Ann: A Love Story Ch. 55

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“She did WHAT?” I asked, turning to Ann as she snickered at my reaction. I was so stunned I let off the gas pedal for just a moment, making the car slow down quickly. And that was because we were climbing up a rather steep incline in the Rocky Mountains.

“You heard me,” Ann said with a bashful grin. She was lying back in her seat, her eyes hidden by her glasses. She looked so hot, her hair still pulled up in the sexy pigtails, her makeup looking immaculate…and her half naked breasts practically begging me to stare at them as the peaked into view occasionally from underneath my dress shirt.

“You’re kidding me…right?” I said as I pressed my foot back on the throttle, trying to regain the speed I’d lost.

Ann looked at me, lifting her glasses so I could see her big brown eyes batting at me, trying to gauge my reaction to what she’d just told me. “You’re not upset, are you?”

I looked down at the crotch of my shorts, which was suddenly sporting a tent any three-ring circus would be proud of. Nodding towards it, I smiled. “What does that tell you!”

Ann glanced at my lap and she exhaled in relief. “Good…I was worried.”

“Why would you be worried?”

“Because I didn’t tell you about it before now,” she said as she put the glasses back down, smiling at the ceiling of the car.

“I’ve told you, Ann…you don’t have to tell me when it’s something like that. Besides, you haven’t told me anything…yet,” I grinned.

In fact, what she’d just told me about Maryam, the masseuse at the hotel we’d stayed at the night before in Utah, really wasn’t necessarily a revelation. All Ann had said was that Maryam had pinched her nipple. I could have been reading a lot more into that than I should have been. After all, it was Maryam’s job to give Ann a massage. Perhaps Ann was just overreacting to Maryam touching her in a certain spot in a way she hadn’t anticipated. Or maybe Ann was just making it up, as another diversion to keep from telling me what had really gotten her so turned on in her dreams while she was sleeping next to me in the car. Or maybe she was just teasing me…to get me hard.

But the way Ann was acting told a different story. She was definitely turned on, and from the look in her eyes, I knew it had something to do with Maryam. Ann started unlacing the front of her sexy black leather shorts, and she removed the lace altogether, dangling it around the rear view mirror. As she lifted her hips to peel them off her ass, and down her tanned legs, Ann looked over to me. Her hard nipples were exposed, pointing at the ceiling of the car as the unbuttoned white dress shirt she was sort of wearing fell open to the sides.

“If you promise to not ask questions while we fuck, I promise I’ll tell you all about EVERYTHING that happened last night when I’m done with you,” Ann said wickedly. Her voice sounded passionate and slutty at the same time, and it certainly got my attention. I wanted to ask her what ‘everything’ meant, but I wanted to fuck her more. And I wanted to do it right then and there.


Ann was humming along with the stereo as she drove down the interstate. She had the windows down just a little, and the vent fan blowing full blast. The white dress shirt she was wearing was sticking to her damp skin, the translucent effect making my semi hard cock start to revive as I stared at her from the passenger seat.

The image of Ann throwing the shirt back on after we’d finished fucking in the very seat I was now lounging in ran through my mind. I could see her getting out of the car, and walking around the front in her bare feet, not bothering to button it up, or to put her shorts back on, for that matter. She just put it on like some kind of superhero cape, and whisked around the car as if she was participating in a Chinese fire drill at a stoplight.

But Ann was the only one that got out of the car, and we hadn’t been stopped at a busy city intersection. We had been pulled off on the side of a desolate stretch of Interstate 80, somewhere on the outskirts of Nowhere, Wyoming. She had walked smoothly, and deliberately, the high mountain winds blowing her shirt open, showing her tanned, naked body, which was covered with a glossy sheen of perspiration. She looked so free and natural as she came around the driver’s side door and opened it. She never said a word as she started up the engine, and reset the seat and the mirrors. She flipped the directional signal on, letting the oncoming traffic that wasn’t there know that she was about to pull onto the highway, and seconds later we were back on our way.

As she drove down the road, Ann was covered, but barely. The shirt clung to her tits, the perspiration quickly soaking though, making her nipples plainly visible. The front of the shirt remained open, showing her midriff and her mound. But Ann didn’t care, since there were practically no cars or trucks traveling where we were at the time. And even if there had been, I’m not sure it would have mattered. Alanya Escort Bayan Ann was radiating, her aura filling the car. It was as if we were all alone on the planet as we drove along in the wide-open wilderness.

