Andy and Me – First Time Part 2

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Part 2 – Make sure you read part one first as this continues where the first left off.

After deciding to stay overnight, I picked myself off the floor and sat next to Andy on his couch, still in a haze of orgasmic bliss. We sat there for what was probably only twenty or thirty seconds but felt much longer. I didn’t want the silence to start getting awkward so I spoke up.

“Well since i’m staying here tonight, how about a drink? For some reason, I am really warm all of a sudden.”

He smiled slyly at me before answering. “Sure thing. What do you want?”

“Just water will do.”

“Ok. I’ll bring it through in a minute. I need to put on something to eat quickly as I haven’t eaten yet. What about you?”

“No I ate before I came over, but thanks.”

Andy got up and went into the kitchen, still naked. I smiled at his brazenness but was secretly glad that there was more coming later and that we were comfortable enough after what just happened to still be naked around each other. He came back though momentarily with a glass of water, which I took a large gulp of before putting it down. Whilst listening to Andy cooking in the kitchen, curiosity took the better of me. I wanted to know exactly how far he had been looking to go and how serious he was. I walked back over to his computer and started looking more in depth at the tabs he was looking at before I came over.

A few of them were straight up gay porn videos, a quick click through of them showed that they her mainly young and ‘first time’ doing most things you could imagine. Thinking back to what had just happened and seeing it again on the screen in front of me, made my heart beat faster and I started feeling horny again. Then along with the video’s were a tab about enjoyment of anal sex and how to have it safely, whereby it was supposedly very pleasurable. My heart skipped a beat. He wanted to or was at least thinking about us fucking each other and despite cumming not long ago, my erection started regrowing. I had never before thought about giving or receiving anal sex, as I didn’t consider myself gay or even bisexual. But thinking about it now… excited me and I had decided there and then that me and Andy were going to fuck each other.

I tried to regain my composure before going back through to the couch. I picked up my boxers and put them on again, trying to hide my new erection. After sitting back down and having some more of my drink, Andy came back through with his dinner and I when he saw I had my boxers on, I explained.

“Modesty my friend. You want anything more later on, you will just have to take them off again.” I gave him what I hoped was a sultry smile and he gave an intrigued look back. He put his food down and went and put on his boxers again.

“Works in reverse too.” He said. It certainly does I thought to myself, knowing they would be coming back off. Then for the next couple of hours, we were, for a lack of a better term, normal again. We chatted about whatever was on TV, about computer games and whatever else came across our minds. Thinking back now, it seems so surreal how normal we were being after what we had just done, but I guess it shows that we were doing it, not because of any feelings for each other, but because we were two horny eighteen year old’s who just wanted to get off.

About 11pm, we decided to go up to his bedroom and immediately my heart bean pounding as again I started to get horny. My mind began racing with thoughts about what could happen. I grabbed my clothes. Andy had left all his apart from his boxers upstairs, which was a bit cocky considering I may have baulked at the entire idea. But it reinforced in my head that he really wanted all this to happen.

After entering his room I dumped by clothes in a corner and stood there, wondering what I should do, just as he entered behind me and closed the door. I turned to face him and we both looked at each other, wondering how the other was feeling. All the time my erection was growing rapidly and I was resisting the urge to simply blurt out “Fuck me!” But Andy spoke first.

“We should probably get comfortable. Because I don’t know about you but… um… my boxers are getting a bit tight.” He was just as horny as I was! I was so glad that it wasn’t going to all end prematurely.

“Sounds good, because I know what you mean.” I said moving my hips slightly pretending I was trying to wiggle out of tight fitting pants. “But I distinctively remember saying that you would need to take them off, if you were interested on playing with what’s underneath. So what is it going to be?”Almost immediately he walked forward and pulled my boxers down slowly, watching as my erect cock sprung out over the top of them. He gave me a playful single stroke.

