Anjali Ch. 01

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First time I saw Anjali when my wife (then my girlfriend) brought her along on a date and introduced Anjali as her best friend. A slim, tall, very fair girl with eye glasses took my heart away. She has small firm tits and a narrow waist. Her firm round ass is something which can draw your attention. She has a little black mole on her nose and when she smiles her teeth present a beautiful pearl line. I was very much in love with my GF and had every intention of marrying her but I was unable to control my desire for Anjali. She was 24 then and was working in a bank in Delhi, she later got transferred to Mumbai. This story is from her days in Mumbai. She was 26 when this story took place and was living in Mumbai alone. In our wedding she was the girl who is always with the bride (the Indian version of maid of honour) and I was busy controlling my dick in front of whole lot of guests because of that fairy. We talked a little during the days of celebration and I made sure to make her giggle on my jokes. She loved my sense of humor and was very fond of my company. We were always talking when we were in each other’s company. I noticed every detail of her beautiful body and face and by the end of festivities, I had enough mental notes to shag on for weeks. I believe if you can make her laugh and giggle on your jokes than u can make her moan on your dick. Anjali was on my fuck list and I started working on this plan from day one.

I was on the flight to Mumbai and the hot air hostesses were unable to lure me as my brain was occupied with thoughts of fucking Anjali. Now I am a guy who has some control on things which allowed me to make things favorable for me. So I chose a long weekend which was absolutely free for me. I planned a trip to Mumbai and made arrangement in Anjali’s office so that she couldn’t get long off on that weekend. She has 4 free days but she cant plan a trip out of Mumbai and I was on my way to Mumbai with my dick hard for her beautiful pink lips and tight wet pussy.

I rented an apartment in her building and took a taxi directly for there. As I was getting off taxi my stars aligned in the most promising way and there she was all sweating and panting in her jogging dress in front of me. I could not have asked for more. It would have taken another plan for knocking on her door and then explaining the reason as why I rented an apartment on her floor. She was looking at me still trying to figure out as to how to greet me or respond to my presence in her neighborhood.

‘Well, hello,’ I said, ‘Someone followed me from Delhi to here.’

I was all smiles to make her comfortable and I was openly showing my happiness as well.

‘Viren, I don’t know what to say. What brought u here?’ she was still figuring out how to behave in front of a known face when her whole body specially tits were visible through the flimsy material of her wet top.

‘You live here?’ I asked.

‘You are saying you are not stalking me?’ she teased.

‘I wish I were,’ I laughed.

‘I am on an office trip AND I am thankful to them that they lodged me here in your society. And I found you without an effort,’ I was conscious to hide my excitement but I am sure that was a very fruitless effort.

‘I live in 622,’ she extended her hand.

‘624 belongs to me for next 4 days,’ I shook her hand gently. It was like a live wire for me when I touched her.

‘You are living in 622 then, mister,’ she said with a smile.

I let go of her hand and I was thanking God already.

She helped me up with my luggage. I was walking behind her fasting my eyes with every move of her sexy body. Her butt, her long legs, her narrow waist and the outline of her boobs.

We were in my apartment and she left me alone with a raging hard on and her words, ‘Clean yourself up in 15 minutes and ring my bell, breakfast is ready.’

I was sure that today is not the day to open those long legs so I got out of my clothes and headed for bathroom. Opened her picture on FB and started shaking my dick. Her sweaty wet ass was in front of my eyes and I unloaded my seed so hard that I granted loud and almost passed out of the pleasure. I was sure she heard me if the door was open. I had to lie down for sometime to get my senses together. My phone rang and she was there.

‘You cumming?’ I’m sure I heard it right.

‘Already came,’ I replied as I knocked her door.

I wore a half sleeve t shirt and shorts as I have a body worth showing off. I wore a tightest possible underwear as I knew that my cock will give in on first glimpses of Anjali. She opened the door and greeted me with a big smile and my cock was hard a rock. She was about to give me a hug because of reflexes, I guess, but retracted midway as she got conscious. She led me into her place and I was following her close. She was clean but I could still smell her sweat and the aroma was intoxicating. Her hair was in a bun and her neck was visible. She wore a loose satin/cotton shirt and shorts which were hardly hiding her butt. bursa eve gelen eskort bayan Now I know why they are called hot pants. She was looking hot. The shirt was hanging loose around her tiny waist and covering her ass. Her fine long legs were smooth and were vibrating in a rhythm as she walked. I love the little extra material on legs to hold on and kiss, when you are fucking her in missionary.