I glanced over at my bride to be, her chest jutting out as she focused on the road ahead. She had her legs spread, and I could see a white pool of cum forming between them as the huge load I deposited in her pussy started to ooze from deep inside her. Ann didn’t seem to care that it might stain the fabric of her seat. And that surprised me. She kept her car immaculate, much like everything else I’d seen in her life when it came to her possessions, or where she lived. Ann…was a clean freak, and I smiled when I thought about that. She loved things as squeaky clean as anyone I’d ever met…yet when it came to sex, she could best be described as leaning toward the dirty side. I couldn’t help but love that about her.

She left me reclined in that passenger seat, dripping of sweat and feeling used. It was the greatest feeling in the world. Ann had done all the work, saying she was rested from her own version of a ‘power nap’, and she had certainly fucked me like that were true. Lying there, I closed my eyes, thinking about how Ann had fucked me.

All I could do was hold onto her hips, and let her ride me like I was some wild horse. I wondered at the time if there were any near us out on those high mountain plains. There was no doubt that if there had been, Ann could have broken them the way she relentlessly rode me. I might have even had illusions of being a wild bronco when she first slipped her hot, tight pussy over my cock. I was trying to buck into her, hard and deep. But when she’d finished taming me, I knew I’d let her ride me like that anytime she wanted.

With my eyes closed underneath my shades, I listened to Ann’s happiness, feeling it fill the car. I could sense her love as she hummed along perfectly with the music, and it warmed me, just as much as the sun shining into the car. As I lay back with my hands over my head, my limp cock twitched a little. I was still naked below the waist, enjoying the warm rays dry my damp, sticky skin.

After about fifteen minutes of just lying there with my eyes shut, feeling free as we drove down the sparsely used interstate, I felt Ann’s hand. It started at my hip, resting there. I could feel her fingers gently rubbing my skin. It was a loving, tender touch…her fingertips feeling electric as they lingered there. Her hand stayed still for a while, and I didn’t move either. I loved that feeling of togetherness, even in the most simplistic of ways…so much that I didn’t want it to end.

A few more miles down the road, I could feel Ann move her body towards mine, shifting her ass closer to the console that split our seats. Shortly after that, I could feel her hand sneaking its way along my hip, heading for my crotch.

She gently took my cock in her soft hand, and played with my shaft. “I love your cock, baby,” she said softly, almost to herself. It seemed she was unsure if I was even awake, and she didn’t want to disturb me. But that didn’t keep her from playing with my shaft.

I was going to say something, but for whatever reason, I didn’t. I kept my eyes closed, and fought to keep a straight face as her delicate fingers massaged my prick. Knowing how much she loved playing with a cock, I had a hard time keeping my excitement buried inside my beating chest. And I was worried that my shaft might be getting hard too fast, thinking that would give away that I was actually just pretending to be asleep.

If Ann noticed, she didn’t act like it. Or she didn’t care. She was so happy when my cock finally grew to its full erect stature she let out a quiet little moan. I tried to remain still as she slowly started stroking it. And Ann was making that easier, because she wasn’t trying to get me off. It was more like a dalliance. She was just playing with my cock, pacifying her self-professed need to toy with my manhood. Ann had called it a fetish, but in reality, it was more like a hobby. Still, my being naked below the waist, and appearing to be asleep, gave Ann an opportunity she apparently couldn’t pass up.

I suppose I should have felt guilty about it. It was a little like putting candy in front of a child and expecting them not to pick it up. Or, perhaps more accurately, it was like putting the vice of choice in front of an addict. I suppose even that is a little too harsh, though. It wasn’t like Ann couldn’t keep her hands off of me. I knew that she could have, if she had wanted to. If anything, it was just something to do to help her pass the time as she drove us across the beautiful, spacious countryside. Since I was ‘asleep’, it was a way for her to not be alone…it was a way for her to be connected to me.

Ann slowly moved her hand back and forth, and I lost track of time; lost in the pleasure she was giving me. But as time passed along with the miles, Alanya Escort I finally had to move. It had become too torturous. Not Ann masturbating me…that was amazing. I wished I could have stayed still to let her continue what she was doing uninterrupted. But I was trying so hard NOT to move…all I could think about was how much I needed to. It was like trying not to scratch when you have an itch, and you start feeling other places itch all over your body.