“I remember saying that it was the same for me too.” Andy said. I gladly responded by repeating him. I slowly pulled down his boxers watching his cock emerge and gave him a couple of strokes with one hand and massaged his balls with my other as his boxers dropped to the floor. Despite it only being a few hours since we had cummed, we were both rock hard. I walked backwards and sat down on his bed, legs spread, cock at attention. Andy walked over slowly, knelt down in front of me and then his mouth engulfed my cock. It was like electricity ran through my body everytime I felt his tongue flick over the end of my cock. His mouth was expertly working me into a frenzy and precum was starting to flow from me again, but I was determined I was not going to cum in his mouth this time, but in somewhere tighter.

After a minute or so I told him to stop and told him to stand up. It was my turn to blow him and I wanted it to be fun for us both. As he stood in front of me, I leant forward and swallowed him whole. I worked his shaft dutifully while my hand massaged his balls again. I heard him moaning slightly and he started to buck him hips slightly towards me. I didn’t want him to cum yet either but before I stopped I ran my tongue around the head of his cock a few times while stroking him, hopefully driving him into a frenzy as well. After I stopped I looked directly at him and asked him the question that needed answering.

“Andy. What do you want to do now? How far do you want to go with this as we have already 69’d tonight and I get the feeling you now want more?” A bit of a lie, it wasn’t a feeling but what I knew he had been looking at on his computer. He hesitated before responding.

“Honestly? However far you want to go, I will go… Just feel comfortable with it though, there is no pressure.” I smiled.

“Well I had some idea of what you had been thinking about when I saw what you had been looking at on your computer. I had a bit of a cheeky look when you were cooking.” His eyes widened as if ready to blurt out some defence to the various things he was looking at but I continued before he could. “I saw what some of the people said about men and anal and that it is supposed to feel great. And…well… it is worth a try, even if only once, but we will see.”

“Are you sure…?” He asked hesitantly. “It’s a big thing… but yes everything seems to say it will feel amazing and as…”

“Andy!” I interrupted. “Let’s fuck.” I stated bluntly. “I am sitting here horny as all hell and I am willing to do almost anything at this point.”

I saw him swallow and fight hard to keep composed. “Wow… ok! Let me get the lube out I have.” He went over to his bedside draws and got out a bottle of lube. He then got on the bed with me. “So, which way are we doing this? I mean who first…?”

“Fuck me first.” I said, red hot and so very horny. “Just.. be gentle at first ok? Then, I’m gonna fuck you. Let me get comfortable.”

I got on all fours and crawled over to the end of the bed, so I could grab the headboard and exposed my virgin anus to him, wiggling slightly. “Well I’m ready for you.” I said looking over my shoulder. I saw him lubing his cock up before hesitating to lube my ass, but after a couple of seconds he seemed to pluck up the courage to do so. It felt cold on my hot skin and I suppressed a moment of nervousness wondering about how much it would hurt. I assumed it would but any pleasure would, hopefully outweigh it. I felt him move up to me and grab one side of my hips and I was overcome with dirty thoughts as I realized by best friend was about to fuck my ass.

“Sure you are ready?” He asked a final time.

“Oh god yes!” I gasped out. “I’m so ready…”

Suddenly I felt his cock slowly probing, making sure he was ready before slowly pushing into my ass. I suddenly gasped as he entered and gripped the headboard for support. “Are you ok?” He asked in between his own moans.

“Yes… it’s just… god, keep going.” I moaned, yes there was pain, but over the top of it and more powerful was an inexplicable pleasure which grew as he pushed further in. Then suddenly, he stopped and I realized my ass was full. His full length was in my ass. My best friend had his entire cock in my ass.

“Wow… oh my god!” I heard him exclaim.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Oh yes. It feels… fucking amazing. So tight and hot.”

Slowly he began to pull out and I wondering if that was it, but slowly he began to fuck me. Thrusting in and out, we were both gasping and moaning and I started to respond to his movements. I would pull away when he was thrusting out and I would push back when he thrust into me. It was ecstasy.