I decides to make my presence felt so I kept walking even she showed me the couch in drawing room and I sat on the dining table from where I could see her in the kitchen. It was such a small thing that she didn’t even notice. I was feasting on her frame as she fixed breakfast in kitchen. It was a beautiful small apartment and somehow she was like a show piece which was multiplying the beauty of the place. I was awestruck and my heart was beating in excitement. I asked for water and drank a full glass.

‘How long you are here?’ she asked sitting in front of me.

She has beautiful big blue eyes, pearl white teeth and my first love for her, a small mole on her nose. How will she look going down on me with my entire cock in her mouth, I was wondering.


‘Hmm yeah,’ I came back to my senses. ‘You were asking?’

I could see red in her eyes and on her cheeks. She blushed as she noticed me staring at her. But thank god I was staring her face not her boobs.

‘I’m staying as long as you are allowing me to stay in your apartment,’ I quipped to make her comfortable.

‘Ohh no, not that dear. I am asking how long are you in Mumbai?’ she said laughing.

‘Till Monday, may be. It’s a weekend and I am still working. Hate to spoil your day as well. You must have your own plans.’

No she did not, I made sure of that.

‘No plans,’ she told, ‘Office wants me to remain on call today and I have to report office tomorrow and Saturday, so no plans plus its great to have you here.’

‘So you are free today. Show me your city if its not a biggie for u,’ I tried my luck.

‘Love to,’ came out of her beautiful lips and I was overjoyed.

We were done eating. She said, ‘Go and change for the day, I’ll call you when I am ready.’

‘Hey why don’t we try Mumbai local, the famed train service. I mean I try, you must know that already,’ I wanted to be close to her and what’s better than the overcrowded Mumbai local. Car was creating a distance between us. She was driving and I wanted to feel her next to me.

‘Fine with me, I already hate driving in this fucking traffic.’

I looked at her and laughed.

‘Sorry for the language,’ she said.

‘Fine with me,’ I winked.

We were standing in the train. She wore a long skirt with a loose top. She was from Mumbai now and knew the demand of weather. It was hot and humid already. There was enough rush not to allow us seats but not enough to let me feel her. So we were talking. She was talking actually, I was busy noticing every details of her. She close her eyes when she laugh, she hit my hand if I crack a joke, she is always busy with her hair and she had to wake me up from my thoughts for more than once.

‘What’s distracting you Viren?’

‘Ummm nothing, its just some thoughts,’ cut a lame excuse. I was sure she caught me staring at her for so long but she chose to let it pass. Without pointing out.

The train stopped at some station on our return journey and some people came in then more people came in and in no time we were pressed to each other. We made space for other people in such a way, before we could even think she was almost in my arms and I had to hold her by her waist to prevent her from tripping.

‘You ok?’ I asked.

‘Umm yeah. The crowd came in suddenly,’ she had to keep her one hand on my chest and one was on railing for support.

‘Good fortune comes without a warning,’ I said to myself.

‘Hey, you can relax,’ I assured her as her arm was over extended to hold the railing.

She lifted her face and looked at me.

‘Its fine,’ I assured her.

So now the situation is that she is completely pressed to me crotch to crotch, my one hand around her waist and her both palms on my chest. She was uncomfortable, I could see as was looking down and her palms were shaking on my chest.

‘Anjali, you ok?’ I asked.

‘Yeah,’ she looked up and smiled. She was trying to play a good host and making me comfortable. We were standing in same position and our talks have stopped. More was yet to follow.

It was hot inside and Anjali began to sweat under my palm. I could feel her skin through the fabric of her top and my cock began to swell. She was looking down, I was looking at her. She did notice my hard on through her flimsy skirt that she was wearing and her breathing got heavy. She knew that I wasn’t doing it on purpose but she didn’t know it was my only purpose.

I could feel her nails on my chest. She was sure feeling my cock and my entire bursa eskort bayanlar 7 inches were pressed against side of her thigh where her panty was just a string. I held her tight against me. She was off balance, her legs dint have enough space beneath them so I opened my legs a bit and her knee moved in between my legs. Now I could feel my cock pulsating on her tummy. It was too much. The sexual tension was on its peak for me. I played my luck pressed my palm on her back and she looked up. Her eyes were red and cheeks were flushed. She was controlling her breathing.