Letting out a sigh, I stretched a little, and Ann squeezed my cock with her hand, letting me know what she was doing.

“Are you awake, lover?” she asked quietly.

“Mm Hmm,” I mumbled with a pleasant hum.

“Did I wake you?”

“No,” I answered.

“No? How long have you been awake?” she asked.

I didn’t want to lie. It seemed silly to. Besides, I wasn’t completely sure Ann didn’t know I was awake. Maybe I wasn’t as good at hiding the fact that I wasn’t asleep as I thought I was. So, I said, “Since you said that you love my cock when you first touched it.”

Ann looked over at me and said, “What? That was like…fifty miles ago?”

I just smiled and said, “Mmm…and I love your pussy, baby.”

Ann grinned at me. “I thought you were asleep, Neil.”

“Maybe I was then…maybe I was having the best dream of my life.”

Ann stroked my cock more deliberately as she cooed. “Do we need to fuck again in Wyoming, or are we saving ourselves for tonight Colorado?”

“We’re waiting,” I said without hesitating.

“Mmm…I’m excited already,” Ann said.

“You should be,” I said, not really knowing why I said it. I didn’t have any idea of what we’d do when we got there. I had a gnawing feeling in my got that I needed to be prepared, telling me I needed to come up with something just in case Tina hadn’t been able to come up with anything. And I had ideas…lots of them. I’d had them running through my mind since I’d been hit with them like a flash flood as I sat alone by the fireplace in that Bed and Breakfast in Sacramento. Yet Tina had been going to a lot of trouble…so I would feel bad about just blowing off what she might have come up with if she had.

I put all of that out of my mind, when Ann said, “So…are you ready for me to tell you about Maryam?”

I sat up quickly. Almost too quickly, as I practically ripped the seatbelt into my shoulder as I hit the handle to make the seatback spring upright. Ann giggled as I struggled to compose myself. I felt both the pain in my neck as well as the pleasure in my lap. But that good feeling soon stopped, when Ann took her hand away.

I looked at her, kind of pouting, but she said, “You’re the one that said we’re waiting for Colorado, baby. I don’t want you shooting off early. And that might happen if I tell you about last night while I’m stroking your cock.”


Before Ann got that chance to tell me, we had to stop for gas just outside Cheyenne. I groaned as I pulled my shorts up over my straining cock, disappointed that I had to get dressed. I had been enjoying being naked in the car, but I knew we were likely going to encounter a lot more traffic as we neared more populated areas, so it was inevitable. But that didn’t mean I had to like it. Ann giggled as I sat back in my seat, my prick tenting up in the front.

“Are you hurting, baby?” she asked, patting my cock.

“I’ll be fine,” I said with a grimace.

Ann pulled off the interstate, and rolled into a large gas station that had three islands of gas pumps. Pulling up next a pump at the first island, which was farthest from the building, Ann parked with the driver’s side next to it. I got out, and limped around the front of the car, my bulge evident as I moved to the driver’s side. I leaned in towards the window, and said, “I’m going inside to pay. I’ll be right back.”

Ann nodded, and I walked slowly towards the built in convenience store that was part of the station. I returned a short time later and noticed that Ann was out of the car, pumping the gas. And she wasn’t dressed, at least below the waist. She was covered by the shirt, and she had seen fit to button a couple of the buttons, but she was standing barefoot next to the car, looking sexy as hell in my white dress shirt.

The gas station was fairly empty at the time. There were a couple of cars, but they were at the island closest to the store, and that made me think that Ann had parked at the farthest one away for a reason.

As I got to the pump, she said, “Can you finish this, baby…I need to do a little cleaning.” The driver’s door was still open, and Ann moved out of my way as I manned the pump. Ann turned, and bent over at the waist, leaning inside the car. I watched as she slurped at her seat, licking at the cum stain she’d left there from my load seeping out of her pussy for the last few hours. There wasn’t much left, as most of it soaked into the cloth…but it was the idea of what she doing that drove me wild. Not to Escort Alanya mention the fact that the bottom of her amazing ass was peeking out from under the tail of the shirt.