Eventually he started to slow down and I knew he was getting close to cumming so I started to move more, making sure that there was a bit less control on his side of when he came. I felt his cock throb and knew he was ready to blow. He thrust all the way in me, before I felt him freeze, his breathing heavy.

“Are you close?” I asked.

“I…I…I can’t move. If I move I am going to blow.”

“Ohh ok. So I shouldn’t do this?” I said innocently as I started to gyrate my hips. The throbbing increased.

“Oh god, you need to stop or I’m really going to cum…”

“Andy, I want you to fill that remaining space in my ass. Cum in my ass.” I demanded as I started to move up and down on him.

“Ohhh fuccckkk!” He held my hips tight as he exclaimed, then he pulled almost all the way out, then slammed all the way back in. I felt his cock swell and then he blew inside me. His cock throbbed and with every throb more cum filled my ass. Eventually he pulled out and I suddenly felt empty, it was a strange feeling. But now I wanted my turn, I wanted to fill him.

“That was…”

“Amazing!” I said finishing his sentence. “But it gets better because it’s time to swap.”

“Does it hurt?” He asked slightly worried.

“A bit, but the pleasure takes it away. It does feel strange at first though. How do you want to do it?”

“Like you.” He said determined.

“Ok then.” I grabbed the lube while he got himself into a comfortable position. He seemed to take my lead and moved to the head of his bed. I lubed my cock and then I lubed up his ass without hesitation.

“Ready?” I asked, so desperate to fuck him.

“Ready.” He replied smiling sultry at me over his shoulder.

I held onto his hips as I moved to press my cock again his sphincter, quickly feeling if I was in the right position. I was.

“Ok…” I said before slowly forcing the head of my penis into his ass. I heard him take a deep sharp breath.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes… its just like you said…”

I slowly thrust my cock in to Andy’s ass and I was surprised how tight it was. The pleasure was incredible as his hot, tight ass gripped my cock even with the lube.

“Holy fuck!” I gasped as I went all the way in. He grabbed the headboard and moaned. I slowly pulled back before thrusting back in. I was in my best friend’s ass and it felt amazing. I was trying so hard not to cum as I realized how dirty this felt. But I fought it back as I started to fuck him slowly, I wanted to enjoy this for as long as I could. It became a rhythm and Andy moved with me. We were both moaning and gasping as I thrust into his tight ass. But eventually my orgasm approached. We seemed to both last the same amount of time. I slowed down and he seemed to realize like I did that I was close.

“How close are you?” He asked through a gasp.

“Very. A couple more thrusts and i’m going to explode and it will be an explosion…”

“Ok. Don’t pull out. Just bare with me a second, I need to move.”

I was puzzled as he moved around. Eventually I was forced up against the wall his bed was against. He looked back at me and smiled. “Perfect.” He said.

Suddenly he pushed back against me and I realized that I couldn’t move back any further. He was fucking me!

He slid up and down my cock as my orgasm edged up.

“Andy, keep that up and I am really going to cum!” I said desperately. A small part of me wanted him to stop so I could last a bit longer, but the rest of me wanted to fill his ass with my sperm.

“Hmmm. Good!” He exclaimed as he pushed my cock all the way in. That took me right to the edge.

“Any movement…..” I said gasping.

I heard the teasing in his voice. “Movement like this maybe?” He started to wiggle his hips and suddenly I went over the edge.

“Holy fuck!” I gasped loudly. My cock throbbed and I didn’t even try to hold it back. I exploded in his ass. Over and over again sperm erupted from my cock and filled his virgin ass. It was wonderful.

We both collapsed on the bed.

“That was… unreal.” I said. “I never thought it could be THAT good!”

“I know, what I read doesn’t prepare for that.”

We smiled at each other before I wondered what time it was. I got up and got my phone. It was very late and I needed to be up early.