‘Anjali,’ I looked in her eyes with authority and put my had on her back under her top.

‘Virennnnn!!’ she moaned and closed her eyes. I pressed my palm on her bare back and put my little finger in her skirt belt. She opened her eyes and looked at me with questioning gaze. I smiled at her and held her tight against me. I kept rubbing her back and I was looking her in eyes, she didn’t break the contact. I moved a little towards her, she didn’t pull back. I leaned more and our lips met. Ohhh my God. She tasted like heaven. It was a sweet small kiss. I wanted to fuck her right there but I was also aware of ruining my chances. I broke the kiss, it lasted for about 2-3 seconds. I opened my eyes and she was there with her lips open and eyes closed. My princess was sure willing and was enjoying it. She was hot and almost ready to open her legs for me. I have a full weekend for heavenly fuck with lovely Anjali but one wrong move could have ruined the setting.

First time I saw her so close. She was so beautiful. I was lusting after her for so long, she was an object of my desire but, damn, she was beautiful. Face made of milk and honey, lips like rose petals with beautiful black eyelashes. Her closed eyes and open pink lips were so inviting. My cock was pressed to her tummy and she was literally shivering.

My left hand was on her waist. I put my right hand on back of her shoulders and made her lean on me completely. Her soft boobs were pressed to my chest and she was breathing heavy against my skin. My hands were roaming on her back. She was sweating and hot. My other hand moved down to her butt over her skirt and she held my shirt tight. I took her bun in my palm and squeezed a little. She let out a slow moan. I kissed her head and held her butt tight. I was pressing her onto my cock and she moaned again.

‘Anjali look up baby,’ I asked her with all the love in my voice.

She looked up with slightly open bloodshot eyes. I looked into her eyes and gave her an assuring smile. She kept looking me in eye and I put my lips on her pink soft lips. My god they were soft as butter. I kept kissing her for some moments and then she opened her lips. I was going nuts with excitement and pleasure. I took her lower lips in my lips and began sucking it. She was responding now. Her hands were moving on my chest and she were allowing me access to her body. I sucked her lips, pushed my tongue in her mouth and bit her lips softly as I kissed her lips. She was sucking on my tongue. She knew what she was doing. She was making me crazy with her art with lips and tongue. The kiss was heaven but we were on a train and this was not good for a long kiss. So I broke the kiss and took her in embrace. She was clinging to me like a child. And the train stopped at our stop.

‘Anjali, lets go baby,’ I made my grip on her waist easy and she slipped away. She looked up and suddenly came to her senses. She move away from me and began to go out of compartment. I held her wrist. She turned towards me.

‘Not like this baby,’ I pulled her towards me. Held her in my arms and gave a full kiss on her lips. Kissed her forehead. Squeezed her in my arms.

‘Now we can go sugar,’ I smiled into her eyes.

She gave a shy smile. I winked, she smiled bigger. I took her hand in my hand and we began to walk towards her car.

I wanted to fuck her badly. My plan was to take her home and move things slowly but my cock gave in as soon as we reached the car. It was a secluded spot in the parking. She unlocked the car and I grabbed her hand and guided towards the back seat. She was surprised.

‘Viren, what are you doing?’ she squealed in a hushes surprised tone.

‘Say nothing baby, just trust me,’ I pushed her gently in and entered the car after her. I closed the car door behind us.

‘No Viren, please’, she pleaded looking around from the car windows.

I pulled her towards me and hugged her tight. She was melting in my arms.

‘Viren this is wrong, you belong to Prerna,’ she was actually scared of the situation as her control was also against her so she mentioned my wife to change my mind. So, she had no problem in being with me. She had no problem to fuck in car. She had no problem in me fucking her in the car. Her only last try was just a formality.

‘May be, but this belongs to you baby,’ I took her hand and put it on my zipper. She pulled her hand back görükle escort bayanlar and looked at me with same cute look as was in train. I took her cheeks in my palms and put my lips on her lips. She hugged me tight.

‘Ohhhhh Viren, you are making me mad,’ she said to me as she fell into my arms.

‘I thought I am making you wet darling,’ I teased her.

‘You are so bad Viren,’ she mumbled in the kiss.

