was right in-front of my face, and I could see he was rock-hard. His dick must have been throbbing inside his pants, pleading to be released. I desperately Rize Escort Bayan wanted to touch it, but I still felt guilty about what I was doing. However, as soon as he grabbed one tit in each hand and started forcibly rubbing them, I pushed that guilt aside and reached out and started rubbing his dick through his pants. I couldn’t believe how big and hard he was.

Casually, he reached down and unbuttoned another button on my shirt. He then pushed his hands down into my bra, and I felt his fingers touch my hard nipples. He started squeezing and rolling them between his fingers. The enjoyable pain he inflicted on my nipples made me squirm from delight. Suddenly, though, I quickly pulled his hands out and told him we should stop. He looked both surprised and disappointed.

I confessed that I didn’t want to cheat on my boyfriend. He coolly replied that we hadn’t done anything wrong and that we were just having some fun. My conscience told me that what we were doing was wrong, but it felt too good to stop. I thought it wouldn’t be cheating if we focused the attention on him, so I told him I wanted to see him jack-off. By the look on his face, I could see he was excited by that idea.

I sat back in my chair and watched closely as he unzipped his pants. The look on my face professed the pleasure I felt when he pulled out his dick. He grabbed ahold of his smooth hard dick and started to slowly jack-off. Watching him stroke his dick made my pussy really wet, so I pulled back my skirt, spread my legs, and reached inside my shiny black panties to finger my pussy. When he saw me fingering myself, he reflexively let out a little groan and bit onto his lower lip. I could tell he was trying really hard not to cum.

As he continued to jack-off, Aaron told me that he had wanted to fuck me since he first saw me. He said that he and our other coworker Toby wanted to have some fun with me. They wanted to rip off my clothes and rub their hands all over my naked body. They would then force me down on my hands and knees, so one could fuck my pussy from behind, while I sucked the other one’s dick. After they both finished defiling my mouth and pussy, they wanted to punish my little asshole. Listening to Aaron’s fantasy was getting me super-hot. My pussy was throbbing and incredibly wet.

As Aaron continued to tell me what they wanted to do to me, he started talking faster and more fervently. At that moment, I was sure he was going to explode and shoot his cum all over me, but he didn’t. Instead, he proceeded to describe how he and Toby would fuck my ass. He said they would stand me by the side of the bed and force me to bend over. Then they would shove my legs apart, spread my ass, and take turns thrusting their dicks into my tight tiny asshole. Aaron kept repeating over and over that he wanted to fuck my tight tiny asshole. I could tell the thought of ripping apart my tight little ass was driving him wild. It was driving me wild, too.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I quickly finished unbuttoning my shirt and pushed my big full tits together. I could tell he was getting ready to cum at any moment, so I asked him, ‘Do you want to shoot your cum all over my big tits?’ He nodded his head in agreement. I then said, ‘I want you to cover my tits in your sweet cum.’ Immediately, he let out a quick grunt and shot a huge load of cum all over my tits. He let out a blissful sigh as his dick fiercely pumped. I felt his thick cum start to run down my cleavage, so I let go of my tits and rubbed it provocatively over my chest. He watched intently as I glazed my hard nipples with his shiny cum. He seemed pleased with the luscious mess he made on me. I then leaned down and licked the drips of cum off his dick. As I expected, it tasted sweet and delicious.

We had been in my office for a while. I knew we needed to hurry, so I quickly grabbed a tissue and wiped away the wet cum that was still smeared on my tits. When I stood up to button my shirt and readjust my skirt, I noticed my shirt had cum spots on it. Lucky for me, the light color of my shirt made the spots hard to see.

Unexpectedly, Aaron pulled me towards him and kissed me. I didn’t intend to kiss him back, but I just went with Escort Rize it since I was really turned on. We kissed for a few seconds, and then I pulled back and said, ‘If my boyfriend is okay with it, maybe someday soon I’ll let you slide your dick deep into my ass and fuck me.’ His eyes instantly widened with anticipation.

Before he could say anything, I kissed him once more with my tongue. He then stepped back and looked at my face for a moment. Then he zipped up his pants, tucked in his shirt, and ran his hands through his hair. He effortlessly transformed from tussled and uninhibited to polished and genteel. With a glint in his eye, he casually walked out of my office.

As I drove home from work, I couldn’t believe I had another man’s cum on me. The thought of it made my pussy wet again.

So that’s it, babe. That’s my confession. I know I was a bad girl, but I hoped my naughty behavior might turn you on. I don’t have feelings for him, and I would only do it again if you wanted me to.

Well, I can see your dick is hard inside your shorts, so you must not be mad. Would it turn you on to know that I haven’t showered yet, and that I still have Aaron’s cum on me? Does it make you hot to know other guys want to fuck me?

By the lustful look in your eyes, I can see you want to hear more. Why don’t you pull out your dick and jack-off while I tell you some of my ideas.

I know this would be something we’ve never done before, but I was thinking about inviting Aaron over here to teach us some advanced Excel. After he teaches us some new Excel tricks, we could relax on the couch and have a few drinks. I know he wouldn’t take any money for his work, so I was thinking we could pay for his services another way. I could step out of the room and put on my tight shiny black cat suit. I’d also put on my red mid-calf platform boots that lace all the way up the front. I know his mouth would drop open when I walked back into the room wearing that skin-tight suit and those sexy boots. He wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off his dick because he’d be so turned on. I bet he’d have the same look on his face as you do when you see me in that outfit.

Because I get turned on by tormenting you, I could tell you to go to the store and get us some more wine. I know your mind would be racing, wondering about what Aaron and I were doing while you were gone. Maybe nothing would happen between us, or maybe we’d be touching and kissing each other. Would it make you mad if I was kissing him while you were gone? I actually have a feeling it would turn you on. I bet you wouldn’t last long; I bet you’d start jacking-off in the car at the thought of me kissing another guy.

Once you got back from the store, maybe you could sit back and watch me tease Aaron a bit. Would it turn you on if you saw me sitting in his lap, playing with his hair, and kissing him? I could slowly unzip my cat suit a little and give him just a glimpse at my tits. I’m sure Aaron would be nervous with you watching us from the other side of the room. To distract him from your watchful eyes, I’d slip his hand inside my suit and rub his hand all over my tits. I know that would get him hard.

Then I could unzip Aaron’s pants, pull out his hard dick, and slowly start to lick it. I’d like to tease his dick with my tongue for a while, before sinking it deep into my mouth. Before he could cum, I could pull back and unzip my cat suit all the way down to my pussy. I’d then push my big tits together for him to fuck; his dick would be really wet from me sucking it, so it would easily slide up and down between my tits. I think fucking my tits would make his dick explode.

Whoa, babe! Your dick is really hard. You must really like my sexy ideas. My panties are awfully wet from watching you jack-off. It looks like you are going to blow your load at any moment. Why don’t we take this into the shower. You can lather up my big tits to wash away Aaron’s cum. Then you can rub your soapy slick hands all over my wet body to make sure I’m completely clean; you’ll have to take your time and be very thorough because I feel really dirty today. To show my appreciation for all your hard work, I’ll kneel down on the shower floor and suck your dick as the water rains down on us. Will you cum in my mouth? Or will you pull your dick from my mouth, turn me around, and push me up against the shower wall? Will you fuck my pussy, or will you fuck my ass? You can do anything you want to me.

Come on, let’s go!”

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