“Look it’s late and I need to be up at like 6am. Mind if I just sleep here?” I asked, not wanting to move from gaziantep escort tiredness and orgasmic bliss.

“Hmmm sure thing.”


My alarm went off at 5:50am. We had slept in the same bed and I turned if off quickly as I didn’t want him to wake up. But I heard him get up anyway and I felt guilty about waking him up.

“Don’t worry, I was awake anyway” I heard Andy say. “I could hardly sleep.”

I hadn’t had that much sleep either. Everything that had happened kept playing through my mind and somehow, I knew that I could have cummed at least one more time a few hours after we had tried to sleep.

“I’m going to go and get cleaned up quickly.” I said.

“Hey Sam. Before you do that, I need to ask one more thing.”

“Um… sure.” I replied slightly confused.

“We both need to clean up. But is there one more thing we can do?” He asked. Not what I was expecting at this time in the morning.

“Um… sure?” I said stifling a yawn but I was intrigued.

“It is very… personal.” He said sheepishly. Personal? What was he meaning?

“Well what is it and we will see.” I said fully awake now. What more could we do after last night?

“I didn’t sleep much because it kept crossing my mind considering what we did… and well since we are about to get cleaned up…?” He trailed off.

“Yes?” I said trying to get him to continue.

“Ok, I am just going to come out and say it.” He took a breath. “I want to cum on you. I want to blow a load over your body while you lie or kneel there. After last night it seems so odd to still want to cum, but if I don’t ask this now, I may never feel able to ask it again.”

For a moment I didn’t know what to think. It seemed such an odd thing to ask at this time of the morning and I was surprised he still had something left in him, but I realized I did as well. (Oh what to be 18 again…) After a few seconds of thinking, about what I wanted, I replied.

“Well after everything we have done, it seems silly to stop until we are both spent. But if you cum on me, I want to do something in return, something i’ve always wanted to do. I want to cum on your face.” I had seen it on porn videos and it was something I’d always wanted to try with someone. And if he agreed, I would cover his face. The thought got my erection going.

“Oh wow. Ok. I guess we have a deal then.” He said slyly.

His erection was starting to grow as well and at this point we didn’t need to say anything. He stood up stroking himself and I lay down across his bed, my legs bent over the side of it, naked and spread eagle towards him. I started masturbating with him and we looked directly at each others faces, both of us knowing how hot it was and imagining what we were going to look like shortly.

Andy started to slow down before saying, “I’m ready.” I just smiled at him and look straight at him as he moved between my legs. I saw him speed up before seeing the look on his face of him about to cum. I quickly looked at his cock as it erupted over me. Long streams of cum went over me. My chest, my neck, my chin and my cock and balls were covered in my best friend’s cum. It was a hot sight even for me.

I lay there until he had taken it all in and burned it into his memory. But as I heard him move, I realized it was my turn and I was ready for it.

He knelt down on the floor and I stood up in front of him, stroking furiously. He reached out to massage my balls and even licked the head of my cock a few times and it all added to the moment. I had cum twice over the last evening and I hoped I had enough left in me to make this a spectacular finish. I moved my cock directly in front of his face as I was about to cum. I saw Andy look straight at me and open his mouth and stick his tongue out. Holy… he wanted some in his mouth. I felt my orgasm overtake me at this sight and I moaned just as I blew. Streams of my own cum plastered his face, covering it from top to bottom. I hadn’t aimed anywhere in particular but I had got cum in on of his eyes and some definitely went on his tongue and in his mouth. I stood back and took it in. I couldn’t believe I had just done that to my best friend, though now he was slightly more than that. After I burned that imaged into my own head, I helped him get up, feeling his sticky cum between my legs as I moved.

“Well that was definitely something.” I said.

“Oh it certainly was…” He said trying to clear his eye. “But I think it is time to really get cleaned up.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” I replied.

That is it for our first time. But there are other times I could write about if wanted.

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