‘I am sure you are going to enjoy my bad side baby. Now first let me treat you the way a beautiful princess like you deserves to be treated,’ I said getting up from my seat.

I made her lean back in the seat and adjusted myself between her legs. The space was tight and Anjali was hot, soon we began to sweat. My hands moved to her boobs and she moaned, ‘Ohhh Viren, please don’t do this. It’s wrong.’

‘Don’t think of right or wrong Anjali, you deserve this pleasure. Your body it letting your secret out baby. Your virgin young body needs my cock.’

Now I have taken full control of her body and her body was responding to my touch. I was pressing her boobs and kissing her hard. She pulled me towards her and now we both were into each other. Fuck was going to be heaven. Fucking such a beautiful white fairy in car is a feeling beyond words.

‘Are you wet Anjali?’ I asked.

‘Check for yourself mister,’ now she was playing.

‘I’ll check with my dick then beautiful, get ready,’ I said taking my hands between us where my cock was confined to my trousers.

She pulled back, her eyes open wide.

‘Can I touch it?’ She asked.

I opened my trousers and put her hand in my underwear.

‘Its hard as rock,’ she wondered.

‘For a pussy as soft as a flower, baby,’ I kissed her on her forehead.

‘Ohh Viren, you are such a charmer,’ she was feeling my cock in her hand, playing with it and squeezing it.

Her skirt was now around her waist and my cock was out of my clothes. I moved her panty to a side and put my cock on her pussy. She felt wet and warm.

‘You ready Anjali?’ I asked as I rest the entire length on her pussy. She gasped and swallowed hard. She nodded with her bottom lip pressed in her teeth.

She was looking at our union and has stopped breathing. I rubbed my cock a little on her pussy, made it wet with her juices and pushed in. She was ok. I took her lips in mine, held her waist and pushed a little more. She moaned and shifted her ass. She was not in pain yet. I broke the kiss and asked her, ‘You ok Anjali?’

She bit her bottom lip and nodded in yes. I was looking her in eye and began moving my hips. I was fucking her with slow pushes in and out. She was having pleasure. I was playing with her boobs. Pinching and squeezing those fur balls. Anjali was moaning loud now. Car windows were now fully covered with moisture. Two young bodies satisfying their lust were producing enough steam.

Now was the time to give her my full length. I held her waist tight, took her in full control and pushed hard.

‘Virennnnnnnn,’ she cried with pain, I moaned with pleasure. The boundary between my cock and her pussy was broken. She dug her nails into my shoulders. There were marks and the bitch made me bleed. Yes she was a bitch. Sue knew how to derive pleasure out of a man. She was reluctant but was having fun. She was not that used too of taking bid cock in her pussy and her pussy was showing blood too. I didn’t know whether she was a virgin or not then but she was new. She was in pain. Her eyes were wide open. I pulled my dick and pushed again balls deep into her hole. She screamed again.

‘Viren please its too painful, go easy on me, please baby.’ She was pleading. She called my baby. The bitch was having fun.

I began to fuck her with slow pace and was playing with her body. Her heels were touching the car roof, her back was rested on seat and I was fucking her. I stopped, took a good look of her sexy face, she was wondering and I pushed hard again. Now her cries had turned into moans. But the bitch was moaning hard. There was no way I was going to last long. She was tight, hot and the sexual tension was building for long. I began to fuck her with hard deep strokes. She was moaning and scratching my back with her long nails.

‘Anjali, I am going to cum inside you baby,’ I said in her ear nibbling on her ear lobe.

She tried to move up, pushed me with her full force but she was a docile damsel and I was too much for her. And also soon her orgasm took her over and her grip got tighter on me. She was hurting me with her nails. I kept fucking her, her body tensed and she let out a sharp cry. Her legs first clutched me tight for a minute then went limp on my shoulders. She came hard and her juice was dripping from my balls to the car seat. This turned me further on. I held her smooth thighs and began fucking her to make myself cum. With one final deep push I unloaded my load deep into her pussy. I came so hard and so much spurt after spurt until her pussy was full and my load was flowing on car seat like a glass of milk shake. She passed out from my strokes and I was exhausted.

We were there on each other for some moments. Then she came back to her senses and moved under me.

‘Anjali…’ I traced my finger on her cheek. She opened her eyes and tried cover herself up. I stopped her, made her look me in eyes and kissed her on lips. She smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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