I reached to the right of Ann, behind the seat, and pulled out what had become our camera bag; the orange canvas beach bag. Pulling out my Nikon, I focused in on Ann’s long, sexy legs and the way she was standing there on the concrete barefooted.

Ann heard the camera fire, and she turned her head, looking up from what she was doing. I flashed a naughty little grin and said, “Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.”

Ann grinned back and said, “I’m sure you couldn’t. Do you like it when I lick your cum up off the seat?” Then she flicked her tongue out, leaving it there for me to take another picture. When I did, her eyes got that smoldering look in them, the one that told me I’d just reignited the fire inside her. They were practically glowing, like she was possessed or something.

“I love it when you do sexy things like that, Ann.”

Looking over her shoulder, Ann said, “I thought you were in charge on this trip?”

That comment hit me a little funny, and I narrowed my brow in reaction. “What is that supposed to mean?”

Ann turned and sat down on the seat with her hands behind her. Jutting her chest out, she spread her legs wide. I could see the skin between her breasts, and all of her legs, but the way the shirt fell, and now that it was buttoned a little, I couldn’t see much. Ann watched me looking at her…well, leering, camera in hand, and she groaned. And it wasn’t really a good groan. It was more of an exasperated one.

“What?” I said, trying to figure out what Ann was getting at.

“Neil, do I need to get out the handcuffs and beat you over the head with them?” she said with a smile.

“You want me to handcuff you?”

“NO…not unless you want to. But I do want you to do something…besides just stare at me.”

“What are you saying, Ann?”

“Look at me, Neil.”

“You just told me not to stare at you.”

Ann let out a laugh, and that relaxed me. “I didn’t say I didn’t want you to stare at me, lover. I LOVE it when you stare. But I want you to do MORE than just stare. Look at me, baby. Look how I’m dressed for you right now.”

“I have been, Ann. I LOVE how you’re dressed. You are so incredibly sexy…and I love that I know what you’re not wearing underneath that shirt.”

“I know you do, sweetheart. And I love being this way for you. And I really do love it when you stare at me…it turns me on to know I turn you on so much. So, think about all of that for a moment, and then remember that you’re in charge. It’s okay if you take advantage of how I’m dressed…if you want to.”

Ann was right. Here I was supposed to be making her do things, and I was…to an extent. But I seemed to fall back and watch a lot, or just take pictures, instead of taking advantage. I had a nearly naked babe on my hands, and I was standing idly by. Ann’s handcuff reference wasn’t a plea for me to bind her wrists, but it was a suggestion that I wake up and realize she was submitting to my direction for the rest of the week. That didn’t have to mean I was supposed to dominate her until Sunday. But I WAS supposed to keep her on edge, and I knew I could do a better job of it.

Putting the camera on top of the car, I turned and started walking towards the store again. Ann panicked and said, “I’m sorry, Neil…I shouldn’t have said anything.”

I looked back and smiled. “Yes…you should have. And I’m glad you did.”

“So…where are you going?”

“To start over, Anna. You need to keep cleaning that seat. I don’t want to stain my shorts. Understand?” I smiled.

“Yes, baby!” Ann squealed, hopping up out of the seat.

“Good…I’ll be right back.”

I walked back into the store, and came back a few minutes later with a couple of drinks. Ann was as I’d hoped she’d be, standing like she had been when she first started licking at the driver’s seat playfully. However, now she was actually doing what I’d told her. She was sucking at the cloth material like she was a Hoover, trying to get out whatever cum she could. I had figured she would just play at it like before, but it was just like Ann to take my…well, my order, and take it literally.

I set one of the cans on top of the car, and picked up the camera, taking another quick picture. But this time, I had something else in mind entirely.

“Unbutton your shirt, babe,” I said as I put the camera back on top and waited.

Ann kept licking at the seat seductively, but she reached up with her hands and deftly unfastened the two buttons she’d closed in the car. When she had them undone, I lifted the shirt up onto her back, exposing her ass, and her tits as the hung down. She was still bent over licking the seat, and I watched her amazing breasts sway back and forth as she moved. Ann was pretty much hidden, for being out in the open like she was. The car, with the open door, hid her from view in two directions, while the gas pump was hiding her from the direction of the store. And I was standing between her and the back of the car…but she was still exposed, and in her position, she couldn’t really tell if she was being watched or not.

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